April Favorites

A lot of new-to-me items that I have fallen for during the month of April.

If you read my Spring Wishlist I shared last month then you'd remember that I mentioned these Salt Water sandals. I've been wanting a pair for a couple of years, and you guys I finally purchased them the beginning of the month. When it isn't cold or raining I have been living in these sandals I absolutely adore them. They really are so comfy on the feet I've been able to wear them all day without having my feet hurt at the end of the day. The day I received them in the mail I wore them around the house to try and break them in and honestly there is no need for that because of how perfectly they fit. These sandals come with fitting instructions, I've never seen that before. It also states that if a blister is to occur wet the sandals and wear them while wet. That will allow the leather to form to your foot, how neat is that? I've been loving these so much they are so cute and I'm dying to own more in different colors. Red is next on my list! I have a feeling these are going to be my go-to sandals for the rest of spring and all of the summer.

Last Christmas I picked up this book called The Curated Closet for one of my good friends, and she ended up loving it! I remember as I was about to begin wrapping it I skimmed through the book and told myself I needed to pick up a copy for myself.  Months passed and then finally early this month I bought myself a copy. This is such a good book for those of you who are trying to redefine or discover your style. Since January I've been slowly getting rid of pieces in my closet that I don't ever use anymore. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on a currently post that I've been wanting to become more minimalist when it comes down to my wardrobe. The Curated Closet has a few questionnaires regarding your current wardrobe and will help you identify what is your perfect outfit. It also teaches you strategies to become more selective during shopping sprees and to only buy what fits and flatters you the most along with what makes you feel most confident in. I've been obsessed with reading this book. I've been learning a lot and I want to dedicate an entire post to it once I'm all done reading so I don't want to give away too much. If you're interested in a post about this book hopefully it will be out soon. This book is extremely handy and also makes for a perfect coffee table book.

I finally cave and picked up the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. This concealer has been extremely hyped up all over Youtube and Social Media. This concealer came out sometime in 2016 and it still managed to be sold out everywhere. Because of that it kind of made me not even want to try it, even though I did want to give it a try myself. Finally, after months and months, I found it in stock at my local Ulta. I decided to pick it up and give my Wet N Wild concealer a break while I tested this one out. I finally see what all the fuss was about regarding this concealer it really is good. I don't like to over apply anything under my eyes cause it can tend to look a bit cakey. I've seen a lot of ladies over on Youtube apply a lot of this and you really don't need that much since it is a very full coverage product. I apply a few dots underneath the eye and blend it out with my beauty blender and it looks so beautiful. I find that it isn't heavy and looks very natural. It has a really nice radiance it also lasted very well throughout the day. It looked beautiful by the end of the day just as it did when I first applied it. The coverage of the concealer is also really nice. I've enjoyed it so much that I may be considering picking up a shade that matches my face instead of a light highlight shade so that I can use it for spot concealing.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine asked me if I ever tried Skinfood Peach Sake toner since she knew how much I love everything peach. Surprisingly I never tried nor had I heard of the brand. At the time I was in no need of a new toner since I had one that I was using in the morning and a different one for night time. I finally finished up my morning toner and figured it was the perfect time to give this a try. Skinfood is a Korean brand and they are really well known for great skin care. Peach sake contains a lot of really great benefits for the skin. Peaches alone contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy skin. Vitamin A and C are found in peaches that are antioxidants which help reduce radical damage and contains anti-aging benefits. A few benefit from this toner is it will help prevent acne and repair acne scarring, tone and firm the skin, tightens pores and lastly brightens skin. There is a lot more benefit to this toner I can go on and on. My thoughts? I love it. I think this is a great toner for oily skin, maybe even those with dry skin? I'm not so sure though. As for myself, I find that it sweeps away excess oils on my nose which is where I get oily quick and it keeps my skin matte longer. After I use this my skin feels so soft it's such a great feeling also I definitely see some brightness to my skin. They have two other peach products to this sake line and I really want to give it a try now that I know I love this toner so much. Oh, and it smells like real peaches! Need I say more?
A couple of weeks ago I believe I found my new holy grail lower lash mascara. I had been meaning to search for a small brush mascara that is cruelty-free similar to the Mac extended play and I discovered the Pixi lower lash mascara. The name couldn't be any more perfect because it is absolutely perfect for your lower lashes, the ideal mascara. The brush wand is the tiniest I have ever seen which makes it incredibly easy to use and coat every single lash of yours even small short ones like mine. Applying mascara on my lower lashes is finally mess free too. I always somehow manage to get a spot of mascara somewhere under my eyes no matter how hard I tried not to. I've used this mascara a few times and it's been such a breeze. I'm also very pleased that I don't get any smudging while wearing this mascara and it doesn't break up throughout the day leaving little black dots underneath my eyes. I'm also able to achieve longer-looking lashes with this stuff! I already love Pixi so much I'm so happy to have found this mascara, and I can't forget how cute the mint and gold packaging is.

