March Favorites

I've been loving a lot of things this month so I know this is going to be a long post. I'll be jumping right into things.

In February while I was in L.A. I did a tiny bit of shopping at Downtown Disney in Sephora. I seen a few of my favorite Youtubers talking about how good the Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix was and I really wanted to give it a try. It wasn't until the first of this month that I was finally able to put it to use. I have really been liking the way this keeps my makeup in place and I have noticed it lasting for a good amount of hours. If my face is looking a bit matte this fixes that right up but also doesn't add any oils to my skin. Even though I have oily skin I don't like to look too matte.

While I was in L.A. I needed to make a stop at Morphe to picked up a few new make up brushes which I really didn't need ha ha. I picked up the M527 brush, this is a goat haired kind of tapered brush and I got this with intensions of using it for bronzing since it is so big and fluffy it would be perfect. This has became my favorite brush to bronze with! Its so soft which makes everything blend out so beautifully and since it is so big it gets the job done super quick. I highly recommend this brush if you're looking for a good bronzing brush. It's pretty cheap and it doesn't shed. I really love Morphe brushes they are my favorite brush brand.

The bronzer I have been using along side with the M527 brush is this Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I don't own many products from this brand but once I saw this bronzer I was quickly interested. The word butter made me think its going to be a very creamy easy to blend bronzer, and it is! This has already become one of my favorite bronzers. I can't remember exactly right now but I do think this product was made with something from Brazil and since I am half Brazilian is was a must ha ha. It also smells good and tropical a scent I don't usually tend to go for but I am enjoying.

Earlier this month I was at one of my local malls hanging out with my friend Imelda, and she wanted to stop at Lush to pick up a few things. I rarely ever go there since its out of my usual mall walk routine and so out of the way too. While we were looking around one of the employees that was super nice, asked if we needed anything or any help but I wasn't planning on getting anything at the time. I randomly remembered that I had been wanting to try one of their toner water sprays so I asked her about them. She first asked me what type of skin I had and then she recommended their Tea Tree Water toner. This specific one is for oily skin and she told me that it will also help soothe my skin along with break outs. She also mentioned that it helps reduce redness. I went ahead and grabbed a big bottle of it and ever since I have been using it twice a day, morning and at night everyday. I'm really loving this, I'm so glad I finally remembered to finally ask about this product. I already see a great amount of difference since I have been using it which has been about a month or so now. I have seen a big change in my skin but I think its due to a very big help from this next product I'm about to talk about.

While at Lush that same employee had asked me if I had every tried out any of their face products such as cleansers. I told her no I've only ever tried their masks and a couple of their bath bombs that they're so famous for. She then pointed out a face cleanser that looked very interesting since it looked like coal. This face wash is called Dark Angels, it is a black thick kind of 'powder' face scrub. It's such a strange texture for me to describe powder isn't even the correct word for it. It looks like sand or dough I guess is a better word. Its really cool and while I was at the store the girl did a little sample on how to use it on my hand. You grab a chunk of it and mix in a few drops of water until it creates a paste like consistency and then you just gently scrub it on your face or body since this is a face and body cleanser. It is a exfoliator type of face wash but it is also very gentle on the skin. I took home a sample of this and I have been using it every single day since. I recently purchased a tub of it too. I have noticed a significant change in my skin I love it. This product is also best for oily skin, it helps absorb oils and it also helps prevent break outs. I have even noticed that my makeup applies so much nicer since I started using this, especially around the areas where I have larger pores! My skin looks so smooth and close to flawless. I really want to try out some more of their skin care products in the future especially since everything is all organic. If there is any products from there you like, please feel free to recommend them to me in the comments below.
I think I've been most excited for this item this month. I had been in the market for a new camera for quite some time now just never really committed to one. It wasn't a necessity. Since I have been really into my blog this year I decided that once I receive my tax returns I would make the splurge and investment. I originally had my eye on a DSLR. It's something I have always wanted they're just really pricy and so is all the excess equipments. That same day that I was hanging out with Imelda the topic of cameras came up and I had mentioned how I wanted one and she highly suggested for me to get a smaller camera. She owns a DSLR and was telling me they are nice but they are so huge to carry around with you everywhere and they can be a hassle. She was telling me about her Samsung camera she got for Christmas and about all its features and I was so interested in getting my hands one. Sadly while I was looking online I noticed that that camera was sold out everywhere because it was being discontinued. One day while I was browsing around Best Buy I came across this Samsung camera that looked similar to that original camera along with similar features. I looked it up online and noticed  it had some really great ratings. I decided to take the camera home and I'm so glad I did. I'm in love with this thing and how cute is the color! This camera takes amazing photos and has so many cool features/modes I can't believe it. It even has Wifi which was exactly what I wanted in a camera. I am so excited to use it in future vacations and for future blog posts. This camera has everything I wanted in a camera and more plus it's so easy to use I have really been enjoying it and I can't wait to take it to Disneyland next month!

