April Favorites

Ever since buying a couple of Lush items last month I have been obsessed with wanting to try out more of their products. About 2-3 weeks after trying their Dark Angel cleansing scrub I went out and got another one of their cleansers called Herbalism. This product along with the other stuff I got from Lush is for people with oily skin, this one is more targeted for more acne prone skin and break outs. I was reading reviews on this product and there wasn't anything negative anyone had to say. Since I have more acne prone skin I thought why not give this guy a try. At first I was debating whether I liked it or not. I had gotten a small break out along my jaw line but wasn't sure if it cleared up because of this or with time. I began using my Dark Angels cleanser and pushed this to the side and then got a small break out on my neck so I decided to start using Herbalism every other day. I began to notice the break out to slowly disappear. Since Lush is all organic I don't expect their products to be so powerful and work over night. I was very happy when I started to see my skin clearing up and I love how this leaves my skin feeling after I am done washing my face. I have been changing up my skin care a lot and adding more Lush products so I am planning on doing a updated skin care routine soon that way I can go more in details with some of these newer products. Overall I am really enjoying Herbalism and very satisfied at how my skin has been looking since introducing this into my routine.

I love the brand Pixi, and like I said on my March favorites I have yet to try a products of theirs that I don't like. Earlier this month I was browsing through the Pixi section at Target. I've always been interested in trying out some of their facial sprays but wasn't sure if they would work on my oily skin. I had heard great things about some of them and how one even came close as a dupe for Mac Cosmetics Fix+, which I love, but once again wasn't sure it if it would be too dewy for my skin. Finally during that Target trip I decided to pick one out and give it a try for myself. I ended up purchasing the Makeup Fixing Mist. This spray contains rose water which I love and green tea. On the back of the bottle it says 1. This mist can be used before applying your makeup which will prolong the wear of it. 2. Used after you're done with your makeup and it will set it along with giving it a soft focus finish look, and 3. You can apply anytime throughout the day and it will hydrate your skin. It also mentions that it is good for all skin type. I have been using this mist for a little over three weeks off and on and I am very satisfied with it. My biggest surprised while using this product was that it actually made my makeup last since I have oily skin. I usually use this once I am done doing my makeup, so as a setting spray. I notice that it really does give off a "soft-focus finish" as stated on the bottle and I really like that. I haven't tried using this before applying my makeup since I never do that with any facial mist. One thing that I don't really enjoy from this spray is the scent. I thought since it's made with rose water that it would have a rose scent kind of like my Mario Badescu rose water spray, but it doesn't. This smells like a mixtures of baby powder and a perfume a older woman would wear. Its strange for me to describe but the scent just isn't my cup of tea.

Easy this month I was using a lot of facial masks since I was going to be going o vacation I wanted my skin looking its very best. One face mask that was new to me is this Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding mask. I believe I got this deluxe sized sample from Sephora sometime in March or maybe even February however I didn't really use it as much as I did this month. Since I have large pores I enjoy using a charcoal type mask at least once a week and of course that is what this mask is. As you can see this mask has a swirl mixture of white and black. The black is the charcoal and the part is actually a moisturizer. I have heard that a lot of people complain about charcoal masks that it can dry out their skin a little bit. I have never experienced that but this mask is made for detoxifying your skin while also hydrating it at the same time. I thought that was a really cool concept and once I heard Sephora was giving a good sized pot of this for free I quickly got online to make sure I got my hands on one. This really does a good job detoxifying my skin while still keeping it hydrated. It's also said that this mask is suppose to help shrink your pores too.

