September Favorites

Where did the month even go? I swear I feel like I blinked and we are now on the last days of September. This was definitely a great month for so many reasons from going to Disneyland twice this month. We were able to spend mine and Rudy's birthday there along with celebrating Halloween a little early. It has now turned into a tradition of ours to spend our birthday's at Disneyland. Lots of wonderful memories were definitely made this month for sure with making this month even more special always. With a great month passing by us I have some favorites to share.

I was so excited when I first ordered my own cinema light box and I couldn't wait to get it in the mail! I've seen a lot of shops on Instagram using them in many different way and I thought it would be a lot of fun to use for blog purposes and just for fun. I purchased my light box from My Cinema Lightbox and on their website you can choose from the mini box which is what I went with to the XL box. The boxes already come with 85 letters and symbols and I really appreciated that they give you more quantity of the more popular letters such as the A's, E's and O's. On their website they do also offer extra letters and colored letters for separate purchase. I have this cute little box set up on my desk with my name on it, Ohhjuliana. I love looking at it and lighting it up. The light from this box is very bright which is great. I was so excited to use and share it for the first time for my blog giveaway and I look forward to use it more in the future. I do wish that they offered more varieties of fonts and maybe holiday themes. I would love it they even added some Disney Characters and symbols.

During my trip to Disneyland early this month I made my way into Sephora to purchase a new face wash. I love my Purity facial cleanser and it really gets the job done. However that is all it does and I wanted something that did more. I wanted something that would help with acne since I get a couple of break outs here and there mainly around that time of the month. The Time Release Acne Cleanser by Murad aught my eye but I and I continued to do some research on other cleansers I was eyeing. My friend Jessica texted me one day and she recommended this exact cleanser from Murad. She uses it herself and loves it so I was sold. I began using it the day I purchased it and towards the end of my trip I began to notice I was breaking out on my chin and neck. I couldn't figure out why or what was causing this since I hadn't eaten anything bad while at Disney. I couldn't pin point the cause and then Jessica mentioned maybe my skin was purging from the face wash. I continued to use it every night and now about three or four weeks later my skin is back to normal. I think my skin was purging which was a something I wasn't expecting at all but I am glad I stuck through it. My skin is so much more clear than before and I think it has even helped with some post acne scars I had. I've also noticed that I'm not breaking out like I would specifically during that monthly visit. I love the minty fresh feeling this cleanser leaves on my face once I am finished washing it. It is so refreshing and makes my face feel very clean. If you noticed the name of the cleanser 'time release' that is because this is also an anti-aging cleanser. This was another thing that sold me, not only does it help with acne but it also helps restore your youthfulness. It also doesn't dry out your skin. The only down side to this cleanser which is more of a personal preference is that it doesn't foam up. I like washes that foam up but I can definitely look past this with this cleanser. I can already tell this is holy grail status for me.

This next favorite I can already see it being a lifelong favorite. I mentioned on a previous post that I had been really into coffee and wanted to invest in a coffee machine so that I could save money instead of going to Starbucks so often. Rudy and I finally did that and bought this gorgeous Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker Brewing System in the color Oasis. This shade is exclusively sold at Target and it was a bit of a hassle to get. When I saw this shade months ago with Imelda we were both drooling over it. At the time I had no interest in owning it and maybe a month later was when I started to get a lot more into coffee. I then began looking into getting my own coffee machine. An espresso machine was what I was first looking for but a Keurig you have endless amounts of brewing options. With a Keurig I am be able to brew myself a single cup of coffee and now with this newer model it allows you to brew a carafe which serves up to three to four cups. This 2.0 model is perfect for entertaining guests and gives you so many options from the ounces you can to brew, if you want your coffee to be strong, and like I mentioned you can now brew a pot. I can't forget to mention the never ending amount of coffee flavors to choose from which brings me to my next favorite.

