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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glossier Haul

In July your girl finally bit the bullet and ordered her first Glossier package(s)! I already shared one of the items I purchased on my July favorites and there I mentioned how I had been wanting to try the brand for some time. I'm constantly seeing people posting photos or just talking about the brand on a daily basis, I'm not even mad about it. That just made me want to give in a lot more, I mean just look at their packaging. It's so aesthetically pleasing, and the names of their products really pull you in. Since I had been using up a lot of my current skin care product and was going to be in the market for a few things I figured it was the best time to pick up some Glossier products that I had been wanting to try. It's also been such a long time since I've done a haul post and thought it was the perfect time to get one up. This post is a little overdue because of my recent trip to Seattle, but better late than never. I'm excited to share with you what I got. I'm going, to begin with, the first package I ordered and received.
As an introduction to the brand, I felt that the Phase 1 Set is perfect. Also, a friend of mine who represents the brand suggested it to me. This set is great if it's your first time trying anything from the brand. It includes a total of "three key essentials to your daily skincare routine". These items that will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and looking healthy. Ordering their sets also saves you some money!

The first item this set includes and the item I've really been looking forward to trying out is the Milky Jelly Cleanser. You can use this cleanser as a daily face wash or wash off your makeup. My intentions for this product is to use it to remove my makeup. In the past, I have raved about how much I love my Pixi double cleanse cleanser. It's the only cleanser I have ever used that removes my makeup like a breeze. So quick and easy. Someone told me this milky cleanser is pretty much the Pixi double cleanse combined into one. I will have to be the judge of that. This cleanser is supposed to be a tough cleanser in ridding impurities while still being safe to use around the eyes. I can't wait to begin using this.

Next in this set is the Priming Moisturizer. Initially, when I first heard of this product I wasn't interested in it. I automatically assumed it was one of those hydrating primers that are ideal for people with dry skin, boy was I wrong. What they mean by priming is that this moisturizer pretty much preps the skin for makeup. When I received this package it came with a small sample pack of this moisturizer and I used it immediately! I loved how lightweight it felt and my makeup applied nicely over top. It even laid very well over-top of it. This moisturizer will leave your skin looking plump with a dewy finish. It also contains anti-redness that soothes and evens your skin tone. I'm so excited to begin using this once I'm all out of my current moisturizer, which will be soon.
Lastly, the final product in the phase 1 set is their infamous Balm Dotcom. This was the product I was most excited to use especially since I was already on the market for a new lip balm. In this set,  you are able to choose from six different flavors. Of course, I went with Rose. I love this guy so much that I already featured it in my July favorites. I love that this balm is more on the thicker consistency. It really hydrates my lips and because of its waxy feeling it really locks in the moisture. I make sure to apply this every night before bed and when I wake up in the morning I still have some left on my lips. Once I'm done cleansing my face my lips extremely soft and plump. The Balm Dotcom is a multi purpose product. You can use it on the lips, dry and chafed skin, elbows and even your cuticle. This stuff is incredible can you ask for anything more?
Since I'm head over heels for my Balm Dotcom in the rose flavor I really wanted to try out some more flavors. I had friends recommend me their favorite flavors so I decided to place another order to try out some more. This time around I ordered the Custom Balm Dotcom Trio. This set allows you to pick three of the cult favorite universal lip balms. I loved my rose balm so much that I purchased a second one to keep at home when I have one in my purse, but mainly for back up purposes haha. I can't stress enough how hard it was for me to choose which other two flavors to pick. I even kept asking Rudy for his thoughts and then I finally came to a conclusion.
My friend Kaye over at Oh Kaye Love blog told me the Coconut flavor hydrates the best so I made sure to pick that one up since I had been wanting to try it ever since she told me about it. I was a bit worried about its coconut scent since I am not a fan of it. Kaye told me that she also isn't the biggest fan of coconut but reassured me that the scent was very faint. First I want to talk about the packaging. I already love Glossier packaging but this one is peach! It is so cute I'm obsessed. Of course, as soon as I received this in the mail the first thing I did was open up the coconut lip balm to give it a sniff. Personally, I don't think it smells much of coconut. If anything the scent is extremely faint and kind of beachy. I think it also smells like a cookie haha. I actually really like the way it smells and I look forward to using it, I already have it inside my purse. I did find that the consistency of the lip balm is different compared to the others. This one isn't as waxy and it feels thinner. It is super hydrating as well!

The last flavor I picked for my custom Balm Dotcom trio was the Original. I really wanted to get either Birthday Cake or Mint but I really wanted a lip balm that was flavorless. Mainly for the days where I don't want to think about any flavor or scent lingering on my lips even though these lip balms are very light in their scent. Some days I just want a very basic balm and I figure Rudy would probably enjoy using this one a lot more than the rose one.
Of course, my wish list is never ending and still there are items from Glossier that I would love to try out in the future. Have you tried Glossier? What do you want to try from them?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

What's In My Carry-On Bag?