I was at Disneyland all of last week and lucky me that was the week it was the hottest. I believe most days it was in the late 80's to early 90's so it was HOT!! Whenever I go to L.A. I like to bring with me a setting spay that will really hold my makeup in place all day especially in really hot weather. On my previous trip to L.A. in February while I was at Morphe Brushes I saw that they carried this makeup setting spray called Model in a Bottle. I always hear girls raving about this setting spray and saying how its super glue to your face, will keep your makeup in place all day no budging what so ever, and that they always use this spray on Brides. I had always wanted to try it but I don't even know why I never ordered it online. Of course since Morphe had it I had to get myself one and give it a try for myself. Like I have said a million times already I have oily skin so on warmer weather its had for my makeup to look good by the end of the day without making me look like a grease ball. I had used it a couple times at home while out running errands but I really was able to put this to the test while I was at Disneyland. I'm not even joking when I'm telling you guys my makeup look just as great as it did in the morning! I'd be done doing my makeup by 8 am and when we would go back to the hotel to rest around 2-3 pm it still looked amazing. Keep in mind it was really hot too. I couldn't believe it and I got the same great results all week. By 8 or 9 at night when I was about to take off my makeup I did notice my nose was very slightly oily, the smallest amount ever but my skin looked so good!!! It actually just gave my skin the most beautiful glow. I'm beyond impressed with this setting spray and will definitely repurchase from here on out. I highly recommend this to anyone with oily skin or just anyone that is looking for a setting spray to really hold their makeup in place all day. This will give you a matte finish and they also sell this same spray in a sensitive version which is really nice for those of you who have more sensitive skin.

My last favorite of the month is of course another Lush product. What was a monthly favorite before Lush products? I was in the market for a new face serum. I was using a beauty oil from Boscia for almost a year but like I stated on my skin care routine post I couldn't really notice if it really did anything to my skin. A few times I was even thinking it was causing my neck to break out since I would apply some of that on my neck. I stopped using it earlier this year and never purchased a substitute. Since I have been really into Lush I decided to do some research and see if they had any beauty oils. I originally heard of this serum from Samantha of Batalash and she said nothing but great things of this product. This is the Full of Grace serum. It comes in that really weird/cool bar and all you have to do is rub it into your hands and the warmth of your hands will melt it. I had heard this is very veryy hydrating and moisturizing to the skin so I knew it wasn't something I would wear throughout the day. Luckily I wanted something more for my night time routine. I apply this at night before my night time moisturizer and I can already feel the hydration. When I wake up in the morning my skin is literally glowing, feels and looks so soft. I took this with me last week to L.A. and for some reason at night after I showered and took off all my makeup my face felt so dry. (I'm thinking this could possibly be because of the Model in a Bottle setting spray?) I applied a little more of this to my skin than usual before going to sleep in hopes that it will rehydrate my skin and it did exactly that. My skin would be back to its normal self every morning so it really came in handy. A really good thing about this product is that it helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and is a soothing facial treatment. One of the employees at Lush told me while I was purchasing this that you can also use them underneath a face mask and it will help that mask really get deep into your skin. That will cause for better results, so I was told I have yet to use it aside with my mask.


OOTD: Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Sunday Rudy and I are heading to LA for vacation. During this trip we decided we want to take one day from our usual Disney fun to go to Universal Studios and check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which I am very excited about. We are both huge Harry Potter fans and always wanted to go to Florida to check out their Harry Potter world. Unfortunately Florida is pretty far and we never did go through with hopeful plans of visiting. They finally opened one this month in Hollywood and it's much more closer to us. I plan on taking tons of photos of the day/trip and I will be sharing them here but for now I wanted to share the outfit I have chosen for that day.

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall...

This is something I should have probably written and posted back in March or even early this month. The last couple of months I have really been into Lush again. Years ago I was obsessed with of course their bath bombs but never tried anything else until recently. I have been loving a lot of their products but today I wanted to talk about something specific. Every Holiday season Lush comes out with a bunch of limited edition items and scents and one day I so happened to be there with my friend Imelda while they had their Easter collection. Once we walked in the employees were about to experiment with one of their bath bombs and called us over to watch. The bath bomb they were about to drop in a tub of water was called the Humpty Dumpty. Once they dropped the bath bomb it created the most beautiful shades of pastel colors and the scent was phenomenal to say the least. Imelda picked up a few things along with the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb. One of the employee had mentioned to us that with the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb you can use it as a whole or break it down the middle and inside you will find a formed fried egg, so cute! Breaking it in half you will be able to get three uses out of that one bath bomb which is really great.

