The Painted Lady

Yesterday Rudy and I spent the early part of the day in San Francisco, what else is new? We checked out a coffee shop, enjoyed our lattés and ate some yummy treats. It was a beautiful day, actually, it was a beautiful weekend to be specific. It finally felt like Spring was upon us. After our coffees, we decided to stop at the Alamo Square Park where the infamous Painted Lady houses are located. While we were here enjoying the day we snapped a few photos with that I wanted to share a quick outfit post for you guys since it has literally been forever since I last posted one. I really want to start sharing a lot more outfit of the day posts with you guys. With warmer days to come, I'm hoping it'll be something I get to share a lot more often.


Loving: all the new coffee shops I've been visiting! If you guys haven't been following me lately, Rudy and I have really been on a roll with visiting tons of different coffee shops around the Bay Area and I am absolutely loving it! I never thought that I would become that person who enjoys venturing off and trying different "café" shops. I used to hate coffee when I was younger and it wasn't until a little over a couple of years ago that I truly found a love for coffee. It's something I look forward every morning to wake up and make my delicious cup of iced coffee. I have a list of different shops we want to go to and little by little we've been crossing them off. It has become a favorite routine of ours to do come the weekends. I even like to call myself a coffee enthusiast haha! I have a couple pending food series post on some coffee shops we recently been to that I have yet to share. I'm hoping to put in some time to work on at least one of them to share sometime this month. The weather in the Bay Area has been filled with rain and it looks like we'll finally have some nice sunny days ahead which is great. Hopefully, this weekend we get to visit another coffee place that I have really been wanting to check out. I have my eye on quite a few of their lattés!

Revisiting Old Favorites

It has been some time since I have shared a monthly favorites related post, well over a year to be exact. Creating a monthly favorites post used to be a post I look forward all month to do. However, some months I did feel some pressure in having to put the content out even though I didn't have much to share or talk about. I gave up on sharing monthly favorites all together and today I thought it would be fun if we revisit some of my old favorites with you guys. I will share whether I'm still loving some of the products I once raved about and I'll even throw in a product or two that I no longer enjoy. I'm thinking of maybe sharing a few posts like this if it ends up being something my readers enjoy. I'm really excited about this so let's begin.

SPRO Coffee Lab

Welcome back to another Food Series post! For a couple of months now I have been on a coffee shop kick trying to find all these new coffee shops for Rudy and myself to visit. Recently Rudy had come across this coffee shop called SPRO Coffee Lab and I was immediately sold by their unique coffee flavors, not to mention their coffee art! We were determined to visit this "coffee lab" on our next venture to San Francisco, and today I'm taking you along with me on our visit!

LMNL | A Labyrinth Of Immersive Art

I'm very excited to share this post with you all today as we travel beyond limits of imagination into an inspiring and unique labyrinth of immersive art that was designed to inspire, amaze and transform. For a few weeks, Rudy and I had been trying to plan a day to go to San Francisco visit Onedome, a venue that is filled with entertaining interactive arts. Due to the constant rain, our trip kept getting postponed. LMNL is located inside of Onedome and was created in collaboration with eleven new media and visual artists from all around the world. It contains 14 interactive rooms and installations with out of this world fun. This exhibit was very much magical. Rudy and I had the best time and took tons of photos that I've been dying to share. Now without further ado, Welcome to LMNL.

Balmy St Alley Art

Welcome back to my blog! If you read my previous post, In This City, then you already knew this post was coming. Last month during a visit to the city Rudy and I stopped to look at one of many alley arts, the Balmy St Alley Art. A friend of mine actually suggested I stop by here and check it out since we were fairly close by along with one other which we hope to visit sometime soon. This was the first time I ever visited something like this and I was so amazed by the wonderful and interesting art around me. The murals were so touching, we spent a good hour here enjoying and taking it all in. Today I'm sharing photos that we took while our visit.


Watching: tons of new and old shows! Rudy and I love cuddling up together and watching shows in the afternoon after we've both gotten home from work, cooked and eaten dinner together. This is something we've done since day one. Lately, we have been watching some old favorites like The Magicians (a must watch!), Riverdale, Teen Mom 2 (a guilty pleasure!), and Floribama Shore. Some new shows we've been really enjoying are The Masked Singer, Roswell New Mexico, and Deadly Class. We're both always looking for new shows to add to our weekly programming. Netflix has been kicking ass with their original shows and a couple we've both been obsessed with is, of course, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Haunting of Hill House, and YOU! I wasn't really expecting to enjoy YOU as much as I did. I already watched the Sabrina series and Hill House twice and I've been dying to rewatch YOU. I can not wait for season two of Sabrina and of YOU.

