A Look Back At 2018!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Today I am going to look back and share some highlights of twenty-eighteen. I just realized that this is the fourth year in a row that I create a look back at the year kind of post and I'm really pleased that it's been something I continued doing. I love that I get to look back at the past posts and reread everything while remembering how I was feeling the past years. Reminiscing about the late year is one of my favorite ways to ring in the new year. Now if you're interested in checking out my highlights through the year then please continue reading.

Ornament Collection #5

Merry Christmas-Eve! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas? Where has the time gone, I swear it feels like just last week we were celebrating Halloween. If you're here reading this post then you're probably ready for my final ornament collection series post of the year, until next year that is. I hope once the next Holiday season approaches to continue with more installments of this series.

Fa La Land!

Welcome back to my blog, today I am going to bring you along with me to visit the North Pole. During my visit to Los Angeles, Rudy and I had tickets to Fa La Land, the world's most festive pop-up museum! In this magical place, there is so much you get to do. Like, hang out with Mrs. Claus as you write a letter to Santa and then Mrs. Claus will help get you sorted through the Naughty or Nice door. Then you get to see a wall of the Elf on the shelf. Make sure you don't forget to get an Elfie Selfie! You get to pick out a toy with your Golden Ticket. Walk through a neon forest filled with tons of whimsical creatures, swing into Candyfornia where you can swim in a pool of dot candy and so much more! In nearly every room they were also giving out candy. Now if you're ready, let's hop into Santa's sleigh and fly into this absolutely festive post!


Happy Who-Bilation! If you read my Holiday at Universal Studios post then you already knew this post was coming. A couple of weekends ago Rudy and I went to Universal Studios to celebrate the Holiday's a little bit early. During the Christmas season, Universal Studios goes all out and welcomes you to join them in Whoville to celebrate Grinchmas! Yup, during the Holiday season for a limited time you can visit Whoville and meet none other than the Grinch himself and let me tell you I was all about this! I don't think I've ever expressed my love for the Grinch, so let me fill you all in. Ever since the Jim Carrey version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas came out I watch the movie non-stop throughout the season. (And well sometimes in the spring, summer, oh heck even in fall.) I love this movie! It has been a tradition of mine to have this movie playing as I decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. It's crazy to think that Rudy and I have never gone to Universal Studios during the Holidays to go meet the Grinch, it's because we're usually over at Disneyland celebrating. This year we agreed that we would finally make dreams come true and visit the big man himself, no not Santa. Now without further ado, I am going to share with you all my little trip to Whoville!

Ornament Collection #4

Where do I even begin? I can't believe we're already on part four of my ornament collection series. Time is really going by fast this month and it has been a busy month for me as well. I feel I have been trying to dedicate as many hours as I can to work on posts for this month. Next week is already Christmas and next Monday will be my final ornament collection post of the year. I still have a lot more ornaments I want to share with you guys but I'm beginning to run out of time so I might just begin packing a lot more ornaments per post. I'm so happy to hear that so many of you have been enjoying this series so without further ado here is part four of my ornament collection!

Holidays At Universal Studios

Last weekend Rudy and I took a short trip to LA to celebrate the Holiday's a little early. One of the reasons was to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. We've been here a few times together in the past but never have we been during Christmas time. This year we decided it was an absolute must! We were looking forward to visiting Grinchmas and meeting the Grinch, which will be coming in a future post. We were also really looking forward to the lighting of the Hogwarts Castle! Rudy and I had so much fun, the weather was perfect and we now have so many happy memories. I was intending on capturing way more photos than I did, that just goes to show how much fun I was having and living in the moment. However, I still wanted to share with you some of the photos I did capture. I hope you enjoy these photos from my trip.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, PINKMAS! I am back with another Museum Of Ice Cream post and a lot sooner than what I intended. In early November Museum Of Ice Cream surprised us all with a new Holiday spectacular where they transformed the MOIC we all know and love into PINKMAS for a limited time. I was thrilled when I heard about this and didn't even hesitate to purchase tickets for myself and Rudy. Every single room got decked out with Christmas decor it was truly magical. Today I want you to join me as we sing with carolers, get lost in a sparkling pink forest, walk through a wondrous light show tunnel, and of course join the unicorns in a groovy disco dance-off!

