February Favorites

February is a short month so it feels like everything went by even faster this month. I don't have too much things this month to share since I haven't used any new products or anything but I do have a handful or random things to share. So to keep this intro short I am going to quickly begin.

First up is this hand cream that I purchased from Bath & Body Works early this month. I'm not at all into lotions because I hate that sticky greasy feeling a lot of them tend to leave on your hands or skin.   A few years ago when I was working at a grocery store I was constantly washing my hands which caused my hands to become very dry. That was when I decided I want to give hand creams a shot. I found one hand cream from Soap & Glory that didn't do either of those to my hands that and it smelled so lovely. It became a quick favorite of mine. While using this I began to notice that the hand cream began to smell a bit off kind of funky after owning it for a couple of months. I began to think that maybe I had it for too long and it was time for a new one, plus I was close to finishing this small travel sized tube. I purchased a couple more and the same exact thing happen only this time that scent came sooner than the last one. That was the only downside to this product and I decided to not purchase it anymore. One day while shopping at B&BW I saw this peach hand cream and I just knew I had to try it. (I mean it's PEACH!) I've been really liking this hand cream  and it hydrates my hand also without that sticky feeling. It smells amazing, clearly I love anything peach scented. It was also perfect timing since it's still been pretty cold in San Jose my hands have been feeling a bit dry. I had to go back and pick up a few more back ups for when they no longer carry this scent. I carry one with me every where I go!

While I was shopping around B&BW I had seen this 'Aromatherapy' Detoxify Sleep body wash, that's a mouthful. Since I had been having trouble sleeping I thought this was a great idea to try out and it was on clearance for $3 such a steal. I also own a small travel size of they're regular sleep body wash. I had originally bought that one to take along with me while I was at Disneyland. I have to say I really like this Detoxify body wash and a lot more than than original sleep one. This one sleeps a lot better too. I used this every night before bed while at Disneyland and I sleep so much better than I had been weeks prior. I don't know maybe it also has to do from walking all day at the parks or maybe its a mind over matter type of thing. All I know is that when I use this I fall asleep a lot faster and I don't wake up as often through out the night. Now I'm a little disappointed that this one has been discontinued so I will have to use this sparingly.

A good friend of mine Imelda, sent me the most cutest Valentine's Day card I have ever seen. It's perfect for me and I love how she knows me so well. I love arrows and I even have one tattooed on my arm. The tattoo has such a special meaning behind it as I have talked all about on my Tattoo Collection series that I am doing. This card is so cute and fun I am even going to get it framed and hang it in my room. She also blogs so check her out!

For Valentine's Day Rudy got me this Kate Spade perfume 'Live Colorfully' that I have been eyeing for some time now. It smells so lovely, its a light scent of floral and a tad bit of musk. If you haven't smelled this perfume yet do so next time you are in a store that carries high end perfumes! I have been wearing it every single day since he gave it to me too. Along with the perfume Rudy also got me a Kate Spade wallet, another item I had my eye on. How cute is it! I'm typically into everything black when it comes down to purses and wallets since it's something I'll use every single day plus it goes with every single outfit. I really love how this wallet is red and I love it more that it's scalloped. I'm so obsessed with everything about this wallet that I'm so anxious to purchase the matching bag to go along with it! I'm definitely stepping out of the box a little now. I also think it'll be perfect for Spring.

Another lovely friend of mine Cam, sent me this beautiful wedding book. I swear I've been so lucky with having amazing friends through social media especially since I've never really been one to have many. This book is called 'Style Me Pretty' by Abby Larson. It is a book to inspire ideas for wedding and oh boy has it done exactly that! I'm still in the beginning chapters of reading this book but it already have my inspiration juices flowing. It's really nice how detail this book gets into and really explains steps to take in order to achieve things for your unique and personal wedding. I have never been to a wedding so I think I am pretty clueless as to what exactly is the step by step to one besides the 'I do's' and lovely ceremony party that comes afterwards. The photos in this book is breathtaking. So perfect for a bride-to-be and I'm so happy and thankful she was kind enough to have thought of sending this to me.


Tattoo Collection Part: 4

I am not going in any specific order of when my tattoos came in and all the pieces I will be talking about in this post were all done by the same artist, Jason.

I love shoulder tattoos and I wanted to get a phrase on my shoulder area that goes towards my neck. I got 'Love with no regret' and this is a very meaningful tattoo. Being young so many of us go through heartbreaks, it happens and that's kind of part of life. I've definitely have gone through my fair share of heartaches and heart breaks. At times I even wished I had never met some of those boys. Once I got with Rudy I realized how much I had changed from past relationships. I had caught myself not doing so many of the horrible things I would normally do in a bad relationship and breaking the habit along with doing a lot of things that used to be very difficult for me to do. I honestly believe that when you are with the one you are truly meant to be with you are all for making a change. I am 100% a better person since I got with Rudy, I wanted to change to be the best I could be for him and also myself. I got this tattoo because if I had not met those guys and gone through all those heartbreaks I probably wouldn't be where I am and who I am today. They made me become such a better girlfriend (Faincé) to Rudy and now I could't be happier or thankful for that. (I kind of thank them in a weird way.) So now I look back and I love with no regret and still do. Everything happens for a reason. This spot was painless and was done really quick same as my roman numerals.

