January Favorites

I almost decided I didn't want to do a monthly favorites for the month of January. There wasn't many products that I used consistently and loved throughout the entire month. Sharing a monthly favorite post with you is a favorite of mine so instead I thought my current somewhat random favorites was the perfect alternative. This post will consists of things that I recently discovered and have been enjoying them within the last couple of weeks or so.

The first favorite I want to talk about is I think the only item that I have been using religiously and loving the entire month of January and it's the Shooting Stars soap from Lush Cosmetics. This wouldn't be a monthly favorites if a Lush product wasn't included. I shared and spoke a lot more about this soap on my lush haul earlier this month and since then I've had it in my shower. If you haven't checked out that haul post yet I would suggest you do so. It's filled with tons of wonderful goodies that I picked up during their after Christmas sale. I've been really enjoying this soap mainly because of the fresh citrus scent, and because it also leaves me feeling super clean. I love using this soap on weekends since I start my day a lot earlier and I'm up around 6 am. The scent does a great job at waking me up, its perfect to help start off my day. I believe this soap is seasonal but you can still find this it on their website. It is currently still on sale and is marked down for 50% off!

A second Lush item made it to my favorites. I just couldn't not talk about this even though I haven't used this product all month long. I've only used it a couple of times and I already know that it's a favorite. I purchased the Snow Fairy body conditioner once again during the BOGO after Christmas sale. This was included in one of the gift sets I picked up. I was excited to give it a try since I love the scent of Snow Fairy. I love the concept of this product since you are to use it in the shower after you are done washing yourself. You massage some of the conditioner onto your skin leave on for a couple of mins then rinse off. I used this for the first time earlier this month along side with my D'Fluff shaving soap. My legs can get very sensitive from shaving especially during the summer since I'm shaving a lot more. Once I finished shaving I applied the Snow Fairy conditioner all over my legs and let it sit there for a few minutes to really soak into the skin. Once I hopped out of the shower and dried off, my legs were so incredibly soft that I didn't even need to moisturize afterwards. My legs remained feeling soft and moisturized for at least two days after I used it. I was so pleased with this product after the first use and I know I'm going to love it especially during summer time!

I've always been a Starbucks girl and if I find something I like I usually stick with it and won't try anything else. One day I met up with my cousin for lunch and afterwards she took me to Peet's Coffee. I've seen this coffee shop countless of times but I never thought twice to check it out. I was told that their coffee was a lot stronger compared to Starbucks and I wasn't really into coffee until last summer. I was more into the added flavoring that we all know Starbucks is well known for. When we were about to order our drinks at Peet's I saw on their menu that they have an iced white mocha which is my favorite. I really enjoy espresso drinks so I decided to order that. It is definitely true what people say about their coffee being a lot stronger but I loved it! My coffee was perfect without having to add any extra shots of espresso (something I've been needing to do at Starbucks a lot recently). This drink was so creamy and rich in flavor, and not overly sweet. I immediately told Rudy about it and the following morning we went into Peet's so that he could try it out himself. I've been really loving Peet's coffee over Starbucks and I never thought that would happen. Trying out a new coffee place has really made me want to experiment new coffee shops. I can thank my cousin for this new obsession of mine ha ha.

One afternoon I came across a commercial for a show called The Magicians. There was a lot of magic and mystical creatures in the preview which really intrigued me. I love all kinds of fantasy type stuff, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter ect. I had never heard of the show prior and decided to look it up online and found out that it was season two that was about to premier. I found season one on Netflix and I began watching it that same day. I'm really happy I found out about this show because like Bates Motel it is different from anything that I'm currently watching or ever watched before. I think it's so neat how they cast spells using hand motions it's so different that reminds me a lot of sign language. At first I wasn't a fan of the main actor who plays Quentin but I now love him. Alice is also another one of my favorite character in the show she is so cute and I love her style. I just finished season one last night and wow! I'm so sad because now I'm going to have to wait to watch one episode once a week haha but I look forward to see what's going on in season two. I did begin watching it last night but I got too tired and went to sleep. I did start rewatching season one this weekend with Rudy since he wanted to start watching it and he's already loving the show. If anyone watches the show let me know and let's talk about it!

