June Favorites

A variety of things that I've been obsessing over in the month of June.

The first item in my monthly favorites may look familiar since I briefly spoke about it on my summer essentials post. I've switched over to cruelty-free products as you all would know by now. I've been wanting to change my deodorant from harmful ones that contain aluminum to something that is good for you. I've been using the Tarte Clean Queen deodorant all month and I'm so pleased with it. I'm the person who sweats a lot and I have never found a deodorant that controls that until now. Clean Queen is a natural deodorant that helps keep you dry and a long lasting odor defense. It is aluminum free and contains soothing aloe that cools and conditions to avoid any irritation. On Sephora it states that this smells of sweet vanilla, however, I don't think it smells of vanilla at all. I find that it smells very fresh, clean and even a light hint of lemon. I could be completely off, haha but that is what I get whenever I smell this. I love the packaging and that it is also a solid deodorant. I hate liquid deodorants! This applies very smooth and I haven't noticed if it leaves any streaks on my clothes... Any who this stuff is amazing definitely check it out!

As far as I can remember I was never a fan of any lavender scents and it wasn't until I fell in love with Lush's Twilight bath bomb that I realized I was slowly enjoying lavender. I love candles and Bath & Body Works recently had their semi-annual sale. I wasn't planning on purchasing anything besides a few candles since the last time I bought a candle was back in November, maybe October. Online I saw a few that sounded so nice and when I finally found them in the store I was so ecstatic. I saw this French Lavender candle and before I never liked the way lavender candles smelled but since I enjoying lavender a lot more I thought I'd smell it to give it a shot. When I smelled the candle I immediately thought of Twilight bath bomb! It smells identical to it even Rudy agreed, we both fell in love with it. French Lavender contains vanilla a scent I don't normally like but personally, I can't smell the vanilla in the candle. It also contains lavender and soft jasmine. I have been burning this candle all month, mainly in the afternoon, and it's so calming. I picked up two lavender candles and I plan on picking up some more, hopefully before they run out.

For a long time, I've been wanting to try the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask. A couple of friends of mine use and love it along with ladies I watch on Youtube. This mask claims to be 'world's most powerful facial' and that it is a deep pore cleaner. Whenever I'm shopping for groceries at Whole Foods I always forget to look for this and one day I so happened to bump into it. This is a powder mask and you mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar (or water) until it forms into a paste consistency. It recommends the apple cider vinegar because it mixes better with the product and it's also really good for the skin. I leave this mask on for about 15 minutes. On the tub itself, it states 'feel your face pulsate' and I was a little worried about this at first. I didn't want it to hurt my skin or burn it. After a few mins when the mask begins to dry and feels tight that is when you literally feel your skin pulsate. It's so crazy and it doesn't hurt at all if anything I quite enjoy it because it makes me feel like it's definitely working. I've been using it twice a week and I find that it's really helped my skin. It's cleared blemishes that I had and my pores on my nose which is the largest have cleared up by a ton! I used to always use the Origins 10 min out of trouble mask. Since that ran out I picked up the Aztec mask and it's replaced it. The tub is huge so I know it's going to last me a really long and it only cost me $7.

You guys will be surprised that a mascara actually made into my favorites. I don't have an all-time favorite mascara. My lashes are fairly small and short, and no matter what mascara I use they never look long or full. False lashes are usually my bestie! I own a crap ton of mascaras thanks to subscription boxes so I pretty much set for a really long time. I have been using the BUXOM Lash mascara for about two months now and I'm not sure if all of a sudden I'm doing something different like applying it differently... Maybe my lashes even grew... but it wasn't until this month that I noticed how amazing the mascara has made my lashes look. I see such a huge difference in length! You know this mascara must be made of some good sh*t if I'm including it in my favorites. Mascaras don't usually stand out to me and this one definitely does! This mascara claims to be an intensely volumizing mascara for bigger fuller lashes and doesn't clump up when I go in with a second or third coat. One last thing, I'm pretty sure this mascara is also what has helped keep my eyelash curled all day.
Rudy surprised me a couple of weeks ago with the Bob's Burgers soundtrack vinyl! I was very shocked when the mailman delivered this to me since I wasn't expecting anything in the mail. Once I opened up the package and saw what it was I was so excited, literally jumping up and down with joy!  I love the Bob's Burgers tv show it is so funny and I also enjoy the music. They're so funny and catchy. When I found out they were releasing a soundtrack I knew I needed to own it. I even kept telling Rudy that I wanted to own the vinyl once it was released. Since owning it I've been trying to listen to it as often as I can. Rudy and I have really been enjoying it. The soundtrack contains 107 songs (all the songs from the first six seasons.), some are fairly short but still good if you ask me. I love how every once in a while in the album the characters from the show talk it's just so much fun. If you're a fan of the show this soundtrack is a must!