I have been brewing this Tullys Espresso Blend coffee with my Keurig. On the Keurig website I saw this coffee or 'espresso' was described as a chocolate caramel taste which is the same as the espresso from Starbucks. My intentions when buying this coffee machine was to try and replicate the iced white chocolate mocha drink from Starbucks that I am obsessed with and they add espresso. I'm not sure if it tastes identical to Starbucks but it is definitely pretty close and this coffee is delicious. With that I also bought the Fontana White Chocolate Sauce from Starbucks to help me achieve that. In my white mocha I love to add a couple pumps of Toffee Nut Syrup so I also purchased it to create my own cup of iced coffee at home. This has made making my own coffee at home so much fun and has also really helped save money of course. My coffee taste almost exactly like Starbucks and I have really been enjoying it. I have been telling my friends who are Starbucks drinkers to buy the syrups from Starbucks and make their coffee at home. Like I said it saves a lot of money and time. Plus you can get creative with your coffee and become a home Barista haha!

Lastly for my final favorite of the month is a candle from Bath and Body Works. This is one of their newest candles that was recently released with their Fall collection. One day while I was browsing through the store I came across this Pumpkin Banana Muffin candle and I was immediately obsessed. Ever since that day I had been eyeing it and finally purchased it about two weeks ago. I am so in love with this candle the scent is spot on. The first time I smelled it clearly it reminded me of banana bread and as soon as I got home I asked my dad to make some haha. It's not too sweet or over powering because I do not like those types of candles and it burns so well. Imelda told me it made her whole house smell as if she were baking banana bread and it truly does! Even the cashier at B&BW told me the same thing. This is a candle I will definitely have to stock up on it is just perfect for the fall season. I may even have to include this in my favorite fall candles. If you are inside a B&BW make sure to pick up this candle.

What were some of your favorites this month?


Hush Anesthetic Gel

This post has been a long time coming. I have been meaning to do a post about this numbing gel ever since I began my Tattoo Collection Series. After I got my Luna Lovegood tattoo the request for this post went through the roof. I'm happy that I am finally sharing it with you today.

I first heard of Hush Gel anesthetic from a tattoo artist that I was going to at the time a couple of years ago. He explained to me that it was a gel that numbs your skin during your tattoo session. I had been planning on getting a piece on my sternum and I had a feeling I would probably need this gel for it. In January of 2015 I ordered my first bottle of Hush. I had ordered it a little late so I knew it wasn't going to arrive for the first session of my sternum. This spot was a bit painful but my mind was a peace knowing that I would have the numbing gel for the next session. The tattoo artist told me that you apply it to the area you're going get worked on and then wrap it with plastic wrap for an hour before your session. I did exactly that. I was amazed at how well this stuff worked with numbing my stomach. It didn't numb my skin completely but it made the pain so much more bearable. However by the time the artist got to the other side of my tattoo I felt it wore off completely. Now almost two years later I think I've learned a lot more on how to use Hush and with each use I've gotten better and better at it. Today I am going to share with you guys exactly how to use this gel properly, how much product to use, how long to leave it on your skin for, and some pros to using the gel. This is all super easy but I always get tons and tons of questions from a lot of my friends. I'm always more than happy to help and now I can share this post with a lot of you guys and hopefully answer some questions anyone may have had.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional whatsoever. Everything I have learned is through personal experience and from my tattoo artist who uses it on herself and on her clients.

First I want to share some mistakes I myself made when I used Hush for the first time. Like I said above the gel had wore off before my artist even got to the other side of my piece. This happened because at the time I didn't know that for the best results you should use a thick layer of gel! That was the first mistake I made. I applied a thin layer, maybe a generous amount as you would apply lotion to the skin. That is why it wore off so soon there wasn't enough product. The second mistake I made was only leaving it on for an hour. Since the artist who introduced me to Hush told me I had to leave it on the skin for an hour and I did, I now know that you should leave it on for at least an hour and a half. Two hours would be ideal! I learned this from Chelsey and along with some other tips.

