August Favorites

Here's a few new items I've been loving in the month of August.
I had been wanting to try out some of the new Benefit brow products they released sometime back in June I believe and it wasn't until mid July that I finally made a purchase. For eyebrow products I always use either my brow wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills or the pomade. I love the pomade and how it lasts but Anastasia was lacking the perfect shade for me. I own the shade Auburn which is too warm and I also own Soft Brown which now that I have bangs I feel pulls too ashy. What I have been doing for months is mixing the two and it can get a little annoying sometimes especially when I am either in a hurry or traveling. Benefit came out with new products including the Ka-Brow! along with more shades. I am so happy I finally purchased the Ka-Brow! in shade 3 because it is the perfect shade that I had been looking for! It is absolutely the best shade for my hair color, not too cool or warm, the perfect in between shade. This product claims to be water proof however I haven't put that to the test. I have oily skin so even pomades sometimes won't last on me for more than eight hours depending on the weather and I haven't had too much of a problem with this so far. This product comes with a brush and at first I didn't like it at all. I thought it was a complete waste and I felt the brush was way too small and short for me to grip when trying to use it. I decided to try it out a few more times and I now love it. I find that the small short hairs is just perfect to fill in precisely and it is definitely travel friendly however I still wish that it was a little bit longer. I now have been more eager to try out more of Benefit's new brow products.
I have already mentioned the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic many times on my blog however that was their liquid version. Early this summer Pixi came out with the Glow Tonic to-go. This is the same exact product as the liquid but in a more travel friendly version. This contains 60 pads that have been pre-soaked with the glow tonic and I must say I love this version so much better. You don't have to worry about purchasing cotton balls or rounds because this already includes it so you can actually save money. Also each pad is perfectly pre-soaked so you don't have to worry about using too much product and wasting it. I have found this to-go version to be so much more convenient and I can't wait to start traveling with it.
To say that I've been enjoying sheet masks lately is an understatement. I have been loving sheet masks for the past almost month in a half. They are one of the best types of masks out there and super easy to use. You can only leave regular masks on your face for a certain amount of time depending on what it is meant for. When it comes to sheet masks most of them are meant to hydrate the skin so I feel you can leave those types on for as however long you want. Since it's been super hot in San Jose sheet masks in general have really came in handy. My favorite way to use them is once I get out of the shower. I apply the sheet to my face then lay in bed relaxing for however long I feel with my ceiling fan on and it makes me feel so refreshed. It is the best feeling especially when its super hot the combination of the mask and cool air hitting you is like none other. I also really love how these masks make my face feel and so relaxing. I leave them on anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I finally purchased a pack of masks from TonyMoly I'm Real sheet masks. Imelda had mentioned these masks on her blog a few months ago and since then I had my eye on them. I purchased these on Amazon for only $10 which is such a great price for eleven sheet masks! So far I've been enjoying the ones I have tried and I am fully stock for the time being. Here is the link on Amazon where I purchased these from if any of you are interested in picking some up for yourself and don't worry TonyMoly is cruelty free!

For my last favorite of the month is the newest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the cursed Child. I have already spoke about it on my post from yesterday therefore it has definitely been a favorite of mine this month. Like I mentioned on that post I began reading this the day I purchased it and it is so good. I am really trying to take my time reading it because like I just don't want the magic to end. I'm not even halfway into the book but it's already made my jaw drop countless times. I'm still not too thrilled with it being a script format but hey I'll take what I can get. I am excited to continue the book only to see what is going to happen next along with how it will end since J.K. Rowling mentioned this will be the last of the Harry Potter adventures.

Have you tried any of these things out yourself?



Reading: I have started reading again! The end of July J. K. Rowling released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the eight story, nineteen years later. I'm a big Harry Potter fan as I have mentioned here before although I never read any of the prior books. I was very young when they first released and wasn't much of a reader. Now that I'm older I enjoy reading a lot more but the book has to really grasp my interest. Once I heard of this new book I was so excited. It's always very exciting when a book can do that for me since I am super picky with what I read. I was anxious so see what has been going on with Harry and everyone, along with what was going to happen next. This book is a special rehearsal script edition. I have been reading a couple scenes every few days only because I want to really take my time reading this book. I don't want it to end. That is one thing that's happened in the past when I am so into a book I can finish it anywhere from three days to a week. Then once I am done with the book that's it and it makes me kind of sad as silly as that sounds haha. I was so sad when Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 2 came out because after that the magic was over. Now that there is another book I want to prolong the reading "magic" for as long as I can.

