June Favorites

A variety of things that I've been obsessing over in the month of June.

The first item in my monthly favorites may look familiar since I briefly spoke about it on my summer essentials post. I've switched over to cruelty-free products as you all would know by now. I've been wanting to c…

Life's A Peach!

The end of May while Rudy and I were out running some errands I came across the most perfect peach wall in downtown San Jose. This wall was made for me and I had Rudy pull over to snap a few photos of me in front of it. I had no intentions of sharing these photos not until now. I was browsing through these old photos of this gorgeous wall and I need to share them with you all. Also, I wanted to share my outfit! I didn't realize the last time I shared an outfit of the day post was back in January so expect to see more coming your way.

My Summer Essentials

We're officially in Summer and to kick things off I am going to share some of my Summer Essentials.

Face SPF: One of my top must-haves during Summer is definitely SPF! The following two SPF I will be talking about are both cruelty-free. I'm so incredibly pale and I remember ba…

Skin Treats Lusting

I am going to share with you today some items I have been lusting over, that I have never tried, and definitely want to get my hands on. There are a couple items here that I already purchased but haven't started using them and I'll make sure to mention which ones they are. I have oily, semi-sensitive, acne prone skin and some of these products are specifically for that. I have been looking into changing some products in my skin care routine by adding more products that are targetted into helping with breakouts and preventing them. Since I'm running out of a lot of my current products it's the perfect time to share a sort of skincare wishlist.

Tattoo Tag

1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo collector?
I do, I always think of a new tattoo piece as a new charm bracelet that I'm adding to my body. I have an entire tattoo collection series on my blog.

2. When did you realize you were becoming a collector?
Once I started working on building my slee…

Summer Wishlist

When I think of June I think of Summer, and I can't believe Summer is only a few weeks away. It felt like Spring was way too short this year and I think that is due to the continued cold weather and random rainy days we had in San Jose. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of hot days I am …
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