January Favorites!

Its already the end of the month and I am going to be sharing a few things I have been loving. Last year I feel I was really committed to this blog when I first started it up and then once I started working again I slowly neglected it. I think I only shared a couple monthly favorites so for the new year I promised myself I'm going to post on here more and in doing that I want to make sure I try to post a monthly favorites every month.

The first thing I wanted to start off by sharing is my Macbook. I got this the very first weekend of this month. I am so happy to finally own one of these and because of it I am now able to post on my blog as frequent as I am. Owning a Macbook is so much different than a PC so I am still adjusting to all its features but loving every minute of it. Since I own this I am now so much more motivated to blog and stay active here. If any of you would like to share some tips on using a Macbook please feel free to comment below I would appreciate it and would love to continue learning about them.

Since the new year started I finally began using this cute little Q&A a day book. This book is so neat, everyday it asks you a different questions and it lasts for five years. So once I am done answering the very last question of the year I will start all over again answering the same questions a year later. It's going to be so cool seeing how my answers will differ from another in just a year difference. I've been really good at keeping up with it too so I'm really proud at myself for that.

I don't have too much makeup to share for this month, that's a shocker. I am trying to limit myself from makeup shopping since I already have a huge collection plus Rudy spoiled me rotten this Christmas and got me a big box filled with makeup. I also don't wear makeup on a daily basis and mainly only wear it on the weekends. I am still loving a lot of the makeup I shared on my last monthly favorites. I have however been enjoying these lipsticks I did receive for Christmas a lot this month. There is no specific colors I just grabbed a couple to share, but I have really been enjoying these two brand. First Lime Crime, I love this brand and have been a fan for almost 10 years now. I know many people have boycotted the company due to the recent incident that happened. Luckily I wasn't one of the few affected so I still remain a cautious but loyal customer. I love liquid to matte lipsticks and enjoy their Velvetine line. I recently got my hands on their newest shades so I've been rocking those as of late.

Along with receiving some Velvetines for Christmas I also got a few of Too Faced cosmetics 'Melted' lipsticks. They're the same concept as the Velvetines as they are a liquid lipstick. I've never owned any of these until I got them on Christmas and I'm really liking them. When they first released I remember swatching them on my hand and noticing how quick they disappeared so I thought it wasn't worth it. Surprisingly when I first wore one of these they lasted on me for hours! They also smell so good!! I am really happy to finally have some of these to add to my collection and happy that I actually liked them. The formula is really nice too not drying what so ever.

The very end of last month I ordered myself a new pair of glasses (prescription). I like the idea of having different styles of glasses so I can switch it up a bit. I started ordering some from this site Zenni since they have such amazing prices. They're all so affordable and really great quality. I finally purchased my second pair from them that I had been eyeing and they arrived the first week or so of January. I'm loving this pair. they're black so they go with anything. I have been wearing them non stop this month. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing from them for future glasses. I highly recommend this site and for any of you who use prescription glasses to check them out. It's worth it plus you're saving so much money too.

Since we are still in the middle of Winter here in San Jose we've been experiencing a lot of cold weather! Like I have mentioned here many many times I have oily skin so I don't really experience much dryness. Since it has been so cold I have noticed my skin (mainly my body, my face not so much.) has been so dry! I've been having to apply body butter on myself everyday if not I get really dry and itchy and its just so uncomfortable. Even with using body butter on a daily some days it just wasn't cutting it. One night while Rudy and I were watching some tv I saw a commercial for this Nivea 'In Shower Lotion' and became very interested. The next time we went out grocery shopping I made sure to go look for it and picked it up. This stuff is so cool, so you shower regularly and wash yourself with your regular soap then once you are done you rinse off and apply this to your body. Then rinse off once again. You guys, this stuff works great! As soon as I rinsed it off my body I already felt a difference. I dried myself off and it felt like I already applied lotion to myself, I felt so hydrated. I've been using this almost every day I will skip a day every once a while since this is so hydrating it'll sometimes last on my body for over a day. I don't even need to apply lotion afterwards because of how hydrating this stuff is. If any of you have dry skin and haven't tried this, go buy it you won't regret it. Plus they have two different options in Dry Skin and also Extra Dry.

