Tattoo Sunday

On Sunday I had an appointment to add yet another piece to my tattoo collection. It's funny every time after I'm done getting a tattoo I tell myself "Ok I'm done with tattoos for a long while now." Then I always find myself sitting on that chair anticipating that moment for my artist to begin. It's really true what they say tattoos are an addiction haha. It's definitely not for everyone I know but as for me I absolutely love them. I won't get too much into tattoos & about all my other tattoos so I'll probably save that for another post.

I decided to add another piece to my thigh. I already have the sides of both my thighs done but for a couple of years now I've been wanting to add something to the front of one. I love thigh tattoos I think they're such a great spot also very sexy. I never knew exactly what I wanted so I never rushed it since I'm guilty of doing that in the past & have regretted it. A week ago I finally figured out what would be perfect to add to that spot; a Fawn Lady. I have such a big obsession with fawns/deer I love them! They're so pure so innocent something about them I can't even explain it. I love doing my makeup like them for fun. Even last year for Halloween I dressed up as one & Rudy was the hunter haha cute couples costume & a last minute decision.

That being said once I knew exactly what I wanted I quickly texted my artist & told her all about what I had in mind & set up my appointment. We were both so excited with this piece. I originally wanted to do sessions since it was going to be a pretty big piece & yes I have tons of tattoos but there's only so much pain a girl can take. Chelsey (my tattoo artist) really wanted to do it all in one sitting, scared as I was about that I decided one session it was! I knew I was going to need to use my numbing gel for it, which I did.

I'm so glad I did it all in one sitting cause I'm in love with this piece. Chelsey did everything I wanted & more. She is such an amazing artist her works shows it all. She's so fun & cool to hang out with too, this is my second piece done by her. My first was the tea cup from the Alice in Wonderland ride in Disneyland with some wild flowers in it & I'm still in love with that piece till this day. She has such uniqueness to her work I love it. If you're near her you should check her out or even check out her work on Instagram! Enough rambling here is the tattoo from start to finish!

Look at that ombré hair!
Close up on her details.
She even has her septum pierced I think it's SO cool!
(The first piece I got done by Chelsey.)

My thigh is now very sore, very swollen, & very angry haha time for the healing process to begin. 


Custom Illustration

How cute is this illustration of Rudy & myself? I'm really into getting custom pieces done of us both or even just myself. It's something personalized specifically for you & that just makes it so much more meaningful. I'm so in love with it. I'm blown away at how realistic it is & by the way it looks so much like us both! My tattoos are even on point it's insane.

I found Lauren Dunn through her Instagram (Which I have linked) & quickly fell in love with her work & became a fan. I wasn't following her for too long but I knew right away I needed a piece done by her. I quickly contacted her & had her make this personal illustration of me & Rudy. Lauren is such a sweetheart & was a pleasure to work with. She made me feel very comfortable & open to giving her my opinions. She was always so assuring & willing to make as many revisions as I'd like in order for me to be satisfied with the piece. That made it a lot easier for me ask for the changes since I sometimes have an issue voicing my opinions because I hate to be a nag or annoying. The photo above is the final revision & I'm so satisfied with it. She also worked very quickly! She did everything I wanted & more. She only offers a digital print, which was ok with me since I can always get it printed elsewhere.

Overall I was very pleased with her work & her communication. I'm in awe with this piece. I'm really happy with how this came out, it's perfect. The colors scheme was exactly how I wanted it. When I had reached out to her it was with intentions of using this art somehow in mine & Rudy's wedding since peach is obviously going to be a HUGE part of the wedding & we all know who's favorite color that is haha. I cant wait to see it's part in the wedding.

I think you guys should really check her out & look at her work maybe even get your own custom illustration. It's a beautiful keepsake & something you can have hanging at your own home.


The Proposal!

(The spot where Rudy proposed to me.)

Where do I even begin? I'm engaged! Today makes exactly one month that Rudy proposed to me and I still can't believe it. I always catch myself staring at my ring in awe. I don't think that feeling will ever fade. Today I'm going to share our engagement story with you guys. It's kind of a long story to have to type up to every single person and that's what really pushed me into making this blog so I can just type up a whole post dedicated entirely to this story. Let's begin!

Rudy and I had been planning on visiting Disneyland for their 60th Anniversary celebration for a few months now and we were so excited to be able to be apart of this event. Disney means so much to the both of us so being there for this really meant a lot. We were so excited when we found out that the kick-off began on May 22 and it was also going to be their 24-hour event. Since we live about 5-6 hours away from Anaheim we miss a lot of their events so to finally be able to experience an event or two was very exciting! We arrived at the parks on Thursday and had a lovely day. Ate some macarons and even watched Alice play musical chairs. We left early that day to get some sleep since we were going to be waking up very early the next day.

Friday we got up super early, 6 am! Got ready and headed out eager to get to the park. When we finally arrived the park was a bit crowded than what we were used to. We had made reservations for breakfast at the Plaza Inn. It's a buffet and our first time there. Everything was so yummy and we even got to meet & take tons of pictures with so many characters which normally don't walk around the park. We bounced back and forth from both parks until we decided it was time to go get some late lunch/early dinner and then go back to the hotel to rest before heading back again. When we finally decided to head back to the park the streets were insane! So much traffic due to so many people trying to get into Disneyland. The park had even hit it's maxed capacity at around 3 pm which was shortly after we had left. Crazy! We weren't able to even get through the bag check, the wait was 2-3 hours. We decided to just skip that and head to Rainforest Cafe for some drinks. We then met up with one of my friends at Downtown Disney and hung out with her for a while.