As long as I can remember I had always wanted to get a vintage skeleton looking key tattooed on my body. I originally wanted to get it on my foot where I now have my crown so I decided one day I eventually will. I even was debating on getting it alongside my arm straight down close to my elbow but never committed to it. Along with wanting a key tattoo I had also been wanting a Friday the 13th tattoo for a while. I had seen on Pinterest a girl with a key tattoo that had the number 13 and thought it was the perfect idea for my Friday the 13th tattoo. Finally on Friday June 13, 2014 I got my key tattoo. I decided to get it on the side of my rib and was nervous since I heard rib cages are a very painful spot. This was not the case for me. This tattoo hurt a bit but I was expecting a lot more pain. I would rate this piece a 4-5. I think maybe because this piece wasn't so big or because I worked myself up thinking it was going to be extremely painful that it ended up being tolerable. It's going on two years since I have gotten this so I definitely need to get it touched up soon. I am happy with how it turned out and I especially like this placement. I like that it's one of my hidden tattoos and not many people know of it.

(Trying to hold my shirt up and keeping my boob covered made the triangle look lopsided when it isn't in person.)

Sticking to my rib cage and stomach area I got the Deathly Hallows sign from Harry Potter on the opposite side above the ribs I guess you can say on the side area of the boob. I am a huge Harry Potter fan ever since the first movie came out. I knew this was something I really wanted. I told Jason some what how I wanted it and that I wanted it to look girly and to add some swirls around it. It ended up coming out just how I would have wanted it. This piece too has faded a bit and needs to be touched up. This spot did not hurt at all just like my key!

For a couple of years I had wanted to get something done on the upper tummy/under the boob, sternum. I decided on roses cause why not I'm obsessed with them and they are so pretty. I got this piece done in two sessions. The first session I was getting the outline done and I went in trying to be brave. This was pretty damn painful to be completely honest. At times I didn't think I was going to be able to let Jason finish it but I'm not a complainer while I'm getting a tattoo. I like to keep quiet because that just means I'm one step closer to having it finished. I'd rate this spot about a 7-8. I knew that for the second session I was going to need something to help me deal with the pain and this was when I had ordered the Hush gel. I had just ordered it when I was getting the outline done so I knew it wasn't going to arrive in time. I figured I can do that session without it to see how bad the pain is since it was only a outline and if I need the gel for the next session I would already have it in my hands. Clearly I used it for my second session and it seriously helped. I'm not going too much into this product maybe I can make a separate post talking all about it. I've had this piece for almost two years also and I want to get it touched up eventually. Since these piece aren't exposed like ever it's something I'm not in too much of a rush to touch up.

I finally decided I wanted to get my left foot tattooed. Around this time I had been debating for a few months to get my crown covered up or not but ended up deciding not to at least for now anyways. This one is pretty simple just a big rose. I've mentioned already many times that I love roses and I wouldn't mind having them all over my body. A friend of mine Cam, had recently gotten both of her feet tattooed with two gorgeous roses and she kind of inspired me to get a rose on my foot. Mine is completely different than hers, her roses were solely inspiration. Jason did my rose peach because I'm obsessed with the color. I love how my rose turned out. It is so beautiful and the color is just perfect. I was nervous going into this appointment since I remember my crown being so unbearable. I'm not sure if my pain tolerance had gone up or what but while I got the rose done it wasn't anywhere near as painful as I remember getting my crown. The down side was my foot was really swollen for a couple of days, also something I don't remember happening when I got my crown done. Then again that piece is very small and simple compared to this rose. This is one of my favorite pieces on my body.

This was just a few days after my birthday back in 2014. Rudy and I had just gotten home from our birthday trip to Disneyland and I had a appointment to get another tattoo haha. I had really been wanting to get my legs tattooed, Rudy wasn't really for the idea at the time. There's something about leg and thigh tattoos that I just love. There isn't much meaning to this piece besides the fact that I love supernatural things. Crystal balls and Ouija's really intrigue me like all things spooky as witches, ghosts, vampires, Halloween stuff. The idea of being able to talk or contact ghost are kind of cool to me but I'm not saying I would ever try myself since I'd be way too scared haha. Like most of my tattoos I really like how this one turned out. It was exactly what I had envisioned when I was explaining to Jason what I wanted. The colors are on point as well! I don't remember this spot being very painful besides the awkward position I had to keep my leg in. Since it is on the very side of my leg above the ankle and my knee was so very sore because of it and my ankle became very swollen too it was insane haha. It was kind of torturous to even walk because once I would be on my feet I could feel all the pressure and weight rushing down to that ankle. It was such a weird feeling.

I never realized just how many tattoos I really have until starting this series. It is so much harder trying to type and talk about all the meanings to every single one of them as well.


Disneyland Vacation

Rudy and I got back from a mini vacation to Disneyland yesterday and we are slowly getting back into reality. Disneyland will always have a special place in my heart but it is really nice to be home and relaxing. Here is a not so small spam from our trip.


#OOTD Disneyland Edition

Tomorrow Rudy and I are going to Disneyland! Like always I like to pack a couple of 'Disney' outfits for the trip to really get myself in the Disney mood. I wanted to share the four outfits I have picked out for the days we'll be at the parks. I've been so anxious for tomorrow to finally come. I'm always missing Disneyland every day that I am not there.

You're The Spring In My Step

February is the month of love, at least in my eye it is. The month that I really love to embrace love a little bit more than usual. Like I have mentioned before Rudy and I celebrate love regularly but with it being February Valentines Day is just a few days away.  It kinda gives us a excuse to embrace it a little bit more.

Last month while I was at Marshall's I came across this really cute little book filled with cute little love phrases. This book is filled with tons of cuteness and along with funny little phrases/quotes from a lot of familiar movies. I really enjoyed reading it and it only took me about 5-10 minutes. It was really cute and kept a smile on my face the entire time reading it, along with thinking of Rudy every time I turned the page.

Here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share with you along with some funny ones.