May Favorites

Some bits and pieces of things I adored this month.

I'm the type of girl who always likes and needs to have her nails painted or I feel incomplete. I'm always changing from color to color and as of this month, my go-to has been 'Red My Fortune Cookie' by OPI. This is a very true red-orange color. I'm already obsessed with red-orange lipstick and now I'm loving it on my hands. It's such a fun, pretty, and bright shade that is absolutely perfect for both spring and summer. I really like how red nail polish looks on my hands since I'm very fair and I really love how this shade looks against my skin as well. The more I use OPI nail polish I've come to realize they usually last on my nails for a week before beginning to chip.

In April Lush released a new shower gel called Plum Rain. I picked this up the day it came out and finally began using it this month. Originally this was an UK exclusive for years and they're now being carried in stores all over the U.S. I own a few of their shower gels/creams that I have yet to use, but out of the ones that I have tried Plum Rain is definitely my favorite by far. This shower gel has a very true plum fruity scent and its mouth watering, literally. Out of all the shower gels/creams, I've tried this is the only one so far that I've noticed its scent to lingers on my body once I'm done showering. Hours later when I walk into the bathroom my shower still smells of juicy plums. The following day even my loofa still has the intoxication scent and I really appreciate it since I enjoy the scent so much. This is one shower gel that I highly recommend everyone to pick up, you won't regret it! You don't have to worry about it going away, this shower gel is here to stay permanently. 

I have owned this Bath & Body Works Peach Cilantro candle probably going on three years now, and I finally decided to it was time to burn it. From smelling the jar I knew it was going to be an immediate favorite so I didn't want to use it up since this is one of those scents B&BW never brought back. Luckily I purchased two of them so I didn't feel too bad when I burned it for the first time. I used the one I didn't burn for the photo above since the one I'm burning is really low. This candle smells amazing! You all know how much I fancy everything peach and this candle has a very unique twist to it with the cilantro. Peach and cilantro work really well together and complement each other perfectly. I've been burning this candle almost non-stop this entire month, I've even had to hold myself back some days so that I won't finish it so quickly. Summer peach, fresh garden cilantro, and juicy mango are the notes this candle consists of. I wish there was a way that I could have you guys smell this candle. I also wish B&BW would just bring this candle back because I want to purchase some more. This candle has been perfect for burning on these warmer days and it will definitely be the ideal summer candle.

Since switching to cruelty-free products I knew I was soon going to be in the market for a new concealer since the one I was using to spot conceal was not cruelty-free. I was very thrilled when I found out Nars had become cruelty-free because they had released their new soft matte complete concealer. I began to see some of my favorite YouTubers talk about this concealer but it wasn't until a friend of mine, Lauren, shared that this was the perfect concealer to spot conceal. So, of course, I immediately ran to Sephora and picked it up. I have really been enjoying this concealer and like I said I use it to spot conceal and blemishes I have. This works so well to cover them up and it's also so easy to blend out. I own the shade light 2 Vanilla, and I like to apply this using a soft pencil brush. I dap it onto a blemish then I blend it out using my ring finger. It lasts all day without fading and a little goes a long way. It contains the ideal coverage to cover any breakouts. If you're looking for a high coverage concealer that doesn't fade throughout the day definitely give this guy a try.

Almost a year ago I purchased my Kate Spade Flamingo handbag and I was so happy to finally be able to bring it back out again this year. This handbag is for sure one of my favorite bag that I own. It can possibly be my most favorite, to be honest. I love Flamingos and go crazy just about every time I see them. Last year I made an entire post on this bag when I purchased it. There you will find lots of photos that I shared if you're interested click here. I love the pattern, color, especially the shape of the bag. It's a perfect size, also very spacious. I enjoy that I can wear this bag for hours without it hurting my shoulder. I'm not even over exaggerating every time I go out I always get compliments on the bag. Especially while I'm inside the Kate Spade store. You will most definitely catch me using it until Late September, maybe even October but that may be pushing it haha.
My last monthly favorite is my Bates Motel tattoo. I almost wasn't going to share this since I spoke a little about it on my latest currently post but I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share a photo of it finished and all healed. I don't think this tattoo could have been any more perfect. I mentioned how I wasn't too sure if I wanted to add any 'glitter' to this piece since Bates Motel is a dark series. However, we ended up adding some glitter in the bushes to break up the green from the leaves and it turned out perfect. I think by adding the glitter in that discreet way kept this piece from looking dull since there isn't much color. As for the flowers, a huge part of me wanted them to be bloody because it's a horror show. I'm so happy with how the flowers came out I love them so much. The middle flower we left plain and you can see knife slashes with blood dripping. I love how Chelsey added the slashes on the flower because it looks like someone 'Norman' went full on massacre on it. Also, there wasn't any white added to the tattoo which is a little shocking because at how white the center flower looks against the rest of the piece. This tattoo is already one of my top favorite tattoos out my entire tattoo collection. I also thought I should add that this piece was inspired by the Bates Motel series, not the Psycho film.

