March Favorites

Here are some things that I discovered and loved this month.

I'm really excited that I have more makeup favorites to share. The beginning of the month I finally found the new Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation and concealer. I had spoken about the photo focus powder on my February Favorites and I love it so much that I wanted to give the foundation and concealer a try. I have been using these two all month and I love them as much as I love the powder. I find the coverage of the foundation to be light to buildable, it applies beautifully and looks very natural on the skin. I've been applying it with a flat top brush and do a light layer all over my face. I find that even with one layer of the foundation it has really great coverage. It leaves my face feeling soft to the touch. I'm incredibly picky with drug store foundations especially since a lot of them will either make me really oily or breaks me out, but that's totally not the case with this one. This foundation looks great all day long without making me look oily. By the end of the day, I find that my t-zone looks a little glowy but it isn't anything that bothers me. It looks more like a healthy radiance. The concealer is great! I use it underneath my eyes along with highlighting the bridge of my nose and cupids bow. I love that this concealer isn't thick it's very creamy and blends out like a dream with my beauty blender. I haven't noticed any creasing either. I only wish the lightest shade was a little lighter because the lightest shade is close to my skin tone. Apart from the shade selection, I have no complaints. Wet N Wild did great with this new photo focus line. Also, both these products are vegan!

Early this month I also picked up the Milani Make It Last setting spray. I have been using it all month long and I love it this stuff! This setting spray claims to last 16 hours since I don't ever wear makeup that long I can't tell you if that is true. However, I can tell you that does last all day long. I'm usually done applying my makeup by 8 am and the latest I keep it on is probably 7 pm. By the end of the day, I feel my makeup looks wonderful, nothing has faded, moved or creased. This spray is going to give you a matte finish but doesn't make you look dry. It will also help prevent any shine. This has definitely helped keep my face from getting oily throughout the day and I find that I don't even have to do any touch ups to my face. Milani is a drugstore brand so you know it's going to be cheap. I'm glad I found a setting spray from the drugstore that I love and that actually works. I even think that this setting spray works a lot better than some high-end sprays I own. Also, because I feel I need to say it Milani is cruelty-free.

I absolutely love the brand Pixi, I have even mentioned a couple products from them in past monthly favorites. Not only is this brand cruelty-free, but everything I have ever tried from them has never let me down. I began seeing the new Pixi Double Cleanse all over social media and since it's a double cleanse product really made me want to give it a try. Finally, after about a month or so of constantly eyeing it at Target, I picked it up. This cleanser is meant to be used at night time. It also contains two sides; a solid cleansing oil and a cleansing cream. Whenever I am removing my makeup at the end of the day mascara is the hardest thing to remove. I have used this double cleanse a few times now and I'm totally obsessed with it. It melts off all of my makeup instantly! It shocks me every single time how quick and easy it is to remove my makeup, especially my eye makeup. First, you begin with using the solid oil onto a dry face. The oil instantly melts away all your makeup then rinse your face with warm water. Then you follow up with the cleansing cream massage onto your skin, and once again rinse off with warm water. By this point, your face is completely cleansed of all makeup. I usually hate removing my makeup because it can be a struggle, but since using this I find it to be kind of fun haha. This cleaner also has a lot of great skin loving ingredients such as vitamin E oil that protects and conditions the skin, camellia oil that is omega enriched and nourishes, peptide complex that plums and arginnie that improves cell renewal and elasticity.
I have used a good amount of bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics and this month I found myself repurchasing the Twilight bath bomb, three times to be exact. I normally take showers in the early afternoon, but recently I have been really enjoying a bath on Sunday nights. Twilight is the perfect bath bomb to use just before bed because of the lavender oil inside of it. Lavender is really good because it helps to relax the body and mind. It also helps release melatonin which helps you have a more restful sleep. I have trouble sleeping most days for no reason and the first time I used this I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. Finally in I don't know how long I had a restful nights sleep and it felt so great. This bath bomb is also a slow frothy fizzer and it is so beautiful to watch it come undone. It leaves your tub looking like a magical starry night as you can see from the photo above, it even has glitter inside. Don't worry the glitter doesn't stay on your body once you step out of the shower. The scent it heavenly, the perfect amount of lavender and sweet tonka. I've also been loving using this paired with the Twilight shower gel.
I wanted to save the best for last. I had been eyeing the Spirituality Rainbow Moonstone Hammered Rose Gold ring by Dualitas for a couple months. Finally, I received it in the mail the last day of February since then I have been wearing it every day. I was introduced to Dualitas by Imelda. She owns a couple of their rings and had told me that the stones in their jewelry all offer different healing properties. I was so intrigued and couldn't wait to own one. I do believe that stones and crystals contain energies and powers. Dualitas jewelry is designed to have the stone touching you at all times. The rainbow moonstone was one of the main stones that caught my eye. The Properties to the rainbow moonstone are; lucid dreams, psychic protection, and tranquility. Some of the Conditions it is good for are; depression, emotional blockage, insomnia, lethargy, nightmare, and pregnancy. What made me interested in this specific stone was that it helps with lucid dreams, nightmares, tranquility but especially depression. I get nightmares often but a lot of times they tend to feel more like a nightmare version of a lucid dream. I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago and it was a really rough time in my life. Anything that may help prevent that I'm all for. This ring is absolutely stunning I love it so much and feel great wearing it. I would love to own a few more rings from them. I already have a few stones that I'm interested in.
What have you discovered and loved recently?


