June Favorites

Here's a few things that I have been loving in the month of June.

For my first favorite of the month is this Pretty as a Peach Foaming Sugar Scrub. I picked this up from Bath & Body Works the end of May while I was hanging out with Imelda. I remember she had mentioned liking their body scrubs and I had never seen or heard of them. Once I seen that they had one in peach scent I picked it up to give it a try. I fell it love with this scrub after the first use. The scrubs weren't too harsh on my skin it was just perfect and the peach scent was perfect. My body felt very soft after I used this and I have been using it every few days a week the entire month of June. I ended up picking up a few more of these scrubs during their Semi Annual Sale which Ive already shared my haul on here last week.
The day I left for L.A. I had asked Rudy to stop at Morphe Brushes because they had the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in stock and I needed to get my hands on Peach Goddess. Since the first photos of this highlighter was released I fell in love with this shade and peach goddess it was perfect for me. From the day I purchased peach goddess this has been the only highlighter I've been using. It is so gorgeous and different from any highlighter I own. I think its just perfect especially for spring and summer time. Nothing compares to it and I really wished I picked up a back up of this just in case haha. I really like how huge the pan is, its bigger than my palm. Since I've been loving this shade out I've been debating on purchasing Ice Cold next. These highlighters are definitely worth the price, at least peach goddess is.

While at Morphe Brushes I ended up picking up one makeup brush. I already own the M527 which I talked about in a past monthly favorite and it is still a favorite of mine. However I wanted a brush similar to that one just a little bit smaller in size so I picked up the M523. I've been really liking to use goat haired brushes for my bronzer and contour and this M523 is perfect for doing both of those. This brush allows me to bronze my face without getting a little too crazy or going overboard, it keeps my bronzer more clean. It is tapered on the very top of the brush which is perfect to contour as well. I have been using this brush most of the days that I apply makeup because it keeps everything very precise without me having to go back and clean anything if I'm in a hurry. I love Morphe brushes they have most of my favorite brushes and it's all so affordable.
As you guys may know I love Lush Cosmetics and I am always looking for something new to try out of theirs. Just any excuse to go into their store and browse around really. One night I was watching a video on Youtube and one was a Lush haul. One of the items the girl mentioned was D'Fluff which is a shaving soap. Since warmer days are up ahead my legs always get so sensitive because I am shaving a couple times a week. My leg gets filled with red bumps and sometimes it is pretty painful. I went to Lush.com to read a little on this shaving soap and sounded wonderful. This is a strawberry shaving soap that is filled with tons of different oils to help moisturize and smooth your legs. It is also supposed to help minimize the after shave redness. While Imelda and I were shopping around one day I decided I wanted to pick this up to see if it would help my legs out. D'Fluff is magic! This is exactly what I've needed my whole life. After just one use my legs was extremely soft and it wasn't in pain at all since I saved about five days prior. I've used this on my arms as well and my arms feel just as great. I can't believe how soft this leaves my skin I am going to re-purchase this forever. After I shave I have been applying their Charity Pot body lotion which the girl that was helping was nice enough to give me a generous sample of and I love it. This two things together is the best combo my skin is ridiculously soft, softer than a baby's bottom too. Once I am out of my sample I am going to purchase a full sized pot!

This next favorite should come as no surprise since I made a entire post dedicated to it. The Younique foundation has been the only foundation I have been reaching for this entire month. Like I said I made a whole post dedicated to this foundation so I don't want to spend too much time on it. If you would like to read my review just click here. This foundation does it all for me and more. It has great coverage, can be used as a light coverage foundation but can definitely be a full coverage, very build able without making you look like you caked on the foundation, makes my skin look flawless, gives me a glow and more! I am extremely happy that I finally purchased this foundation because I am in love.

Have you tried any of these products?