What items made it into your May favorites?

Memorial Day Weekend

I wanted to take tons of pictures of what my weekend looked like so that I could share here, but I failed once again haha. I don't know why but I always manage to forget to snap photos throughout my day. When I actually manage to remember and get some photos I feel like they aren't enough for a post then I end up deleting the photos I did get. I was about to do that with the photos from this weekend but I decided not to. I want to go ahead and share it with you guys today. Even though there is probably one photo from a day and then a couple of scattered ones from the next, here is somewhat how my Memorial Day weekend looked like.

Saturday began with Rudy and I getting up early and headed out to Santana Row for the morning. We grabbed our favorite coffee and walked around the outdoor mall until the stores opened. We stopped at Urban Outfitters and they have become one of my favorite stores lately. I recently picked up some bralettes from then and also picked up a vinyl from Melanie Martinez that I needed to add to my collection. As we finished up in Santana Row we stopped at Valley FaiMallll that is literally just across the street and then ran a few errands.

Later in the day, we made a stop to Whole Foods to get some flowers. This time I picked up some beautiful peonies. I'm so obsessed with them and as we were checking out the cashiers and other guests kept gazing and complimenting them. As we were leaving Whole Foods I spotted the prettiest brick wall that was painted peach so I had to get a few photos taken in front of it.

By this time Rudy and I were getting hungry and we decided to try some place new. I had been wanting to try a poke place that serves poke bowls which basically is a bowl version of sushi. We found a place that was like five minutes away from the house. I was probably a little boring with my bowl but I'm not a fan of raw fish. I added white rice, a few scoops of crab salad, green onions, some green bean I forget the name, cabbage, avocado, sesame seed, and siracha sauce. It was so good! We loved this spot so much that we even went back there yesterday for dinner and this time I added some shrimp.

We concluded the night with an episode of Game Of Thrones. I'm on the final season and I don't want it to end so I've been watching it very slowly. I think I have three more episodes to go.

Every year on Sunday my Godfather throws his annual Memorial Day BBQ but before that started Rudy and I visited the Overfelt Gardens Park that is incredibly close to my house and I never been. We spend an hour or so in the morning here and it was so peaceful and beautiful. I really enjoyed it there and even want to go again soon. Of course, I had to snap a few OOTD photos. Once we walked around the park we went back home and hung out with Juicy and Bowie until it was time for the BBQ. Juicy is such a mommas girl she's literally my shadow haha.

Once we got home we enjoyed the rest of the evening by eating donuts and drinking Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. We found this bottle at Target and I couldn't wait to drink it. It's so delicious. I always have a hard time finding it too.

Monday was such a sluggish day for me I have no idea why. I woke up feeling extremely exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. Regardless Rudy and I were out and about did some grocery took Juicy with us as we needed to a park near Santa Cruz. We stopped at Starbucks on our way back home and Juicy got to enjoy a little bit of whipped cream.

I couldn't wait for bedtime since and once the time came I ended the night with a charcoal mask and a bath. After I was done with my bath I quickly fell asleep.
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Pixi Beauty & Skin Care

I have tried a good variety of Pixi products beauty and skin care. Through the years I have discovered a few products I didn't care too much for and others that I can't live without. I really love this brand so for today I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the products I currently own. There are a few items that I have tried, ran out and never went back to repurchase even though I did like it.
About a year ago or so I received the Summertime Beauty Bronzer in an Ipsy bag and this is one of my favorite kind of bronzers. This bronzer has a silky smooth feeling to it and applies beautifully to the skin. It will give your skin a natural healthy glow even on the palest skin tone. I enjoy using this bronzer year round but especially in the warmer months because of the radiance it gives your skin. It doesn't have any shimmer at all but you will see a stunning sun-kissed glow from it. If you want a soft glow you can apply a light hand of it and it you want something a little more color just apply a little extra with a heavier hand and you are good to go either way!