I'm extremely picky when it comes to glitter nail polish and only like a select few. Most of the time I don't like them and won't even bother since it's always a huge pain to remove it off your nails. The beginning this month in my Ipsy bag I received a nail polish from the brand F.U.N Lacquer in the shade TGIF. Immediately when I saw this in my bag I was in love with the gold holographic shade. This is such a unique shade it also reflects copper, I don't own anything like it so I needed to share this. I already painted my toes with this polish and I love the way it looks. This will be a fun polish to wear on its own or even over top of another color which is what I'm planning on doing soon on my hands. This brand is also cruelty free which is so great since I am choosing to only support brands who are cruelty free.
What have you been enjoying during the first month of the new year?

Pink Lady

Black clothing is my go to just about always. When wearing black clothes I love to add pops of color. I decided on pink for my pop of color for this outfit plus it also gave me the chance to finally wear this adorable pink leather jacket I picked up back in August. I went with probably my favorite pair of boots of all time which is my floral Dr Martens and I've already share them in a past outfit post.

My Typical Monday Morning

Good Morning! I'm always up by 7 am and the first thing I do is take Juicy and Bowie outside to do their business. 
They like to take their time and smell things before they get started. Then we head inside and they get a treat.
Once the pups are satisfied it's my turn to go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face.
These are the products I'm currently using. I'm trying to use up the Aveeno moisturizer since the brand isn't cruelty free. Once I am all done with it I will begin using some other moisturizers that I have.
Mondays is usually laundry day for me. I washed clothes late last week so I didn't have much to wash today so I began washing my blankets, comforter and changing my bed sheets.
While my blankets were washing I headed out and picked up some coffee from Starbucks down the street. I got my usual of course, venti iced white mocha with five pumps white mocha, five pumps toffee nut and extra ice. (Because it is Monday I added an extra shot of espresso.) Delish!

Once I got back its time for some breakfast. I don't eat the same thing every day it always varies on what I'm in the mood for. Today I had a chocolate chip waffle, not pictured because I forgot to snap a pic.
After breakfast I took a few minutes to relax and cuddle with Juicy while I watched Pitch Perfect. Juicy is such a lazy butt and usually won't get out of bed until 11 am.
When we're done cuddling I made my way to my desk and checked out some blogs. After reading some of my favorite bloggers I begin to work on some of my posts. Here I was working on an outfit of the day post from this weekend. This post should be going up after this one and will probably be up tomorrow.
While I'm waiting for the remainder of my blankets to dry I dusted and cleaned around my room.
I'm debating whether I should do a small room tour since I've been redoing it, it's still not close to being done though. Also I don't think I've ever shared my entire room so I don't know if that would make me feel weird. Let me know what you think?
Finally all blankets are washed, dried and bed is made! Juicy and Bowie love a freshly cleaned bed so they wouldn't allow me to take a photo without them on the bed.
By this time it's already noon, morning is over so that means lunch time. I settled for a bowl of cereal; raisin bran crunch.
Once I'm done with my cereal I'm back in my room to work on this very post while listening to some vinyls. This is one of my favorite things to do, listen to as many vinyls as I can before I have to prep for dinner or something else.

This is what a typical Monday morning looks like for me. It may slightly vary but for the most part it looks just like this. I thought some of you might find this interesting, I know I'm always curious to know little things about peoples personal lives. Let me know if you like these types of post.