Working out: A few weeks ago I began to work out once again. A couple of years ago I was so committed to working out 4-5 times a week and I was loving it. Early spring I began taking morning walks with Juicy (my furbaby) and it was so nice being active once again. I'm not too sure why but I stopped doing that. A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to start up again by lifting weights five days out of the week and I want to start walking again. I feel so productive when I'm doing this especially knowing how good it is for me. More than anything I just want to be healthy. I am very happy with how I have been eating for the past eight months and it's been very easy too. However I did have to take a week off since getting my new tattoo. My arm was very sensitive and got very bruised and swollen a break was necessary. I plan to continue being active even if it's something small like an hour walk around the neighborhood at least its something. I'm even hoping to start going on hikes with Rudy since its something he always enjoyed and I've been a lot more into the outdoors recently.

Drinking: I've never been a coffee drinker I just couldn't stand the taste of it. I loved coffee flavored ice cream but coffee itself nope way too strong for me. A few years ago I even thought the caramel frappé from Starbucks was way too strong when in reality it tastes like pure caramel sugar. As time passed I began to like coffee a little bit more. For some reason one morning I decided I wanted to try something different from Starbucks some sort of iced coffee. Rudy and I usually grab coffee in the morning on weekends while running errands and I'm usually left trying to decide what to get. I randomly ordered an iced white mocha with toffee nut. I'm not a big fan of white mocha so I have no idea why I even wanted to try that drink in the first place, but luckily I did because it was so delicious! I have to admit that at first I did think it had a funky taste yet I couldn't stop drinking it. Now I am obsessed. I know this isn't necessarily a good thing but I am excited that I now have a new drink that I enjoy getting at Starbucks. I'd normally get a frappé and their s'mores drink is seasonal. I want to start making my own coffee at home using syrups from Starbucks that they sell to save money but first Rudy and I will have to invest on a coffee machine!

Loving: I already shared a whole post dedicated to my new tattoo but I just can't get over it. Luna is my favorite character from Harry Potter and the meaning behind this tattoo is very special to me. Even though I chose not to get Luna's exact quote "you're just as sane as I am" I still love how mine turned out and it is still very similar just reworded by choice. "Don't worry you're just the same as I" represents exactly that, everyone is the same no matter who they may be. Everyone is equal and should be treated no different. It basically stands for equality. I got a lot of shade from people who think or thought my tattoo was a mistake "typo," or that I just didn't know the real quote but they're wrong. Clearly I'm a huge fan of Luna and I do know her quotes. If you even look back on my photos from April on IG when I went to Universal you will see I even used her quote as my caption. I chose to change the quote a little and give it a whole lot of extra meaning to it. I absolutely love it and I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out which is all that matters. Plus guess what guys, tattoos can be changed around if you want them to be and its on my body not yours.

Packing: In just a couple days Rudy and I are heading back to Anaheim. I am more excited about this trip because we get to go back to Universal Studios. I've been dying to be back at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the last time we were there was in April and even though we have the season passes it comes with block out dates which was for most of the summer. Nonetheless I am happy to go back and this time we'll have to really take in every moment we are there. As of now I am trying to pack and decide on what outfits to take which is a tough thing for me to do since I always over pack and take tons of extra clothes that I don't even touch while out there along with choosing the perfect outfits. I actually enjoy packing a lot more than unpacking once we get back home. Would you guys be interested in a vacation photos post? I know I didn't share any photos from my last trip to Disney, so just let me know if it something you guys enjoy seeing or would like to see.