Ever since that trip to Lush I couldn't stop thinking about that bath bomb and how amazing it smelled. The following week or so that Imelda and I hung out I made sure to get my hands on one and so I did. I ended up loving the bath bomb so much I had it in my room and the scent made my entire room smell so good that I wanted to stock up on them just to keep them displayed somewhere in my room. The scent is so lovely, sweet but not overly sweet at all which I am happy about. When things are too sweet it will either give me a headache or ends up making me feel nauseous. Online on Lush the scent is described as notes of bright bergamot and Brazilian oils also caramel. I'm not sure if I smell any of that since the scent of the bomb is pretty hard for me to put into words but its a very unique scent.

I ended up going back to Lush with Rudy after Easter and the one I had gone to was completely out of the Humpty Dumpty. I was so sad about this but figured Easter is over and it is limited edition. The next day we went to another Lush store at another mall by us and once again all gone. I asked one of the girls working there and she had told me they had a couple on the register display and they were sold already and that was all they had left. I checked online and they still had some in stock I just really didn't want to have to order them online but that was what I ended up doing. The day that my package was being delivered Rudy and I went to the that same mall early morning to do some walking and I had wanted to back to Lush once again to pick up a new item and to my surprise they were fully stocked with the Humpty Dumpty bombs! I was a bit upset since I had placed a order but I looked passed that and decided to pick up some more ha ha.
I now have a little boxed filled with them and each time I walk in my room or when the breeze from the open window blows in I can smell the bombs and it just makes me so happy, is that weird? Ha ha it's definitely a very pleasant scent if you go into Lush I highly recommend you guys checking this bath bomb out if they still have them in stores I'm almost certain you won't regret it. Since Humpty Dumpty is limited edition I am trying not to use it since I don't know if they'll bring it back next year. So for now I am enjoying the fresh scent it's giving my room♥


Ellie Goulding Concert

On Wednesday Rudy and I went to see one of our favorite music artist, Ellie Goulding. I remember when she was first becoming popular I was obsessed with her song 'Starry Eyed' the Jakwob remix.  She got better and better with each new song she released along with each of her albums. Months back I bought tickets to her concert and been counting down the days until I got to see her live. We got really good seating I was very satisfied. Ellie Goulding is amazing live I was in awe throughout her whole show. She sounds just as great live and she was so interactive with her fans. She even brought up one couple to the stage because the man wanted to promise to his partner it was so beautiful. I was recording most of her performances so I made up one video of the whole night instead of sharing a bunch of videos that would have ended up being over an hour long. I will also add some photos of the show as well. Enjoy!
(Don't forget to hit full screen!)

Instagram Round Up

My life through Instagram as of late.

Baking some yummy cookies, posting that rare selfie, pretty new tulips, bouquet of carnations for spring, bubble baths curtesy of new bath bombs, cute lace bralletes, more tulips in my new Kate Spade bag, trying some champagne gummies, and throwback to my engagement party.

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Too Faced Summer Collection

If you are a makeup addict like I am then you know that Too Faced cosmetics recently released their Summer collection which included tons of new and cute items. I got my hands on 3 of their new products one being the highly hyped up Sweet Peach pallet. I wanted to do a mini review on the products I picked up, share my thoughts on each item and how I'm liking them.
I'm starting off with the first item I picked up which is the Sweet Peach pallet. When Too Faced first launched this pallet on their website it broke the internet. I saw tons of girls on Instagram complaining how the website crashed and then sold out within minutes. Luckily I wasn't trying to purchase it yet I decided I wanted to wait until the pallet was released on Sephora.com so I could earn points towards my VIB Rouge status. Too Faced restocked the pallet once more on their website a few days later and the same thing was happening to their site but luckily I was able to get through to make the purchase. I know I just finished saying I wanted to wait until it hit Sephora but I cracked ha ha. I saw how high in demand this pallet was and I love every thing and anything peach this pallet literally screams me all over it. I got a little scared I wouldn't be able to get my hands on it when it did launch in Sephora. I looked at this as a sign that it was meant for me to make the order that day as silly as it may sound.

