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A Second Scoop Into The MOIC

Welcome back to my blog! Today I am giving you guys a second dip into the Museum Of Ice Cream! That's right you read it correctly. Rudy and I loved our first visit to this museum so much we just had to re-indulge ourselves in the experience. If you haven't seen the post and pictures I shared of our first visit to the MOIC then I would recommend you check that post out as well! Now if you're ready let's jump into the sprinkles pool and begin with today's post!

Mio Vicino

In today's Food Series post we are visiting a cute Italian Pasta & Pizzeria Cafe restaurant in Santa Clara called Mio Vicino. The first time we visited this place was during one of our visits to California while we were still living in Washington. My cousin treated us to dinner here and we both quickly became fans of the food. Back in September, for mine and Rudy's wedding anniversary, we decided to have dinner here since we both had been dying to go back again and of course it was the perfect occasion to do so.

Halloween Time At Disneyland

Happy Halloween! Today I have an exciting post to share with you all, photos from my trip to Disneyland from a few weeks ago. Earlier in the week, I shared all the photos we took while at Disney California Adventure and today it's time for all the photos from Disneyland! This post is filled with some of my favorite photos from our trip. Disneyland is completely decorated for Halloween and has such an Autumn feel for it it's amazing. If you're interested in seeing photos I took throughout Disneyland continue reading.

Halloween Time At Disney California Adventure

Welcome back to my blog! Today I have for you photos from my trip to Disneyland. I was originally planning on sharing all the photos I took in one post but as I was editing and uploading I then realized how many photos I actually had and knew I needed to split them down into two separate posts. I for one love a photo overload post, I just wasn't sure if I was the only one. In this post, I will be sharing all the photos from Disney California Adventure Park. I feel a bit rusty on my Disney trip posts so let's just fly right into things!

DIY: Painting Pumpkins

It has been forever since I have last shared a DIY post with you guys and last weekend Rudy and I pulled out our arts and crafts box and had ourselves a small pumpkin painting party! This was the first time we decided to paint the pumpkins we bought, and it was such a fun and creative way to put the pumpkins we bought to use. It also makes displaying them more festive. I had gotten the idea to paint our pumpkins when I saw a stunning photo over on Think.Make.Share Instagram page. It consisted of so many cute colorful painted pumpkins. Immediately I was inspired to create a few of their work. If you'd like to see how our pumpkins turned out just keep reading!