Luna Lovegood

On Saturday I had an appointment to get tattoo number forty-six! (I think...) It's been a while since I got my last piece which was back in December, in other words, I was overdue for one. I knew exactly what I wanted to get next for some time now but I had to wait until my tattoo artist, Chelsey, had an available spot for me. She is an amazing artist that I have mentioned multiple times on my blog and she gets booked super quick. The last week of July I was able to snag an appointment with her, and I was so excited to get this done! Chelsey and I have a lot of things in common. We are both big Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter fans which only seemed fitting that I would have her do any tattoos related to those. I think she is an expert in that department and she did do a phenomenal job on my Alice in Wonderland tea cup and my Stormtrooper piece. People are always staring at my stormtrooper and pointing to it while I am at Disneyland. Everyone loves that piece including cast members. I knew she was the perfect person to do this next piece (and all future pieces) on me.
I already have a Harry Potter tattoo which is a Deathly Hallows sign on the side of my boob, still, I wanted to get another. Luna Lovegood was the perfect edition to add to my tattoo collection because she is my absolute favorite character. Luna isn't just cute and quirky but is very smart, brave and open minded. She looks at things in different ways and isn't afraid of being different. Why is it that people are labeled as weird just because they aren't the same as everyone else? Luna is unique and just as 'sane' as everyone else. I decided I wanted to get her signature Spectrespecs with a similar phrase to her iconic quote "You're just as sane as I am" below it. I decided on this quote because one it is my favorite, and secondly, the meaning I see from this quote is that no matter who you are or how much better people may think they are compared to others at the end of the day everyone is the same. No better, no less "you're just the same as I". That being said I got "Don't worry you're just the same as I". I still wanted it to be similar to her quote but a little different. Like Luna's quote I can see her saying don't worry you're not crazy you're just like me, regardless of her appearance or what people thought of her. So for everyone that had felt the need to tell me this isn't her "original" quote or its wrong, I know that wasn't what I wanted and now you know why I got it this way.
I decided I wanted to get this piece on my right arm. It wraps from the inner bicep to the top of the bicep. The inner parts of my arms are very sensitive and I bruise ridiculously easy that being said for this tattoo I took precaution and used my trusty Hush Anesthetic numbing gel. I swear by this stuff and I've briefly mentioned it on a past tattoo series post of mine along with my tattoo video I did on youtube over a year ago. I'm thinking of making an entire video dedicated to the Hush gel since I'm always getting tons of questions about it from my friends and Chelsey even gave me the idea of doing a video/demo on how to use and apply it. Let me know if that is something you guys would be interested in.
Like always Chelsey created something even more amazing than I had envisioned. The colors used for the spectrespecs turned out amazing and looks exactly like the pair I own. One thing I noticed right away when I first came across Chelsey's IG was how amazing her color pieces look and they are all so vibrant.  If you look closely you can see that some of the circle patterns on the frame have glitter and there is also a hidden Mickey! Did you find it? Let's talk about the lens real quick, how cool do they look? Chelsey made it look like it's literally spiraling. Everything turned out exactly how I wanted and more. The lettering for my quote is even in the Harry Potter font and it was such a cute touch to it. This piece turned out so magical and I can't stop staring at it. I love Harry Potter and this was just the edition I needed. A piece of Luna with me, always ⚯͛


My Top Five: Makeup Brushes

People are always raving about their favorite makeup brushes and what brands are the best. I don't talk too much about makeup brushes but I have mentioned a couple of them a few times on my blog in the past. Today I wanted to share my absolute must have face makeup brushes. I may eventually do a post dedicated to my favorite eye brushes. I do own a lot of brushes just so that if one brush is dirty I have something else I can grab, with that being said I definitely have my absolute favorite ones. When I first began to purchase my first name brand makeup brushes I noticed they were quite pricey and a definite investment. I have learned with experience that expensive brushes aren't always the best. The brushes I am going to share today are always my go to brushes that have never failed me and I always get the best makeup application while using them. Maybe this post can help some of you if you are struggling on what makeup brush to purchase.
I am going to share these brushes in the order I would normally use them while applying my makeup.  I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this on my blog before if not here it is. I don't usually like applying my foundation with a makeup brush I prefer a beauty blender. Personally I find I get a more flawless and natural application with a beauty blender than with a makeup brush. I had been hearing many talk about the Morphe M439 and that they get a beautiful and natural finish while using this brush. I am always for trying new brushes to apply foundation in hopes that I may find one that I actually like how it applies my makeup. Brushes are a lot easier and faster to apply foundation and I admit sometimes I get lazy to have to go wet my beauty blender. Once I purchased this makeup brush and began using it I was very pleased with how my makeup looked. I feel with brushes my foundation can get thick, cakey and doesn't blend out the foundation well compared to a beauty blender where it will soak up any excess product. This brush does a great job blending out my foundation quickly and without making it look like I just have a whole bunch of foundation sitting on my face. I really enjoy using this brush to first apply my Younique liquid foundation, blend it all in, and then I go in with my beauty blender to press in the product to my skin. I love how it makes my face look by using these two together! How ever I don't always use the blender thats only when I feel like being a little extra. This brush applies foundation beautifully alone. This brush is also super soft and slightly compact so it really is perfect for foundation application.