Once I received the pallet in the mail I was so excited and opened it up quickly! Like every Youtube guru said the pallet smells just like peaches, its a dream. (It even tastes like it too but I wouldn't recommend eating the shadows ha ha.) I love this pallet clearly since it's the first official peach pallet although I do have some disappointments about it. Considering myself the peach Queen *cough cough* I would have thought this pallet would of contained way more peach shades. There is a total of 4 peach shades in the pallet then a lot of browns along with a few pop of colors. I just feel that since it being a peach pallet pops of colors shouldn't have been a big necessity including that many brown shades. I do really like this pallet don't get me wrong but it would have been so nice to have a wide variety of peach shades to choose from. That is the only down side I have about the pallet.
I have used this pallet a few times already and all the shadows I have used has great pigmentation and color pay off. I haven't experienced any fall outs either but I haven't used every single shade yet or any dark shades. As of right now my favorite colors in the pallet is; white peach, nectar, peaches 'n cream, luscious, Georgia, candied peach, Bellini, puree and finally summer yum. I'm enjoying quite a few shadows and there is a total of 18 in the pallet. I can't wait to use this pallet for the rest of spring and summer. I am bummed out that the pallet is Limited Edition so once I am out of a shadows that is it and it makes me not want to use it too much. I'm hoping with the high demand Too Faced will eventually decide on making this pallet permanent.
The next two items I knew I needed to get my hands on once I saw sneak peak photos on Instagram. Too Faced released a new shade in their Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush and a brand new Sweetheart Bronzer. I already own two of the sweetheart blushes and absolutely love them. When I saw that they were releasing another peach shade I was even more excited. The bronzer looked really pretty and when seeing girls on Youtube showing it off and demoing it made me want it even more.
Lets talk a little bit about their second peachy product, the new sweetheart blush in Sparkling Bellini. How cute is that name! I got it in the mail this past weekend and was so excited to use it. I already had my makeup done for the day so I was able to use it yesterday. When you look into this blush you can see its in the same cute heart shaped box packing which I don't mind. A lot of companies get me to buy their products because of the cute packaging. The colors look very bright and loud, don't be scared the colors aren't as bright as they look but give you a  nice splash of color on your cheek. You can also use a light hand on applying this if you aren't looking for too much of a color pay. Using this yesterday gave the most prettiest peachy gold glow to my cheeks I loved it. Is it ok to say that I'm already obsessed with this blush? Since the blush contains three different colored stripes you can use one at a time, but I usually mix all three together which is what I did yesterday. What I love about these sweetheart blushes is because it is a mineralized blush it gives you a healthy glow. You can even choose to skip using highlight if you want since it gives you a stunning sheen. I love the formula to these kinds of blushes.
When I heard Too Faced was coming out with their very first sweetheart bronzer I was so ecstatic!! Like I just mentioned I love the formulation of the sweetheart blushes so I knew right away that I would love this bronzer. With the warmer weather up ahead I prefer more glowy bronzers over a matte one and this one is perfect and gives off that bronzy glow. This product is very similar to their blushes as it has more than one shade. The bronzer contains two shades; a lighter shimmery shade and a darker shimmery one. Neither shade contains glitter which I am happy about. I'm not usually a fan of any glitter on my bronzer, blush or highlight. The combination of the two colors mixed together is perfect. I love that the bronzer is a  more neutral shade and its perfect for my pale skin. This is also very pigmented so a little goes a long way. The bronzer was so easy to work and it blended very seamlessly, I can say right now this is probably going to be one of my go to blushes for spring and summer.
Overall I am and very satisfied with these products I picked up from Too Faced. I look forward to using these from here on. Did any of you pick any of these items up? If so, how are you enjoying them?