Drinking: lots of smoothies! If you read my new year, new me post then you know that one of my New Years resolutions was to start adding more fruits and fruit smoothies into my diet. I am happy to say that I have been successful at doing this, at least five days out of the week. When grocery shopping I have picked up tons of fresh fruits and some frozen ones. I've been trying to make a different flavored smoothie each day so that I won't get bored or tired of them. A few of my favorites consist of fresh bananas, carrots, frozen peaches, greek peach yogurt, splash of orange juice, milk and ice! This smoothie tastes like a tropical dream definitely on the top of my favorites list. Another favorite is made up of fresh bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, milk and ice. Yummy now I want to go make myself a cup! I have a lot more different recipes I'd like to try and experiment with. There may be a possible smoothie post in the future.

Obsessing over: Lush bath products! I've getting more and more into Lush products especially recently. During Lush's holiday sale I managed to picked up a lot of new items which I already shared here. It's been so much fun trying out new products and it's made me look forward even more for bath time haha. I've been enjoying their products that help moisturize your skin since we are in winter and my skin tends to get a little dry during this time of year. It's been really nice to relax while pampering myself in a bubble bath. Two products that I've been most using right now is the Shooting Star soap bar and the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream. I spoke about both these items on my lush haul post so I won't bore you guys in this post but these two are so good in different ways. The shooting star soap leaves me squeaky clean and I love the citrus scent of it. Yuzu shower cream is a moisturizing wash that helps hydrate my skin while I wash myself. I'm pretty much stocked in a lot of their bath products, but that won't stop me from getting my hands on some of their Valentine's Day products! I've been wanting to try even more of Lush's products such as some massage bars, shampoo and conditioner, even their deodorant. I really love that all their products are cruelty free as well as environmentally friendly.

Doing: lots of room redecorating! At the end of December I became really inspired to change my room a bit. Nothing major mainly some bits and pieces and color scheme. I found myself wanting to be very simple and minimalist from my closet to my bedroom. I can't stand clutter and certain areas in my room would become messy no matter how often I clean it. I was starting to feel that my room had a lot going on and it was beginning to drive me crazy. I just wanted everything out and needed to start fresh. At one point in time I was even considering taking down my Disney gallery which I do really love. I'm a very indecisive person, I knew I loved it but couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it or get rid of it. (I decided to keep it!) I bought some storage containers and stored a whole bunch of Disney items I had displayed on some shelves and drawer units. It's been a bit stressful and overwhelming trying to figure out where I want certain things to go, trying to decided if a certain display looks good or not. Interior is a lot of hard work and I'm not even doing anything drastic. I usually want to get things done and over with as soon as possible but I've been reminding myself to take my time with this. I find myself getting really irritated and changing items on my side table multiple times per day, I am really pleased at how my room is looking. It's making me feel more at peace and I enjoy spending my time in there more. There's a lot more I want to do but one thing I've learned is trial and error will help you achieve what you're looking for along with knowing exactly what you want. The intro photo above is a peek at how my bed now looks and like I said my side table is constantly being changed as of right now haha.

Listening: to Sia, a lot! I don't even have to get into how much I love Sia. I saw her live back in October and I fell in love with her music so much more. She has some of the best music ever. I'm not even sure how to describe the way her music makes me feel. It really touches me and makes me feel so peaceful and at ease. They're so inspiring too. Rudy got me her vinyl 'This Is Acting' for Christmas and that is currently my favorite album of hers. I can listen to it on repeat all day. One specific song of hers at the moment that I can't stop listening to is 'Angel by The Wings'. I love this song so much! Apart from music by Sia these are some other songs I've also really been into; Unsteady by X Ambassadors, All Time Low by Jon Bellion, and lastly Capsized by Frenship and Emily Warren. This song is also a really good one that I can listen to all day.

Feeling: very optimistic for 2017! I'm sure many people can agree that 2016 was a crazy year and for me it ended extremely rough. However I picked myself up and with 2017 being here I have a strong feeling that it is going to be a better year. I have really high hopes for this year already and want to do anything in my power to help make it the best it can be. I have a few goals that I'm really determined to accomplish. With just a few weeks into the year I can proudly say I'm doing really good with my resolutions and am looking forward to see what's up ahead. As far as my blog I've been not so much feeling uninspired but I don't really know where to begin. This currently post is mainly why I made it in the first place because I just don't know what I want to share on my blog right now. Also so you guys can know what I have been up to. I have a list of a lot of post ideas and I just don't know where to begin. I've definitely taken a step back and that's why I haven't shared as much as I used to here but I'm hoping it will soon change. Sometimes a step back and a small break is exactly what you need to help clear your mind and make some room for those creativity juices. When it comes to my blog I definitely like to take my time and not rush things.

