A Few Ways I Like To Relax

Life, as hectic as it may be at times I always try to take a step back, breath, and try to relax. When I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed there are some things I like to do in order to recharge myself and let go of any stress I have trapped inside. A lot of it is super easy peasy and even a little time by myself to regroup helps a lot. I am here today to share some of my favorite fun self-care ways that I like to do to unwind and relax.

How-To Get Rid Of A Blemish

In the past, I have talked a lot about skincare, my skin care specifically. I have shared products, tips, and tricks that worked for me. It doesn't matter if I'm using the best skin care items or eat the cleanest, breakouts still happen. I felt it was necessary for me to create this post to solely touch on the products that eight out of ten times work miracles on my skin. This doesn't mean that it works miracles on me every single time though. This post was also highly requested a while back (over a year ago, oops) on a day when I shared a Snapchat video of a rather large to be honest, blemish I had on my chin. I shared a step-by-step of the items that I swear by, and the next day I showed the end result of a pimple that had pretty much vanished.


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