Did any good items make it into your favorites this month?

Life's A Peach!

The end of May while Rudy and I were out running some errands I came across the most perfect peach wall in downtown San Jose. This wall was made for me and I had Rudy pull over to snap a few photos of me in front of it. I had no intentions of sharing these photos not until now. I was browsing through these old photos of this gorgeous wall and I need to share them with you all. Also, I wanted to share my outfit! I didn't realize the last time I shared an outfit of the day post was back in January so expect to see more coming your way.

My Summer Essentials

We're officially in Summer and to kick things off I am going to share some of my Summer Essentials.


Face SPF: One of my top must-haves during Summer is definitely SPF! The following two SPF I will be talking about are both cruelty-free. I'm so incredibly pale and I remember back to when I was a kid I would easily get sunburned especially on the face. It sucked and I hated being in the sun for that reason. I apply sunscreen to my face daily, whether if it's already in my moisturizer or if I have to add a couple of extra pumps to my moisturizer. The sun doesn't only burn your skin but it damages it as well causing you to age a lot more rapidly along with getting wrinkles. No one wants that so take care and protect your skin. I really enjoy the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47 and I've been using it for about two years if not more. I appreciate that it is SPF 47 and always try to use products with a high SPF on my face especially in Spring and Summer time. Normally I use 1-2 pumps of this and mix it with my morning moisturizer. It is super light weight, doesn't make my skin look oily, and I also don't get any flashback in photos. My makeup still applies beautifully and easily over top, I have no complaints.

Body SPF: As much as I love to protect my face from the sun I never exclude my body. It's pretty obvious that my body is filled with tattoos and because of that I always make sure I apply SPF if it's being exposed to the sun. Like I said the sun damages your skin and it will do the same to your tattoos causing them to fade. I spent a good amount of money on all my tattoos I wouldn't want them to get ruined due to me not doing something as simple as applying my SPF. I recently picked up this Bare Republic Mineral Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50. Once again I always try to use products with a high SPF to try and protect my skin from the sun as much as I possibly can. That is why I prefer to use a baby SPF. You can use this SPF on your adult self and on babies. Babies have very sensitive and delicate skin so I see it as a baby SPF will work great on their sensitive skin and possibly provide more protection. (This can be all in my head too haha.) I apply this sunscreen to any areas of my body that will be exposed to the sun and that my clothing won't cover and I've been very pleased with it. This sunscreen contains shea butter to keep skin soft, chamomile extract to soothe and calm babies delicate skin, and vitamin E that protects skin from environmental damage.

Lips SPF: Don't forget to protect your lips too! You should also apply chapstick that contains SPF, yet again the sun will also damage your lips. I'm telling you, SPF is so important. There isn't anything worse than having dry, cracked, chapped lips on a hot day. I recently picked up this Sun Bum chapstick with SPF 30 in watermelon flavor. Even though I'm not a fan of the flavor the formula is lovely. It hydrates my lips immediately. This is also a cheaper alternative to some higher end chapsticks on the market.

Sandals: Sandals are definitely a priority of mine when it's hot out. I hate when my feet are hot and sweaty which is why I hate socks haha. I love sandals and how fresh they make my feet feel but it's hard to find a good pair of comfy sandals. Most of the sandals I own I can only wear for a few hour before my feet begin to feel sore from standing too long in them. These Salt Water Sandals are one of the comfiest I own. I've been getting so much use out of them lately they're definitely my go-to. I spoke a lot more about them on my April Favorites so feel free to read a little more over there.

Bronzer: When the weather warms up that is when I like to use a little more bronzer than I normally would. One of my favorite bronzers is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I know I've spoken about this bronzer in past posts that just goes to show that I really do love this stuff. Usually, when Spring and Summer roll around I much prefer bronzers that give off a sheen or glow to the skin. This Butter Bronzer gives me exactly that and gives me that classic bronze glow that is perfect for my pale skin.

Sunglasses: I can never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. My Quay Australia sunnies are one of my favorite. They always come in handy while I'm in the car and especially when I'm about and about. I hate squinting because of the sun and that always ends up giving me a headache. I'm so easily prone to getting headaches especially if I'm not using my prescription glasses. This pair is perfect since the lens are UV protected and my eyes are safe from sun rays.