Lush Haul

I'm very excited to share my very first haul of the year, even if technically all these items were purchased during the last week of 2016. This is also my very first Lush haul! Monday, the day after Christmas Lush had their annual sale in which consisted of Bogo deals, buy one get one free on all their holiday items. I already had plans to head into my mall that same morning and when I got the email about the sale immediately I thought it was meant to be. I picked up a total of four gift sets during this sale and two full sized shower gels, I mean how could I not take advantage? If you are ever looking to buy from Lush this is definitely the best time to do so. The gift boxes are filled with a variety of goodies and they mainly consisted of items that I've never tried apart from a bath bomb or two. Gift sets are such a great way to try out some products that you've never tried before. Let's begin!
I made two separate trips to Lush in that week and during my first trip I picked up a full sized bottle of their famous Snow Fairy shower gel. I had never owned this wash nor had I ever tried any of their shower gels in the past.  When they brought this back for the season I smelled it for the first time and I fell in love. I really wanted to receive this for Christmas but didn't, Santa had already brought me lots of other goodies. This shower gels smells of sweet sparkly candy and I don't find the sweetness of it to be too overwhelming or disgusting.

Since the shower gel was apart of their Bogo the second gel I picked up is the Rose Jam shower gel. I've heard people talk about Ro's Argan body conditioner and when I found out about Rose Jam I knew it would be a shower gel I'd enjoy using. I love the smell of roses and that's exactly what this wash smells of. It's a floral heaven, I cannot wait to use it. I'm so excited to try out all these new-to me Lush items.
The first holiday gift I picked up was the Sweet Christmas gift. This box came with three items which included the Twilight shower gel. This shower gel has a fragrance of lavender and sweet tonka  that is perfect to use before bed. It's comforting herbal sent is said to drift you off into dreamland. Second item in this set is the Snow Fairy body conditioner. This smells exactly like the Snow Fairy shower gel and are perfect to be paired together. This body conditioner is to be used in the shower after you've washed yourself like normal. Then massage this into your wet skin and rinse off. It'll leave your skin feeling soft while smelling like candy, yum. Now for the last product that was included was the Shooting Star soap bar. In the past I have had two small cubed sized samples of Lush's soap and although they smelled amazing I wasn't much of a fan. I think it was due to the small sample size it made it hard to work with and lather up. I had seen this soap online under Lush's new items and thought it looked beautiful. I was so happy that this soap was included in this gift and was so excited to try it. This bar is already in my bathroom and I have used it a few times. I've been loving it and its citrusy scent brings such a delight aroma into the bathroom after every use.
Now for the second holiday gift I bought is the Christmas Party gift. This set also came with three items and one of the items is the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb. I was very happy that a bath bomb was included in this gift. I wanted to purchase so many holiday bath bombs and never got a chance to. This bath bomb smells of wondrous citrus, I definitely love that most of their bath bombs and products smell so fresh and citrusy. This contains cocoa butter melt and bananas that will soften the skin. I am a huge fan of anything that will soften my skin especially in winter time. Yuzu And Cocoa shower cream is the second item that was included in this gift. The fragrance of this cream consists of citrus, cocoa and tonka. I've already been using this gel and I find the scent a little strange mainly because I've never smelled anything like it. I have been enjoying it and love how soft it leaves my skin feeling once I hop out of the shower. Lastly, another bar of Shooting Star soap was included in this set and I'm more than happy about that since Im loving it so much. My mind is content knowing I have a backup.
 Later in the week Rudy and I made a trip to a different Lush store and I picked up two more holiday gift sets. The first was the Jester gift. I loved the packaging to this set because it was different from all the rest. This gift is wrapped in a bandana looking wrap with a Jesters face in the center. This gift included four items first being of course the Jester bubble bar. This wouldn't be a Jester gift set without this jolly joker. This bubble bar is packed of zesty tangerine and Sicilian mandarin oils and it will fill up your tub with bubbles. Fruity lime and neroli perfume is what Monsters' Ball bath bomb smells of.  I believe this bath bomb was released while they had their Halloween products and I've heard nothing but great things of it. I'm excited to use this spooky cyclops soon! Dragon's Egg is a bath bomb I have already used in the past. This is definitely a fun one, while this bomb is fizzing away small surprises start to appear in your tub. If you haven't already noticed a theme this is yet another item in which contains a fresh and citrusy scent of lemon and bergamot. Definitely my ideal scents. To conclude this gift the last item found here is the Snowcastle soap bar. This soap is perfect for winter dry skin since it is made with soothing rose and benzoin resinoid. Its marzipan scent is said to be good enough to eat. Hmm, maybe I will be the judge of that.
Last but not least, the final holiday gift I grabbed is the Jolly Holidays gift. This set is filled with even more wonderful goodies and came with five items. The first item I saw when I opened this up was the famous Golden Wonder bath bomb. This bath bomb is dazzling in wondrous golden glitter and smells of cognac, zesty lime and orange oils that is sure to uplift your day. Next is one that I'm already a fan of and its Avobath. This bath bomb is filled with avocados and olive oil to soften and moisturize your skin. The last bath bomb has a bursting blend of bergamot and Sicilian mandarin oils that gives off an uplifting orange scent. Satsuma is a bath bomb that can only be found in a small selection of gifts sets and I was told it is normally a UK exclusive! Santa's Postbox contains the design from UK's postboxes and is packed full of satsuma juice, enzyme and citrus essential oils to brighten your skin. The final item in both this gift and haul is the Bubbly shower gel. Fans of Golden Wonder bath bomb are said to recognize the perfume of this gel which is full of lime and Brazilian orange oils that guarantees to leave you feeling silky soft. Oh and lets not forget smelling fresh.