One of my holy grail can't live without products from Pixi is definitely the Glow Tonic. This stuff is an exfoliating toner that brightens your complexion giving your skin a healthy glow. This toner will clean deep into your pores and sweep away excess oils and impurities. Glow Tonic contains 5% glycolic acid that is great for acne and acne scars. I use this toner every day in my night time routine. I've also switched off between this liquid version and the Glow Tonic To-Go that contains the toner in pre-soaked pads.

Does the Double Cleanse sound familiar? This is my absolute favorite Pixi product at the moment, clearly since it was included in my March Favorites. I don't want to spend too much time on it since I shared a long detailed paragraph on it in my favorites posts so make sure to check that out. I will say that since purchasing this it has made removing my makeup so much more fun and easy.

The lower lash mascara is pretty new to me. The brush wand is the tiniest I have ever seen. I talked about it on my April favorites last week and I love it. Since the brush is so tiny it coats every single lash hair even the shortest ones. This mascara has even been able to give my baby lashes length. This mascara is my favorite for my lower lashes and I don't see myself every using anything else again.

I've been using the overnight glow serum for over a month now and I love what it does to my skin. I like to add oils to my face at night so my skin can really soak it up overnight and this serum hydrates my skin really well. The overnight glow serum has a gel consistency that contains exfoliating properties that reveal an even radiant skin overnight. I wake up every morning with an even complexion and I can definitely see the radiance glow. I have also noticed that it does a good job in clearing post acne spots.
Another item that I have owned for a while now (and should probably get rid of soon) is the flawless beauty primer. This product doesn't even look like this anymore they repackaged it and it is now in a bottle. I love using this primer when I want to add an extra glow to my skin. There are two ways I like to use this; one being after moisturizer I apply this all over the face before I do my primer and foundation. Second, is mixing it with my foundation. I end up with a beautiful finish both ways and it is perfect during spring and summer. I'm not too sure how much it actually helps keep my makeup in place but I definitely love this for the natural glow it gives my skin.

I'm not a huge fan of the makeup fixing mist to set my face. However, I am a huge fan of using this to get rid of any excess powder I have on my face or when my face looks too dry because of all the powders. When I first picked this up I was not a fan of its scent but I have grown to love it. I love rose water sprays since rose is really good for the skin. This spray also gives your makeup a soft focus finish that looks flawless.

Ever since I started using the double cleanse I rarely use makeup remover wipes. Sometimes I do enjoy using them to remove any powders I may have applied to my neck. Since I didn't own any cruelty-free wipes I wanted to give the makeup melting cleansing cloths a try. These wipes aren't the greatest. They don't do the best job removing my makeup even around the eyes, but then again not many makeup wipes do. I love how these wipes smell of rose and remind me so much of the makeup fixing mist I just spoke about. Even though it doesn't remove my makeup completely and easily as it claims I do still enjoy using it once in a while to remove any makeup on my neck, jawline, and around my hair line.
Are you a fan of Pixi? What are some of your favorite products?

Hello, Readers

I try to say this as often as I can. I am so thankful for all those of you who read my blog, truly. It means the world to me, especially whenever you guys tell me you love my blog, enjoy reading my posts, and love a lot the same things as I do. Every time I sit down and begin writing a post I always have you guys in mind. I want to keep you all interested in my posts and all that I share regardless if I have a large following or not.

With that being said I would love to get to know a little more about you! Who are you and how did you find my blog? What are some of your favorite kind of posts to read here? What are some of your interests and do you have a blog? Tell me about yourself! I love it when you interact with me in the comments below especially since I put a lot of myself out there.

To show how much I appreciate my readers I am going to be doing a private giveaway. I won't be announcing or sharing this anywhere else but here that way only people who truly read my blog can enter. I'm going to keep this very simple all you have to do is leave a comment below answering some of the questions above just so I can get to know you. Please include your first and last name, along with your email address so I can contact you if you win. You have until 8 am on May 29 to enter and a winner will be picked at random. This contest will be open for my domestic followers. I apologize if I have any international readers, please leave me a comment below so that I can know to include you in future giveaways.