Younique Liquid Foundation Review

I am very excited to bring to you today a review on the Younique Mineral Touch liquid foundation. This brand has been around for a few years now and I have heard tons of mixed reviews about their products. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and thats ok. I have seen millions of videos of woman applying their foundation through out my Facebook account and it looked very promising. All of the woman would rave about how amazing the foundation was, and why would they not since most of them were Younique representatives. On most of those videos the woman would even draw all over their faces with a permanent marker to prove just how amazing their foundation was and once again it looked very promising. Even after seeing all the videos and reviews I was a bit skeptical like many people. I admit I was always very curious to try it out for myself to see how I would like it. At the same time I had no interest because I already owned quite a few foundations and I let the bad reviews persuade me not to give it a fair shot. Time went on and I forgot all about this foundation.

I became really good friends with someone who ended up being a Younique representative. My friend Jessica mentioned how she uses all their products and loves them all herself. She suggested a couple of times that I should give it a try, that she thought I would love it. That's when my interest in the product sparked up again. Still I was a bit hesitant with the huge collection of makeup I already have I did not need yet another foundation. I asked Jessica some questions I had about the foundation to see if it would work for me and just so that I could know a little more about the product. I have oily skin I needed to know how would it wear on my oily skin. Jessica herself also has oily skin and said it works wonders with keeping her matte all day. She also told me it the foundation is build able which I really liked to hear and that if I wanted a more of a lighter coverage it worked just as great. Some days I prefer a fuller coverage and others something more light so having one foundation that would look great either way is ideal.
As the weeks even month or two went by I cleaned out and got rid of some makeup as I tend to do often. I then began thinking about ordering the foundation to test out the product myself. Jessica was texting me early this month about a bundle that Younique has going on for the month of June and I asked her to color match me so I could know exactly what color I am for when I placed my order in the next couple of weeks. I think it's so cool how she is able to color match you to their foundation just by sending her a photo of yourself without any makeup on then by you answering about five questions based on your undertones. Jessica suggested Organza would be my perfect shade, it is a light cool toned shade. I decided I was going to order the foundation within the next two week but then I went ahead and placed my order and I was excited! Hearing the great things about their foundation from Jessica made me much more excited. Just because she is a representative I still trust everything she was telling me and I feel she is always honest with me instead of just trying to make a sale.

Quick Disclaimer: This is where I would like to add that this post is definitely not sponsored what so ever and I am obviously not a Younique representer. I decided to place an order to try out their product myself to share my thoughts and opinions with you guys since I had been wanting to try it out for myself for some time now. I know a lot of people including myself some times would much rather hear the thoughts and opinion of products from someone who doesn't work for the company.

The shipping for the foundation was extremely quick! I ordered it on a Friday, it shipped out on Monday and delivered to me Wednesday. I was super excited to try it out, I used it for the first time the following day for my nephews graduation. I decided to apply the foundation using a Beauty Blender since that is my absolute favorite way to apply all foundations. The directions suggest for you to shake the bottle well before using. Once I opened up the foundation I noticed that it was very liquidy and runny but it isn't something that would bother me.  I primed my face as usual and dotted some foundation on my face then I began to blend. The scent of the foundation smells so good like kind of floral and I noticed my skin looked very glowy. I first applied one layer then a second layer mainly focusing on my more problematic areas such as my jaw line and chin. The foundation applied light at first but is definitely build able. I was very impressed with the coverage it gave granted I went with a lighter coverage that day and my face looked flawless! The foundation felt like it just melted perfectly into my skin. The foundation is also supposed to set matte which did but I still like to go over my foundation with a powder. I felt that once it dried down it set to a very soft, smooth matte finish but my face had a radiance to it. I continued to apply the rest of my makeup and it all went on so smoothly and blended very well. I was so impressed with how great my face looked that I quickly messaged Jessica and sent her photos of my makeup. She agreed and said my face looked flawless and that it looked like I wasn't even wearing any foundation. Once Rudy got home from work he said the same thing!
I wore the foundation for a total of eight hours that day and it felt very light weight like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all. I'm not even joking when I'm telling you guys that my skin looked amazing all day. My face looked very natural, like my skin only so much better. By the end of the day there was no separation and everything still looked in tack. I was in love after just one wear.