Enjoying: warm weather, Rudy, weekends, sandals, Juicy and Bowie, flowers, coffee! Clearly, I've been enjoying lots of things. We've finally been having some warmer weather in San Jose! I'm so happy about not having to bundle up or layer on clothes every day. I've been able to wear sandals and t-shirts I'm absolutely loving it. Rudy has been getting off work a little earlier than usual and we've been having a lot of more time together. I've been loving the warm weekends because we've been able to get out of the house and do a lot more adventuring. The rain was really making me tired of staying indoors all the time. I'm also trying to be more of a yes girl and say yes to more things. Especially if Rudy is suggesting or wants to do something new to me. Since the weather has been nice Rudy and I have also been taking the dogs out for walks almost every day after dinner. They've been absolutely loving it and I love being able to do more things with them. Neither one of them enjoy car rides and usually get very anxious and it stresses me out. Every time Rudy and I are leaving the house Juicy wants to tag along even though she hates car rides. However, we recently took her to Rudy's parent's house and she loved it. She didn't cry at all during the car ride, to their house and back home, I was shocked. She had a lot of fun and it just makes me want to continue trying to take them both out more.

Feeling: extremely motivated with my blog! You may have noticed, last few months I wasn't posting as often as I used to. There are a few different reasons for that one being not sure what direction I wanted my blog to go in. I didn't know what kind of content I wanted to put out and I was being really hard on myself about it. I didn't want to post something just to throw out content because I only want to publish something I'm 100% proud of. I was worrying way too much about wanting to keep my blog fun and interesting that I forgot why I started this blog in the first place, for me! I created this blog for me to look back at the things Rudy and I have done together such as trips or a weekend adventure. Things I once loved or still do, my currently posts to remember what was going on in my life or how I was feeling in that day or time. This is all for me to reminisce and also share my life with anyone who's interested in it. I'm trying to tell myself not to care or worry if I want to post two or even three OOTD's in a row or if I want to do a post filled with pictures of my dogs (which I might just do). It's all ok because this is for me, my friends, and or anyone else who may care or have an interest, they will continue to read whatever content I do end up putting out. Although I would still love to also keep things interesting for my readers, but at the end of the day, my blog will be filled with me, my life, Rudy, and family. Now with all that being said, I have a lot of plans for future posts some even ready to be published. I'm so excited to share them with you!