I am now going to share the steps I take on applying the gel. This may become a little repetitive so please bear with me.
Personally before any tattoo session I always like to shower before and make sure the area that is going to get worked on is cleaned thoroughly. Just about two hours prior to the appointment apply a thick layer of your Hush gel like you see on the photo above and below. If you are getting a bigger piece then of course apply much more and cover the entire area that may get worked on just to be safe. I used my arm as an example for the purpose of this post.
Next you're going to want to wrap the entire area you just applied the gel with some kind of plastic wrap such as Saran wrap. That is what I always use and has always worked great for me. This may become a little tricky to wrap by yourself depending on where you are going to be getting tattooed. I remember when I was trying to wrap the saran wrap around my stomach when I was going to get my sternum finished it was so difficult to do on my own and a mess haha. Try to have someone help you that will be the best option and it will ensure you to have it wrapped as good as possible so the gel won't move around and leak out of the wrap, which happened to me.
On the Hush website it states to allow the gel to absorb into the skin for an hour and Amazon says thirty minutes. Completely disregard that and make sure to leave in wrapped on the skin for two hours as I stated above. The longer that the product is being absorbed to the skin the better and the more numb it'll be. When I got my storm trooper and fawn piece done I had the gel on for about an hour and a half. I used a good amount of gel but not as much as I do now. I left it wrapped for a good amount of time but it wore off before the pieces were completed. (My fawn piece is also enormous!) With those pieces I could also still feel the needle a tiny bit but it didn't hurt at all. Now when I got my Luna spectrespec piece Chelsey kept my arm wrapped for a little over two hours and I also made sure to add a little extra amount of gel since I'm extremely sensitive on the bicep area. Once Chelsey started I didn't feel a thing! I'm not even lying when I'm telling you that I couldn't feel anything at all beside my arm moving from the needle. It was absolutely amazing. Anywhere around the bicep area is super sensitive to me so I knew I was definitely going to use Hush for this spot. My arm remained numb for almost the entire session it was only towards the last I want to say ten minutes before Chelsey was finished that certain areas started to sting. I think it's mainly because like I said the bicep area is just an overall sensitive spot for me but the Hush gel stuck around for most of it. It was a complete breeze getting this piece. It is also stated that the numbness should last for about two hours after it is unwrapped but this also depends and varies from person to person.

Now for some pros on the gel. When I first heard of this product I went online and did some research as I suggest you also do after reading this post. I had seen other similar products to Hush on Amazon and a lot of people were saying that these types of products aren't good for tattoos. Some people stated that it will end up messing your tattoo especially colored pieces along with messing up the healing process. I also read that some tattoo artists are against it and won't tattoo anyone if they are using any of these kinds of gels or creams. However that isn't the case for Hush and this gel actually offers some really good benefits. Hush Anesthetic gel will help your skin from swelling which is normal while getting a tattoo. It also helps with reducing redness and skin irritation. Hush gel is safe for people with sensitive skin and also speeds up the healing time. Just a few more things that are great to know about Hush is that it is Paraben and Epinephrine free. Hush Gel is also cruelty free and vegan! How awesome is that, I know more and more people are becoming vegan and many people don't support companies that test on animals. This made me so happy when I saw the little cruelty free bunny on the bottle. By the way, all this information can be found on Hush Gel's website in case you don't believe any of these facts.

I absolutely agree with everything I stated above. Depending on the area of skin I'm getting tattooed and for how long it's being worked on this gel has really helped my skin from getting too irritated or super red. I think my skin heals pretty quick with tattoos and they are normally fully healed within a week give or take a few days. Since using Hush my tattoos dry up by the second day and it is starting to crack and peal a little by day three. I've also never had a problem with it messing up any of my tattoos that I used it for.

The only con I have about Hush is that the price just keeps going up! When I first purchased it I thought the amount I payed for a 4 oz bottle wasn't bad. Pretty reasonable. Then when I went to purchase a second bottle a year later the price went up by a lot. I hate this but I think I will still continue to purchase it regardless. I think it's completely worth it especially if you really want a tattoo but think or know you wouldn't be able to handle the pain or getting worked on for hours. I just hope they don't continue to raise the price.
Once it is time for your artist to remove the wrap and gel to begin placing your stencil your skin may look a little pink. This is how my skin always looks once the gel is wiped off and the skin is also a little puffy. Once again totally normal, and according to Chelsey this is what it's supposed to look like. At this point you can even go ahead and pinch yourself because you won't feel a thing.
Chelsey is a big fan of Hush like I mentioned she even uses it herself. When she is tattooing me she also uses the Hush foam and spray which pretty much helps bring the numbness back, kind of like it reactivates it and it actually helps a lot. All those items can be found at Hush's website along with Amazon but I'd personally recommend purchasing the gel for sure before anything.

I think I have covered just about everything and I hope I answered anyones questions they may have had about the gel. If not feel free to comment down below I'd be more than happy to help. Also let me know if you guys have ever used this or plan to. Let me know how it ends up working for you.