Best of Disneyland

It shouldn't come to a surprise to you that I love Disneyland. Since being with Rudy we've taken countless trips to the parks and we've always have the best time. Disneyland means a lot to the both of us. All our spontaneous trips wasn't until we became annual pass holders back in 2014. That was when we really took advantage of the passes so we could make sure we got our moneys worth. I was asked by one of my followers if I could make a post on all my Disneyland favorites along with a some tips so that is what I am finally bringing to you today. This will be a long post.

Starting off with Rides! Most people go to Disneyland for the rides. I am going to share my top rides starting with my favorite park Disneyland. You have to go on at least once on all the Fantasyland rides. To me they are the classic rides from all the movies I grew up watching. Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan is my favorite. I think those two are the best rides in fantasyland and figures since the wait for both those two rides are usually over a hour... Ouch I know but they are worth it. Tea cups is another favorite too but I prefer to go on that one at night time when they have all the colorful lights on!

I love Pirates of the Caribbean but mainly the two 'little' drops in the beginning. I enjoy going on this ride when I am starting to feel a bit tired and my feet are starting to hurt. We go on here and get to relax for a while and by the time the ride is over I am recharged. Indiana Jones is on the top of my favorite rides! Rudy and I hate waiting in line for a ride so if we have the option to get a fast pass that is what we do! *This is one thing I highly recommend people do to is get a fast pass for the rides that offer one.* That way you have a specific time that you can go back in line for ride and cutting a major part. I really enjoy the Haunted Mansion as well, a little more in the Christmas time for the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations.

Astro Blasters is definitely a favorite of mine and Rudy's! I've lost count at how many times we've gone on this ride. The wait or this ride almost every time we go on it is a 5 min wait. The line is always moving which is why we're always on it ha ha. You also get a free photo you can email yourself each time. Star Tours is Rudy's favorite, and I enjoy this one too except one time while we were on it it made me feel really sick like I was about to throw up so I've been holding a grudge. Since Disneyland has been celebrating the Season of the Force for Star Wars the wait time for this ride has been insane, so definitely get the past pass option for this one. Space Mountain which is currently known as "Hyperspace Mountain" they have it all Star Wars theme at the moment also for the season of the force. I really enjoy this ride. It is super fast and doesn't have a big of a drop. I can not handle rides that have drops, I just can't stomach it. For this ride too try to get your hands on a fast pass unless you're willing to wait close to a hour and a half wait.
(No surprise I'm always making dumb faces.)

DCA "Disney California" doens't have too many rides that I'm a fan of unfortunately. I was so excited that they made a Little Mermaid ride over on this side though and the ride is super cute! Rudy and I always go on this ride and its perfect since we normally only wait up to 15 mins at the most. Also when it's insanely hot this ride is perfect. The ac is cranked high especially when you go 'under the sea'. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess too so this ride is always a must. Goofy's Sky School is a ride you should check out. This one is more of a roller coater type of ride. It's really fast and has a couple of drops, I can't help but laugh and scream the whole time I am on this ride. The Monsters Inc. ride is another really cute one!