I am definitely stocked up on shower gels, soaps and bath bombs! I'm looking forward to trying out all these items especially ones  that I've never tried before. Everything smells so good I am even more excited for bath time and those pampering evenings.

Have you tried any of the items that I shared above? What is your favorite Lush item that you would  recommend?

New Year, New Me

Happy 2017 everyone! It's a new year and you will all be hearing everyone repeatedly saying; "new year, new me". I know I'm guilty of saying this at least for this year I am, but for many people it's true. One of my new years resolutions from 2016 was to become more dedicated to my blog and this was probably my first new years resolution that I actually accomplished. Now that the new year has begun I want to share this post dedicated to some things that I would love to accomplish in 2017. (My New Years resolution!) That way you guys can call me out if I start to slip on any of these.

Healthy eating is a given. Once the new year begins everyone says they want to start eating healthy and lets not forget about loosing weight. In 2016 I ate the healthiest I ever have in my life and it was surprisingly easy to do. I began cooking at home every single day and also started adding all kinds of vegetables to my diet. I used to never enjoy eating veggies and I now love them. Brussels Sprouts are a favorite of mine. I plan to continue eating healthy and want to try making each meal even more healthier. Also, I want to start adding more fruits to my diet which I already began doing the last week of December. I've been looking up all kinds of new and easy recipes for dinner, snacks, even different types of fruit smoothies that I can't wait to try out.

Saving money! I tell myself every year that I am going to start saving money so that I can buy a home and hopefully move from San Jose. 2016 was a bit of a tough one for me but I have such high hopes for 2017. I am so determined to begin saving money for mine and Rudy's future I even want to start looking for a part time job to help. I'm feeling incredibly optimistic for this new year.