My Mug Collection

I have decided that I am going to start a new series on my blog which will include me sharing my small mug collection that mainly consists of Disney mugs. Every couple of weeks or so I will be sharing different mugs that I own. I did not come up with the original idea of this series, I got the idea from my good friend Imelda who started sharing her mug collection on her blog a couple months back. I loved reading her posts about all her mugs and I had asked on my Instagram if anyone would be interested for me to begin this series on my blog. I'm very happy that a good amount of you said Yes! I don't have an enormous collection but regardless this still will be fun to share.

My Top Favorite Foundations

I am back with another one of my favorite series. Today I'm going to be sharing my favorite foundations; why they are my favorite, what kind of coverage each of them give and what tool I found works best when applying each foundation. I have gone through tons of foundations some that worked out very well for me and others that ended in disaster. I am going to begin sharing the foundations from my least favorite to my all time favorite. Keep in mind that when I say least favorite it doesn't mean I don't like the foundation I mean it is included in my top five favorite foundations, but one had to come in last place and I just like the other foundations maybe a hair more. Also I wanted to mention a quick FYI on my skin type. I know I have mentioned this many times in the past my skin type is oily so most of these foundations works best for my skin type. I feel my skin is pretty normal on the outer area of my face but I get pretty shiney on my T-zone some days more than others depending on how hot the weather is.

The first foundation I'm going to talk about is a drugstore foundation and it's the only affordable one that made it to my top five favorites. I was first introduced to Rimmel London stay matte foundation by my sister in law. I was in the market to purchase a more affordable foundation so that I could use for work and not use or waste my higher end ones. Mary had told me how she really liked this one and that it is a matte foundation which is exactly what I need for work. I decided to give it a try even though in the past almost every single drug store foundation I used never worked out for me. Drug store foundations will either not last on my face for long, makes me look very greasy and quick, or it ends up breaking me out. I remember loving how this foundation looked on my skin after the first time I used it. My skin looked very smooth the finish was beautiful and full coverage. I was extremely happy once a couple of weeks passed and my skin hadn't broken out. This foundation has a liquid mousse texture and claims to have a natural finish along with being light weight. I completely agree with those claims. This foundation kept my skin looking smooth, flawless and matte all day! I think any skin type can use this because it isn't drying at all. A lot of drug store foundations wouldn't make it to the eight hour mark and this one definitely does. I also love to apply this foundation with a beauty blender I found it gives the most natural finish while still giving me great coverage. If you are looking for a matte affordable foundation, I 100% recommend this one right here. It has never disappointed me and that says a lot.

Now we have the Nars all day luminous weightless foundation. When this foundation first came out I was very excited to try it out since I had heard it was targeted for people with oily skin. I was also hearing lots of great things about it. This foundation gives off a natural glow without looking greasy or oily. I feel like it still keeps me pretty matte but glowy at the same time. I am able to get either a lighter or full coverage finish. When I first started using this I was in love and it quickly became my number one favorite foundation. Weeks later I began to notice that some days by the end of the day my makeup started to break up. This didn't happen all the time so I couldn't figure out what was going on or what was causing this to happen. I would switch off with using a brush and a beauty blender to apply it and some days the foundation looked beautiful by night time. Then other times once again it was separating and it was making me skin look cakey. I kind of pushed it to the back of my foundation drawer and forgot about it. It wasn't until the middle of summer that I started to use it again. I had remembered one of my friends that works at Sephora had told me when this foundation first came out that it was meant to be blended out with your fingers but since I never do that I ignored it. One day I decided to give that a try and boy did it apply beautifully. I first apply the foundation using my fingers and blend it in. Then I go over with my beauty blender to make sure everything is completely blended in and it looks great. My makeup looked just as great by the end of the day as it did when I first applied it. There was no separation or cakeyness and it still allows me to get a good amount of coverage. I am very happy that I tried applying it with my fingers because if I didn't it would have gone to complete waste. I would probably not have used it again and the bottle is still pretty full.