I'm always looking for something new to try from the brand Pixi by Petra. So far everything I have tried of hers I love. I had seen a couple of photos of this 'Glowtion Day Dew' and wanted to try it out. I like the more luminous look even though I have oily skin. Sometimes I even like to apply a luminous product underneath my makeup to give it a glow while using a matte foundation to control the oils. This moisturizer will give you just that. At first I was a bit worried to try it out since it is suppose to give you a glow I just didn't want it to make me look greasy or overly oily. A lot of products similar to this do exactly that. I have been using this for over 3 weeks now and I love it. It's quickly become one of my favorite moisturizers. It hydrates my skin without over doing it and it gives my skin a beautiful glow without making me look greasy/oily. It even holds my makeup in place amazingly through out the day. This product contains Glycerin which is perfect to prime the skin and I've seen that on myself. Pixi products can tend to be a little more pricey considering it is sold at Target but they have such amazing products. I believe anyone can use this product no matter what skin type you are and like I said I have oily skin and its been working great for me.

My last favorite of the month is this Maybelline Fit Me matte + poreless foundation. This foundation has been out for a while now. From the moment I first started hearing people talking about this and how perfect it was for people with oily skin I knew I had to try it. At the time I owned tons of foundations so I told myself I didn't need a new one, not yet. As I used up some foundations and gave others away that I no longer used I finally remembered about this foundation and decide to go pick up one for myself. I have used it a few times already and I am love it. It does keep my face matte or more of a satin finish for a good period of time. It also hasn't made my skin break out which is awesome! I have only used it with a beauty blender so far which I always like for foundations. I want to try it out with a brush one time to see how that will look and wear throughout the day. I'm really excited to continue using this especially with the warmer months around the corner.


Spring Tag

I've never done any kind of tags nor have I ever been tagged into doing one. Since it's spring and I'm very excited for that I wanted to do one so I can share a few of my spring time favorites. I think it's always fun when I can share a little about myself on here even if it is something a bit more random. Oh and I also tag anyone that is reading this! Happy Spring!

1. Favorite spring time nail polish? Anything pastel! Mint, peach, white, yellow, sky blue... Anything pastel!

2. Favorite lip color for spring? Peach is typically my go to color for spring if not a nude.

3. Favorite spring dress? I don't have one in specific but as long as its flowy and fits perfectly I'll love it. Oh and it has a floral pattern.

4. What's your favorite flower? I love all kinds flowers, any especially in spring. My favs right now are carnations and tulips!

5. What is your favorite spring accessory? Hmm this a bit tough since I don't accessorize much. A hand bag or hat, a watch or bracelet.

6. What are you most excited for spring trends? I'm most looking forward to wearing sandals and pretty dresses!

7. Favorite spring candle? Anything floral and fresh. My top is Peach Bellini, Georgia Peach, and Lemon Mint Tea. All from B&BW.

8. Favorite body spray or perfume for spring? Marc Jacobs Dot!! Marc Jacobs has some of my favorite perfumes.

9. How is spring where you live? Usually nice, not too warm but then it gets really chilly at night.

10. What is your favorite thing about spring? Warmer weather obviously, but just the feeling of spring and summer being around the corner. I remember I would get this exciting feeling every year when I was a kid in school. I loved it and probably because it meant Summer vacation wasn't too far behind.