Working out, a lot more. I'm always telling myself to be more active than I am. I try to go on walks with my dogs often (not so often recently due to this cold weather). Most of the time I enjoy going to the mall and I walk for an hour or more. Getting out of the house and going to stores motivates me to keep on moving. I also want to add more workouts to my daily routine that doesn't only consists of walks. I want to get back to lifting some weights to tone my arms again with toning other parts of my body. My goal has never been to get skinny but to be the healthiest I can be. I only have one body and I've been so into taking care of it as much as I possibly can. I also really want to begin going on hikes with Rudy hopefully when it starts to warm up and make it a weekly (or every two weeks...) maybe even a monthly type of thing. I've been really enjoying the outdoors.

More traveling! 2016 was definitely filled with lots and lots of trips, mainly to Disneyland. I've been wanting to visit new places outside of California and I was finally able to do so last year. As you may know Rudy and I went to Seattle in December and it was so much fun. I really want to go again and I also want to visit and explore lots of other new places. I love doing everything with Rudy and it's so much more fun experiencing new things together.

Cruelty free brands only! Last year I slowly made the decision to begin buying from brands that are cruelty free. This year I no longer choose to support companies who test on animals and will only support and buy from the ones who are cruelty free. That means no more L'Oreal, Benefit Cosmetics, MAC, Makeup Forever the list goes on and on. I know this may be really tough to do so but I'm really proud of myself by already cutting ties with a lot of companies. I love my dogs they mean everything to me so I can never ever imagine them being hurt or tested on. All animals are innocent and defenseless. Just because they can't communicate with us with words doesn't mean they don't hurt or feel just like us. If we don't stand up and try to protect them who will? I'm not trying to tell you to make the same decision I made, and if you still choose to support certain brands that is totally fine I won't judge. This is just my choice. This blog actually really helped me a lot with knowing which brands are cruelty free and which ones to avoid. I highly recommend you checking it out.

Wedding planning! I would love it if 2017 will finally be the year that Rudy and I can plan our dream wedding together. In the past I always told myself if I were to get engaged I did not want a long engagement, a year tops. Now that I'm an adult I know things doesn't always go the way we  would like them to and I'm ok with that. I've been loving being engaged to Rudy and enjoying the engaged life. Whenever we do begin to plan our wedding I assume it will become a bit stressful and even hectic at times nonetheless an amazing experience. Us being able to relax and enjoy this time without all that excess stress has really been nice. I have so many ideas for our wedding in my mind, I've even created a few (private) boards on Pinterest to help and it's been so much fun putting all these things together. I think the theme of how I want my wedding to be will surprise a lot of people. I seriously can't wait to make all these ideas come to life, see them all in person, and of course share them with everyone.

Youtube videos? I'm always having friends ask me when am I going to make more videos for Youtube. I've been conflicted with this and keep going back and fourth if I want to start that up again. I started to get some equipments to start filming again and never did. It would be fun to start doing videos again but honestly I just don't know what to film. I love blogging, my blog is my safe zone. I can get on here talk about anything and that's that. Making a video is so different and very intimidating. Once I hit publish it is out there for the world and for people to either enjoy and relate to me or to judge and criticize me. If you guys send me some ideas or requests on what to film maybe that will be a start. Then every once in a while I can film a video while still blogging.

Blog dedication- I know my blog isn't huge or anything and I'm totally fine with that. I've said it many times before at the end of the day this blog is for me. This is where I can look back at everything I've done throughout the months and years, a diary filled of memories. Still I would love to keep it interesting for my readers so I want to also post about things you guys like. I'm always open to suggestions and love hearing what you guys think and would like to see next.  I don't know if I say this enough but if there is anything you guys would specifically like to see me talk about here feel free to let me know in the comments below or even through email. My email information can be found in my contact page. If you guys aren't sending me suggestions and would like to just talk you can always send me an email. I would seriously love to get to know more about my readers since you already know so much about me.

What are some of you new years resolutions?