This next foundation I like to wear on days where I am looking for a more of a lighter coverage, usually during the spring time although I mainly use it for photos. If I am doing my makeup to post on IG 99% of the times I am using the Make Up For Ever HD foundation, old formula. I purchased this foundation a couple months before they released the new formula so I have no idea how that one works, looks, or wears. This one on the other hand I love for photos since it was developed to make you look flawless in photography and television. I feel it does exactly that and my skin always comes out looking for good. It has a very flawless and natural finish even with the lightest layer. I don't like to use this foundation on warmer days or all day either because it doesn't keep me matte and I end up getting oily on my T-zone. This foundation isn't meant to mattify you which is why I like to stick to using it for photos or for a light coverage like I mentioned. I like to apply this foundation using either a flat top brush or beauty blender. You guys know how I love my beauty blender I don't think anything compares to it but I have found that even with using a brush with this foundation it still looks great. I definitely see a difference in my up close makeup photos when I'm using something else.

All right so for the last two foundation this was extremely hard to choose which was my number tow and one favorite foundation. I was going to make them a tie but I have to be honest I do like one a very tiny bit half of a hair more even if it pains me to admit. My second favorite foundation is the Younique mineral touch liquid foundation. A few months ago I even did an entire review on it so I don't want to spend too much time talking about it. I still absolutely love this foundation. Since I posted the review on this foundation it has literally been the only foundation I was using up until the end of August. I realized I needed to start using up some of my other foundation more haha. I love it for many good reasons, it makes my skin look flawless, natural, and gives off a natural glow while keeping my matte. It keeps me matte all day and looks beautiful whether you decide to go with a light or full coverage. It also lasts all day on me. I love to apply this foundation first using a makeup brush. I blend it all in then I grab my damp beauty blender and go over everything with it. This helps me ensures that everything is blended and picks up any excess product that the brush may have left on my face. It leaves a beautiful finish to my skin. This foundation reminds me a lot of the Nars one I spoke about above except this one keeps me more matte. The reason why I choice to make one my second favorite is sometimes on days that was ridiculously hot out and I applied a fuller coverage by the end of the day my face would be a tiny bit oily. This isn't anything crazy and it can easily be fix with some blotting powder of course. Some days though I found even going in with a powder to touch up it would make the side of my nose look a tiny bit cakey, and this happens sometimes with certain foundations on hot days. Especially with a full face of makeup.

My number one all time favorite foundation is the Estēe Lauder double wear foundation. I know this foundation is like a cult favorite for some many woman. This foundation stays in place all day without budging and it keeps me matte. Two key things I look for and need in a foundation. This foundation build ups beautifully and looks great as full coverage. If I have a blemish, it covers it up completely. I have yet to experience any cakeyness with it. I like to apply this foundation using a beauty blender because it is more thicker and the beauty blender will sheer it out. It helps my foundation to not became heavy and cakey. This is the foundation I always travel with because I know I will always get a perfect application. I always use this foundation while I am at Disneyland therefore I am able to use it all day and in hot weather. Since it is a full coverage foundation I don't feel its heavy on the face like some foundations can feel and it doesn't make my face feel gross by the end of the day either. I know this foundation is meant to keep people completely matte all day but by the end of the day, mainly while I am at Disneyland, I do notice a small amount of shine coming through on the bridge of my nose and tops of my cheeks. This doesn't bother me at all because it looks like a natural glow and it isn't overly shiny to where I look oily. I actually really love how this happens at the end of the day and think it looks very pretty. The shine I get with this foundation is a lot less than the with the Younique one. When I use the double wear foundation I really don't need to touch up my face ever, I do sometimes but I can definitely skip it if I wanted to. This is definitely a holy grail foundation of mine (Younique being one too) and I'm pretty sure it is a foundation I can't live without. I can even say this will most likely be the foundation I will use on my wedding day.

What are some of your can't live without foundations? Let me know on the comments below maybe even some recommendations.