11. Are you a spring cleaner? No, I typically clean pretty often.

12. Any vacation plans for spring break? Disneyland! Haha like always but probably not for spring break. Rudy and I are hoping to visit Universal Studios also to check out the Harry Potter world!

13. Your perfect spring day? Probably pretty cheesy, spending the day with Rudy on a little adventure. Eating at one of our favorite places and either sipping some tea or eating some frozen yogurt. Walking our dogs and enjoying the rest of the afternoon catching up on our tv shows.

(I got these questions from Pinterest but I added a couple of my own for a more personal touch.)


Food Series: Sugarfina

Last week Rudy and I decided to go walk around Santana Row since it was such a nice day. It was really nice to walk around and browse through all these stores we hadn't been to in so long. I typically try to avoid this outdoor mall since it's usually really busy and I don't really like being in huge crowds of people. They do have some of my favorite places to go to such as Kate Spade for one, a French bakery that carries macarons, H&M and Sephora just to name a few. While we were walking around I came across this cute little candy shop 'Sugarfina'. I had seen photos of this place on Pinterest and I wanted to try them out. Obviously, I had to go in and check everything out. Everything inside was so cute and the employee was really nice. I had my eye on more than a couple candies but Rudy and I decided to only get two this trip so we can try them out first.

My Spring Essentials

It's officially Spring as of today and I wanted to share some of my must have Spring essentials. I'm so excited for warmer weather so I can enjoy all the cute outfits and accessories that come along with it.

My first essential for warmer weather is a SPF. During spring and summer I tend to be more exposed to the sun than usual, even though I try to avoid it at all costs. It is so important to protect your skin from all those uv's and it will keep your skin healthy and looking young. I normally use products that already contain SPF such as a moisturizer, primer or foundation. Last year I discovered this Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47, it's a face sunblock. I really like this product and it protects my skin really well and it has SPF 47 which is awesome. When I use a foundation that doesn't have any SPF I always use this underneath, I mix one pump with my moisturize. I have never noticed it leaving me with a white mask with flash photos either which is a plus. Before I owned the Josie Maran SPF I used the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer that has SPF in it already, which is another favorite product. I would use this on a daily basis especially in the warmer weather and at Disneyland. I did notice that while I wore this at Disneyland that by the end of the day when I am back at the hotel and washing off my makeup that my cheeks were a bit rosy. The rosiness would be gone by morning but once I began using the Josie Maran I never saw the redness on my cheeks. Josie Maran's has a higher SPF and clearly protected my skin better while under direct sun. I'm not saying you have to buy this exact product because I know it can be a bit pricey, heck I am using a small one myself that came part of a value set. At the end of the day everyone should really use some kind of sun protection for their skin. The sun does make you age with time and who doesn't want to look young for as long as they possibly can?

I go sandal crazy in the spring every year. Once stores start to carry them I'm right there looking for that one that is calling my name. When I was younger I was way too shy and self conscious to even consider wearing anything that would show my toes but as I grew older I cared less about what people thought and more about how comfortable my feet would be in the hotter weather. I own tons and enjoy a wide variety of sandals. These are two of my favorite style of sandals and two that I recently picked up. A Birkenstock (Not the originals, the Target version.) ones and these strappy Mexican looking sandals. The Birkenstock ones are definitely my go to for comfort. When I first started seeing girls wearing these about two years ago now I thought they were one of the most ugliest shoes I had ever seen haha. I guess with time they kinda grew on me and especially once I tried on my first pair, it was love at first step! I honestly now think they are really cute and you can style them with so many different outfit choices. Same goes with the Mexican inspired ones. I own tons of sandals that look like these I just can get enough. I love wearing these with any outfits especially a dress. They will go with anything I am wearing. By the end of the day my feet are a bit sore though which kind of sucks. Beauty is pain right?

Pastel nail polishes are a must for me during this season. I like to have my nails painted pretty much always if possible. All the lighter shades complement all the plants in the garden so well along with the weather. I think nail polish is a fun way to accessorize. Brighter shades are my favorite to wear since I wouldn't typically wear those shades in colder weathers. (Darks for colder seasons and brighter for warmer.) My favorite shades to use for spring is peach, mint, lavender and a sky blue. Very Easter appropriate.