As you are reading this, Rudy and I are either on an airplane or are already in Washington! We came to visit our family for a few days to celebrate my niece turning two! We are so excited to be back in Washington. I thought it was only fitting to share with you today a what's in my carry-on bag since I've never shared one like this before. I am using my Fjällräven Kånken Mini backpack in peach pink, duh haha. This bag is fairly new to me and I'm happy to let you know it's cruelty-free! When I got this one of my intentions were to use it as a carry on for this trip and future trips. I've also been using it as my purse. Since it's not a huge bag it's perfect for day to day wear which is the main reason I purchased the mini size. However, don't let the name mini fool you, you can still pack a good amount of things inside of it as you will see. Let me know if you'd like to see an entire review on this bag since I also own it in a different shade. I try to mainly carry essentials like things I'd normally have in my purse along with a few extras like entertainment.
First things first, I always bring my iPad mini with me whenever I'm going to travel. It's so small and it fits basically anywhere. I need this to keep me entertained but especially distracted from flying. Whenever I'm on an airplane I will either read a book on iBooks or watch a movie. For this specific trip, I downloaded the movies Trolls (are you even surprised?), Coraline, and the show Riverdale since I love it so much I'm rewatching it.

I can't forget to bring my earphones especially if I'm planning on watching something on my iPad or phone. Usually when Rudy and I fly we will watch a movie together. This time we remembered to purchase a headphone splitter adapter, that way we are both able to listen to the movie while using our own earphones. I don't know why we didn't get this any sooner.
I like to carry cosmetics bags with me that way I can keep things more organized. The first bag is this Alice in Wonderland cosmetic zipper pouch. In here I keep more of my techy stuff such as chargers for my camera, my phone charger, and a portable charger just in case. I also keep a pen and sharpie with me again in case I may need something to write with since I'm always jotting down ideas for future blog posts.
Inside my second bag, I keep most of my liquids products and some makeup pieces. I have my lip balmhand creamsanitizer, rollerball perfume, concealer, powder, setting spray, mascara and eyelash curler. I bring some makeup in case I decide to make myself look a little more alive.
I always try to have some sort of snacks on me. I have two granola bars in case either Rudy or myself need a snack before arriving at our destination and before we're able to eat some real food.
I have both my prescription glasses and my sunglasses. I always need to have my prescription glasses especially since I get headaches if I go too long without wearing them. I don't always have my makeup on if I'm traveling really early. Our flight was extremely early, having sunglasses to hide from everyone always comes in handy.
Deodorant is definitely a must. I'm the type of person who sweats especially if I'm stressing. This always makes me feel really gross and of course sticky. I've already spoken about this deodorant in a previous post and I mentioned how much I love it. It smells nice and clean, and it's the only deodorant that keeps me dry. Keeping this in my bag will be great especially if I want to freshen up before the plane lands.
Lastly, in my bag, I carry my cameras. These are important items to me I can never travel without either one. I feel more comfortable having them with me at all time. Plus I enjoy taking photos on my camera rather than my iPhone especially while traveling so I don't have to worry about space on my phone. For my Polaroid camera, I make sure to have extra film.
There you have it, my travel essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I was able to give you some tips or ideas on what to carry with you next time you travel.

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Favorites

My stand out products for the month of July.

This month Rudy and I picked up the Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom vinyl. We already own her first album, Badlands, which I shared on my record collection post a couple months ago. Rudy and I both were obsessing over her single Now or Never, and we both love Halsey I knew we needed to include this album in our collection. This is such a good album, I've been listening to the vinyl as often as I can. If I'm not listening to the disc I'm listening to it on Spotify or in the car with Rudy. He even downloaded this album on his phone. I would love to tell you guys some of my favorite songs but it's so hard to choose. 100 Letters, Now Or Never, Devil In Me, and Hopeless are some singles you need to give a listen to! The entire album is amazing. I've gotten a few questions on this disc already. I purchased this vinyl from Urban Outfitters like most of my records. I like buying records from them because they carry a lot of exclusive vinyl. This vinyl was a UO exclusive because of the disc, it's clear with red splattered. I love colored records instead of the standard black. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my record collection post. If there is a colored disc I try to get that over black and Urban Outfitters usually has records in all sorts of colors depending on the artist.
Another face mask made it into my favorites this month and it's the Pixi Peel & Polish. For a while, I've been wanting to try a mask from Pixi and this one sounded like a winner. I even included this in a previous wish list post of mine. After the first time I used this mask I fell in love immediately. I have been using it twice a week, morning or night it changes. I apply it to my face massage it in for about 30 seconds and then leave it on for 2-3 minutes, max five minutes. This mask contains little tiny beads that act like a great gentle exfoliant. As I am rinsing the mask off my skin I notice how it immediately makes my skin feel very soft. It leaves my skin looking radiant, lifts any dull skin giving me that healthy glow. I really enjoy using this on days that I have more time in the morning before applying any makeup. It leaves my skin extremely soft and my makeup applies beautifully! I can't forget to mention how amazing this stuff smells. I believe it's papaya scented and it's so nice. The scent along with how soft this mask leaves my skin is perfect.