A couple of days later I wore it once again but this time I decided to use a makeup brush for the application. I wanted to see the difference in the application, if one was better than the other. If one had better coverage or wear than the other. I used my Morphe M439 brush to apply the foundation and it applied just as great. I was very impressed because like I mentioned I only like to apply foundation with my beauty blender. I feel that when I use brushes it usually cakes up the product which isn't cute and makes my face feel heavy full of product, it just doesn't blend out as great on my skin. To tell you guys the truth I didn't see much of a difference between the two applications. I felt that with the beauty blender my face was a lot more glowy but of course that is because of the water in the blender but I still got some glow with the brush. Using a brush I still got great coverage maybe a bit more than with the beauty blender but that usually happens since a blender sheers your foundation. My foundation still wore great through out the day and lasted without separation. I forgot to mention earlier but by the end of the day my skin was still pretty matte. I did look a small bit dewy on my T-Zone but nothing crazy. I really liked the way my foundation turned out with both applications.
This foundation has been my go to for all of June and it is definitely one of my favorites if not favorite foundation I've ever tried. You will definitely see this in my June favorites! I am very pleased with its wear and I don't even know if it's technically supposed to me a long wearing foundation. I am so happy that I finally made the purchase and I now see why Jessica and so many other woman love this foundation. It really is worth the hype I would not say it is if it wasn't. I've already shared my thoughts to friends and I have definitely been suggesting it. If you guys place an order and don't like the product Younique does offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy so you really can't go wrong with that. If any of you are interested in trying this foundation or even any other Younique products please use the link right here. My friend Jessica never asked me to make this post nor share the link but I am always more than happy to help and support my friends. I know she will be thankful if anyone decides to place an order and I will be too.
Let me know if you have tried and of Younique's products and how you liked them. Also let me know if you decide to place an order.


My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

I want to start sharing some of my favorite products or items here on my blog. I already share my monthly favorites but those are mainly items that I am loving in that month. I want to start sharing more categorized things such as my top favorite blushes, lipsticks or like today I will be sharing my top five favorite perfumes. Back in February already shared my favorite face masks which also included five face masks and one cheaper and fun alternative. I want to continue making posts like that. I think this is going to be a really fun series so lets jump right into things!
The first perfume I am going to be sharing with you all is the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume. I love basically all of Marc Jacobs' perfumes always have. Each time he releases a new fragrance I get really excited about it and want to go to any stores that carry it so I can take a sniff. One year Rudy even gifted me one of the newest perfumes before I even smelled it and I loved it thats when I realized that I love every perfume of his no matter what and can we talk about all the packaging of his perfumes! They are so creative and beautiful. This perfume came out in 2012 I remember when I first seen it at Macy's I fell in love with it immediately! My mom ended up getting it for me for my birthday and till this day it is my go to perfume. I am pretty horrible at describing scents so online it is said that this perfume contains; Dragon Fruit, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Red Berries and Musk. I've been nothing that I find myself loving any scents that contain a musky scent. This perfume is so light and airy so fresh. I love to use it year round. I don't really understand when people say that certain perfumes are for winter and others for summer. I just wear mine depending on what mood I am in. If there is any perfumes from this post that I would suggest for you to purchase it would be this one for sure.

For my second favorite perfume is another Marc Jacobs fragrance no surprise here haha. I own close to ten of his perfumes but this is the last of his that I will be sharing. This perfume is Honey, I'm not too sure when this one came out I want to say it was sometime in 2013. As soon as I heard of this release I quickly went out to pick it up. It reminds me a lot of the Dot perfume because the bottle is very similar. This perfume is a little more sweeter compared to Dot but still so delicious. This is definitely my second go to perfume clearly since its number two of  my favorites haha. The notes for this perfume is; Juicy Mandarin, Pear, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honey, Honeysuckle and more. If you're more into a sweeter scent I'd suggest going for this one. It is sweet  but definitely not overly sweet. I can't stand scents that are overly sweet.