At this point, I'm sure you are wondering what the prize will consist of. I will be including some beauty products such as a couple of traveled sized lipsticks and blush. A full sized mascara and eyeliner, face primer and a bronzer. Along with a few other surprises.

I'm so excited to get to know you all a little bit more, also please don't forget to subscribe!


Loving: my new tattoo! On Monday I added a new tattoo to my collection. On the back of my arm just above my elbow, I got the Bates Motel house. Above you can see the photo of the outline that was taken while we were taking a break before adding the color. It was done by Chelsey, and once again she blew me away with this piece. You already know how much I love the Bates Motel show, I was really bummed that the series was coming to an end. I wanted to get something to 'honor' the show and even though it was ending I would always a piece of it with me. I'm so incredibly happy with how the tattoo turned out. I didn't want this piece to be too colorful since the show and house are very dark. Chelsey is known for her glitter work and she managed to add it to this piece is such a perfect muted way. I was a bit unsure how I wanted the flowers to be and if I wanted them to be colored or not. But in the end, we went with red flowers and the center one white, with blood. It came out so cool, I will post a picture once it's healed since I have it wrapped up for a few more days with a wrap called Second-Skin. Oh one last thing, if you pay close attention to one of the windows (maybe zoom in a little too) you can see 'Mother' peeking.

Reading: The Curated Closet. I shared this book on my April favorites and I've been enjoying it so much. I'm not quite done with it yet since the book does come with a few tasks for you to do but it's so much fun! When I began reading this I feel like I already had a good idea about my style since a few months prior I had been getting rid of a lot of clothes I no longer had any use for. I also made the decision on wanting to have a minimal wardrobe and style. This book helped me discover colors I most enjoy using such as black, white accents, red, blush, and jeans (not the pants). I also discovered how I would identify my style: minimal, simple and comfy. If I'm looking for new clothes to purchase now I look for pieces that flatter my body shape and not only what looks good on the display model. I definitely recommend this book to everyone, even if you already feel confident with your current style and wardrobe. There's always room for learning more. This book has also really helped me to rethink purchases so that I won't impulse buy.

Watching: Game of Thrones! I know, this show has been on for some time now and I know many people who are very into it. However, I was never one of those and I don't really have an answer as to why. Since a lot of my shows are coming to an end I was looking for a new show to start. Rudy loves GOT and would always suggest that I'd start watching it. Finally, a few weeks ago I gave in and slowly started watching season one. I am very happy that I started the show, took me long enough, it really is good. I do think there is a crap ton of boring pointless parts but the story is so interesting and gets better and better. I even have a few favorite characters such as Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, and Jon. I started off watching the series pretty slow and as of right now I just finished season four. Once I begin season five I think I'm going to slow down and possibly give myself a break. I know I always say this but I just don't want the series to end so I'm going to try and prolong it as much as I can.

Hating: inconsistent weather! In San Jose, we've been having a lot of cold days and like most people, I'm wishing for warmer weather. I'm pretty shocked at how cold it has been over here and there is only a little over a month of spring left. The last week of April was hot! A couple of days it hit high 80's and one day it was almost mid 90's, that's way too hot! The last couple of days we've been back to colder days, the day looks very nice but with a very chilly breeze. I just want nice perfect weather, not too cold and not too hot. Is that too much to as for? Haha, I just want it to be comfortable enough to wear a dress since I haven't even been able to wear any this spring. Weather like this also always causes me to get sick and I have no plans on catching a cold anytime soon.

Lush Wishing

Today I have for you another one of my Lush products I'd like to try post just like I promised. Going to keep this intro super short and quickly begin.

The first product I've been interested in trying is the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion. This product sounds really cool because it is a soapless cleaner and is great to remove your makeup at the end of a long day. It claims to remove your makeup and cleanse the face super quick so if you're in a hurry you can be in and out in no time. It has a milky consistency and contains dice orchid that calms and soothes the skin. Blends of loose emulsion and exquisite essential oils will help brighten your skin. This cleanser will keep your skin feeling nice and refreshed. One last thing, I heard that 9 to 5 can also be used to clean up or erase any mistakes you may have done while doing your makeup such as creating a cat eye. We all know how tricky those can be. At the moment I am loving my Pixi cleansing duo but once I'm out of that I am going to definitely pick this up and give it a try.