I'm not the biggest fan of lotions, especially hand lotions/creams. I know I've mentioned it before that I really dislike the feeling that most lotions or creams leave behind. If I use them they need to sink into the skin without leaving that sticky greasy feeling. That makes me extremely picky with most hand creams. This month in my Ipsy bag I received this AHAVA mineral hand cream in the scent Deadsea Water. Normally whenever I get a hand cream in my bag I toss it aside to give away for a friend but for some reason this time I was interested in giving it a chance. Let's just say I have been getting a lot of use out of this hand cream that I already purchased a full size of it along with a travel sized one for Rudy. Firstly I love the scent of this, it's such a nice clean refreshing scent. It's not the typical scent I would normally gravitate towards and that's why I love subscription boxes. It gives you the opportunity to try a lot of new and different products you normally wouldn't think twice about. I'm so obsessed with this cream. It leaves my hand feeling so silky smooth and soft. This hand cream is perfect for sensitive skin and helps smooth rough dry skin. I enjoy using this throughout the day as needed, but especially at night time before bed. When I wake up in the morning my hands feel so moisturized and plump! I will need to try some of their other scents soon, and shout of to Ipsy for sending this to me.

I'm not even over exaggerating when I say the brand Glossier has been all over my feed for a couple of months now, maybe even more than a couple. Tons of my friends and bloggers have been raving about them and their products. With every post I'd come across the more and more I was being pulled into placing an order. I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Glossier package! (No lie I stalked the mail man as soon as I hit the confirm order button.) I ordered the Phase 1 set which includes a total of three of their products, but for today I'm only going to talk about one of three. I've been using their Balm Dotcom in the flavor rose since the day it was delivered to me. I had been wanting to purchase a new lip balm, one that is hydrating and has more of a thicker consistency that I can use over night. Like a lip mask/treatment. This lip balm reminds me of Vaseline because of how thick it is and its consistency. I've been using this off and on through out the day. I also love applying it at night before bed. When I wake up in the morning I find that I  still have some lip balm left on my lips. It doesn't budge and I love that because when I wash my face in the morning my lips feel velvety soft. I don't have to worry if my lips are chapped and having to constantly reapply lip balm to hydrate them. One application of this gets the done job. What I also love about this lip balm is its multi purpose and can be used for the lips and skin. On the Glossier website, it states that it nourishes dry chafed skin. I love the rose flavor because I love everything rose scented, but if the rose scent doesn't do it for you, they have five other flavors to choose from. Coconut has been next on my list, and I may have an entire Glossier post coming soon that may also feature some more flavors of their lip balms.

I wanted to save my absolute favorite of the month for last. I was getting pretty fed up with my skin constantly breaking out for one reason or another that I wanted to change up a lot of the products I was using. Most of my skin care products were running out anyway and this was the perfect time to try out some new stuff. I was hearing a lot of great things about the Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying face oil and finally decided to pick it up early June. I wanted to make sure I used this for at least a month before sharing my thoughts. Now, a little over a month later I can honestly say that I love this product so much. I'm amazed at how much it has changed and helped my skin. I spoke about this oil in my skin treats lusting post. There I mentioned my small concern whether this was going to cause my skin to purge. When I first introduced U.F.O. to my skin I began using it every other day, that way my skin could slowly adjust to it. I am certain that by doing this it helped my skin not to purge which I was thrilled about. I have so many good things to say about this, it has truly helped keep my break outs at bay. If I do get a blemish I only get one or two and it doesn't stay on my skin for longer than a day! I also don't get those large blemishes anymore only smaller ones. I only use this at night during my night time routine since it's a very hydrating oil. I wouldn't feel comfortable using this during the day since I already have oily skin I'm sure my make up would slide right off. A little bit of this stuff also goes a long way! I only use 2-3 drops, sometimes four if I put some down my neck and chest. Always use patting motions. U.F.O. can also be used all over the body. If you struggle with acne I highly suggest you splurging on this oil 100%! You definitely won't regret it.

What were some of your favorites for the month?