Disneyland Haul

Recently I came back from a trip to Disneyland. There's no surprise that after hundreds of trips to Disneyland I still manage to find things I want to buy. I was really trying to limit myself on what I bought and today I wanted to share the things I purchased. 
The first two things I got are these plush. The first plush on the left is Timothy the mouse from Dumbo and I actually didn't buy it, I won him in DCA at one of the games. I had seen so many kids running around with this plush and I could never find where he was sold. It wasn't until when my friend Imelda came back from her recent trip to Disneyland and shared him in her haul, their she mentioned her brother won him for her at the Dumbo game. I then made it my mission to win him too. Rudy and myself were the only ones who played this game so it was a guarantee win! He says he let me win but I'd like to think I was just a little better than him at that game haha. So happily I was able to win myself my own little Timothy. On the right you see Lotso from Toy Story. Rudy picked him up randomly, every time he sees a Lotso plush he always grabs him and takes a big ole sniff haha. He said Lotso was for Bowie (our fur baby) since he loves small sized stuffed animals. He was very excited to see how Bowie was going to react to him since he is strawberry scented haha. Bowie however only cared for him for about two mins then was more interested in Timothy... 
Before we left for Disneyland I had decided I wanted to get my own Mikey hat with my name embroidered in the back as you can see above. You can find the front of the hat in the very beginning of this post. Back on mine and Rudy's first trip to Disneyland we each got one of these hats, he got this same Mickey hat and I got a Minnie one that had a red polka dotted bow on top. I recently realized that I no longer can find mine so I decided I wanted to get one and this time get the original Mickey Mouseketeer hat. To make the hat more personalized I added my own red bow to it. I am obsessed with how cute this hat looks now with the bow it was just the perfect famine touch it needed. I also absolutely love the way my name is written in the back. I am looking forward to my next trip to Disneyland so I can wear it again.
Rudy convinced me to finally purchase this Pumpkin Mickey Candle Holder that I've been wanting to buy for a couple of years now. I always end up buying a lot of things when I'm at Disneyland and because of that I would always push off buying this candle holder. I am so happy that it is finally mine. I already have it displayed in my room and I can't wait to start lighting it up  more once we're closer to October! This candle holder is the perfect size for a mini candle and contains a removable lid for when burning your candle. Also on the back there is an opening to insert your candle along with Happy Halloween written above. 
Whats a Disney trip without picking up some pins?! My pin collection aka obsession has definitely been growing so I knew it was a must to pick up a few. I only purchased two during this trip which are the two you see on the right side. The pin on the left was released back in July and it is one of the Alice in Wonderland 65th Anniversary pins which my friend Elizabeth who works at Disneyland picked up for me before they sold out. She had already picked up a few other pins from the 65th anniversary and had already shipped them out to me. I had asked her to keep it with her until I was in town since I was going to be hanging out with her anyway and that would save her the hassle of shipping it out. This pin is so beautiful and I love how detailed it is. It's a long pin with Alice, Mad Hatter, the March Hare and even the White Rabbit at a mad tea party.