This next perfume used to me my number one favorite, it is one of the oldest perfumes from Mac Cosmetics. They used to have a line of perfumes years ago and they all got discontinued except the one I was obsessed with. This is their perfume in Turquatic. First I want to share why it is no longer number one on my list, I still love this perfume. It is everything in a perfume I would want but as of a few months I no longer support Mac Cosmetics because they do test their products on animals. I am a proud Fur Mama to two beautiful Maltese and once I began to see photos of the animals being strapped down to metal tables for testing that broke my heart. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and this is how I feel as of right now so please respect that. This is all I will me saying on this matter. Now back to the perfume, I no longer wish to support the company but I do love their products and they actually make some of my most favorite products such as this perfume. I was almost out of my smaller bottle of this then I purchased the biggest size they carry. A few months later was when I decided to stop purchasing from them so I will have to use this bottle sparingly. This perfume reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Dot in the sense that they both have that musky scent. The description for this fragrance says it contains Anemone, Lotus, Orris and Corsican Blue Cedar. I honestly love this scent so if you still support Mac maybe next time you're in their store you can check this out.

Next up is a fragrance by Kate Spade and this is her Live Colorfully perfume. I had been wanting to smell this perfume for quite some time but I never seen it inside Sephora. One day while I was shopping at Ulta I saw that they carried it. I loved the scent and was debating to purchase it right then and their but Rudy persuaded me not to and to wait. He said that because he ended up picking it up for me as a Valentine's Day gift and was being sneaky. This smells so lovely and I am now noticing a pattern on the perfumes I like by reading all the notes on each of them. For this perfume the notes are; Mandarin, Pink Water Lily, Star Anise, Tiaré Flower, Coconut Water, Sheer Amber, Musk, and Tahitian Vanilla. The first perfume I owned of hers is super old and I believe they no longer sell it. It's called Twirl and I was obsessed with it. I am a huge fan of Kate Spade and want to own all her fragrances so there is no surprise for my last favorite.

My last perfume is another Kate Spade and it's her newest one that was released about a month after I got her Live Colorfully perfume. This one is Live Colorfully Sunshine. I got the roller ball version because when I saw it at Ulta they didn't have one opened on display for me to smell it so I decided to get a small one in case I didn't like it. The full size version of this is exactly the same at the original Live Colorfully perfume. The scent is also similar to the original but different and I love it. When I saw the packing itself I knew I wanted to own it! So far I have only seen it at Ulta and online it says it contains; Lush Violet Leaves, Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli, Orange Flower, Magnolia, White Must and a few other notes. I'm already eyeing another one of her perfumes that I finally smelled and have been obsessed with!
These I just shared five of my favorite designer perfumes I thought I should share a more cheaper perfume in case someone isn't willing on spending a lot on a perfume which I totally get. These two are body mists. They are different from a perfume because the scent from a perfume will last on you pretty much all day when a body spray doesn't. I know some people prefer that over a perfume. These two are very similar since they are both Peach sprays but they are from two different places.

The first body mist is Pretty as a Peach by Bath and Body Works. This came out about two months ago I believe when they released a whole line of Pretty as a Peach products. Clearly I went crazy for this! The line came out with this body spray in this big sized bottle and a smaller travel size bottle, shower gel, luxury bubble bath, body lotion, shimmer mist, and foaming sugar scrub. This peach scent is so lovely and light. These are some of the notes it contains; Yellow Peach, Asian Pear, White Nectarine, Sweet Tea, Creamy Musk, and Blonde Woods.