Saturday kinda seems like a blur to me. Right when we arrived at Disneyland I spotted Minnie in her 60th Anniversary dress and told Rudy we had to get at least one photo with her and Mickey in them! We stopped and quickly snapped some pictures then took off to Starbucks to get some coffee. We headed to the castle on our first day there we took pictures with my Polaroid camera and I wanted to get a photo me holding them in front of the castle.
Once I was done I went back to Rudy where he was holding our coffee. I grabbed mine and was starting to walk away when he stopped me. He told me to "hold on", grabbed my cup and set it down on next to us. Right away I thought it that strange and I was on alert after that. He quickly mentioned that he was really scared and nervous which made me a bit scared too. I asked him if he was feeling ok because the night before he wasn't feeling good and even threw up a couple of times so right away I assumed he was feeling sick again. His eyes got really watery and then something hit me I had a feeling I knew exactly what was going to happen. I remember I started saying no in complete disbelief haha I couldn't believe what was about to happen. He told me he loved me and that I was the only one for him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I can't even remember what I was doing or what happened next cause then out of nowhere I looked down and there he was with a ring in his hand. I was in complete shock & felt as if my jaw just dropped to the floor, which it probably did. He then asked me, "Will you marry me?" and with no hesitation, I said yes! I then quickly went to grab the ring but stopped myself and asked him to put it on. He then said "so, is that a yes?" I could have sworn I had said yes haha I think we were both feeling so many different emotions also adrenaline pumping too so I said yes again hugged and kissed him. I can't believe he was planning this the whole time and I had no idea! At that moment I was the happiest I have ever been. I kept telling myself "what just happened?" I thought it was a joke for a while too and kept asking Rudy if it was for reals and if the ring was real too haha. Afterward, Rudy told me how nervous he was and that he had a whole speech prepared but then went blank. I don't blame him. He even forgot to ask someone to take pictures of him proposing which my dad had asked him to get. Whoopsies haha.
I could not believe he just proposed to me at our happiest place. It was something I told him I always wanted, (him to propose to me at Disneyland in front of the castle) but never thought it was going to happen ANYtime soon. We had talked about getting engaged maybe two months ago and he said it wouldn't be happening anytime soon due to bills and if anything maybe the end of this year. Great thing to say since that completely threw me off and I believed it 110%!! It was really funny because the night before while we were hanging out with my friend I was talking to her and had mentioned something about if I were to ever get engaged haha & Rudy was planning it all along. He seriously had me fooled the whole time I was never expecting it. It was one of those things that I always hoped would happen every time we would go to Disneyland but never thought it would actually happen or at least anytime soon.

(The first picture we took, as a newly engaged couple.)

I had so many questions for him and once we got to the hotel later that day to rest he told me everything. I still look at my ring and can't believe he chose this ring for me. He knows me so well! We shared the news with my sister, his brother & girlfriend (my brother in law & sister in law!) I waited to share the news with my parents when we got back home although they already knew since Rudy had called my dad. It's only been one month since we've got engaged and I'm so excited to see whats to come along with planning. He's made me the happiest girl. I love him so much, words can't even begin to describe it. When you find the one you truly 100% know and there's never a doubt about it. I can't wait to spend forever with him.

Sweet Buttercream Frosting

I absolutely love to bake, it's so much fun especially the decorating part. It's a hobby of mine especially when I'm sitting around at home left with nothing else to do. Today I decided to finally try making a sweet buttercream frosting. I've never made some myself but how hard can it be? I watched a few tutorials on YouTube, then got an easy recipe to follow. Here's a little step by step on how I recreated this sweet buttercream frosting.

Ingredients you will need:
2 sticks of unsalted butter
1 box (16oz.) of powdered sugar
1 tbs of vanilla extract

I started making my buttercream while my cake was already baking in the oven. You can choose any kind of cake for this I just went with a Pillsbury boxed cake I had at home, the flavor I had was an orangesicle which was my first time trying it & it was pretty yummy by the way.

First start off with your 2 sticks of unsalted butter. You want your butter to be softened so I just microwaved mine for about 25 seconds checking it every 10 seconds to make sure it wasn't melting or getting liquidy & mixing it between each stop. You want it to go from looking like the picture on the left to the one on the right.

After that put the butter into your mixer, I had mine mixing for about a minute so it can fluff up.

Now grab your powdered sugar. You wont be using the entire 16oz. you'll really only need 4 cups of it. Pour your powdered sugar & you're going to want to sift it first before mixing it into your butter. This is going to help get rid of any big chunks in the powder & will help mix your powdered sugar & butter better. Then once you are done sifting add 4 cups of the sugar into the mixer with your butter & mix. Make sure to stop the mixer once in a while to scrape off the sides of the bowl along with the bottom of your bowl.

Time for the fun part & my favorite part, the food coloring! Choose any food coloring you want to add to your buttercream you can even choose not to add any if that's what you want. I of course went with Peach no surprise there. Also at this time you can also add any flavoring you'd like. I went with vanilla.

Your buttercream is now all done & ready to start decorating your cake! I was feeling very creative today & decided to make a two layer cake & added some cute little pearl balls to the top of the cake as well.

That's it! Wasn't it so easy to make? Such a cute & simple looking cake. I hope your sweet buttercream frosting came out as good as mine did. I was very pleased with it. Is there any recipes you would like me to create next? What's your favorite dessert to bake?