Monday, July 17, 2017

How I Keep My Tattoos Bright

I'm constantly getting questions regarding my tattoos from who does my work, whether it hurt, and what they mean. The most common thing people tell me is how bright and vibrant my tattoos look. I take such pride on trying to maintain the appearance of my tattoos and today I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks. Some of these steps may seem pretty obvious or maybe even something you'd never think of. They are very easy and I swear by them. I don't do this routine on a daily basis, I do this one to two times a week especially in warmer months. Let's start!
Exfoliate: The first step I like to take when it comes to my tattoos is to exfoliate my skin. Exfoliating your skin helps get rid of dry and dead skin you may have. I've been using Lush's Dark Angels face and body cleanser to exfoliate my skin. I've talked about this product countless of times so I will skip going into detail in this post. I enjoy that this scrub is very gentle on the skin and it also brightens the skin. Perfect for my tattoos. When I'm in the shower and exfoliating my body I like to focus the scrub on areas where I have tattoos. For the most part my arms and legs. Once I'm done with this step my skin feels incredibly soft and I also notice that my tattoos look a lot more colorful. If I'm not using the Dark Angles cleanser, I've been also using a sugar scrub from B&BW but this one I find to be a little harsher. It's been about a month that I included this step into my routine and I'm so pleased with the result. I also consider this exfoliating step as a prep for this next step.

Shave: I know some people may find this weird but I like to shave most areas where I have tattoos, such as my arms, knuckles, and legs. I've always been one to shave my arms pre-tattoos because I don't like to look of having any hair on my arms. Now with tattoos, I don't like having any hair on them even more. I don't have dark hair, it's more of a golden blonde but I feel that it covers up my tattoos and makes them look a little ashy, darker, or dusty. With shaving my tattoos I feel that it brightens up the tattoos right away because there is no hair to hide them. A simple step like this I feel makes such a difference. I like using D'Fluff from Lush, you guys already know haha. I like this shaving cream because it's filled with moisture and thats ideal for my sensitive skin. Anything that really hydrates and moisturizes my skin especially if I'm shaving is exactly what I need since shaving can irritate my skin especially in warmer months when I'm shaving one to two times a week. Any moisture enriched shaving cream is very good for hydrating your tattoos as well.
Moisturize: If you have tattoos and you aren't moisturizing them you are basically begging for them to fade. Keeping your skin let alone your tattoos hydrated and moisturized is so important. If you skip this you are letting your skin (tattoos) dry out and when your skin is dry it flakes. This means your tattoos will begin to fade. I'm horrible at moisturizing my body but I try to make it top priority to always moisturize my tattoos. I love using Lush's Charity Pot because it is so hydrating! I love to slather this all over my body especially my tattoos because it immediately brightens the color of my tattoos. Another product I found that intensifies my tattoos a lot more is body oil. For the past two months, I have skipped my charity pot body lotion and have been using this Collagen Vitamin C oil religiously. Vitamin C works wonders for your skin and gives the skin a youthful glow. This oil also helps to brighten and tighten the skin along with helping with anti-aging. I don't like the feeling of feeling sticky or greasy from moisturizer or in this case from an oil. This oil is very fast absorbing and after about five minutes I don't even feel the slipperiness on my skin. I highly recommend that everyone should use an oil to moisturize their skin it really intensifies the color of your tattoos.

Sunblock: My final step is one I don't even have to mention. I spoke a lot about this in a previous post, but once again if you have tattoos especially you need to use SPF. The sun will fade and discolor the appearance of your tattoo. You do not want all that money you spent on them to go to waste especially if you are exposed to the sun long-term. Another thing you might want to think about is if you are the type of person who freckles. I never realized that I get freckles because of the sun. I was never one to have freckles as a child but the older I get I noticed I get a little bit of freckles on my arms when I'm more exposed to the sun. This isn't necessarily a problem except if you have tattoos. Your freckles can bunch with making your tattoo look muddy. I never really put as much sunblock on my right arm since I had barely any tattoos on that arm and my sleeve of tattoos is on my left arm. It was last year when I read somewhere about tattoos and freckling that I noticed my right arm has a lot more freckles than my left. On my Luna Lovegood spectrespecs, I found that I have two small freckles on the blue lens and I don't remember having them before. Now I make sure to apply as much SPF to all of my tattoos and of course my entire body that will be exposed to the sun.
I hope you found how I keep my tattoos looking fresh and bright helpful, and hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this post. I kind of want to start doing more tattoo related posts on my blog leave me some ideas as to what you'd like to see.
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blushing Denim

I love denim colored clothing, and that probably has to do with the fact that I hate wearing jeans pants. Denim dresses and tops are my favorites, and I love pairing it with a bright pop of color. My favorite being red! Since I just received these embroidered blush mules I figured blush would go perfectly with the dress. I have been really into loafers and mules lately that I may have to soon share with you all a collective haul! As for now enjoy the few photos of my outfit from Saturday. I tried to get more but it was flipping hot outside!
Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Nasty Gal, Purse: Ted Baker, Glasses: Zenni

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