Fresh floral scented candles are perfect for this season. This may be no surprise to some but my favorite candles to have out for spring has to be anything peach. I enjoy the peach candles that Bath & Body Works carry, I usually only get my candles from there. I own both Georgia Peach and Peach Bellini, my favorite of the two will have to be peach bellini. This one I feel is a much stronger peach scent. Having these candles burning on a nice warm afternoon is absolutely perfect while laying in bed cuddled with Rudy and the dogs while we watch some Bobs Burgers. I can't wait for that.

A non peachy candle that I only recently became in love with is the lemon mint tea candle also from Bath & Body Works. For some reason this time they released this candle it kept calling my name but I think a lot of it had to do with the cup little tea pot on the front. I don't like anything lemon usually so I stayed away from this one and yet every time I would go in the store I would catch myself sniffing it. One day I woke up with the urge of finally owning it and now its quickly become a few favorite and I own a few of them. Funny how things happen.

Camera(s) are a must with warmer weather. I love to take photos pretty much all the time but more so when its nice outside. I like to go out more often on small adventures even if its only a town away. I recently got this Samsung camera and I love it so much. There is so many cool features to it that I'm learning something new about it everyday. This camera has really came in handy and it has different modes that you can take your photos in. Also look at the color, its mint! I'm also very obsessed with polaroid cameras and I love to carry around my instax mini. I've loved it since the day I got in the mail about three years ago and I think its so cool how they're been making a come back. Every time Rudy and I go on a trip such as Disneyland I always make sure to bring it with me. I love the fact that a physical photo prints out directly and it becomes a treasured memory. I have so many wonderful memories saved from these little films.

Lastly a large bag! I got this bag the very end of February. I knew I had to own it since I already had the matching wallet and it screams spring with the scalloped pattern on the top. This bag is beyond spacious and you will be able to fit more than a million things. I don't typically like too big of a bag since like I said on my What's Inside My Bag post I can tend to over flood my purses with unnecessary items. During these warmer seasons I make an exception. I am able to toss my sweater if I get too hot wearing it, carry my water bottle, even tons some snacks if Rudy and I decide to go to the movies. It also has plenty of space to add both my cameras if I wanted to so I can always be prepared if I need to snap some shots. I have been trying not to over do it on carrying a whole bunch of random things and I've been quite good at it too.

What are some of your spring essentials?


Foods Series: The Cheesecake Factory

I decided that I want to start sharing some of mine and Rudy's favorite places to eat at. I guess you can call this a new series that I will be featuring on my blog. We love to eat out it was one of the things we would most do when we barely started dating. Now we rarely eat out except for once or twice a week on Saturday or Sunday. We do make an acceptation for special occasions and when we are on vacation. I now cook dinner for Rudy and myself and I really enjoy it.

A lot of places we go to may not be anything new to many but the food choices might be. The first restaurant I am going to be sharing is The Cheesecake Factory. This is on the top of my favorite restaurants list. Yesterday Rudy and I decided to eat here and I was so excited since I had been asking him to go here for a while now and the last time we did was months ago while we were in Anaheim.

First for drinks, I typically ask for water or tea. Since our last Disneyland trip I have found myself asking for something different such as lemonades which is pretty shocking. If you know me then you would know I hate anything with lemon or lime in it. Maybe its me growing up and my taste changing but I have been really been enjoying the change in beverage choice. I was looking over their drink menu and ordered myself a raspberry lemonade. I'm sure everyone has already tried this by now but it was new to me and it may be for at least one of you out there. This drink was so yummy! Rudy had ordered himself a usual beer and when he took a sip of mine he told me he was going to order that next time we come back! They had more flavors and next time I want to give the hibiscus one a try.