FYI: You will notice that I will be sharing a lot of Morphe Brushes and it's because they truly do have great affordable makeup brushes.
Next I would like to talk a little about the Morphe E31 brush. This brush is a part of their Elite collection that is now being discontinued. They have to be re-released these brushes with a larger line along with redesigning their brushes and improving them. By looking at this brush you can see that it is a very flat and compact brush. I have seen a lot of ladies using this brush to apply their foundation, but the way I absolutely love to use it to apply powder to my face. Since this brush is very dense it really allows me to pack the powder on my face easily and it gives me get the perfect amount of coverage that I want without being heavy handed. This brush is so soft which I think makes it perfect for face powder. It is also large in size so it allows you to powder your face very quickly which I love.
This next brush is the best to bronze the face. This brush has definitely been in a past monthly favorites and it is the Morphe M527. This is a goat haired brush and that is why it is so incredibly soft. That makes blending extremely easy to do. I love any brush that will make the application quick and easy for me. Now I like to use this brush more when I am really looking to bronze up my face and since this brush is larger it covers more space. This makes it super easy and quick to bronze your face. I like this brush when I'm looking for an all over natural bronze not necessarily a precise bronze or contour. Another thing I love about this brush is that it does't shed! I can't stand some synthetic haired brushes because they shed or the hairs break off so easily especially if it is one that I am using for bronzing.
Now for when I am looking for more of that clean bronze and stronger contour look this M523 is my ride or die. As you can probably tell it is very similar to the M527 only a lot smaller and shorter. It is just as soft and blends everything out just as beautifully but since it is smaller you can really control where your bronzer goes without having to go back and clean or "bake" your bronzer/contour. I like to use this brush for those reasons along with when I am in more of a hurry to get my makeup done with. I cannot make any mistakes using this brush.
For the final must have brush that I will be sharing is one from Elf. Elf products can be found at Target, Old Navy and I believe even Walgreens now. This is the cheapest brush that I'm sharing today and it is only $3. This brush is everything and you can see from the photo above I own two of them. This brush is labeled as a blush brush but I love to use it to set my under eyes. Once I am done applying my concealer if I'm not using my beauty blender to bake my under eyes I use this brush. I also use this brush to sweep away the excess powder once I'm done with the baking. This brush is also incredibly soft and it has the perfect tapered angle to really get under the eye. The brush on the bottom with the glittery washi tape I use for highlight. It does a great job to really pack on the highlight along with blending it out beautifully. Clearly I must really love this brush if I own two and use them for different purposes. I have tried a few other brushes from Elf and this blush brush has by far been the best I have tried. It is wonderful because it is very cheap!

This about wraps it up for my must have face brushes. I seriously stand by all these brushes and I don't know what I'd do without them. Let me know if you guys would like me to do my must have eye brushes. What do you guys think? Leave me any brush recommendations down below!


Pros & Cons Of Having A Fringe

Ever since I was about five years old I loved fringes. All the girls in my elementary class had the typical short or long hair style with straight across bangs and I envied them. As a kid I wanted to have bangs myself and have the same hair style as everyone else. Even my sister had them but for some reason my mom never styled my hair that way. I already felt so different from everyone because I was the only red head in the entire school. That being said I remember going into my grandmas bathroom and I cut my own bangs and as soon as I was 'done' I immediately regretted it. It looked so horrible plus this was a maybe six year old trying to cut hair straight. From that day I came to terms that maybe a fringe just wasn't for me. Years later, I still loved how bangs looked and how good they looked on so many girls. It wasn't until last summer that the thought of cutting mine sparked up again. I thought long and hard about possibly chopping my bangs. At the time I had my hair parted down the middle and my bangs were as long as the rest of my hair so it was a bit of a scary thought to chopped them so short. Like most people when they are contemplating a change they worry whether the change will look good on them or not. I threw the idea to Rudy and a lot of my friends to have as many opinions as I could get and everyone was on board with me. I made an appointment got rid of the ombré I had going on and chopped off my bangs and I don't regret it one bit!

