September Favorites

These are the things I've been swooning over the month of September.

Fall Bucket List

Happy first day of Autumn! This is by far my favorite season. You will catch me saying this every single year as the season approaches! Since I created a summer inspired bucket list I really wanted to make sure I made one for the fall. There are so many things that I look forward to doing during this amazing season especially this year living in a new state with my husband! (That still feels so weird to say haha.) Today I'm going to share with you what's on my fall bucket list.


Where do I even start? After being engaged for a little over two years Rudy and I finally did it. We got married! Ever since getting engaged back in May of 2015, marriage has been a major hot topic for everyone around us. Friends and family members were all so excited for us and curious to know when the big day would be. Of course, Rudy and I had talked about it a lot but we were trying to be realistic. Now with that said, we eloped.

Fall Wishlist

It's that time again! Can you believe fall is only a couple weeks away? I'm beyond excited for this because I love the month of September, and there are so many exciting things happening this month. I'm so excited for fall especially since we're now living in Washington and I can't wait to experience the season here. I gathered up some items that I've been wanting and that will be perfect for fall time in the PNW since the weather gets a lot colder up here. I suppose this can kind of also double as a birthday wish list since it is my birth month. Here we go!

Glossier: Wowder Review

Today I finally have for you guys a review on the new Wowder powder by Glossier. I have been completely head over heels for Glossier lately and once I found out that they were releasing a loose powder early August I nearly lost my sh*t. I was a bit on the fence whether I needed this or not, but like most girls can relate, I managed to make an excuse that I needed it, and asap! I was intending to share this post before August ended but as I already mentioned time slipped right through my hands with my move. I just had to talk about this powder that I shared some of my thoughts in my August favorites. Nonetheless, I decided I still wanted to go ahead and share a dedicated post to this powder because it deserves it. Also, I have been using it for about a month now and I know exactly how I feel about it and what methods work best for me. Now without further ado, let's move on in to my review.
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