May Favorites

This month I have a mixture of things that I want to share with you guys from beauty to foods. I think its quite nice when I have a variety of things I want to talk about as a monthly favorites that isn't always beauty related. Lets quickly begin!

I've mentioned here before that I love a classic cherry red lip for all occasions. Another shade that comes at a tie with red is a orange-red lip! I love this shade especially for warmer weather such as spring and summer. I wore orange-red lips during my last trip to Disneyland and I just loved how it photographed. I felt it really completed my entire makeup look. I own a couple of lipsticks in this shade from different brands and I recently purchased another. I decided to purchase a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade 'Spicy'. I had seen this shade online and it didn't look like a shade I would really like. Then one weekend while Rudy and I were walking around Sephora I came across the shade and swatched it on my hand and I fell in love immediately. Since then I've worn it a couple of times and have gotten so many complements on it. I love a matte finish lipstick and of course a liquid lipstick. These are my favorite formula because they last on my lips and I don't like to have to touch up my lipstick while I am out. I'm definitely going to rock this lipstick a lot until summer comes to a end.

This next item is pretty random for me. I mentioned on my May Ipsy Bag post that I usually tend to stray away from eyeshadows during warmer months because I like to keep my makeup a lot more natural and sometimes close to no make up at all. Wearing eyeshadows will only end up making my makeup feel heavy and that's a feeling I hate especially on a hot day, granted it hasn't been too hot just yet here in San Jose. I have noticed I have been grabbing my Urban Decay 'Electric' pallet a lot this month. When this pallet first came out I was obsessed with it. This pallet is very loud in color so I would mainly use it for pops of color and I loved it. This pallet also came in handy for all the Halloween looks I was doing in the past. This year I've been wanting to wear as much color as possible and since bringing out this bad boy I've been able to incorporate colors into my makeup. I don't like to go crazy in color for my shadows, I always keep my looks pretty wearable I'd say. I've shared a couple of my looks using this pallet on my Instagram and I got so many complements. It really makes me feel good since I feel I'm still learning  something new with makeup everyday. I'm really looking forward on using this pallet a lot more now for the rest of Spring and upcoming Summer. The pallet may look a little scary but trust me it really isn't, there'e a lot of ways you can make these neon colors wearable.

The last beauty favorite of mine for the month is a product I never seen nor heard of in the past. I was doing some shopping on the Sephora mobile app and began to browse their sale section. I saw this facial spray by Buxon called the 'Total Fixation Set & Refresh Gel Face Mist' now thats a mouth full! It was on sale for only $10 so I just tossed it in my basket. When I placed the order for this I over looked the part where it said Gel mist and it really does look like a gel consistency. Once I got it in the mail I kept starting at it and playing around because I have never seen a facial spray in a gel consistency and that really intrigued me. I have used this spray a few times already and I'm really loving it. It holds up my makeup so well it even kind of reminds me of my 'Model in a Bottle' spray. Personally I feel like it gives off a semi matte look because when I used this I didn't get oily by the end of the day. I'm still playing around with this spray and using it with different foundations as well to see how I like it best. So far its been really good and it also gives off a refreshing feel like it says on the box. Since this was on the sale side I'm not sure if it's going to be discontinued, if so I suggest you getting your hands on it before its gone plus the you can't beat the price.

I was gifted this tote from my good friend Imelda which she made herself once again. Its super cute and I love it because on the tea cup on the front, it's the same exact tea cup from the Mad Tea Party ride in Disneyland. This is my favorite cup of them all I even have a tattoo of it on my leg! I never really wear these types of bags since I didn't own any up until she gifted me the one I took to Universal Studios which I shared here. It has a Mickey shape silhouette along with the Deathly Hallows sign. When I wore that tote at Universal I felt so comfortable with it. My shoulder didn't hurt or get tired at all by the end of the day and I can fit so much things in there if I choose to. Once I got this new one I wore it for two weeks straight. I'm planning on taking this with me to Disneyland in a few days and I'm excited to see Alice's and the Hatter's reaction once they see it.