Ornament Collection #3

Welcome back to part 3 of my ornament collection series! In today's post, all of the ornaments I will be showing you will consist of nothing but Alice ornaments. I figured since I own a lot of Alice ornaments why not dedicate an entire post of nothing but ornaments of her. This post will consist of some of my favorite Alice ornaments. I'm going to keep this intro short and sweet, so let's begin!

Christmas In The Park

Christmas in the Park is an annual event that has been held in Downtown San Jose for as long as I can remember. The magical tradition first started up in the 1950s by Don Lima who wanted to bring the Holiday spirit to the community. As the years went by he started adding more to displays along with making them even bigger as the crowds grew. It has been an annual tradition for so many families to visit and since moving back to the Bay Area I told myself I would attend as many traditional events as I possibly can. I never want to miss out on anything in my city or take anything for granted again.

Ornament Collection #2

If you enjoyed part one of my ornament collection series then you're in for a treat because today I have for you part two of my Christmas ornament collection. Even though this is only part two of this series of mine I can't help but feel so excited for future posts. I love Christmas it's definitely my favorite Holiday and collecting different ornaments is something I love doing. Each ornament tells a different story and they're all so personal. Real quick, before we begin, how many times do you think I will say the word ornament in this post? Let's find out!

How I Embrace A Minimal Look

If I don't already sound like a broken record, then I will now. I don't enjoy wearing a lot of makeup as I once did. I'm not sure if this has to do with age? The last few years my makeup routine has only become more and more minimal as the time went on. Lately, I have really been embracing a more minimal natural look and I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome. I've also been very lucky that my skin has been treating me so well which really allows me to be very minimal with my makeup. Recently I picked up a few new products and I have been using them religiously. Today I am going to share with you the products I have been absolutely loving and constantly reaching for in order to embrace a minimal look.

Ornament Collection

Today I have for you guys a fun new little series, my ornament collection. Since our Christmas Tree is officially up and filled with ornaments, I decided that every Monday up until Christmas Eve I will be sharing a brand new post featuring a hand full of some of my favorite ornaments. Forewarning these posts will consist of a lot of Disney a.k.a. Alice in Wonderland ornaments. Ya'll already know the obsession! I try to pick up at least one new ornament a year and as I mentioned before during trips to Disneyland I would also try and purchase an ornament, or two, which turned into a tradition of mine. I want to begin a new tradition with you guys where I share new additions to my ornament collection throughout the years. Without further ado, here is the first installment to my ornament collection series.

Designer Bag Collection

I haven't shared a collection related post with you guys in such a long time and it's time I changed that. I feel this is the perfect time to share a brand new collection in which consists of my designer bag collection! I have to admit I have had this on my blog post idea for several months now and never got around to completing it until now. Watching handbag collections videos on Youtube are one of my favorite videos to watch, along with 'what's in my bag' videos. It's so much fun to lust over someone else's collection and a fun way to see more of other's style. My collection has changed so much over the years. My tastes and style have also evolved since then. At this point, I am very content with how my current collection looks like. So without taking up any more time, if you are interested in finding out more regarding my designer bag collection just keep on reading.

A Second Scoop Into The MOIC

Welcome back to my blog! Today I am giving you guys a second dip into the Museum Of Ice Cream! That's right you read it correctly. Rudy and I loved our first visit to this museum so much we just had to re-indulge ourselves in the experience. If you haven't seen the post and pictures I shared of our first visit to the MOIC then I would recommend you check that post out as well! Now if you're ready let's jump into the sprinkles pool and begin with today's post!