This has become a long intro already. I constantly get people complimenting my bangs and hair all the time along with them telling me that I make them want to get bangs themselves. Even though I absolutely love having my fringe there are some things that are annoying about them. Today I want to share with you guys some pros and cons of having a fringe before you decide to chop off your hair. These are all just my opinions.


- Plain and simple they're cute!

- I think bangs looks really good styled with a top bun. In the past I would just have my hair pushed back which I always thought it look like something was missing or I looked naked.

- They are so easy to style! Comb and straighten, and you're ready to go!

- They really can make a look. Like I said before I had bangs I used to have a middle part and my bangs were as long as the rest of my hair. So many times I felt my hair was boring. Now with bangs it's a completely new look.

- Bangs can make you look youthful and who doesn't want to look young for as long as they can?

- Since your bangs cover your forehead you don't have to put make up there. I guess you can also kind of save a little on makeup with that which is a pro.

- If you have a zit on your forehead, guess what? Your bangs will hide them!

- Depending on the length of your fringe you don't have to worry too much about your eyebrows looking perfect since they can be covered.

- If you ever change your mind about having bangs they usually grow pretty fast.


- With having cute bangs during hot days you can get a sweaty forehead which isn't fun.

- I have noticed that my bangs get oily so quick and faster than the rest of my hair. Shout out to dry shampoos, my new best friend.

- On hot days and when my bangs are a little longer than usual they rub on my eyebrows causing my brows to smudge!

- When I shower I need to use lots of bobby pins to hold them down if I'm not washing my hair. Which let's be honest I rarely do.

- I find it so hard to separate my bangs together from the rest of my hair once I'm done washing it and that bothers the crap out of me!

- They grow way too quick!

- My bangs are more high maintenance than I am. I literally have to get weekly trims if I want to keep them at the perfect length. So if you go get your bangs cut at a salon it can get expensive. I now cut mine myself.

- When my fringe is long they start poking my eyes.

- Either when my fringe is oily or too long I get random gaps in them and that drives me crazy.

There will always be cons to anything but in this case I think the pros outweigh them. I do not regret them and it's already going on a year of me having them. This all will depend on how much you really want to have a fringe. I hope these pros and con help any of you that have been debating on getting a fringe or not. If you don't like them its hair it'll grow back and quick too.


My Disney Home

I am so excited to finally get to share this post with you all, today I am going to share my Disney wall. I will be discussing every single photo/art that I have hanging on my wall along with the items on my desk and shelf. I have gotten a big amount of questions regarding my wall and on IG I asked if you guys would like to see a blog post or video about my wall. It was close to a tie. I decided to do both make a video about my wall since it would be a lot more easier for me to talk about things rather than me typing every word. I also took some up close photos of everything that way you guys can get a better look at certain things. Down below I have more into on every prints that I mentioned in the video along with links to some shops that I purchased art from.

Now here is the video on my wall, and down below I have photos!
I didn't mention this Maleficent Pop figure or the three good fairies vinylmations on the video because I didn't have them displayed until after I filmed the video. Maleficent was given to me three Christmas ago by my sister in law and the good fairies Rudy recently got for me from eBay.

Wall Art Prints:

Disneyland vintage ticket book - eBay

Alice in Wonderland rocking horsefly/breadbutterfly, Sleeping Beauty Good Fairies, Ariel, Cinderella Happily Ever After prints - Elisa

Kingdom of Cute print by artist Jerrod Maruyama - Downtown Disney Wonderground Gallery

Alice in Wonderland record - Downtown Disney

Tea cup color photo, Disneyland castle color photo, DCA Fun Wheel/Paradise Pier color photo, King Arthur Carousel color photo - taken my me

Disneyland castle with Dumbo, Matterhorn, vintage looking Minnie and Mickey - from Disneyland, in a five-six print pack for Disneyland 60th anniversary

Snow White vintage record - eBay

Alice in wonderland Dinah, painting the roses red, and singing flowers - Sharon

Pinocchio - Walt Disney Family Museum

The E Ticket, Alice in Wonderland - Walt Disney Family Museum

Mad Tea Party blue print - Visual Designs

Disneyland vintage postcard book - eBay

Peter Pan mermaids by artist Liana Hee -  Downtown Disney Wonderground Gallery

The Sword and the Stone vintage postcard - eBay

Snow White from the Snow White book set - Downtown Disney

Disneyland Castle with Mickey and Minnie by artist Joey Chou, I accidentally cut out the part where I mentioned his name -  Downtown Disney Wonderground Gallery

Framed Alice in Wonderland print - Megan Carrigan

Laced mouse ears -  Shop House of Mouse

The frames with more details are from Ikea. Smaller white frames with a small boarder are from Walmart. All other frames from Tj Maxx/Marshall's.