The next two things I'm going to be talking about are food favorites. The first is a drink that I had been wanting to try for some time now. It is Belvoir Fruit Stands drink in Elderflower and Rose Lemonade flavor, this is a sparkling drink non alcoholic. I know some of you may be thinking, "but Juliana, I thought you didn't like lemonade?" that changed a couple months ago and I find myself to really enjoy it now even crave it on a few occasions. This drink looks super cute and fancy which is why I always wanted to give it a try and now that I actually enjoy lemonade I thought it was perfect timing to give it a try. It even sounds like it would taste lovely. I had never seen this drink sold anywhere I typically shop. I searched online one day and it mentioned it was sold in Targets and Walmarts along with a few other places but I never seen them in a Target. A friend of mine told me World Market carried it so Rudy and I made a trip to our local World Market and they had it in stock! The following day we tried it out once it was nice and chilled and it was heavenly. You can taste some rose along with the lemonade but the lemonade wasn't too over powering it was all just right. The bottle didn't last the day ha ha. This drink is going to be perfect to enjoy in a late warm afternoon. It's super cute and would also be perfect to have for a party. I can't wait to go back to pick up some more along with other flavors they have.

I really wanted to share something a little more random this month and its one of mine and Rudy's newest healthy obsession, Brussels Sprouts. Rudy and I have really been loving to eat Brussels Sprouts. It's a more different vegetable for us and one that I hear not many people enjoy. Luckily we are one of the few that do. We had been wanting to try some for a while and now we eat it at least once a week. I used to hate vegetable, it was super hard for me to eat my greens. Its so great that I now have a bunch of veggies that I actually enjoy to eat. I never thought I'd see the day. I have one recipe that my godfather taught me when he made Brussels Sprouts and I love it. I plan on making a post dedicated to it so I can share this easy way to cook Brussels Sprouts that include bacon and it's super yummy!

For my last favorite of the month is a phone case that I am completely in love with. I used to have a horrible addiction with ordering phone cases and I've promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore because it can be some what of a waste of money. I've been really good with not purchasing phone case no matter how cute they are. I found this case on eBay, where I usually order all my phone cases, and I had been eyeing it since late December so thats quite a while now. I finally decided to just go ahead and buy it. I regret nothing! This phone case is different from all the cases I have ever owned. It is Alice in Wonderland of course with the Cheshire Cat's tail hanging from above. There is three little cards same as the movie and it has GLITTER! From the moment I saw this case I thought it was so cool. I had seen cases like this in the past but nothing of Alice and I don't know this one was just perfect. As soon as I shared it on Instagram all my friends went crazy for it, I mean why wouldn't they. It was only $4 too! Such a steal for something so cute. They also had other Disney characters if you're interested just click here.

I hope you've enjoyed this months monthly favorites!

A Walk To Remember

Exactly one year ago today Rudy and I were at Disneyland celebrating their 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration, little did I know I too was going to be celebrating with diamonds of my own. Rudy and I went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to newly Fiancés when he asked me to marry him last year. First I want to start off by saying I can't believe it's already been one whole year since he proposed to me!!! It doesn't even feel like that much time has really gone by. To me it still feels like it was only a couple months ago not at all a year. I felt the happiest I had ever been in my whole life. I still remember feeling completely shocked along with how nervous I got when I knew what he was about to ask me and then pure happiness. It was so surreal. It is one of the most thought about moments in a girls life. I know I always thought about how a man would propose to me and that I wanted it to be completely perfect, special and memorable. Who is the lucky man that is going to propose to me? How is he going to propose to me? Where? When? What will he say exactly?? All of that ran through my mind constantly. When Rudy proposed to me that was the exact moment I had thought of for years ever since I was a little girl, that moment was finally right in front of me. It was no longer a thought or daydream but reality and now a memory for years to come. It was truly magical and not just because we were at Disneyland, our favorite place because it was with Rudy.

Now here we are one year later and I am every bit excited to spend the rest of my life with him. My love for Rudy has only grown enormously from the day he proposed and it continues to grow every single day.  I still catch myself staring at the beautiful ring on my finger in awe. I love it so much especially since Rudy picked this one out specifically for me because he knows me so well and knew exactly what I liked and wanted. I also find myself randomly staring at Rudy with so much love and happiness, he is mine for the rest of my life. Not one relationship is perfect. Like everyone we have fights and disagreements but at the end of the day we love each other so much more over a petty argument. Our love is all that matters. I can not wait to marry him, continue to grow with him, and face anything life throws at us, together.

Because I'm obsessed with my ring, it's my most prized possession and couldn't imagine anything prettier on my finger, here are a  a couple photos just minutes after Rudy proposed to me. The photo on the left was the very first photo I took right after Rudy proposed.
-"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we will start with forever."