For my last favorite, I just couldn't pass on sharing. I have been listening repeatedly to the latest album from The Chainsmokers Memories Do Not Open. The last few months I have been loving and obsessing over basically every single they had released. Once I heard they were going to be releasing an album in April I was so excited to listen to the new music. These guys are such amazing artists, they already have some amazing music and this album is no different. I've been listening to the album all month on Spotify and I can't get enough. The songs are consistently stuck in my head. I've already told Rudy that once the LP is released I'm going to need to own it haha. One of my favorite things about The Chainsmokers is that they have a lot of people guest singing in their music. Those have to be some of my favorite songs for sure. I was so obsessed with the song they came out with Halsey, and this album they have Emily Warren in a couple songs. Let's not forget their latest with Coldplay! I highly recommend you giving this album a listen to, it's so good!

Did you have any new discoveries this month?

My Go-To Natural Makeup Look

I love makeup just like most girls do, I even have a large collection of makeup products. I just love waking up in the morning do my morning skin care routine followed by applying my makeup for the day. It's so much fun to do and it really relaxes me. Don't get me wrong though I love to not wearing makeup a lot more, at least the bare minimum. If I have somewhere important to go then, of course, I'll go all in with a full face of makeup. Most of the time I like to keep it extremely quick, easy and natural. There are a few steps that I take to accomplish it and here is exactly how I achieve my natural go-to makeup look.
When I am applying my makeup I always begin with my eyebrows, they also take me the longest to do. I switch off between a pencil and pomade so it really just depends on my mood that day. My go-to is usually a pomade since they really ensure your brows to last all day. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade and I have been using this product for years. Next, with some concealer or even foundation, I clean up my brows and fix any mistakes I may have made. The final step for my brows is setting them with some brow gel. I love using tinted brow gel because it helps make them look more fuller and thicker which I need all the help I can get in that department. At the moment I am all out of tinted gel so I have been using my ABH clear gel. What tinted brow gel would you recommend that the brand is cruelty-free?

The next step for me is eyes and I start with curling my eyelashes followed by applying mascara to my eyelashes. I'm not picky when it comes to mascaras and usually just use any one that I have laying around. This Tarte lights, camera, Lashes has been a favorite for a couple years now. I have very little and short lashes and it's very rare that a mascara will make them look long. I like this mascara because it does a decent job making my lashes look thicker than they are. I also add mascara to my bottom lashes but I usually save this step for last. I apply the mascara to my bottom lashes as soon as the setting spray dries on my face, just to prevent it from smearing.

Now time for the face. I find it necessary to use a pore filling primer, specifically on my nose and cheeks since that is where I have large pores. I've been using the Urban Decay pore perfecting primer potion for a couple of years now. (Don't make fun of the broken cap haha) I really like how this primer fills my pores without drying my skin and it really holds the makeup in place.

If I didn't have to wear foundation I would totally skip this step, but I can't due to some random blemishes and natural redness I get on my cheeks. I enjoy full coverage foundations but I absolutely love a light-weight foundation even more. My go-to lately has been the Wet N Wild photo focus foundation. This foundation has a light to buildable coverage, feels very lightweight on the skin, and looks so natural on the skin. My kind of foundation! I like to apply just enough to even out my skin and it looks like I'm not even wearing any foundation.