Doing: a crap ton of cleaning! It's really been a crap ton of decluttering, to be honest, and it began last month. I wanted to go through just about everything in my room, entire closet and all the drawers and either sell or donate anything I hadn't touched in a couple months. I did exactly that and ended up with a lot of trash bags filled with clothes and shoes I no longer used or wanted. I sold what I could online then the rest was donated. I decided that when it came down to my closet and clothes I wanted to keep it very minimalist. That way everything I own I know I love and will get use of everything. Clothes weren't the only thing I've been trying to declutter I've done the same with a lot of my makeup and candles. I own so many and I every time I would get a new one I would brush old makeup to the side and eventually forget about it. Since I wasn't getting much use out of my makeup I wanted to make sure someone else did before they expire. I have been on a no-makeup buy for months now and only buy what I need. Same goes with candles. The last time I bought a candle was back in October! I'm really proud of myself and now I've been burning and enjoying the candles I own. I still find myself wanting to clean some more and get rid of even more things which I will with time. Spring cleaning hit me hard haha.

Wanting: more blogs to read and blogger friends! I have a lot of blogs that I currently follow but only a couple of them post often. I'd love to find new blogs to read along with getting to know a lot more bloggers. Slowly I've been finding out that a lot of my friends on Instagram blog and it's always such a great surprise. I'd like to know what are some of your favorite blogs/bloggers to read. Do you have a blog? I want to make more blogger friends since blogging is something I absolutely love to do. It would be so much fun having more friends who have the same interest and passion. Please share some of your favorite blogs with me or even leave me your blog link below so I can check it out.

Looking forward to: mine and Rudy's future! We've been doing a lot of thinking, talking, and planning for our future the last few months. I know that we are both ready for this next step in our life even though it is incredibly scary. We've both have been going through some things but I believe everything happens for a reason. This is probably the push we needed for this next step. I don't want to share too much about this right now but I am still feeling very optimistic for 2017. Things don't  always go as planned but I'm very excited for our future.

Movies, Lots Of Food, And Flowers

I feel like this was a busy weekend. Friday started extremely early for me and my family got some bad news which I will spare you guys from. Once Rudy got home from work we had dinner and he wanted to get us out of the house to try and cheer up for a couple of hours. We ended up at Santana Row, grabbed some coffee and walked around the outside mall the weather was perfect. It gets pretty busy there in the afternoons with lots of people enjoying dinner at yummy restaurants, people walking their dogs, music playing and tons of stores to shop at! It's a pretty area and it's currently filled with a lot of flowers blooming. Rudy is the absolute best and got me goodies from Ted Baker that I had been wanting, and then we ended the night watching shows on Netflix.

Saturday we were out of the house early once again. We had plans to get some bagels for breakfast at one of our favorite spots. After breakfast we headed to the theaters to watch Beauty and the Beast. The movie was incredible both Rudy and I were in awe! It was more amazing than anything I imagined a must watch for sure especially if you're a Disney fan. Then we were off to the mall for some walking and before heading back home we stopped at MOD for some pizza. I love a plain cheese pizza!

Sunday mornings always consist of us doing our grocery shopping for the week. We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some flowers for the house. I love tulips and become so obsessed with them during the warmer days. We kind of decided last minute to head to the Livermore Outlets for the morning. While there we grabbed a pretzel to snack on, this is Rudy's favorite part haha. I was so excited I finally was able to pick up a pair of shoes I've been wanting for some time now. It was Rudy's dad's birthday and we went over to their house for a visit. We ate some tacos and we also brought him cake, it is one of my favorite cakes ever. Before going back home we stopped to pick up some boba tea so we can enjoy while we watched tv. Juicy loves to cuddle with us while we lay in bed watching our shows. Before the night is over I washed off my makeup and took a bath. This is becoming a Sunday night routine that I love.

Spring Wishlist

Happy almost spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I couldn't wait for it to arrive since this winter has been the coldest in I don't know how long. Here are some fun spring themed items that I have had my eye on and that will be perfect for the season.