The last Peach fragrance I got from The Body Shop and it's their Vineyard Peach body mist. I have noticed that their peach products are very hard to come by and I actually ordered this online. Sadly as I was looking for it on their website I couldn't find it and I am now starting to think it's been discontinued. It smells of peaches but compared to the B&BW one it smells a little heavier of peach but super good nonetheless.

Do you own any of these perfumes? What perfumes would you recommend for me to try out? I'm still undecided on what top favorites I will be sharing next so suggestions are always welcomed ♥


B&BW Semi Annual Sale Haul

Early June, Bath & Body Works had their Semi Annual Sale which meant tons of goodies almost for free! I am going to share with you all today what I managed to pick up during the sale.

Prior to this mini shopping spree I had never done any shopping during their Semi Annual Sale, mainly because I was usually pretty stocked up on most of their products and also because I tend to avoid big crowds especially during sales. However this time I was really interested to see what they were going to have along with stocking up on more unnecessary items for Rudy and myself.
I ended up picking up a few things from Bath & Body Works at two separate time. The first time was while I was hanging out with Imelda and then the second was the following weekend. During my first mall trip I picked up nothing but peach items from their Pretty as a Peach line. I'm a big fan of that line and I already own a few of their products. One of the first items I grabbed was their foaming sugar scrubs. I already gave this guy a shout out on my June favorites so I going to keep it real short. After using this for the first time I knew that I was going to need to pick up some more scrubs and this sale was the perfect time. I ended up with two in my shopping bag which should last me a couple of months.

Next I picked up the luxury bubble bath. I love bubble baths and I've never owned or tried any of the ones from Bath & Body Works. I had seen online that they carried one in the peach scent so I made sure to look for it when I was at the mall. I don't know how I never noticed this product before and I think Imelda even mentioned that they used to be in a different packing so we had probably seen them in one of our past hang outs but assumed it was their lotion and looked past it. I have yet to try this since it's been pretty hot and a bath does not sound like fun when its over 80 degrees out.

I definitely wanted to grab myself another peach shower gel! I really enjoy the shower gels from B&BW especially the peach ones, the scent is so soothing to smell while I am in the shower. This is also the great time to stock up on shower gels and I made sure I did just that. After I shower I put on some body butter of some sort on myself to keep my skin soft and also to keep my tattoos looking their best. I think I've mentioned on my blog before that I don't really like lotions in general because I don't like that greasy. I own a couple that doesn't give that feeling on me but I am almost out. I've never liked the lotions from B&BW because they do exactly that so I always stayed away from them, but while I was shopping around I kept seeing this body cream. Once I read body cream I figured I should take it home with me to give it a try since this is different then their regular lotions and I've never even tried them out. This is the 24 hour moisture ultra Shea body cream and like all the other peach products it smells amazing. I have yet to use this body cream but I definitely will in a couple of weeks once I am all done with my current body butter.
The following weekend I decided to make another trip to B&BW because Imelda had mentioned to me the night before that the prices on their sale items had been lowered. I decided I wanted to pick up some more scrubs and one of three was the Iced Pear Margarita sugarcane scrub. Imelda picked this one up the night before and it sounded really good so of course I wanted to give it a try. The mall was almost completely sold out on scrubs so I couldn't find anything good then one of the employee brought this to me since she knew I was looking for them. I then spotted one of the white sands body scrubs which is a bit different then their regular sugar scrubs it's a lot more fine and it's supposed to be better for people with more oily skin. The first one I picked up is Aloha Waterfall Orchid which by the way smells amazing!!! I was contemplating on buying the last two in this scent but I ended up only thing one. Then I picked up Tiki Mango Mai Tai which isn't in the photo since Rudy is already using it in the shower and he's loving it.