My last favorite of the month are succulents. I've always really loved these plants but not until this month did I purchase my first two. I've been so excited for them and have noticed that one of them has already grown so much since I first got them! They're suppose to be very easy plants to take care of. I can't wait to purchase some more, they're really making me anxious for Spring and Summer!

What are you absolutely loving this month?


Tattoo Collection Part: 2

I am back with part 2 of my tattoo collection. On my last post I shared only the beginning of it all. From here on is where I really went all in and got tons of tattoos in such a short period of time. 2013 was definitely the year I got the most tattoos. The next load of tattoos will all be ones I get during that year so I'm just going to go ahead and begin.

It all started when I got with Rudy. A few months into our relationship he went to get a tattoo by a guy that a friend of his got work done by. Once Rudy had shown me the work he got done it made me think about possibly getting a tattoo. I hadn't really put any thought into getting anymore tattoos prior to this. I started looking up tattoo ideas everywhere and I got a few ideas of things I really wanted. Rudy had booked a session for us both. I remember this day clearly, it was the day before Valentine's Day (February 2013) and Rudy and I were both going to get tattoos that night. I decided to pay for a piece for him as a Valentine's Day gift. I was super nervous about getting a tattoo since it had been so long.

(The first photo I took of this tattoo.)
The first piece I got was this ruby heart. I saw something similar on a girl on Instagram I think, and loved the idea. My artist changed it up from the photo that I had sent him and he made it look so realistic. I was so happy and still am with how this looks. I get so many complements on it and how real it looks. Not going to lie this tattoo hurt a bit. There is so many lines and he did so much shading to it too, it was a bit torturous. It stung more than anything and like always my arm swelled up, (my skin is so sensitive).

I need to get this touched up the color isn't as vibrant as it once was.

(The first photo I took of this tattoo.)

Right after that on the side of my wrist I got a arrow. I love arrows, they always remind me of Valentine's Day haha. I was looking up arrows one day and thought it would be really neat to get one. I originally wanted to get two arrows crossed and the meaning of that was friendship I believe. Then I came across a single arrow and below it it said "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it back. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that its going to launch you into something great. Focus, and keep aiming."  I fell in love with that and decided that was exactly what I wanted with that meaning behind it. This spot wasn't too bad and was probably around 3-4 in pain level. I still love it so much especially when I am having a rough day I always try to remind myself to look at it and remember there is something great ahead awaiting. I also need to get this touched up a bit. 

(First photo of this tattoo, before my Matryoshka.)

I had always told myself I was never going to get a sleeve of tattoos, little did I know that this was pretty much leading up to one. I booked another session with the same guy that did the arrow and ruby, Jason. I had told him that I wanted to add some more cherry blossoms to my arm "sleeve". I ended up getting some around my original blossoms where and a few wrapping the front of my arm leaving the very top of my arm bare, if that makes any sense. This photo kinda shows what I am talking about but I wanted that top of my arm bare because I wanted to eventually add something inside of it. As you can see above the empty spot I had him leave. I don't know why I didn't just do that first and then go ahead and add the blossoms but it ended up working out in the end. I loved how my arm was starting to come along with those new blossoms that I was starting to get the idea of adding a whole bunch more throughout my entire arm, but I am just getting a little ahead of myself now.

A couple of weeks later I went in to get that empty spot filled with my little Matryoshka. I really like Russian dolls, I am so in love with how she turned out. There's not much to say about them I just think they are really neat and fun. This piece is the one I get the most complements on! This spot was not very bad except one spot which was right on my elbow bone. That was a bit torturous I would cringe inside every time that area was being worked on. I would rate that tattoo a 4 and the bone area probably a 6. The shading was a bit more painful than the outline. I don't know why but everyone I tell that to that have tattoos claim the opposite.

(First photo of the tattoo.)

I recently got her touched up in August to bring back those lines to life again so she is looking beautiful as ever.

On May I started on my biggest piece at the time, my right thigh! I got three tea cups stacked with a few roses around it and a pocket watch on the very top. This piece screams Alice in Wonderland which I love! I got it done in a total of three sessions so I was going in about every two weeks to get it worked on. After I got done with my second session I had the crazy idea of while I was waiting for my right thigh to heal why not get started on my left thigh. I know I'm crazy. So I began on my left thigh.