Mio Vicino

In today's Food Series post we are visiting a cute Italian Pasta & Pizzeria Cafe restaurant in Santa Clara called Mio Vicino. The first time we visited this place was during one of our visits to California while we were still living in Washington. My cousin treated us to dinner here and we both quickly became fans of the food. Back in September, for mine and Rudy's wedding anniversary, we decided to have dinner here since we both had been dying to go back again and of course it was the perfect occasion to do so.

Halloween Time At Disneyland

Happy Halloween! Today I have an exciting post to share with you all, photos from my trip to Disneyland from a few weeks ago. Earlier in the week, I shared all the photos we took while at Disney California Adventure and today it's time for all the photos from Disneyland! This post is filled with some of my favorite photos from our trip. Disneyland is completely decorated for Halloween and has such an Autumn feel for it it's amazing. If you're interested in seeing photos I took throughout Disneyland continue reading.

Halloween Time At Disney California Adventure

Welcome back to my blog! Today I have for you photos from my trip to Disneyland. I was originally planning on sharing all the photos I took in one post but as I was editing and uploading I then realized how many photos I actually had and knew I needed to split them down into two separate posts. I for one love a photo overload post, I just wasn't sure if I was the only one. In this post, I will be sharing all the photos from Disney California Adventure Park. I feel a bit rusty on my Disney trip posts so let's just fly right into things!

Painting Pumpkins

It has been forever since I have last shared a DIY post with you guys and last weekend Rudy and I pulled out our arts and crafts box and had ourselves a small pumpkin painting party! This was the first time we decided to paint the pumpkins we bought, and it was such a fun and creative way to put t…

Our Day At The Pumpkin Patch

It's time for my annual pumpkin patch post! I'm so happy that going to a pumpkin patch has finally become a tradition of mine and Rudy's. We always have so much fun going to them and taking all sorts of pictures. Two years ago we visited the Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch for the first time, since we loved that pumpkin patch so much, and with us being back in California, we just had to go again! We visited this farm very early in the month and I am finally here today to share with you all the photos from our lovely Sunday afternoon.


Today I'm going to be sharing the latest pop-up in San Francisco, Candytopia! Last month for mine and Rudy's birthday we purchased tickets, way in advance, to visit this candy-licious museum. Candytopia first started off in Los Angeles, and with a great run it's next stop is San Francisco. I have been so excited for this day to come where we get to step inside into a real-life Candyland. How amazing is that? So without further ado, here are photos from mine and Rudy's visit.

Disneyland Bucket List

If you guys have been with me from the beginning of my blog you'd know how much of a Disney addict I am. It has been way too long since my last trip to Disneyland, (just over two years, but who's counting?). As I mentioned previously, Rudy and I have wanted to plan a trip to Disneyland in the past but we always ended up being super busy and overwhelmed with a bunch of other things to do. Two years later since our last trip, I'm so happy to announce that we're heading back to Disneyland today!

Apple Picking

It's fall ya'll! One thing on mine and Rudy's to-do list for the month of October, mainly for the Autumn season really, was to go apple picking! You might be getting a bit tired of hearing me mention how much we enjoyed going berry picking during the Summer, well we did. Because of that, we knew this would be something we would love to continue doing through all the seasons. So for Autumn apple picking was a must. A couple of weekends ago we made our way to the Gizdich Farm over in Watsonville, the same place where we did our berry picking and picked ourselves some apples!

Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze

Today I wanted to take you guys along with me to get lost in this colorful mirror maze I recently visited. This is going to be a fun quick post filled with photos on the Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze! The Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze is located in San Francisco on Pier 39. Even though this maze has been there for years, I have never been. This maze is a hidden gem! As soon as you walk in through the doors it's like you are stepping into a fun psychedelic world full of colors and illusions.