I picked up two of the Watermelon Lemonade shower gel and one in Peach Bellini. I love Peach Bellini from B&BW and surprisingly I've never owned the shower gel. I'm very excited to use this because unlike the pretty as a peach shower gel this one is a lot more strong in scent.
Lastly for my haul I picked up two candles because they were on sale for only $10. This was the second reason why I decided to make a second trip to B&BW. I really wanted to pick up some candles that I hadn't owned previously but I only ended up with one that is new to me. A few weeks ago I had seen this candle in Brazil Rio Coconut & Teakwood candle and it definitely caught my eye. I mainly wanted this candle because my mom is from Brazil making me half Brazilian and because it said teakwood. I love their mahogany teakwood candle and I was hoping it smelled similar, which is kind of does with a hint of coconut. On the bottom of the candle it says; Relax in the warmth of Rio's beautiful beaches with the marvelous mix of creamy coconut milk and inviting teakwood. The second candle I picked up is one I mentioned on my blog in the past but it's been re-released with a new packaging and new name and it is the Lemon Mint Leaf. Since I've already talked about this in the past I'm not going to spend time on it again also because I'm making a new post with this candle included and I get more into detail on it so keep an eye out for that.

Now this does it for my Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale haul and I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I spend my money on haha. I feel like I picked up a good amount of products for rudy and myself which I am very satisfied about. Did any of you pick anything up during their sale? What was your favorite products?


Happy Birthday Ohhjuliana Blog!

As of today, I have officially been blogging for a whole year! I am so happy that I have continued to blog especially since I kind of neglected my blog for a few months at the end of 2015. Ever since I came back I promised myself that I would start posting a lot more on here and to never neglect my blog again. I wanted to become a lot more dedicated to this place. I am beyond proud of myself for doing exactly that. Since 2016 started I have been posting so much more frequent, at least once a week sometimes even more! I thought that was going to be a little difficult also that I would eventually run out of ideas on what to blog about. Luckily that has yet to happen. I'm always catching myself thinking of new things I can write about and share about here. I'm constantly adding new ideas to my list of things I want to post. I love to sit down on my desk for a few hours of the day and just create a new entry for my blog. I'm also very happy because of how much I have grown from when I first began blogging. What I love most is that I am having so much fun doing all this. I never want to post something that I'm not proud of. I put so much work and effort into every single post of mine. I never want it to feel like a chore for me to come on here and write something.

Kate Spade: Flamingo Love

I couldn't decide if I wanted to post this or not but I've been wanting to share my newest hand bag purchase aka obsession with you guys so what the heck. I picked up this cutest bag at the Kate Spade outlet in Livermore. I love Kate Spade her style is so much fun and different. I adore her all the unique style and shape of handbags she releases along with the patterns. I own a few of her handbags and they are one of my favorites that I own. I was on a no bag buy since the last purse I purchased in May and I was very content with the bags I owned. When we went to the outlets I had no intentions to purchase anything but once we spotted the Kate Spade store I saw that they had the most cutest window display I had ever seen filled with flamingos! They had dresses, handbags, coin bag, cosmetic bag, wallet, phone cases and I am sure I may be forgetting something. If you know me then you know that I am currently obsessing over everything flamingos, they're just so darn cute and perfect for summer time. I immediately needed to go inside the store to find out the price of their flamingo bag!
(I have my upside down Alice and Breadbutterfly push keychain I got from Japan already hanging on my bag. I think they're just so perfect on it.)

