Ornament Collection #3

Welcome back to part 3 of my ornament collection series! In today's post, all of the ornaments I will be showing you will consist of nothing but Alice ornaments. I figured since I own a lot of Alice ornaments why not dedicate an entire post of nothing but ornaments of her. This post will consist with some of my favorite Alice ornaments. I'm going to keep this intro short and sweet, so let's begin!

Christmas In The Park

Christmas in the Park is an annual event that has been held in Downtown San Jose for as long as I can remember. The magical tradition first started up in the 1950s by Don Lima who wanted to bring the Holiday spirit to the community. As the years went by he started adding more to displays along with making them even bigger as the crowds grew. It has been an annual tradition for so many families to visit and since moving back to the Bay Area I told myself I would attend as many traditional events as I possibly can. I never want to miss out on anything in my city or take anything for granted again.

The park is filled with tons of decorated Christmas trees from schools all around the Bay Area and some from local companies in which have donated to the event. You can grab yourself some snacks or the famous hot chocolate everyone raves about to enjoy during your walk. As you visit Christmas in the Park, you will find the park transformed into Santa Claus' village from the North Pole. There are tons of little Elves hard at work, others messing around, a stunning whimsical Nutcracker display and a sweet Gingerbread family. Rudy and I have only ever gone to Christmas in the Park once together back in 2013 and it was something we always wanted to do again. We decided to visit the park a bit earlier this year before all the crowds would begin to show up. Today I'm going to share with you a bunch of photos we took during our visit. I hope you enjoy!

Ornament Collection #2

If you enjoyed part one of my ornament collection series then you're in for a treat because today I have for you part two of my Christmas ornament collection. Even though this is only part two of this series of mine I can't help but feel so excited for future posts. I love Christmas it's definitely my favorite Holiday and collecting different ornaments is something I love doing. Each ornament tells a different story and they're all so personal. Real quick, before we begin, how many times do you think I will say the word ornament in this post? Let's find out!