After my foundation is applied I go in with concealer under my eyes to highlight and anywhere I may have a blemish. Once again I have been using and still loving the Wet N Wild photo focus concealer. It has the perfect amount of coverage for concealing breakouts with a natural finish.

Once I'm done with foundation and concealer I set my face. Since I have oily skin I find that setting my face is a step I cannot skip. Under my eyes, I like to use a loose translucent powder. I really like the It Cosmetics bye bye pores powder. This powder hides all my pores and makes my skin look perfectly smooth. For my face I'm using the Wet N Wild photo focus powder, (they are not sponsoring me in any way haha I just love this line).

When my base is all done I go in with some bronzer to warm up my skin. I love how the Physicians Formula butter bronzer applies to my skin. It feels so be finely milled I think that is why it looks so naturally radiant. This is also when I like to apply highlighter first followed by blush. I like a glow from within and this Josie Maran does exactly that. When it comes to blush I usually always gravitate towards a peachy shade and the Too Faced sweethearts blush in peach beach is favorite of mine. It has shimmer but nothing chunky so once applied and blended onto the skin it gives the prettiest radiance with a peachy tone.

The final step is to set my makeup in place using long lasting setting spray. This Milani spray works so well in holding my makeup in place and it smells great, win-win!

Before I forget, for lips I usually go for a "my lip color but better" lipstick shade, so basically any nude lipstick.
See I told you this look is super quick and easy. What is your go-to makeup look and products?

Confessions Of A Blogger

As a blogger, there are some confessions that I have to make.

1. How long have you been blogging? 
Before Ohhjuliana blog I actually had another blog I started back in 2010. I used it to share mostly outfit of the day posts. I ended up forgetting all about it and eventually deleted it when I started this one. I've been blogging on Ohhjuliana since June of 2015, almost two years.  

2. Why did you begin blogging?
The number one reason I started blogging was I wanted to have a place where I can look back at all the memories I created. I also wanted a place where I can share whatever is on my mind that wasn't Facebook of Instagram. What really pushed me into finally creating this blog was when Rudy and I first got engaged. I had a ton of people texting me, commenting on my announcement photo, and even messaging me asking how he did it. It was getting tiring typing up the whole story to everyone one by one, and a blog was the perfect place to share it. I still look back on it and reread it with a smile on my face the entire time.

3. What is the biggest challenge with blogging?
Staying motived and inspired that's for sure. Getting people to be interested in your posts and trying to get feedback from readers.

4. What is the best thing about blogging?
Having people tell me they love reading my blog seriously makes my day, week, month, year! It makes me so happy especially when people tell me they can relate to me or have things in common with me. I love sharing things about myself here and when I hear people have the same interests or just meeting new people because of my blog is seriously the best.

5. Where do you get your inspiration to blog?
I get my inspiration differently every time. Most times I get inspirations from things I love such as clothing, so I create an outfit post. Collections usually consist of things I'm passionate about like Lush products, candles, makeup ect. I've shared a lot of series of my favorite whatever it may be. Sometimes if I have a busy and exciting weekend I love to share that. Youtube and Pinterest are other places I go to for inspiration, even some of my friends who also blog always inspire me with their posts.

6. What is your favorite post you've shared so far?
It's so hard to choose just one. Most of my Disneyland trips are a favorite because I'm always the happiest while I'm there and you can really see that in the photos. I'd have to say my proposal story and engagement party since those are pretty meaningful to me. Also my anxiety story, I still have to get on part 2!

7. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging?
Whenever I don't get the feedback or view count as I want I get pretty down and hard on myself. I was going through that a few months back. I would love for my blog to become successful someday but I've also been reminding myself that at the end of the day this place is mainly for me. An online journal. Plus it's also easier for people to judge you even though they don't really know you. 

8. Are you serious about blogging, or is it more for fun?
A good mixture of both I'd say. I'm pretty serious when it comes to all my posts and never publish anything I'm not 100% happy and proud of. At the same time I love blogging and it's so much fun to do. Definitely a favorite thing of mine.