Deodorant: Closing my essentials with a good deodorant. This is a very important and necessary! On hotter days you tend to sweat and maybe smell more than usual. I normally don't have to worry about body odor but I always worry about sweating! I sweat a lot, and I seriously hate that. It's always been a struggle of mine to find a good antiperspirant that is strong enough to control my sweating. However, recently I finally picked up the new Tarte Clean Queen vegan deodorant and surprisingly enough it's worked so well with my sweating. It smells so fresh and clean I've been really enjoying it. I think this may become my holy grail deodorant and you might even see it on my next favorites!

What are some of your Summer Time essentials?


Skin Treats Lusting

I am going to share with you today some items I have been lusting over, that I have never tried, and definitely want to get my hands on. There are a couple items here that I already purchased but haven't started using them and I'll make sure to mention which ones they are. I have oily, semi-sensitive, acne prone skin and some of these products are specifically for that. I have been looking into changing some products in my skin care routine by adding more products that are targetted into helping with breakouts and preventing them. Since I'm running out of a lot of my current products it's the perfect time to share a sort of skincare wishlist.

Tattoo Tag

1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo collector?
I do, I always think of a new tattoo piece as a new charm bracelet that I'm adding to my body. I have an entire tattoo collection series on my blog.

2. When did you realize you were becoming a collector?
Once I started working on building my sleeve. I slowly began adding more cherry blossoms followed by my Russian Doll piece. At that point, I didn't even want a sleeve but it slowly grew.

3. How old were you when you first decided you wanted to get a tattoo?
I can't remember exactly at what age I first decided I wanted a tattoo. My dad has a few tattoos himself and I remember as a kid always admiring them telling myself I wanted one some day. My dad would always tell me no haha.

4. At what age did you get your first tattoo?
Eighteen, way too young!

5. Where do you get your tattoos done at?
I don't have one specific place I go to anymore, I have a specific artist. When I first started getting more tattoos I was going to a shop called Hurtswell Tattoo in San Jose, but the shop closed down a few years ago, unfortunately. Now I get my tattoos by Chelsey and since meeting her I've gone to three different shops. Where she goes I go haha.

6. What does your family think of your tattoos?
My family has been pretty respectful for the most part when it comes to my tattoos, and they don't say much at all.

7. Which piece took the most sessions to complete?
Most of my tattoos I try to get done in one sitting unless it's a large piece. The framed girl piece on my left thigh took the longest. I had to go in for a total of four sessions; outline, shading, coloring the frame, and then coloring the picture with the girl.

8. Which tattoo took the longest to heal?
The framed girl once again haha. Some parts on the background weren't healing and it even looked infected at one point. Some areas remained really wet and kept grabbing onto my clothes and bedsheets. In my sleep, I toss and turn from side to side and the sheets would rip off the tattoo sometimes making it worse. A lot of the blue ink fell off too.

9. How many tattoos do you have?
Honestly, I don't even know. I also have trouble with how to answer this question. I have a sleeve, so is that considered one piece even though I slowly added pieces to it? If so I have a full sleeve and twenty-five other tattoos. If I count each piece of my sleeve I'd say the grand total will be forty-seven tattoos (I think) not including cover ups or sessions per piece.

10. Have you always loved tattoos?
Yes. As I mentioned above my dad has a few pieces and I would always stare and look through them. I feel I do have a specific taste though when it comes to a tattoo. Just because I like them doesn't mean I like every single tattoo in the world. I'm extremely picky with style and work.

11. Out of all your tattoos which one would you say is your favorite?
How can I choose one? I can't. I love just about all of my tattoos but I can try narrowing it down to my top five (six). In no specific order; my Russian doll, my rose on my foot, my Alice, my Alice tea cup on my calve, and my Bates Motel. I also have to include my peach on my finger.

12. Has anyone ever copied your tattoo?
Not that I know of and I hope not. I did have someone message me asking for permission to copy my Alice tattoo. I told her I don't give her permission but who knows what happened next. If anyone were to every copy a tattoo of mine I just hope they never post it on the internet and that I never find out.

13. Do you regret any of your tattoos?
I do, and I don't at the same time. I have a couple that I don't care for too much anymore but nothing that really bothers me too much that I would want to do something about it.

14. What was the least painful tattoo you've gotten?
My ellipsis tattoo since it's super tiny and was done very quick. I mean it's only three dots after all haha.