I was beyond excited when I noticed Disneyland had some Halloween pins out already. They had quite a few that I wanted but I chose to only take one home this trip and I went with the two piece pin set of Minnie and Figaro. You can see Minnie flying a broom stick dressed as a witch and cute little Figaro inside of a pumpkin. I love how adorable Figaro looks inside the pumpkin and I can't wait to wear him once we get a little closer to Halloween. Lastly I purchased a pin set that I had wanted for a while now and it is the Peter Pan and Wendy pin. Peter Pan and Wendy are one of my favorite Disney characters and I really like this pin because Wendy is trying to give Peter a 'kiss' and you can see by his face he is not about that haha. I wanted this pin set because I have a shadow box that I am adding tons of Disney pins inside and I definitely wanted to add those two characters to it. I can't wait to share my shadow box in the future once it is completed.
On our last day in Anaheim my friend Elizabeth took Rudy and myself to Company D - Team Center which is a Cast Member exclusive Disney store. We were both very excited for this and to see what merchandise the had. The first item I picked up is this Disney Storybook Collection Sleeping Beauty print. I love the story of Sleeping Beauty but the three good fairies; Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are my favorite. I really liked how this print looks more like the Classic Disney arts and since the fairies are included in this print I needed it. 
This is probably my favorite thing I bought at Company D and it is the Cast Member exclusive Alice in Wonderland 65th Anniversary pin. I never thought I was going to own this pin since when I first heard of its release, it was announced that it would only be sold in Walt Disney World, plus it's a pin that only cast members can get their hands on. These pins are more exclusive. Luckily Elizabeth spotted it for me since she knew it was one pin I wanted. This is such a fun pin because of all its whimsical colors and Alice actually spins! I've been realizing more that pins that move are definitely some of the best ones. I had seen this pin on eBay for almost $50 so I am definitely going to treasure it forever.
Lastly just before checking out of Company D I came across this Disney Tradition Built By Characters Cast Member mug. Now clearly I am not a Disney cast member but I just fell in love with the image of classic Mickey and Minnie on the front of it. Elizabeth explained that cast members get this mug once they've completed or during their Disney training if I remember correctly. I didn't see any mugs I really liked at Disneyland and this one was definitely calling to me. I decided to pick it up. The picture of the old school Mickey and Minnie brings back so many good memories of when I was a kid and I would watch all the Mickey Mouse cartoon shows late at night at my grandma's house. Those shows were definitely a favorite of mine and I wish they would air them on tv again.
Before we visited Disneyland our first stop was actually to Universal Studios and we spent the day there. It was really nice to back at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I didn't do as much shopping this trip compared to our previous Universal trip plus they don't have many things. I ended up only purchasing two things and the first item is this creepy but cute, Cornish Pixie plush from Harry Potter of course. Once I saw this I told Rudy it was going to come home with me. When they first appeared in The Chamber of Secrets my favorite part is when they are going crazy attacking everyone then Hermione casts a spell on them then you just see them floating in the air like what just happened haha. I am planning on adding him to my Harry Potter wall and think he will be a fun addiction to the wall. 
I knew that for this trip I wanted to take home a Harry Potter pin. During my previous trip to the Wizarding World I didn't see any good pins and since I have been a lot more into pins the last couple of months I wanted to make sure I at least purchased one as a souvenir. This trip I saw a few pins that I liked and wanted but at the end of the day I decided to purchased just one. This is the Felix Felicia potion pin set. The potion pin was what pretty much sold itself to me. I loved how the bottle has glitter on it and that just makes it extra magical. Felix Felicia is also known as "Liquid Luck" you may remember Harry winning this potion in the Half Blood Prince. I am hoping that when I have this pinned on my denim jacket it can hopefully bring me a bit of luck while wearing it.

Birthday Month Giveaway! ♥ (CLOSED)

Wow you guys, we're already in the month of September and this month is a very special one to me. This is the month in which fall will begin and it happens to be one of my favorite seasons. It means we're getting even closer to Halloween! This is also the month Rudy and I met four years ago, hello four year anniversary! It is the month that we share our birthdays with one another. I know I've mentioned this countless of times before, Rudy and I share the same birth day which I think is still so cool. It just makes that day so much more special and I wouldn't want to have to share it with anyone else but him. Since September is such a fun and meaningful month to me I thought it would be really fun if I were to do my very first giveaway! I wanted to show how appreciative I am to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and leave me sweet comments. It means so much to me and always makes my days. I have never done a giveaway so I don't really know which is the best way to go about it. I knew I wanted to make entering the giveaway super easy so I decided to give you guys two options on how to enter. The first way you can enter is through this very post, here's how!

- Leave a comment with your full name and email address. (So I can contact you if you're the winner.)
- Tell me what's been your favorite post I've done so far?
- Share what future posts you would like to see on my blog?

That is all you have to do to enter my giveaway. If you would like to higher your chances in winning you can enter a second time through Instagram and this is how you can do it!

- Repost the photo I posted on my IG regarding this giveaway.
- Tag me on it.
- Hashtag #OhhjulianaGiveaway

With doing this you are entered! If you're deciding to enter through IG you must be a follower of mine, I will check, your page has to be public in order for me to see it, and you can only share the photo once. No spamming please. This giveaway will only be for my domestic followers, I am so sorry if there is any international followers that wanted to enter. I will make sure to include you guys on a future giveaway. One last thing you must be at least 18 years or older to enter!

Now for what I'm sure you all have been waiting for, what will the winner receive?
I wanted to add a variety of items from skin care, makeup, and a few random goodies. I'm not going to share everything that the winner will win because I want some of it to be a surprise. The items on the photo above is only some of the things the winner will be receiving. Everything is brand new and has never been used. You will receive more than 15 items that range from travel sized to full sized and almost everything included is items I myself love and use. The last day to enter the giveaway is on September 20, I will reach out to the winner via email or IG on the 21st so please get back to me as soon as possible. I will be leaving town for my birthday and I would like to have the prize shipped out before I leave. You have more than a week to enter so Good Luck everyone! If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below.