May Ipsy Bag! 2016

I haven't shared my Ipsy bag unboxing since January's bag, and thats because I haven't been too thrilled with the items I received. I'll like 2 out of 5 of the products that's been sent to me or I'll only like the bag entirely more over the products. I'm not going to lie sometimes I even forgot to share and create a post all about it. I got this bag a couple of days ago and I'm going to be sharing it with you guys today.

First I wanted to start off by talking about the bag. I have never cared for the bags Ipsy send out, like ever. However they have been on point with them lately. I usually give them away to friends or my mom but I have been actually saving the ones from these last few months. March's bag was my absolute favorite of them all and I now carry my camera inside. Ok I'm getting off track here, so this months bag I believe they sent out different shades again like they have done in the past. When I got the email stating my bag had been shipped there was a picture of a blue bag with this same white print. Once I opened my my package it so happened to be a pink bag which I ended up really liking. One of my friends even mentioned that she had see that someone received a purple bag. I really like that Ipsy has been sending out different shades of bags I think it makes it that more exciting to see which one you're going to receive. 
Starting from left to right; the first item I received was this Épicé Hydrating Mask. I believe I have gotten items from this brand before I just can't think of what. I am excited to give this mask a try. My skin type is oily but I do still like to use a hydrating mask on myself every one in a while. My favorite way to use masks like this is typically after I finished using a breakout treating mask. Those masks tend to dry my break outs so by going in with something like this afterwards will prevent me from having dry spots. Even if you have oily skin you still want to hydrate your skin. The more you take away hydrate from your skin the more it will produce oils, which will cause you to be oily.

Second product is a Pacifica eyeshadow trio. I have tried items from this brand before and I've liked them. Ipsy has sent me eyeshadows from them in the past which I have used a few times. This trio I can't see myself using too often or anytime soon because with the warmer weather coming up I tend to stay away from eyeshadows and if I do wear any I keep it very natural looking. I also usually gravitate more to grabbing my pallets over smaller or single shadows that aren't in my Z Pallet. I do think I will love the copper looking shade thats farthest to the left. I swatched it and looked so pretty on my hand. A perfect wash of color.

The next item is a nail polish and I'm not very into this mainly because of the color. This nail polish is from the brand Aurora which I have never heard of before. It says its a gel effect nail lacquer which I absolutely love but like I just mentioned the color, its a little too loud for me. This is the shade "Safety Orange", which I wouldn't really feel safe using ha ha. I do want to at least give it shot to see how it wears and lasts. If I end up liking it maybe I can look into other shades from this brand.

I'm always excited when Ipsy sends me a makeup brush and this time I was even more excited because this brush is probably the cutest one I now own. It's from the brand Glamour Dolls and it has a blue handle with adorable little whales all around it now how cute is that? Once again I have never heard of this brand but I already know I will love this brush because it's really soft and feels like it will really blend my shadows out very well. This is the number 10 brush.

Lastly I received a water proof gel eyeliner from It Cosmetics. I'm already a fan of this brand and have purchased from them in the past. Ipsy has also sent me an item from them before which was really awesome. I'm not a big eyeliner wearer but I will definitely give this a shot on one of those rare occasions that I do wear eyeliner. I'm also curious to see  how it will wear, I don't typically use anything waterproof so this will probably last a lot better on my waterline and nothing ever lasts on my waterline.
Once I'm done opening my bag for the month I immediately get excited and anxious for what I will be getting next month. Are you subscribed to Ipsy? What did you get this month?