I got a vintage picture frame with a Victorian looking woman inside. (This reminded me of the Marie Antoinette era that I always wished I could have experienced it.) She is holding a floral fan, and has her rib cage sticking out. This is one of the reasons why I love this piece. You would not expect that something/someone as pretty as she is would have her ribs sticking out. When people notice that they are fascinated right away. This piece also took me three sessions to complete. It's going on three years since I have gotten them done so they both have faded a ton. Sometimes I think about getting them touched up and a little redone but I don't know for sure yet. I would definitely like to change some colors too, but it's just a idea I have floating around right now. I won't be touching them anytime soon. My thigh pieces didn't hurt too much. They are both very big so of course I had to endure with more pain for much longer but I was able to handle it. The worse part was the areas that would slightly go a bit behind the thigh. 

I am now ending this part of my tattoo collection. On part three I think I'm just going to begin talking about my sleeve entirely instead of going in the order my tattoos came. I'm still debating. I really hope you guys are enjoying this series. I get a  lot of questions about my tattoos so I really hope this helps some of you or that I am answering some questions you may have had.


What's Inside My Bag

I see a lot of 'What's Inside My Bag' videos on Youtube and it is one of my favorite videos to watch. It's so interesting to see what is it that people carry in their bags on a day to day basis. I did one of these years ago back when I had my first Tumblr account and it was so much fun to share. I thought it would be a good idea to do a more in-depth one and share it here. 

January Ipsy Bag! 2016

As many of you may know I am subscribed to the monthly subscription called Ipsy. Every month you receive 5-6 items (this varies) from beauty, skin care to hair care products and some items happen to be full sized. You receive one bag once a month for $10. I'm usually very happy with all the items I receive, most of the time. I haven't shared my Ipsy bag unboxing in a really long time so I have decided to share mine since I just got it in the mail today. I won't babble too much on this post so lets get on with what I got.

I am really excited for all the items I received this month, great way to start off 2016 Ipsy. I am probably most excited for the eyeshadow trio. Those are some of the colors I most gravitate towards and that matte burnt reddish shade is stunning! I have received a few products from City Color from Ipsy and I've loved them all so far.

The mascara I am not at all familiar with the brand 'Jelly Pong Pong', but it sounds pretty interesting. The mascara is called 'Fairy Lashes Curl' I want to see how great it works. No mascara holds the curl to my lashes at least none of the ones I own and have tried. My lashes are super straight no matter how much I curl them which is why I enjoy wearing false lashes.

I love chapsticks because you can never get enough. It is something I always use and always run out of. I need to keep my lips soft and moisturized because I love to use matte/liquid lipsticks and those usually tend to be very drying so I really enjoy when Ipsy sends me one. This one is by the brand 'Lasting Smiles', and it is organic in the sent peppermint creme. Can't wait to start using this one once I finish up my current one.

The next item I received is from the brand Pūr-lisse and once again Ipsy has sent me products from them in the past. I can't remember if I really liked them but I know I did't dislike their products. This is a under eye cream. I am definitely into these kind of products. I will definitely be trying out this product tonight. It says it helps with puffiness but I don't really have a issue with that.

Last item I received is from The Balm Cosmetics. This brand is one of my favorites. Ipsy has sent me a few of their products in the past also that I have never tried and now love. My first product I ever tried and owned from them were their Lou Manizers and those are one of my favorites. This is one of their fairly new I want to say 'Mr. Write (Now)' eyeliners. I have heard really great things about them so I can't wait to also try this out. The shade is in Jac which looks like a bronzy shade, a shade I gravitate towards haha.

Over all this has been a really awesome bag filled with things I am very happy and excited to try out. Every time I get a really good bag it makes me so anxious to see what will be in next month's bag!


My Day In Photos

Yesterday Rudy and I took a trip to SF and I decided to take pictures of our Sunday to share with everyone our little adventure.

My day started off with me waking up at 9 am and having some waffles for breakfast.

