Le Marais Bakery

Welcome to another Food Series post! Today we are visiting a bakery Rudy and I went to just before the new year called Le Marais Bakery. I first heard of this cute little bakery on Instagram from another account I follow called Le Merché that I had been wanting to visit. Le Merché is a cute french inspired shop which is located right next to Le Marais Bakery. When I found out the two were neighbors I knew it was the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone, without hurting any birds for that matter. I have been enjoying visiting so many new bakery shops throughout San Francisco and Le Marais instantly went to the top of my list of coffee shops to visit.

As soon as you enter Le Marais Bakery you will immediately be greeted with a tiled "Bonjour" floor. I had seen this on their Instagram and it was one of the reasons I was dying to visit. This is so cute and goes perfectly with the theme of the bakery. I was trying to get a good photo but because of the sun and the lighting, it was difficult not to get our shadows in it, still cute though!
I have such a big sweet tooth and when I saw all these different pastries I felt like I was in heaven. There were so many different pastries to choose from, like your regular croissant, my favorite chocolate croissant, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and even beignets! La Marais also have other food selections such as yogurts, oatmeal, avocado toast yum, omelets, eggs benedicts, sandwiches, salads, soups and so much more!
They have a very nice coffee menu to choose from. I was very tempted to try out their macchiatos but Rudy and I never had one of those really cute fancy cappuccinos. While we were here ordering our pastry we felt like it only seemed fitting for us to finally get ourselves one.
As we were waiting for our coffees it was the perfect time to take some photos around the bakery and Rudy was having a lot of fun doing that. I love the French-country vibe I got from this place especially this brick wall with the wooden shelves. Everything felt very clean and fresh from the white walls and booths, and I can't forget the marbled tables. Each table had a cute small vase with flowers which really is the cutest little touch. The art on the walls was the perfect additions to this French-inspired bakery.
This wall was the other reason I wanted to visit this shop. The mural is so pretty! I love that they added a croissant, it's so cute. At every location of Le Marais, you will find a mural just like this that was painted by Sabina Addis. She is such an amazing artist and if you ever stop by Le Merché she also painted the art in that shop! A lot of her art is sold there too and I have my eye on quite a few.
As soon as I saw this Christmas wreath I immediately went to sit at this booth. I liked that they still had some Christmas decorations up plus it was going to look perfect hanging behind me in photos.
Rudy and I decided to share a pastry. I can't remember what this one was called exactly, but it was a chocolate croissant. My cappuccino had a cute heart on top while Rudy's had a leaf which sadly I didn't get a photo of. Their cappuccino cups were huge!
I really enjoyed that this location was very calm and peaceful. It wasn't busy at all, it was nice and quiet, and the staff was so friendly. This really made our time here so much more enjoyable.
The love of my life right here!
Le Marais Bakery was definitely one of my favorite bakeries that I have been to. I keep telling Rudy that we need to go again while also doing a little shopping next door. I really hope you enjoyed this post. I hope to see you in my next food series post!


  1. They have beignets! I have to go and try theirs. My favorite in SF are from Brenda's French Soul Food. This was your first time trying a cappuccinos!!! NO WAY! I am in shock!
    I am in love with that last picture of you, so cute!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Awe thank you! We went back this weekend to pick up some pastries to eat on our way back home. I got their chocolate croissant and Rudy got the pomegranate pear danish, so yummy! I'll have to look up Brenda's French Soul, I think we actually saw this weekend too... I think I've had a cappuccino before just not a fancy looking one with a design.



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