Disneyland Tokyo Haul

Two haul posts in one week?? Haha I almost wasn't going to do this post but figured this is way too cute to pass up. A little over a month ago I discovered a account on Instagram called Wakajp8. A friend of mine had posted about her account saying that she is a personal shopper in Tokyo, which means if there is anything you've been wanting to get from Disneyland or Store in Tokyo she can pick it up for you and have it shipped to you. As soon as I had seen that I hit the follow button and sent her a message. There was already a few items from Disneyland Tokyo that I really wanted but I figured I would probably never get my hands on unless I decided to over pay for them on eBay, no thank you. The items I had been eyeing was a new release and it is the Alice Curious Garden Strap keychains.
When Tomoko messaged me back on Instagram she told me that she would be going to the stores to check the inventory on the keychains the following day. She also asked for my email address so she could notify me along with the prices. Once she emailed me back she informed me that each of the items were $13 and the keychains they had in stock were; Dinah, the Doorknob, the Breadbutterfly, Door Mouse and the Broom Dog. I decided I wanted to get all except the Doorknob and the Broom Dog. A day or so later when she went back to the store to pick up my items she was notified that they had the Hedgehog in stock at a different location and messaged me asking whether I'd like to add it to my cart as well. Of course I had to get it, it's so darn cute! I was a little sad that they didn't have the baby Oyster since I think that one is just to die for but I am happy with all the ones I did get.  
Tomoko shipped out my items very quickly and they arrived within a week. I don't think I had ever been so excited to receive a package like I was with this one. Once I got the package I had to sign for it and I already saw how cute the box was. She lined the box with Disney washi tape and had written thank you on one side. Once I opened the box there was a letter in a clear envelope along with a few Disneyland Tokyo store bags; Easter edition which is so cute! Then there was a bigger bag with the keychains. I opened it up very eager ha ha and they were perfect. Even cuter in person I'm obsessed. They look amazing and look like they were each made with the upmost care. They each also come with two different chains that you can use. When I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to wear one of these on my purse as a cute little charm. I ended up taking the Breadbutterfly. It was really cute seeing peoples reactions once they noticed I had a Breadbutterfly on my purse. Also when Alice and the Hatter saw it hanging they got super excited which just made my day. My obsession for Alice is beyond real you guys ha ha.
I am very happy with this purchase although it was a bit pricey and of course international shipping rates are a tad more than they are here but that's to be expected. I figured why not purchase them, they are rare items exclusively from Tokyo which is so cool, and its not like I'm going to be placing a order from there weekly. However late last week I placed my second order from her and I'm now waiting for my package to arrive! I plan on going through Tomoko to place a order future Disneyland Tokyo orders. I had a great experience with her and a pleasure doing business with her as well :) You guys should check her out I've already recommended her to many friends of mine.

Disneyland Trip

I am finally bringing to you today photos from my Disneyland trip. This took me so long because I took so many photos this trip. Normally while I'm at Disneyland I will only post a couple photos on Instagram or Facebook but this time I was spamming ha ha and I didn't even care. I was having so much fun I wanted to share it with everyone. Let's get started!
This was technically our second day at the park. We arrived early afternoon on a Sunday but did a lot of rides then followed by some shopping so I did't get any photos that day.
Left Photo: The Hatter watering the flowers on my sleeve. Right Photo: His reaction when I asked for Alice and he responded with, "Why are you looking for that little brat?" Ha ha, he's one of my favorite Hatters.
We went on the tea cups ride a lot this trip. 
Cool effects on the tea cup ride using my camera.
My other favorite Hatter, and he remembers me! He asked me if we had met before and I said yes! Didn't get to see my favorite Alice this trip but this Alice was a new one I'd never seen her before. I liked her, she even noticed my breadbutterfly charm on my purse. The Hatter said since it was a hot day we will be drinking iced tea and I said yes peach iced tea. He then turned to Alice and told her that I called him a peach ha ha, they're so much fun.
On Tuesday while we were at the Park Rudy mentioned that James Franco was at the parks celebrating his birthday. Him and a group of friends came dressed up like David Bowie. I just thought what are the odds we will see him. We left the parks to go eat then headed to the hotel for a while to rest. While we were out a friend of mine that was at the DCA saw him as he was about to get on the Cars Ride, super jealous. Later we came back and were on our way to get on the tea cups ride when I noticed the line was huge! Then I looked to my left and saw a guy dressed up all colorful kind of David Bowie(ish) he was looking into the tea cups ride and I quickly looked into the ride and found James on the tea cup ride! Rudy then mentioned that the guy I spotted was James older brother. The cast members were super strict!!! One quickly ran to me and told me to please respect James' privacy and I just responded that I was doing anything nor was I even taking a photo of him which I wasn't. That was really frustrating but I tried not to let that get to me. Once he got off her went to the Alice in Wonderland ride and as he was about to head in the ride Rudy snapped this photo of him. He was being sneaky I didn't even know ha ha. Now we randomly tell each other "remember that time we saw James Franco?" It was pretty cool being so close to him.
I'm having serious Disneyland withdrawals. I had so much fun this trip it could possibly be because I felt we got a lot done. I can't wait for our next trip and it can't come any sooner.