Right after eating breakfast I hopped into the shower to get ready for the day.

Once I was done with my shower I started doing my hair and makeup for the day. I ended up keeping it very simple with a nude lip and cat eye.

My #ootd, I am wearing my cute new floral sweatshirt I got from H&M yesterday.

We are out of the house just before noon. This Stormtrooper car freshener I got Rudy for Christmas from Hot Topic. It smells really good too. 

We ended up making a pit stop at Starbucks to energize ourselves before arriving at the city! My favorite drink is the Salted Caramel Mocha frappuccino with extra caramel!
We finally arrived at San Francisco! 

We decided to walk around and check out lots of stores near by. Our first stop was Forever 21. SF has such an awesome F21, it's three stories! Lots of shopping.

While we were shopping I noticed they had a neat little Photo Booth and quickly jumped to get one of us. It was so cute they had quite a few different themes to choose from and it was only $3!

Once we were done shopping at F21 we saw a Disney store so clearly we had to stop at our home away from home.

While at the Disney store I had to take a quick potty break and of course it called for a bathroom selfie.

Once we finished up at the Disney store we hit Urban Outfitters. I love the selection they have of vinyls. 

The beautiful view from inside the Nordstrom Rack.

Finally by 3:18 pm we are leaving the city and are on our way back home to San Jose. I was admiring a couple of gems I picked up while at Urban Outfitters. I was so thrilled to see that they now carry the full line of Lime Crime cosmetics in stores and I, (Baé) purchased two Velvetines that I had been eyeing for a couple of months now.

As we got back home we decided to get some dinner at one of our favorite spots, Craw Daddy! They have delicious cajun shrimp and fries. Rudy and I can not get enough of this place.

For dessert we decided to pick up some frozen yogurt at of course Pinkberry. I am currently obsessed with their 'Pink Bubbly' flavor and it really does taste like champagne, minus the alcohol.

Once dessert was done I washed off my makeup for the day. Nothing feels better than a nice freshly cleaned face after a long day.

Now I am ready to cuddle with Rudy while we watch one of my guilty pleasure shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

By this time we are all exhausted and ready for cuddles and bed.


Tattoo Collection Part: 1

I've decided to make a post completely dedicated to my tattoo collection. Since I have  more than 30 tattoos I'm going to split them up into different parts and I'll be sharing about five tattoos in a post depending. (This may take forever...) I do have a video I posted up on Youtube dedicated to my tattoo collection although it was a pretty long video I ended up forgetting to mention a few things about certain pieces. I will have that video linked if anyone has't seen it and would like to see it. I have gotten a lot more work done since I posted that video so this works out pretty good. I may not go in complete order that I got my tattoos in since I have accumulated so many through out the past almost 10 years that I have forgotten what order they came in.

I know many people do not like tattoos which is completely fine, but I do. Keep in mind all this art is on my body and no one else's so please keep any rude comments to yourself thank you. Also in no way am I any kind of a professional on tattoos as you will see from my stories. These are just my personal experiences and what I have learned on my own. Everyone is different.

(This is the only photo I have left of this tattoo haha.)
I am going to start with my very first tattoo, the one that started it all. I was 18 and knew absolutely nothing about tattoos other than thinking they were so cool and always knew I wanted to get some. I knew that I wanted to get a pink heart on my forearm. I was with a ex boyfriend at the time and used the excuse to get matching tattoos for me to get the tattoo I had been wanting. We ended up going to two different tattoo shops that night and got "matching heart tattoos". I got my pink heart while he got a red one. I think back and I really don't know why I wanted such a random object on my forearm but I thought it was pretty cool at the time. It was so simple and I didn't pay for it so it was fine. The pain level on this tattoo was probably about a 2-3. I was so surprised how painless this was though it was a pretty small piece. I told myself I would't have any problem getting more tattoos in the future. Clearly I don't haha.

I want to say about 3-4 years later I eventually got my heart covered up with some cherry blossoms. I had broken up with my ex and I really didn't like the idea of having a matching tattoo with him anymore. When I went to go get it covered up, again I was still naive when it came to tattoos and I just wanted it covered. This is when I wished I took a little more time to do some research and find something better to have covered up the heart but you live and you learn right. I love cherry blossoms but I could have definitely found someone to have done a way better job at covering it. You can still see the outline of the heart if you really pay attention but at least its covered up.

