Ellie Goulding Concert

On Wednesday Rudy and I went to see one of our favorite music artist, Ellie Goulding. I remember when she was first becoming popular I was obsessed with her song 'Starry Eyed' the Jakwob remix.  She got better and better with each new song she released along with each of her albums. Months back I bought tickets to her concert and been counting down the days until I got to see her live. We got really good seating I was very satisfied. Ellie Goulding is amazing live I was in awe throughout her whole show. She sounds just as great live and she was so interactive with her fans. She even brought up one couple to the stage because the man wanted to promise to his partner it was so beautiful. I was recording most of her performances so I made up one video of the whole night instead of sharing a bunch of videos that would have ended up being over an hour long. I will also add some photos of the show as well. Enjoy!
(Don't forget to hit full screen!)


  1. So many stunning pictures of her. 😍

    1. She was so amazing live! I'm forever wishing we were still there watching her perform.


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