15. What's the furthest you've traveled for a tattoo?
The first time I met and got a tattoo by Chelsey at Lucky 13 Tattoos in Alameda. It was close to an hour drive if not more.

16. How do you care for your tattoos?
My typical aftercare is washing my tattoo as soon as I get home from a session and I apply Aquaphor for the first two days. Two days post tattoo, I use either Charity Pot or Dream Cream from Lush. The recent tattoo I got Chelsey used a wrap called Second-Skin and I'm obsessed with it. She applied the wrap after the tattoo was completed and I had to leave it on for 24 hours. The following day I removed it, washed it, and applied a thin layer of lotion. Then I applied a new wrap that Chelsey sent me home with. That second wrap I left on for a week. On day seven I removed the wrap and the tattoo was healed and I applied lotion as needed. Totally amazing and my tattoo never hurt or felt sore. I definitely want to heal my tattoos this way from here on out.

17. How did you decide or get inspiration for your tattoo(s)?
A lot of my tattoos if not all, are of things that I really like. For example my Luna piece. I love Luna and told Chelsey I wanted her spectrespecs with a smiliar quote of hers and let Chelsey do her thing. I also get a lot of inspo photos of tattoos on IG and Pinterest sometimes Tumblr.

18. What was the most painful tattoo you've gotten?
This is a little tough to answer. A few years ago I would say foot because when I got my right foot tattooed I remember that hurt like hell, but maybe that's because it was my second tattoo. When I got my left foot it wasn't nearly as bad. When I got my bow on the back of my neck I remember that being thw worst and I felt like I was going to pass out. Inside and back of the arm 'bicep' is another extremly sensitive spot for me.

19. What's your most recent tattoo?
My Bates Motel house!

20. How do you react when someone asks to see your tattoo?
Usually when people ask to see my tattoos it's because they like them and are interested in them so I'm always more than happy to show people.

21. What was the longest time you sat for to complete your tattoo?
OMG, five in a half hours! It was insane and torturous towards the end I seriously don't know how I did it. It was my fawn lady thigh piece, that thing is huge. It truned out so amazing.

22. Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future?
Yeah for sure, eventually.

23. If you could completely start over with your tattoos would you choose or do something differently?
Maybe, only if I would get all of my money back haha. There are definitely some thing's I wish I did differently and would change, but because of that I also learned a lot about tattoos. I know better today because of that.

24. Which tattoo is the most secretive that no one really knows you even have it?
I have three tattoos that not many people know of. I have a tattoo on the side of my rib, one on the side of my boob above my ribs, and I also have my sternum tattooed.

25. When will your tattoo collection be finished?
I don't have a clue. I've had times that I tell myself, "Ok this is my last tattoo". A few months later I find myself getting another one.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about my tattoos if you didn't know some of the answers already. I had fun creating and doing this post. Per usual, I tag anyone who's reading this and has tattoos. Specifically, I tag Imelda because I'd love to know your answers to some of these questions.

Summer Wishlist

When I think of June I think of Summer, and I can't believe Summer is only a few weeks away. It felt like Spring was way too short this year and I think that is due to the continuously cold weather and random rainy days we had in San Jose. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of hot days I am excited about Summer. Here are things I've been eyeing for some time now and I think will be perfect for Summer.

If you haven't noticed my feed, I've been very into blush/peachy pink color. I have also been into greenery and this PJ pair from ASOS is ideal. I adore cactuses and love the green paired with blush it gives such a nice contrast. I'm also due for some cute new loungewear for Summer. Any excuse right?

About a month ago or so I saw this candle online at B&BW. Ever since I've been waiting for them to carry it in store, they have yet to stock the shelves so an online order will have to suffice. This Blushing Pink Rose Petals candle sounds divine especially since I adore rose scents and I'm almost out of all my current rose scented candles. (Already Have)

Talking about rose scents, this Replica Flower Market perfume by Maison Margiela is the perfect rose perfume. It smells incredible and every time I walked into Sephora I am spraying it all over myself. I've been eyeing this guy for months now I just can't bring myself to spending so much on a perfume, even if the bottle is aesthetically pleasing.

I already own a pair of Salt Water Sandals in black which I adore so I want to add this red shade to my collection. I love the color red and enjoy wearing pops of it in my outfits. These sandals are also extremely comfortable on my feet. I live in sandals during Summer and I'm so happy to have discovered some that are actually comfy. (Already Have)

What's on your Summer wishlist?