I've just been loving all of the Lush shower gels. I've used a few different ones already and I seriously loved them all. Beautiful is another one of their shower gels and this one smells of peaches! Ok, I'm not going to lie, the main reason why I want to try this shower gel is because of its peachy scent. Fresh peach juice, dried apricots and myrrh resinoid is going to leave your skin feeling soft and smelling delicious. It's always a plus if a shower gel can help my skin feel soft. Beautiful is great for that morning wake me up! I really enjoy Lush's shower gels/creams because they leave my skin feeling hydrated and doesn't dry out my skin like some products.

How cute is this Tisty Tosty bath bomb? I've been noticing more and more how much I really enjoy rose scented items, especially in the bath. Tisty Tosty contains the lovely aroma of rose and jasmine absolute that is sure to set a romantic mood. Once you drop this bath bomb into the tub you will begin to see whole rosebuds floating around. This will definitely make your tub look like a potion for love. I'm hoping this will be a great alternative for me to use when Rose Bombshell bath bomb is gone. That one also smells of rose but is limited edition. Rose scented items are so perfect for the spring even summer!

Another rose scented item that I have been eyeing for some time is the Rose Jam bubbleroon, "bubble bar". I own Rose Jam shower so I'm pretty sure I would love this bubbleroon since I love the scent of Rose Jam. It will make your bath silky, soft and rose-scented bubbles. This contains rose oil and rose absolute that smells amazing and is also great for soothing dry and sensitive skin. I love how the bubbleroon resembles a fresh macaron too. Super cute and macarons are one of my favorite cookies.

I love my D'Fluff shaving cream but I've been wanting to try out some of their other shaving products. I've been told that Ambrosia shaving cream is a really great product. It is ideal for sensitive skin and is also very gentle. You won't need to worry about anymore razor burn because Ambrosia contains linseed gel thatis meant to protects the skin, chamomile extract and oat milk to soothe, and honey that helps your skin retain its moisture. TMI: One of the Lush employees mentioned that this is even a great shaving cream for the woman who shaves their downstairs area.
First I have to confess, I actually already own this Dream Cream hand and body lotion. I purchased it a while after I added it to the collage photo, it actually came in the Relax gift, (One of the best gifts set from Lush). No worries I have yet to use it so I'm still including it in this post. Dream Cream is another item that is great for sensitive skin. A calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile are super gentle for those of you who have even the most sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter that is in dream cream are good for healing up dry or even chapped skin. Rose oil will help calm down any redness and irritation. This lotion sounds like a dream, literally. I can't wait to use it once my Charity Pot is out in like a day or two. (Already Have)

What Lush items are you wishing for?