My second tattoo was on my right foot, a crown. I loved this tattoo when I got it. I was obsessed with with crowns and Juicy Couture. The logo of Juicy Couture is a crown and two Yorkies. I once again didn't do any research on the shop or artist and only went by what I had heard from people I knew that told me about the shop so I thought I'd check it out. I think the tattoo came out really well but I'm just not into crowns as I once was. Sadly it was just a phase. I have thought about getting it covered but it will be something pretty hard to cover so I haven't put too much thought into it. If I do decide to get it covered up I know better now than just rushing into it. I was in so much pain when I get this done that I really didn't think I was going to make it to the end. I kept telling people to distract me from the pain to talk to me. Once it was over I was so relieved and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

For my third tattoo I got my first finger tattoo. I still really like this tattoo and I ended up going to the same shop I got my crown done at. I got a peace sign on my middle finger. There is no reason why I chose to get it on that specific finger just wanted it right on my middle which ended up being my middle finger haha. This was a very quick and painless tattoo that took about maybe 3-5 mins at the most. My last name is Paz and that means peace in Portuguese and also in Spanish. I thought that was really neat and meaningful. After this tattoo I didn't get another one for a few months if not a year which ended up being the next tattoos I will talk about.

One day I randomly hopped in my car and drove to a local tattoo shop to get two random things tattooed. It was such a spur of the moment thing and I just really wanted to get a new tattoo. I ended up getting these two on the same day. Je t'aime on my wrists says I love you in french. I always wished I knew how to speak French ever since I was a little girl. I always wanted to move to Paris and go to school out there. This isn't a piece I love but I also don't dislike it. If I could go back and stop myself from getting it I probably would but at the end of the day it doesn't really bother me too much. It's still a dream of mine to visit Paris and go to their Disneyland. Maybe it can be a place where Rudy and I decide to Honeymoon ;) The pain tolerance for my wrist wasn't too bad, it mainly stung more than anything.

This diamond on my pinky I do not like. I liked it for a while after I got it done but sadly like the crown it was only a phase. I had one of my tattoo artist tell me he can turn it into a heart but I wouldn't really want a black heart on my finger plus so close to my beautiful engagement ring. I always heard that finger tattoos fade so quickly, clearly its not the case for this one. A lot of people complain about finger tattoos being the worst pain during a tattoo but I don't think so, at least not on the knuckles. The diamond did hurt me a little more than when I got my peace sign. Once again this one also stung more but it is little and was done before I knew it. Shortly after I got these two tattoos done I got my cover up of the cherry blossoms.

I want to say about a year or two later I got a bow on the back on my neck. I love bows, still do till this day. They are so cute and girly. I had made a appointment at a tattoo shop that I had heard good things about. This had to have been one the most painful spots I got a tattooed, at least from what I remember. I didn't know what to do and it felt like the pain was never ending. At one point during the session I saw a black tunnel and felt like I was about to pass out. I don't know how I got through it without passing out but I did.

Before the guy started on the tattoo I told him I wanted a simple classic pink bow. All pink! He drew it up and I loved what he came up with. Once he was done and I took a look I wanted to scream. He added way too much black shading than he had to, especially right on the middle of the bow. I was so mad and wanted to cry. This is the biggest reason I am disappointed on the tattoo all the black in it. I took a long break from getting tattoos for a few years mainly because of the pain I had experienced. Once I began to get more tattoos again I stuck to one artist for the majority of my work. He would always make fun of my bow because I had told him the story behind it and he would always tell me for us to touch it up but I refuse to ever get that touched up. I remember the pain I went through and don't want to go through it again. My pain tolerance may have changed but I don't want to risk it. I always wear my hair down anyways so you can't even see it.

This is where I am going to end part 1 of my tattoo collections. I hope you guys enjoy this little "series" type of post that I'm going to be doing because I'm pretty excited. I love tattoos as you guys may have noticed and just love talking about them. Feel free to share some of your tattoo stories with me, I would love to hear them.