February Favorites

February is a short month so it feels like everything went by even faster this month. I don't have too much things this month to share since I haven't used any new products or anything but I do have a handful or random things to share. So to keep this intro short I am going to quickly begi…

Tattoo Collection Part: 4

I am not going in any specific order of when my tattoos came in and all the pieces I will be talking about in this post were all done by the same artist, Jason.
I love shoulder tattoos and I wanted to get a phrase on my shoulder area that goes towards my neck. I got 'Love with no regret' an…

Disneyland Vacation

Rudy and I got back from a mini vacation to Disneyland yesterday and we are slowly getting back into reality. Disneyland will always have a special place in my heart but it is really nice to be home and relaxing. Here is a not so small spam from our trip.

#OOTD Disneyland Edition

Tomorrow Rudy and I are going to Disneyland! Like always I like to pack a couple of 'Disney' outfits for the trip to really get myself in the Disney mood. I wanted to share the four outfits I have picked out for the days we'll be at the parks. I've been so anxious for tomorrow to finally come. I'm always missing Disneyland every day that I am not there.

You're The Spring In My Step

February is the month of love, at least in my eye it is. The month that I really love to embrace love a little bit more than usual. Like I have mentioned before Rudy and I celebrate love regularly but with it being February Valentines Day is just a few days away.  It kinda gives us a excuse to emb…
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