9. What is your current goal as a blogger?
Continue doing what I'm doing. Blog for me, share what I love, talk about all that I want. Grow as a blogger, continue to learn and meet a lot more blogging friends. Keep things fun, fresh, and unique. Hopefully become a successful blogger as well.

10. What is your advice for anyone that is wanting to begin blogging?
Do it for you! If you go into blogging thinking you're going to become famous and make money from you should think again. It's not as easy as you think and it takes a lot of hard work and effort. A lot of time goes into just one single post. Also, don't get discouraged if you don't have a large audience either. Just keep doing it for you and your audience will grow along the way. I'm also here to help anyone if needed so feel free to send me an email whenever, for anything!

Top: Urban Outfitters Leggings: Forever 21 Sandals: Salt Water Sandal

What's In My Small Bag

In today's post, I have for you a 'what's in my small bag'. The previous two 'what's in my bag' posts I shared consisted of more larger purses. I'm always switching out my handbags and since I also love smaller bags, I thought a whats in my small bag would be a perfect edition. Plus I also got a new handbag and I really wanted to share it with you all. I love watching and reading these kinds of posts, and I know my readers do too since the previous two I shared got a lot of views. Make sure to check out my other what's in my bag posts if you haven't already and let's begin!

Mimosas & The Zoo

It's the first weekend of the month and it was a very chilled one for us. Saturday mainly consisted of us running our errands followed by lounging around for the rest of the day. It was very enjoyable and much needed. We rarely get days like these.

 Sunday morning Rudy and I went to one of our favorite breakfast spots, Mimi's Cafe! They have delicious breakfast, muffins, but my absolute favorite is their mimosas! I love mimosas but I don't like the typical orange juice and champagne. What I love about the ones from Mimi's is that they have different flavored juices to choose from such as; mango, triple berries, my favorite white peach, and of course they also have orange juice. Rudy and I shared their seasonal banana chocolate chip muffin and it was so delicious. They're muffins are huge, and I ordered my favorite omelet on the menu.

Our next stop was the Oakland Zoo! I don't think I have ever been to this zoo, unless I did as a kid and can't remember. It was such a nice day so it was perfect being outdoors. I'm going to be honest and I wasn't a huge fan of this zoo. I prefer the SF zoo way more and feel that one has a lot more animals. I did still enjoy myself and we did get to see a lot of really cool and cute animals. When we got home we hung out with Juicy and Bowie outside while taking some photos for the blog that you guys will see soon!

Finally this wouldn't be one of my weekend posts if I didn't end Sunday with a bath. I used my Milky Bath bubble bar and it was my first time using this one. It smells so clean and left my skin feeling so soft.
 I wanted to share this Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lip in Spicy that I have been using all weekend I even added a couple Snapchat photos from Saturday. I love a red orange lip and this one is one of my favorites. It's a perfect shade for warm days. These two Snapchat filters are also a few of my favorites haha.
How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one.