Now for my favorite ride in I think both parks, Radiator Springs Racer! Everyone and anyone that goes to DCA has to go to this ride! Rudy and I once stood for almost 2 hours waiting to get on this ride and I think that was our very first time we went on this ride. It was so worth it but I'll never do that again! Two hours or more is the usual wait time for this ride, I know it is insane!!! It is just that good and so much fun. What Rudy and I do now every time we can is as soon as we get to the parks, (Early mornings only though.) is go straight to DCA to get our hands on a fast pass! Believe it or not many times by 10-11 am when we arrive at the fast pass distributions for this ride its already gone for the day. So if you are planning on experiencing this ride get a fast pass! You'll thank me later.
If you are looking to eat at the parks my favorite breakfast spots are The Plaza Inn and the Carnation Cafe. They both have delicious foods along with those cute Mickey shaped waffles everyone always shares on social media, including me. The Plaza Inn however is a lot more fun because they offer character dining. While you are eating breakfast a good handful of Characters  such as; Tigger, the Fairy Godmother, Hook, Chip, Max, many more including Minnie herself. This spot would be perfect to go to to meet certain characters that aren't really out walking around the park and especially if you have children. They don't only serve breakfast they also serve lunch and I want to say dinner too but I could be wrong. I have only been there for their breakfast. Also both these spots will require for you to make a reservation in advance unless you'd like to wait in line until they are able to seat you, and I think that only works for the Plaza Inn.
When we are in Anaheim we don't typically eat lunch then later on dinner. We usually have some sort of breakfast then a good sized dinner. If we get hungry before or after 'dinner' we will snack. We love to get ourselves a churro, macaron which is a favorite of mine or pretzel which Rudy loves. These are some of the treats we will get and munch on. I do recommend that everyone try the macarons at least once. They sell these little or should I say big cuties at the Jolly Holiday located at the end of Main Street. The flavors always vary and they're all so delicious. I also love the caramel apples they sell in the parks but that I only purchase one on my last day. I like to take it to eat while I am back home since eating a caramel apple can get pretty messy and I like to cut mine up.
For a dinner choice there is't too many places I care to eat at in the parks but I really enjoy the Galactic Grill. They have some really good burger and fries there. One trip Rudy and I had made reservations at the Blue Bayou. Even though we have only been there once the plates we ordered was delicious! I wouldn't mind eating there again. Same thing with Ariels Grotto we've only been there once but the food was amazing! I still remember their crab soup they served as a appetizer!!!!! Best soup I have ever had. These two restaurants do require reservations and is a little more on the pricier side.
In DCA I love to eat at the Cove Bar, but they only serve appetizer type of stuff. I love their lobster nachos!!! That is usually the only reason why I'd want to go there until this last trip. I had seen a couple of people posting about this 'cotton candy lemonade' drink they serve at the Cove Bar and I was interested in trying this out. Like I mentioned before on a previous post I don't typically like anything with lemon or lime in it, but I love cotton candy! I was really hoping that I was going to like this drink since we waited in line for a half hour to get seated. Luckily the lemonade ended up being delicious and I can't wait for our next trip back so I can get another one. You have to go to the Cove Bar at least once. Every time we go they have such a long wait that is from a hour or more but it is really worth it! I would probably suggest trying to go there early like right when they open, since usually when I go it's after 4 pm and the wait is already long.

We rarely eat at the parks and we actually enjoy to leave the park to eat at different places we don't have back home such as Bubba Gump. This is a favorite of mine and Rudys since we love shrimp. We do have two of these closer to home but both are a little over a hour away. We love to go there at least once during our trip as well, same thing with Shakeys! This is a cute little pizza spot and it is always so empty which I enjoy. Rudy and I came to this place on our very first trip to Disneyland. Recently we started going to Joe's Crab Shack another sea food place ha ha. We really like to go to all these places at least once during our trip. They all have such a good variety of food choices and we've never been let down. If you choose to go to at least one of these places you will leave satisfied.