A couple of days prior to this trip I had shown Rudy a similar bag with this same flamingo pattern on eBay and the seller was selling it for $899 which is ridiculous. The store had tons of sales going on and that day the all handbags were on sale for 60% off. Then on top of that you'd get another 20% off bringing it to a total of 80% off now thats insane and such an amazing deal!!!!! Rudy told me right away to take the flamingo bag that I fell in love with which had the same pattern as the one on eBay. I believe this bag is called the Newbury Lane Small Felix Flamingo Satchel Cross Body bag, whoa mouth full. I couldn't believe how great of a deal it was and I wanted to make sure exactly how much I'd be paying for the bag. One of the employees that was helping us calculated the discount for the bag and told me that with taxes the bag will come out to be $109! That's a huge difference from its original price of $298.
I cannot tell you guys how obsessed I am with this bag it's so adorable and I just needed to share it with you guys. All my friends were swooning over it once they saw it and I mean how can they not. I usually don't like too much pattern going on in my bags but I feel like this print is a bit subtle. I love the colors of this bag it's just perfect and every time I go out I get complements on it. I love the shape of the bag it is definitely a favorite of mine. The size is perfect not too big or too small and I can fit lots of stuff inside if I'd like. The bag feels super heavy duty a really good material and will last me forever. I like that it has two small handles along with a long strap so I have the option on which to use. This has been my go to bag since I purchased it and I find it very comfortable to use which is very important to me. I can't stand when a bag causes my shoulder to hurt after a few hours of wear.
Once we were in line to check out I noticed that they also had a iPad case in the same flamingo pattern and I decided to pick that up too since I was in need of a new case for my iPad. It even ended up also being on sale which I was happy about because I never like to pay too much for cases since I typically purchase all of mine through eBay.
I am really excited to continue using this bag for the warmer month and probably up until fall hits us. Definitely check out your local outlet stores so you too can find some goodies!


Tsum Tsum Haul: Alice in Wonderland

On Tuesday morning Imelda and I made our way to our local mall an hour before opening to wait in line outside the Disney Store because they were launching the Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsum collection. Both Imelda and myself are huge Alice in Wonderland fans so of course we both knew this collection was a must for us. To our surprise once we arrived at the mall there was already a few people waiting in line but luckily it was only about six people. Once the store opened Imelda and I both were able to get our hands on the entire collection and I couldn't be happier. These tsums are so adorable and I just wanted to share some of the cuteness with you guys.
This adorable Curious Oyster however was not included in this collection it was actually apart of the first Alice in Wonderland tsum series and this collection is the second series of Alice. This second series also has an entirely new look compared to the first. When they released the first Alice series I missed out since I had no idea the Disney store was carrying them but I managed to pick up most of them through eBay excluding the March Hare and the King of Hearts. In the first series they had once again the King of Hearts and the Curious Oyster which they didn't include in this relaunch of the collection which was a bummer. Although they didn't include those two character for the relaunch they did add a few new ones such as the Twiddles, the Caterpillar and Caterpillar transformed into a Butterfly.
Online at the Disney Store they offer a Tsum Tsum monthly subscription service, which I had no idea of, that includes two mystery Tsums. Inside it includes a mini tsum which is their standard and most common plush size and a newest size in small which is a little than the mini. For the month of May they released an Alice and Dinah box. I adore Dinah that I even named mine and Rudy's cat Dinah so I needed to have her. I was a little upset that they didn't just include her with the launch of the collection however I managed to get my hands on a brand new box. I found a seller on eBay that was selling this box brand new unopened for a good price and I got lucky enough to win the bidding! Originally I wanted to put up this post the day the Alice tsums launched but I decided to hold off on sharing this it until I got the box in the mail so that I can share it all together.
I now feel like my collection is complete. I am going to keep Alice and Dinah in the box and have them displayed on my shelf along with the rest of my tsums. I'm pretty satisfied that I purchased the box because now I have a big Alice and a small Alice just how she never stops growing and shrinking in the movie.


Disneyland Photos

Today I'm bringing to you photos from my latest trip to Disneyland. I had a few people ask me to share them and I decided I should since I only posted some on Instagram and there is still a lot missing. Like I mentioned on my Instalife: Disneyland Edition post I didn't take as many photos as I usually do but are the photos I did take, and just a heads up there might me a lot of Alice photos ;)
I got to meet two of my friends that I made though IG! It was so great to get to finally meet these beautiful ladies, I always love meeting new friends while I am here.
This does it for now, until my next trip ♥