Desk and drawers - Ikea

Scallop cake stand - Target

Tea pot lamp - Xmas gift

Disney Pens - Disneyland, WDFM, Disneyland Tokyo

Disney Mugs - Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Good Fairies pin - Disneyland nesting dolls five piece mystery pin set - Disneyland

Fantasyland and Small Word salt and pepper shaker - Disneyland

Shelf - Target

If there is any question you guys may have please let me know I'd be more than happy to answer. This was a lot of fun to film and blog about because I am so happy with how it turned out. This was only one corner of my room I have lots more Disney arts and pieces throughout my entire room as well! I hope you all enjoyed it. What is your favorite piece or art from the photos/video?


50 Completely Random Facts About Me

Here are 50 completely random facts about me that I wanted to share with all of you. I like to be able to share a little more personal things about myself even if it is super random. Enjoy!

1. I have never been stung by a bee...*Knock on wood!*

2. I never had the Chickenpox.

3. Cinderella was the first Disney movie I owned when I was a few months old.

4. I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet!

5. My dream is to one day visit Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo, I just can't imagine being on a plane for so many hours.

6. I've always loved to bake and I now have a new passion for cooking!

7. I've loved Alice in Wonderland since I was five years old, maybe even younger.

8. I am a natural red head yet have naturally brown eyebrows.

9. I still have one baby tooth in my mouth so I guess that still kind of makes me a baby ;b

10. I have way too much makeup but it's not enough.

11. My favorite color is peach and mint comes in second.

12. I have more than 40 tattoos, extremely close to 45 if not that. I'll be adding another to my collection in a few weeks!

13. I love scary movies like Paranormal Activity, The Conguring, Insidious and Mama.

14. Rudy and I share the same birth Day, September 24.

15. I struggle with anxiety. 

16. Fall is my favorite season but Spring comes pretty close to a tie.

17.I used to love running when I was in elementary school.

18. I love tea!

19. I always had perfect vision until a couple of years ago. I now need glasses because I can't see far but I don't need to wear them all the time.

20. I such a morning person. I'm always up by 7 and starting my day bright and early.

21. English was my favorite subject in school.

22. I hate confrontations.

23. I love taking photos.

24. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year.

25. I am half Brazilian and half Portuguese.

26. I am obsessed with Brussels Spouts and can eat them every day.

27. I don't know how to swim but I'm great at doggy paddling HAHA!

28. I am a very organized person.

29. I'm always on time for every thing!

30. I have lived in San Jose, Ca all of my life hoping to soon change that.

31. My Dr diagnosed with depression when I was 24.

32. I know all the words to the animated Alice in Wonderland movie.

33. I was 18 when I got my first tattoo.

34. I'm a very shy person when you first meet me.

35. I hate piercings!

36. I speak Portuguese fluently.

38. I have two dogs that are my babies.

39. I've been debating to make Youtube videos again just can't decide on what. (Disney wall/room tour coming soon!)

40. I've never been pulled over by a cop *knock on wood!* I don't know what I would do if I'd ever were.

41. I have met and made so many great friends through social media and I'm so thankful for that.

42. Rudy is my second real boyfriend.

43. I always over think things which causes myself to get all worked up.

44. I enjoy cleaning.

45. I've always had a fear of speaking in public.

46. I love spending time with my families during the holidays, random parties and get togethers.

47. I did all my own piercings in middle/high school. I had six in total.

48. I don't enjoy drinking alcohol except for mimosas.

49. I am such a planner and need to plan everything!

50. I love writing which is why blogging is perfect for me.

Kudos if you read this entire thing! Now I would love to know some fact about you guys.

Dress and Sandals: Forever21, Glasses: Zenni, Purse and watch: Kate Spade, Alice in Wonderland plush keychains: Disneyland Tokyo