31 Days Of Halloween Movies!

It's finally October which means its officially Halloween Month! This is one of my favorite months for many reasons. I love the bewitching spooky vibes, all of the decor, sweet treats, everything pumpkin, and of course Halloween movies! Every October Rudy and I try to watch as many of our favorite Halloween movies as we possibly can. This year I suggested we try and watch at least one movie a day. I wonder if that will be possible given both of our crazy work schedules, but it will be fun to try! Down below I have a list of thirty-one Halloween themed films. These are the films we will be trying to watch up until the last day of the month, Halloween day. Most of the films are favorites of mine and Rudy's and we even added a few films that neither one of us have watched. Let's begin!

Salt & Straw

I am back today to bring you another Food Series post! Today we are visiting another spot in San Francisco, a delicious ice cream shop called Salt & Straw. A few weeks ago during our last visit to San Francisco Rudy and I wanted to visit this scoop shop but we were maxed out on sugar for the day. A couple of weeks later we went back to the city to spend the day to celebrate our wedding anniversary and visiting this shop was a must!

Let’s Join The Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up because the Carnival is in town! Grab your tickets, popcorn, and cotton candy as I welcome you to Circus Vargas!

One Year

Today marks one whole year that Rudy and I have been married, can you believe that, our first Wedding Anniversary! This past year has flown by insanely fast and can't believe how quickly it went. So many things have happened this past year many good and some not so good. I have to admit, this first year of marriage was a bit rough on us due to life throwing things at us from left and right. I'm just so thankful and so lucky to have had Rudy by my side every step of the way. It has only made us stronger as a couple. I couldn't imagine life without him he is my rock, my best friend, and partner in crime. We have created so many amazing memories that I will forever cherish. I hope this love we have continues to last forever because I'm very excited to see what surprises life will have in store for us.

Mr. Holmes Bake Shop

Welcome to my Food Series post! I know it has been a very long time since I've shared a food series post that you may have even forgotten all about this series of mine. When I first began this series I had so much planned and it turns out I wasn't entirely committed to it at the time. At this point, I feel that I'm ready and fully intend to post more on this series. I will be sharing a lot of new to us food places that Rudy and I visit during our ventures. I will include food we each pick out along with our final thoughts! In this comeback post, I'm so excited to share our visit to Mr. Holmes Bake Shop located in San Francisco!

Farewell, Summer

As Autumn is approaching it only means Summer is coming to an end. This is the first year in a really long time that I'm a little bummed about summer ending. Even though autumn is my favorite season, I have had so much fun this summer and did so much. With this being the last weeks of summer I wanted to share some of my highlights of the season.

Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again, no not Christmas but something pretty close to it. My birthday! It's necessary to create a wish list, at least it is for me. When I get asked by Rudy, family members or even friends what I want for my birthday I find my brain almost every single time goes blank. This is the easiest way for me to share some of the things that I have been wanting to get. If you're interested in seeing what's on my birthday wishlist, just keep on reading.

We're BACK!

I'm extremely excited to share this post with you all today. It's already been a year that I was updating you all on some big news, that Rudy and I moved to Washington. How ironic is it that a year later I am here once again getting to share some more big news with you guys regarding yet another big move, this time we're heading back to California!

A Few Ways I Like To Relax

Life, as hectic as it may be at times I always try to take a step back, breath, and try to relax. When I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed there are some things I like to do in order to recharge myself and let go of any stress I have trapped inside. A lot of it is super easy peasy and even a little time by myself to regroup helps a lot. I am here today to share some of my favorite fun self-care ways that I like to do to unwind and relax.

How-To Get Rid Of A Blemish

In the past, I have talked a lot about skincare, my skin care specifically. I have shared products, tips, and tricks that worked for me. It doesn't matter if I'm using the best skin care items or eat the cleanest, breakouts still happen. I felt it was necessary for me to create this post to solely touch on the products that eight out of ten times work miracles on my skin. This doesn't mean that it works miracles on me every single time though. This post was also highly requested a while back (over a year ago, oops) on a day when I shared a Snapchat video of a rather large to be honest, blemish I had on my chin. I shared a step-by-step of the items that I swear by, and the next day I showed the end result of a pimple that had pretty much vanished.
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