Le Marais Bakery

Welcome to another Food Series post! Today we are visiting a bakery Rudy and I went to just before the new year called Le Marais Bakery. I first heard of this cute little bakery on Instagram from another account I follow called Le Merché that I had been wanting to visit. Le Merché is a cute french inspired shop which is located right next to Le Marais Bakery. When I found out the two were neighbors I knew it was the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone, without hurting any birds for that matter. I have been enjoying visiting so many new bakery shops throughout San Francisco and Le Marais instantly went to the top of my list of coffee shops to visit.

In This City

During the MLK Holiday a couple of weeks ago, Rudy and I had decided to venture off to San Francisco and spend the day exploring. We always have so much fun while we're in the city. There are so many things to do that we even keep a list of things we want to do and places we need to visit. It feels like each week we find something new to add to that list. Little by little, we're checking things off, and it's quickly become a weekly thing of ours to do, visit and explore this city. Like I said before, now that we're back in the Bay Area I plan on taking full advantage of all the things we can do around the area. I'm very glad that we're always finding new things to do in SF!

Our Wedding Photos!

Rudy and I have been married now for one year and four months. We eloped while we were living in Washington, just the two of us, and it's a decision I never regretted once. Since our elopement, we always said we wanted to take wedding photos. In a past blog post, I briefly mentioned that I would love if Rudy and I were able to celebrate our one year by taking wedding photos. There was a lot of discussions from where and when we were going to take these photos. Tons of back and forth with styles, and looking at wedding dresses for me. Then searching for an outfit for Rudy that would match the style we had wanted and that would compliment the colors of the bouquet I had in mind. Eventually, it all fell into place. I couldn't be happier because back in September, for mine and Rudy's one year wedding anniversary, we celebrated by finally having our wedding photos taken.

Alfred Tea Room

Welcome to another of my Food Series post! Back in December during mine and Rudy's little vacation to Los Angeles, we had a list of a few places we wanted to visit. This was the perfect time to check out new places around the Hollywood area because we weren't tied down to Disneyland like we usually are every time we're in town. One of the places I had been dying to visit was this very Instagrammable tea shop called Alfred Tea. If you are a fan of teas and everything covered in millennial pink like I am, then this is the place for you!

All About My Eyelash Extensions

In today's post, I'm going to be talking all about my experiences with eyelash extensions. Whenever I tell or when people notice I have lash extensions immediately after I get asked tons of questions about them. Most of the questions were ones I had asked myself before I got them done and while I was doing research on lash extensions. I'm hoping that this post will help you if you ever wondered about how lash extensions work, process, cost and if it's really worth it. Maybe you've been wanting to get some of your own and this post can help you make that final decision. This is a pretty lengthy post but very informative. Now grab your coffee, a pen, and paper and let's get started!

What's In My Mansur Gavriel Bag!

I can't even remember when was the last time I shared a 'what's in my bag' post. I felt this was a perfect time and opportunity for me to do an updated what's in my bag post so that I could also showcase my newest designer bag. If you are into handbag related posts then I suggest you check out my designer handbag collection, and if you already have then you're in luck because this bag wasn't featured on there. For Christmas, Rudy got me the black mini bucket bag with the blush interior from Mansur Gavriel. Ya'll already know the obsession I have over these bags and the brand itself. I adore black bags since they are so timeless and even though I already owned two bucket bags, I still had my eye on this specific bag. I'm so happy that Rudy surprised me with this bag. I feel that it's the perfect and final addition I needed for my collection because lord knows I don't need any more bags! Now if you're curious to find out what I carry inside of my MG bag continue reading.


Feeling: so grateful for this new life! So much has happened and changed in 2018. I know I have already mentioned this but I am so pleased where it has taken me. I'm so grateful for where I am today it feels so right and I can 100% say I have never felt happier. I am surrounded by so much love and support it's a bit overwhelming at times but great! When 2018 started I felt extremely alone which is probably one of the worst feelings a person with a mental illness can have. I still can't believe the turn around my life has taken and it always amazes me how everything truly does happen for a reason.

Mini Lush Holiday Haul

A couple of weeks ago Lush Cosmetics held their annual Holiday BOGO sale. I now have been attending this sale for the last three years and it's the perfect time to stock up on some of your holiday favorites. Since it has been forever that I've shared a haul related post let alone talked about Lush products, I figured this was the perfect time to do so and of course, share what I picked up during the sale. Plus I finally got my order in the mail last week. If you're also interested, you should check out the post from what I picked up during the sale a couple years ago in my very first Lush haul post. Let's begin!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Welcome to my first Food Series post of the year! Today I will be sharing one of my favorite cupcake shops that I have been to about a billion times, Sprinkles Cupcakes. I wasn't lying when I said I've probably been here millions of times. The first time I came here was either in 2007 or 2008. They have a great and very large selection of different cupcake flavors to choose from. Every so often and upon seasons/Holidays they release new limited edition flavors. They're each to die for and over the Holidays Rudy and I stopped by to pick up one of our favorite cupcake flavors. That was when it hit me, why haven't I shared a food series post on this bakery and then decided I would! Now please join me as I bring you along to Sprinkles Cupcakes!