April Favorites

A lot of new-to-me items that I have fallen for during the month of April.

If you read my Spring Wishlist I shared last month then you'd remember that I mentioned these Salt Water sandals. I've been wanting a pair for a couple of years, and you guys I finally purchased them the beginning of the month. When it isn't cold or raining I have been living in these sandals I absolutely adore them. They really are so comfy on the feet I've been able to wear them all day without having my feet hurt at the end of the day. The day I received them in the mail I wore them around the house to try and break them in and honestly there is no need for that because of how perfectly they fit. These sandals come with fitting instructions, I've never seen that before. It also states that if a blister is to occur wet the sandals and wear them while wet. That will allow the leather to form to your foot, how neat is that? I've been loving these so much they are so cute and I'm dying to own more in different colors. Red is next on my list! I have a feeling these are going to be my go-to sandals for the rest of spring and all of the summer.

Last Christmas I picked up this book called The Curated Closet for one of my good friends, and she ended up loving it! I remember as I was about to begin wrapping it I skimmed through the book and told myself I needed to pick up a copy for myself.  Months passed and then finally early this month I bought myself a copy. This is such a good book for those of you who are trying to redefine or discover your style. Since January I've been slowly getting rid of pieces in my closet that I don't ever use anymore. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on a currently post that I've been wanting to become more minimalist when it comes down to my wardrobe. The Curated Closet has a few questionnaires regarding your current wardrobe and will help you identify what is your perfect outfit. It also teaches you strategies to become more selective during shopping sprees and to only buy what fits and flatters you the most along with what makes you feel most confident in. I've been obsessed with reading this book. I've been learning a lot and I want to dedicate an entire post to it once I'm all done reading so I don't want to give away too much. If you're interested in a post about this book hopefully it will be out soon. This book is extremely handy and also makes for a perfect coffee table book.

I finally cave and picked up the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. This concealer has been extremely hyped up all over Youtube and Social Media. This concealer came out sometime in 2016 and it still managed to be sold out everywhere. Because of that it kind of made me not even want to try it, even though I did want to give it a try myself. Finally, after months and months, I found it in stock at my local Ulta. I decided to pick it up and give my Wet N Wild concealer a break while I tested this one out. I finally see what all the fuss was about regarding this concealer it really is good. I don't like to over apply anything under my eyes cause it can tend to look a bit cakey. I've seen a lot of ladies over on Youtube apply a lot of this and you really don't need that much since it is a very full coverage product. I apply a few dots underneath the eye and blend it out with my beauty blender and it looks so beautiful. I find that it isn't heavy and looks very natural. It has a really nice radiance it also lasted very well throughout the day. It looked beautiful by the end of the day just as it did when I first applied it. The coverage of the concealer is also really nice. I've enjoyed it so much that I may be considering picking up a shade that matches my face instead of a light highlight shade so that I can use it for spot concealing.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine asked me if I ever tried Skinfood Peach Sake toner since she knew how much I love everything peach. Surprisingly I never tried nor had I heard of the brand. At the time I was in no need of a new toner since I had one that I was using in the morning and a different one for night time. I finally finished up my morning toner and figured it was the perfect time to give this a try. Skinfood is a Korean brand and they are really well known for great skin care. Peach sake contains a lot of really great benefits for the skin. Peaches alone contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy skin. Vitamin A and C are found in peaches that are antioxidants which help reduce radical damage and contains anti-aging benefits. A few benefit from this toner is it will help prevent acne and repair acne scarring, tone and firm the skin, tightens pores and lastly brightens skin. There is a lot more benefit to this toner I can go on and on. My thoughts? I love it. I think this is a great toner for oily skin, maybe even those with dry skin? I'm not so sure though. As for myself, I find that it sweeps away excess oils on my nose which is where I get oily quick and it keeps my skin matte longer. After I use this my skin feels so soft it's such a great feeling also I definitely see some brightness to my skin. They have two other peach products to this sake line and I really want to give it a try now that I know I love this toner so much. Oh, and it smells like real peaches! Need I say more?
A couple of weeks ago I believe I found my new holy grail lower lash mascara. I had been meaning to search for a small brush mascara that is cruelty-free similar to the Mac extended play and I discovered the Pixi lower lash mascara. The name couldn't be any more perfect because it is absolutely perfect for your lower lashes, the ideal mascara. The brush wand is the tiniest I have ever seen which makes it incredibly easy to use and coat every single lash of yours even small short ones like mine. Applying mascara on my lower lashes is finally mess free too. I always somehow manage to get a spot of mascara somewhere under my eyes no matter how hard I tried not to. I've used this mascara a few times and it's been such a breeze. I'm also very pleased that I don't get any smudging while wearing this mascara and it doesn't break up throughout the day leaving little black dots underneath my eyes. I'm also able to achieve longer-looking lashes with this stuff! I already love Pixi so much I'm so happy to have found this mascara, and I can't forget how cute the mint and gold packaging is.

For my last favorite, I just couldn't pass on sharing. I have been listening repeatedly to the latest album from The Chainsmokers Memories Do Not Open. The last few months I have been loving and obsessing over basically every single they had released. Once I heard they were going to be releasing an album in April I was so excited to listen to the new music. These guys are such amazing artists, they already have some amazing music and this album is no different. I've been listening to the album all month on Spotify and I can't get enough. The songs are consistently stuck in my head. I've already told Rudy that once the LP is released I'm going to need to own it haha. One of my favorite things about The Chainsmokers is that they have a lot of people guest singing in their music. Those have to be some of my favorite songs for sure. I was so obsessed with the song they came out with Halsey, and this album they have Emily Warren in a couple songs. Let's not forget their latest with Coldplay! I highly recommend you giving this album a listen to, it's so good!

Did you have any new discoveries this month?


  1. Those sandals are so cute, I love how they look on you! I really like the bottle for the Skinfood Peach Sake toner it reminds me of a bottle of peach sake that I like, lol. I might have to try that toner since I'm almost out of toner.

    1. Thank you, I'm really loving them and definitely want more. I prefer these over all the sandals I currently own. I'm pretty sure you'd love the toner I can't get over how good it smells!

  2. I really want to get my hands on a copy of The Curated Closet.
    Great post!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. You definitely should, I highly recommend it :)

  3. i need the curated closet. it sounds just like the book i need because my style has been all over the place and my wardrobe need a clearout real bad.


    1. It really is such a good book, even if you're not trying to redo your wardrobe. It has so many great tips.


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