Every time I go to the Cheesecake Factory I order the same thing, every single time for the past 6+ years, maybe even more. This is the main reason why I love eating here and it is the "spicy chicken chipotle pasta"! I was never a fan of their pastas until one day I randomly saw this one on their menu and I was intrigued when I read spicy chipotle. It was love at first bite! I recommend this pasta to everyone. One of the first times Rudy and I ate here he took a bite of my pasta and loved it! Now 9 out of 10 times he orders it too. Don't let the spicy chipotle scare you if you don't typically like spicy foods. I don't consider this to be very spicy at all. I love the sauce it is so incredibly good! Very different than the usual pastas I have tried. This pasta contains; chicken, peas, yellow and red peppers, asparagus, and these crunchy onion toppings. This was when my love for asparagus blossomed since I had never tried it prior to this. This is by far my favorite pasta I have ever had. I really want to learn how to make this myself but it's probably a good thing I don't know how to make it or else I'd be so sick of it because I know I'd be eating it nearly every day ha ha!!

We don't always order dessert and if we do most times we take it to go. I love their cheesecakes because they have such a wide variety to choose from. Some of my favorites are the white chocolate raspberry truffle, vanilla bean, red velvet of course, and their chocolate tuxedo cream. I always love to try their newly added cheesecake and that was what we did. We were about to order a usual when I saw the salted caramel cheesecake. I love salted caramel desserts, especially anything salted caramel chocolate! "heart eyes for days!!" Of course this was so good and not too sweet either which is always great. Rudy and I split it since their slices are so huge. Also for every slice of this cheesecake sold the Cheesecake Factory will be donating money towards Feeding American to help fight hunger. You will be doing a good thing while indulging in another.

And nothing beats eating left overs the next day!

This was a quick post and I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite restaurants along with some favorite foods. If you haven't tried this pasta yet you should really do so and let me know how you end up liking it. I look forward is making more posts like this and sharing lots more places and plates that I enjoy eating. Maybe this will help you decide on a spot to eat when you just can't seem to choose where to go, which I do all the time.


Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

I recently came across a home made chocolate chip cookie recipe. Chocolate chip cookies they are a favorite of mine but every time I would try to make one at home from scratch they just never came out as good as Mrs. Feilds, soft and chewy. The first time I ever tried these cookies it was love at first bite and it instantly became my favorite cookie, well chocolate chip cookie. Once I got my hands on the recipe I was so eager to start baking and was hoping the entire time that mine would come out just as good. I've made this recipe three times its so easy to do and each time they're just as good as the first time I tried them if not better. Ok so enough of my rambling I am now going to share with you guys the recipe of these delicious cookies!

Ingredients you will need:
- 3/4 Cup softened unsalted butter
- 3/4 Cup brown sugar
- 1/4 Cup granulated sugar
- 1 Egg
- 2 Tsp. vanilla extract
- 2 Cups all purpose flour
- 2 Tsp. cornstarch
- 1 Tsp. baking soda
- 1/2 Tsp. salt
- 1 Cup chocolate chips

*Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

- Mix together butter and sugar(s) until it's fluffy and light in color.
- Add egg and  vanilla then blend. 
-Add in the flour, cornstarch, baking soda and salt and mix.
- Mix in chocolate chips
- On a standard baking sheet scoop up the dough and form it to your liking. 
- Let this bake 8-10 mins until the cookies are barely a golden brown around the edges. The entire cookie will not be golden brown. Do Not Cook Longer Than 10 Mins!
Let cookies cool and enjoy!
(This recipe usually makes me 2 dozen cookies exactly.)


Tattoo Collection Part: 5

Todays post should be a fairly short one. I'm going to be sharing my finger tattoos minus the exception of a couple that I have already talked about on a previous post and one that I will be sharing on my next post.
(This photo made this tattoo look a lot more faded than it really is.)

Let's start with the more meaningful pieces. On the inner side of my finger I have a Q with a heart just below it. This is a matching tattoo that Rudy and I got. On the same exact finger Rudy had a K with a heart below it. This tattoo I have seen a few people before me get this and many people after me. I seen a photo of this on a couple on Pinterest one day and thought it was such a cute, fun, and meaningful tattoo for Rudy and I to get. He is the King to my heart as I am the Queen of his. This spot is a bit more painful than the knuckles and this spot was super quick.  This spot also fades a lot faster than the knuckles I've noticed and I have already had this touched up twice and need to go once again to fix it up. Even though that is such a pain I still really like it and touch ups are free so I really don't mind it at all. This was done by Jason along with the next two I'm going to talk about.