1. I was always one to only like having black bags since they match everything. Last year I stepped outside my confit zone when I got my Kate Spade Flamingo bag and I loved wearing it during spring and summer. This Kate Spade Cameron Street Roses - Little Babe satchel bag is absolutely perfect for spring and it reminds me so much of my flamingo bag.

2. This Kate Spade Metro Vachetta Strap watch is ideal for spring because of its pearl face and pretty pinky peach straps. I love adding colorful accessories to my wardrobe doing spring and summer. I only own a black strap Kate Spade watch so I'm definitely in need of a new one with a different shade.

3. I live in sandals during the warmer months and I've had my eye on these Salt Water Sandal for a couple of years now. These sandals are so cute and look like they will go with just about any outfit. I've heard from so many people that they are also oh so comfy on the feet! (Already Have)

4. Honestly I'm just using this wishlist as an excuse to throw in a mask but then again I feel masks are perfect year round. I love Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask. The peppermint in this mask gives your face a cooling tingling feeling which I believe will be so refreshing during a warm day. (Already Have)

5. I like to add a little more bronzer and glow than usual to my skin during spring and summer. I've heard nothing but great things on this Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow pallet. Both the bronzer and highlight shade look stunning and like they would work well on my fair skin.

6. Easter is during spring and Lush Cosmetics always releases an Easter collection. I love their shower products and I know I will get lots of use of the Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel especially since I'm almost out of my Prince Charming cream. (Already Have)

Haircuts, SF, And Baths

For a while I've been wanting to share a post on my weekends. I always manage to get distracted and forget to take photos. Finally this weekend I managed to snap a few photos even though I wished I got a lot more.

Saturday was a very chilled day. I was home doing some cleaning, going through my clothes, and getting rid of the ones I no longer use. Rudy worked and got home around 3. Once he got home we went out for a little and ended up picking up some coffee, flowers, and sushi. We ended the night watching the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.

On Sunday we started the day extra early curtesy of day light savings. Juicy and Bowie had an appointment for haircuts and once they were dropped off Rudy and I headed to our favorite coffee spot. The next stop was grocery shopping, this is a Sunday routine of ours. Once we got home and put everything away, it was Rudy's turn to get a hair cut. When Rudy was all done with his cut and shower it was time to go pick up our babies and bring them home.

At this time Rudy and were starving since we both managed to forget about breakfast. We both were craving some burgers and went to eat Red Robbin. Since it was such a nice day Rudy wanted to go to San Francisco and walk around the Pier to enjoy the good weather. It was even nicer in SF, our first stop was at a local vinyl record store. Then we parked the car we walked around the pier and also walked inside their public market which surprisingly I've never been to. It reminded me a lot of the one in Seattle. The view inside the marker of the bay bridge was beautiful. After a few hours of walking around we headed back home and spent some time with the pups.

The time change or possibly the busy warm day must have had a lot to do with how tired I was feeling by the end of the day. I decided I wanted to treat myself to a late relaxing bath. I washed off all my makeup, applied a mask, and soaked in the tub with one of my new bath bombs. This was the perfect combo to end the day. Once I was all finished I headed to bed and was asleep 30 mins later.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Self Portraits

A year ago today I shared my black and white self portraits post. I had a lot of fun challenging myself to take random photos of myself that wasn't just an ordinary face photo. I had been wanting to do another post just like that one and I have finally got around to completing it. I also thought it would be really cool to share this post a year later and compare the differences and similarities from my self portraits from last year to the ones from today.

Lush Products I'd Like To Try

You guys are probably getting tired of me always talking about Lush Cosmetics haha but here we go again. I'm constantly on the hunt for new Lush products to try out. As the new year began I knew I wanted to start branching out and try more variety of their products that I have never tried before. I love going through the Lush app discovering new products and learning a little more about them. It has been extremely helpful doing research on their app along with their website. I'm constantly on both. On there they have a brief description of every product along with some of its features. It's very handy and I've been learning so much about their products. Since I'm always discovering new products I'd love to try I thought it would be fun to share some of those very products with you. Kind of a Lush  Wishlist and maybe this will give you an excuse to try something new from Lush!

