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How cute is this illustration of Rudy & myself? I'm really into getting custom pieces done of us both or even just myself. It's something personalized specifically for you & that just makes it so much more meaningful. I'm so in love with it. I'm blown away at how realistic it is & by the way it looks so much like us both! My tattoos are even on point it's insane.

I found Lauren Dunn through her Instagram (Which I have linked) & quickly fell in love with her work & became a fan. I wasn't following her for too long but I knew right away I needed a piece done by her. I quickly contacted her & had her make this personal illustration of me & Rudy. Lauren is such a sweetheart & was a pleasure to work with. She made me feel very comfortable & open to giving her my opinions. She was always so assuring & willing to make as many revisions as I'd like in order for me to be satisfied with the piece. That made it a lot easier for me ask for the changes since I sometimes have an issue voicing my opinions because I hate to be a nag or annoying. The photo above is the final revision & I'm so satisfied with it. She also worked very quickly! She did everything I wanted & more. She only offers a digital print, which was ok with me since I can always get it printed elsewhere.

Overall I was very pleased with her work & her communication. I'm in awe with this piece. I'm really happy with how this came out, it's perfect. The colors scheme was exactly how I wanted it. When I had reached out to her it was with intentions of using this art somehow in mine & Rudy's wedding since peach is obviously going to be a HUGE part of the wedding & we all know who's favorite color that is haha. I cant wait to see it's part in the wedding.

I think you guys should really check her out & look at her work maybe even get your own custom illustration. It's a beautiful keepsake & something you can have hanging at your own home.



  1. Wow, how wonderfully you expressed your love towards your man. This is simply amazing and so touching straight to the heart. I just every bit of this website

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