One place I have been recommending to anyone that lives in the Anaheim area or is going to visit is Joe's Italian Ice! I had never tried this place prior to our last trip in February. I had always seen it while driving to Disneyland and back to our hotel but never had any interest in it. When I think of Italian ice I think of those nasty snow cones which I hate. I don't know how anyone can enjoy eating ice drenched in flavored sugar. I thought this place was something like it and was I wrong. This Italian ice is in-between a slurpee and shaved ice but its the best consistency of the two. I don't even know how to describe but it is amazing. I probably sounds like a fatty right now but it's one of the best things I have ever tried and I've been thinking about it everyday since we left back home. While we were on vacation last month Rudy and I went to this place every single day without shame ha ha. They have tons of different flavors to from and they change them daily. I think most of not all their flavored ice is made with fresh fruits so that makes it healthy right? The two that I really liked that I had while I was there was the 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' and their 'Passion Fruit'. I was really bummed that they didn't have blood orange or peach while we were there but the Fuzzy Wuzzy is a mixture of peach and watermelon so that made up for it. The way we got our ice was with their custard which is called a 'Joe Latti'. This is so good I don't think I can say that enough. Having the custard with your ice is just perfect and the best of both worlds. I am going to stop rambling about this because it's making me crave one really bad.

I honestly don't know when it would be the best time to go to Disneyland. I have gone to the parks numerous times in different months. Personally I would not recommend going when kids are off school and or on vacations since the parks will get really packed. I don't enjoy going there during those times. During Holidays is also another time I would not recommend for you to go. Since a lot of people are either off work or taking a mini vacation with kids being off school. It will get really busy at the parks and that isn't fun for anyone, trust me. I have gone once the week before Christmas, worst time to go!  Also on Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, 24 hour event, kick off to Disneyland's 60th anniversary and even summer time. All those times apart from Valentine's Day was insane. The park even hit max capacity during Christmas and the 24 hour event! This all really depends if you have kids in school then you would probably go while they are on vacation. My favorite time to go is anywhere from October-mid November and February-May. The weather is always crazy in La but I have noticed that during those months the heat is not as bad as it is in the Summer. In fact the last two trips there the weather was nice enough for me to wear a sweater all day without feeling gross and uncomfortable which was in November and February.

At the end of the day my most favorite thing to do at Disneyland is taking tons of pictures for memories and meeting characters. This may not come to a surprise to everyone that Alice is my favorite character to meet. She has always been the hardest character for me to find! It wasn't until my second or third trip in 2013 where I finally found her taking a stroll and was able to get a picture with her. It wasn't even a great picture because the sun was directly hitting me in my eye but I loved it and it meant so much to me.
I have gotten a lot better at finding her. I have seen many different 'Alice' in the park but I have became very picky to who is my favorite and who I find is the best. Its such a coincidence that this very photo happens to be with my favorite Alice. I've seen her countless of times during my Disneyland trips and each time I see her she makes each encounter so magical. I might sound so cheesy but I don't think anyone knows or ever will know how much I really love Alice. She means a lot to me every since I was around 6 or 7 years old or younger than that. I've had many people ask me to share why and what I love about Alice maybe I will make a post on that in the future but I don't think its something many people would care about. Its pretty tricky to find your favorite Disney character walking around so I wanted to share how I did it.

This is the last thing I am going to be talking about and its that Disneyland has a their very own Disneyland app! This really comes in handy. If you are a annual pass holder like me you can sync your pass to the app. So instead of digging around your bag or wallet to find your card you can pop out your phone since you usually know exactly where that is or its right in your hands. The app shows you a map of Disneyland and DCA so you can find everything on there from rides to bathrooms and places to eat. There it also shows you wait times for rides and my favorite thing about this app what times and where characters (Alice) will be! This app will pretty much show you where anything you are looking for is and it really comes in handy especially if you can't seem to find a cast member. That was what I used to do every time, ask a cast member the times Alice would be out and now having this app with all that information its really came in handy.

I think I covered most of the basics and answered most questions I got about Disneyland. I hope I didn't forget anything but if I did you can always feel free to comment down below. I am happy to answer anything for you guys. I will also be at Disneyland from April 18-21 and like always if you see me feel free to say hi.