(Already Have) I've been dying to try shampoo from Lush I haven't heard too many people talking them. One day while I was inside Lush I saw a bottle that was called I Love Juicy. If you didn't know one of my dogs name is Juicy so that definitely caught my attention. I grabbed the bottle and smelled it then I realized it was a shampoo. This shampoo smells amazing filled of delicious fruity ingredients. It consists of papaya, pineapple, mango and kiwi juices for a nice deep clean. I don't wash my hair often at all as I've mentioned on my hair care post. Sometimes, which is completely normal, my hair will get oily and thats when dry shampoo becomes my best friend. This shampoo is meant to eliminate the excess oils that your scalp produces. This shampoo also contains sea salt which is great for giving your hair volume, which I need mainly in my roots. One last thing before I move on to the next product, seaweed extract is also included in this shampoo and it will soften your locks.

(Already Have) A conditioner goes hand in hand with shampoo and Veganese sounds like my perfect conditioner. I like to be very light handed when I use any kind of conditioners because it can make my hair get and look oily a lot sooner. Conditioner can also weigh your down hair making it look flat. Veganese is a light weight conditioner that won't weigh your hair down and will give your hair a glossy shine. This conditioner is made with mineral rich agar agar, herbal rosemary and lavender infusion. The lavender infusion is great to care for a healthy scalp. When I first smelled Veganese the scent wasn't strong at all but subtle. It was a light fresh lemon scent and I'd love to see what wonders it will do to my hair.

(Already Have) Sticking with hair products the next product I've been eyeing and dying to try out the Sea Spray hair mist. I think because I don't really wash my hair much when it's on day three my hair begins to fall flat. This even happens sometimes on day two hair and it can get really annoying. My roots are super flat against my head and it just looks weird making it look like I have a long head haha not cute. This spray is meant to give your hair volume and body because of the sea salt. Sea Spray contains orange flower, neroli and rosewood blend perfume and it smells amazing, different but just amazing. This spray can be used to style or hold your hair in place along with giving your hair texture and shine. Sea spray is going to be perfect to add that volume that I need in my roots. I've never used any volumizing products or any sea salt products so this would be a first. I've always been a bit worried to use products like this on my hair but since its from Lush I'm sure it'll do wonders.

I haven't tried too many bubble bars but there is one that is always calling my name and it's The Comforter bubble bar. This bubble bar looks and smells of a delicious candy. Its scent actually reminds me a lot of Snow Fairy with them both being sweet. You can use this bubble bar multiple times. Just break out a chunk and run it under the warm water and watch your water turn into a romantic pink color along with your tub being filled of fruity bubbles. This bar contains blackcurrant absolute. I really love the scent of the Comforter that I also really want to try The Comforter shower cream. It's the exact same scent as the bubble bar but in a shower cream version! I find the shower cream to be a lot more potent and I love it. I cannot go into Lush and not smell it. One thing I absolutely love about their shower creams is that they are a lot more hydrating on the skin and at the moment I'm all about body hydration.

I've always seen the display of the massage bars inside Lush stores but it was never an item that I gravitated to. One morning in January I woke up with the worst pain on my back. My muscles felt so sore and I didn't know what to do to ease the pain. I took a warm bath which calmed it down a bit. Then I thought if I had the Pearl massage bar maybe that would have helped relax my muscles. This bar is perfect for sore spots, muscle tensions and will help you feel relaxed. Lush's massage bars melt pretty quick once you touch it which is perfect hydration for the skin. It contains argan and rose oils that will nourish and soothe your skin. Its the same scent as Rose Jam; a sweet, fruity floral scent. This massage bar is on the top of my list especially since it is something I know Rudy would really enjoy since he's always working long exhausting hours at work and always working out. He will definitely benefit from it and is already interested in giving it a try from me always telling him about it haha.

I am ending the post here, but there is still a lot more items I'd like to give a try. I am going to be sharing a part two with in the next few weeks so if you enjoyed this post make sure to keep a look out for that one.