The second tattoo on my finger that is meaningful is this three dots. These three dots are the 'ellipsis'. It is the three dots you see at the end of "To Be Continued...". It is a punctuation mark, one of continuance. It means 'to be continued' that there is more to come. You're story isn't finished yet, and you won't know what could come if you're not here to see it. This very tiny little piece is one that has such a great amount of meaning same as my arrow. When I am feeling down or in a slump all I have to do is look at it and remind myself I am still here in the world for a reason. There is still so much to come and that my story is clearly not over yet.

This was one of my random tattoos. I think this was while I was also getting the crystal ball on my leg  or when I got the rose on my foot, I got this half moon on my finger. There is no meaning behind it just something I thought and still think is cute and I wanted to get one on my finger. So that's what I did haha. There really isn't much else to say about it. It can use a little touch up and it has already been touched up once after I got it done.

Last but not least, this next tattoo is one of my favorites because it's just so me. I finally added a little peach to my finger. If any of you know me you'd know the love I have for all things peach. It's one of my favorite fruits, taste, smell and color. I love everything peach haha. I love how cute this little gal turned out, it's exactly how I wanted it. It looks like the little peach emoji🍑 This piece was done by the same guy that did the red rose on my bicep. It still looks pretty great if I must say but it could use a little touch up to brighten up the colors a bit. 


Black and White Photos

My favorite kind of photos are in color. It captures every single colorful detail in a photo and since I am really into makeup its perfect. It really grasps every color and texture from my eyeshadow, lipstick and highlight. It enhances the colors of my look and not just with makeup but with everything; a outfit of the day, garden filled with roses, and random things I may be trying to take a photo of. Recently I have really been getting into black and white photos, and I wanted to challenge myself in taking more photos in that way. (Rudy hated it since he isn't really into b&w's haha.) This was a lot of fun. I found myself constantly trying to be creative in each photo I was taking. I plan on continuing to take more black and whites. Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken, all of myself, all in different ways.


Wedding Inspiration

Recently I have been so inspired towards looking at wedding ideas for my wedding. It's still so surreal to me that I am engaged. I have dreamt about Rudy proposing to me for what feels like forever. When he finally did I couldn't believe it and clearly, I still can't. I can not wait to marry him and spend the rest of my life as his wife and him as my husband. Ahh, that gives me butterflies and makes me so giddy just to think about. As soon as we got engaged I became addicted to Pinterest! That place is the motherload of inspirations and my favorite site for it. Like I said recently I became inspired all over again to look at ideas for what I would like mine and Rudy's wedding to look like. I think this may have to do with the new Wedding book my friend gifted me. Here are some pictures that I really like and would love to have something similar to my very own wedding.

Alphabet Survey

Here's a little fun survey so that you guys can get to know me a little bit better if you didn't already.

A- Age: 27🙈
B- Bed size: Queen
C- Chore you hate: Washing dishes
D- Drink of choice: Usually water or tea
E- Essential to start your day: Well first thing I do when I wake up every morning is go to the bathroom, besides that I suppose checking my phone.
F- Favorite color: Peach
G- Gold or Silver: Either one, lately rose gold
H- Height: 5'2-5'3
I- Instruments: Never played any
J- Job: Being the best me I can be
K- Kids: None as of yet
L- Live: San Jose, California
M- Mother's name: Angela
N- Nickname: Juju
O- Obsession: Makeup, I have a growing collection of one and I'm really into photography
P- Pet peeve: Fake people
Q- Quote: Eveything happens for a reason
R- Right or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: None
T- Time you wake up: Between 7-8am
U- Underwear: Always...
V- Vegetable you dislike: Eggplant!
W- What's your favorite movie: I have a few but favorite Disney movie will be Alice in Wonderland
X- X-rays you've had: Quite a few
Y- Yummy food you make: Baked potatoes with grilled chicken! Asparagus too!
Z- Zoo animal: I like animals but I don't have a favorite Zoo animal, but I think Flamingos are pretty

That was interesting, hope you guys are having a great day!