My Record Collection

I have mentioned a few times already how much I love my Crosley record player. I love how vintage it looks and of course, I absolutely enjoy listening to music on it. I thought it would be really fun if I shared my vinyl collection, along with the little set up I have for both my player and discs since I've received a ton of questions on them for a while now.
First I'd like, to begin with sharing my record player. I own the Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Record Player in the color Peach. I have had this player since 2014, almost three years now. At the time I had been wanting to purchase a record player because I wanted to begin collecting records. I came across this peach shade online at Urban Outfitters and immediately knew it was for me. I love this player and it hasn't given me any problems. I've always heard that Crosley was a really good brand and I stand by that. Unfortunately, this exact player in this shade is no longer available since I did purchase it a few years ago but UO has such a large selection of beautiful players you should definitely check out.
The stand I keep my player on is the Larisa Vinyl Storage in the color Peach. I found this player online at Urban Outfitters one day while I was looking for vinyl storage units. I loved that it's a peach shade which would match perfectly in my room with my record player on top. I added this to my Christmas Wishlist and Imelda ended up gifting it to me for Christmas. It was a huge surprise and so sweet of her. My player fits perfectly on top and I added some fairy lights around it which looks so pretty at night. Just below there are quite a few slots for you to keep your records and they fit perfectly underneath. I've had so many people message me regarding this stand and it sold out shortly after Christmas. You can find a similar one here and it's just as nice.
Now for my vinyl collection. The first vinyl I owned and then began purchasing were by Lana Del Rey. I love her lyrics, the music style, and her sound. I knew her albums was going to be perfect to play on a record player and it is. I own her first three albums; 'Born To Die' which Rudy gifted to me on our second Valentine's Day, 'Paradise' and 'Ultraviolence'. Her music never gets old to me I love switching off from album to album throughout the day. I definitely want to pick up her other albums eventually.
I have a few Disney albums most are vintage and then I have one that I picked up at Disneyland. The first vintage vinyl I own is a small 'Alice in Wonderland' vinyl that contains the story, songs, and a storybook filled with beautiful images that you can read along while you listen to the story. Second I picked up a vintage 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' soundtrack. This one is such a good record I absolutely love music from Disney films especially the older classic ones. Brings back a lot of great memories from when I was a kid.
Next, I own two Walt Disney records that are filled with a variety of different songs from different Disney films. The first is 'Happiest Songs' and the second is ' Merriest Songs'. You can find music from Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and so much more! These two albums are a great way to listen to a variety of songs from some of your favorite classic films. Both these two records and the previous two above were purchased on eBay!
Last Disney vinyl I purchased is the complete story and songs of 'Alice in Wonderland'. I purchased this vinyl at Disneyland summer of 2016 and this record also contains a full-color illustration book.
I own a total of four Christmas records. I love Christmas music and I don't think I will ever get tired of them. I definitely want to expand my holiday vinyl collection. I own both of the She & Him Christmas albums; 'A Very She & Him Christmas' and 'Christmas Party'. I purchased these albums at Barnes and Noble. These two albums so are a favorite of mine during the holidays. I love the sound of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. I love that in these albums they sing Christmas classics but with a twist in their style. A favorite thing about the Christmas Party album is that the record itself is red. I love it when records are in color instead of plain black.
The next album I own is 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. This vinyl contains both the story and music from the classic film. The Grinch is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies I just love playing this every year beginning the day after Thanksgiving! Can we also take a moment to appreciate the green disc! I bought this gem at Frys Electronics.
The last holiday vinyl I own is a vintage one that I found on eBay. It is the 'Popular Christmas Classics' that features all-time favorites from a variety of stars. This album includes music from legendary artists such as Gene Autry, Bing Crosby, and Nat King Cole. This is the perfect album for that vintage music lovers. 
The following vinyl is the Ellie Goulding 'Delirium' album. I had to pick up this album because I was going to be attending her Delirium Tour. I love her music and this album is for sure one of my favorites. Next, I have the 'This is Acting' album by Sia. I don't even have to get into how much I adore Sia's music because I have already done that on my blog in the past. Rudy gifted this record to me for Christmas since he knows how much I love her and this very album. Rudy also loves Sia's music so I definitely plan to pick up some of her other records. This is also a colored disc, one is a regular black and the other is white as shown in a photo above.
I had been wanting to purchase Halsey's 'Badlands' for such a long time and a couple of weekends ago it was finally added to my collection. This is such a good album I actually fell in love with Halsey when I heard her song 'Colors' for the first time. This is another album that Rudy and I both really enjoy which makes playing it so much more fun. I also needed it because of the pink disc. I want to try and collect as many colored discs as I can.
And now, for the final vinyl, that I will be sharing in my collection is the Bates Motel 'Collector's Edition' soundtrack. I have been holding off sharing this post until I received this vinyl. I ordered it back in early March from iam8bit, and it finally got shipped and delivered late last week. I'm a huge fan of the Bates Motel series, as you may know, and I just couldn't pass up on this collectors edition. Originally when I found out about it, it was sold out. Luckily I kept checking back until it was restocked and I was able to get my hands on it.
Everything about this album is incredible. The artwork is out of this world, the music is amazing, and I'm so obsessed with the discs. It has blood so when it spins it looks like blood going down the drain which resembles the epic shower murder scene where Norman kills Marion Cra... I mean Sam Loomis!
I have one last thing to share about this record. When you open up the centerfold you will find a POP-UP of the Bates home that was hand assembled.
We have arrived at the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading about the records I own. I hope to eventually purchase some more and share an updated vinyl collection.
What are some of your favorite records? What album would you recommend that I add to my collection?