My Favorite Lush Products

I've already raved many times about how much I love Lush Cosmetics before so I'll spare you from that in this post haha. I've tried what I'd like to think a good amount of products from Lush ranging from bath to skin care. When I started to get a lot more into the brand it started off with me buying bath bombs for the occasional relaxing pamper nights and it's now a passion of mine. Every time I'm inside one of my local malls that carries a Lush inside it's now routine to walk inside and browse at the endless amount of things. Even if I'm only 'window shopping' its habit to stop inside to take a peek. I love how every single product of theirs is made with all natural ingredients, everything is cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan. Today I am going to begin sharing some of my favorite Lush products. Some of these products may look familiar to you since most if not all have previously been on a monthly favorite. I have quite a few favorites so I'm going to be breaking them up into separate posts and for today's post I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite black pot products.
First up is also the first skin care product I ever tried from Lush and it is Dark Angles face and body cleanser. This cleanser has been a favorite of mine for almost a year now and was even in monthly favorites from early 2016. I love this cleanser and was out of it for a while. I finally repurchased it and I'm now using it every other day in my night time routine along with my Clarisonic. I enjoy that Dark Angles is a gentle exfoliator and that it contains charcoal. It is ideal for those of us who have and oily acne-prone skin. The charcoal in this absorbs any excess oils on the skin. It also contains rhassoul mud that goes deep into the skin cleansing it to prevent break outs. Once you're all done cleansing your face with Dark Angles you will notice how soft it left your skin and that is all thanks to the avocado oils that nourishes and lightly hydrates the skin. You can use this cleanser on your face or body as it says but I only used it for my face. This cleanser is also a favorite of Rudy's!
Second up for my favorites is the Herbalism face and body cleanser, another product I've previously talked about in a monthly favorite from last year. Herbalism is very similar to Dark Angels, they're both a light exfoliant and are targeted for oily acne-prone skin. This herbal wash contains kaolin clay and rice bran that will soak up all the excess oils. The vitamins and minerals inside Herbalism will balance your skins oil production to a more clear and balanced skin. When using this I have noticed myself how much it really does help my skin when I'm battling a breakout or two. Herbalism is also perfect for anyone who has very sensitive skin because it contains rose absolute and that helps soothe and calm your skin while you are cleansing it.
I'm so happy that I decided to turn to Lush for a shaving product. I have been using D'Fluff shaving soap since June and it quickly became a staple in my shaving routine. I think I've mentioned before on my blog that my legs get really sensitive when I shave often mainly in the warmer months. I get what I think is razor burn and usually on the sides of my calves little red bumps that look like a rash appear. It can be painful it mostly burns and it's not cute. Ever since I began using this it's done wonders to my legs. It's definitely helped prevent that irritation I get with shaving frequently and leaves my skin feeling moisturized. This shaving soap contains roseship oil, cocoa butter, and coconut butter. I am able to shave twice a week without any worries and pain-free. The consistency of D'Fluff is different because it's whipped and you also don't need a lot of this. I like using this to shave my arms and even armpits. Sometimes my armpits get a little sensitive when shaving and this always helps prevent it.
In the Summer I can get really sensitive skin if I'm shaving a lot. Then comes winter my body now gets dry due to the cold. I tried Lush's Snow Fairy body container (this one is limited edition) for the first time early January and fell in love instantly. I used this on my legs right after I was done shaving my legs just to give it some extra hydration. When I was all done and dried myself off my legs felt velvety smooth. I used it a few times on my body and it worked just as great and I didn't even have to apply any lotion to myself afterward because this alone did a great job with that. A few weeks ago I picked up Ro's Argan body condition to also give a try and I also love it. I find that Snow Fairy is a little more greasy but for winter time I'm totally ok with that. That feeling goes away once you rinse and dry off. These body conditioners are jam packed cocoa, argan, and shea oils for that deep hydration. I've been enjoying this product on my legs and I know it will also be a staple in my shaving routine come summer time. I need anything and everything to keep those irritated bumps away.
The last product I am going to talk about today is the Charity Pot body lotion. I am not a huge fan of greasy lotions and am incredibly picky with them. This lotion is amazing and leaves my skin ridiculously soft. This is the only lotion I have used from Lush, and it is definitely my favorite body lotion of all time. When I was first introduced to this in a Lush store I was like nope no way because it was very greasy. After a while, that greasiness faded and it left my skin the softest it's ever been. I took home a sample, loved it, and a week later purchased a large pot. I'm currently on pot number two and trust me when I say a little of this goes a long way! Charity Pot contains rosewood oils with hydrating cocoa butter. It is ideal for sensitive and/or irritated skin. I love applying this all over my body but especially on my legs once I am finished shaving. It really helps soothe my skin while preventing any irritation since I've mentioned my legs are extremely sensitive with shaving. I also love applying this on my tattoos because it helps brighten up the colors. The scent is very faint but smells very clean and fresh. An amazing fact about Charity Pot and love is that with every purchase of this lotion 100% of proceeds will go to a small grassroots organization. Go Lush!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite Lush products. I'd love to know what are some of your favorites you think I should try out?