The Painted Lady

Yesterday Rudy and I spent the early part of the day in San Francisco, what else is new? We checked out a coffee shop, enjoyed our lattés and ate some yummy treats. It was a beautiful day, actually, it was a beautiful weekend to be specific. It finally felt like Spring was upon us. After our coffees, we decided to stop at the Alamo Square Park where the infamous Painted Lady houses are located. While we were here enjoying the day we snapped a few photos with that I wanted to share a quick outfit post for you guys since it has literally been forever since I last posted one. I really want to start sharing a lot more outfit of the day posts with you guys. With warmer days to come, I'm hoping it'll be something I get to share a lot more often.


Loving: all the new coffee shops I've been visiting! If you guys haven't been following me lately, Rudy and I have really been on a roll with visiting tons of different coffee shops around the Bay Area and I am absolutely loving it! I never thought that I would become that person who enjoys venturing off and trying different "café" shops. I used to hate coffee when I was younger and it wasn't until a little over a couple of years ago that I truly found a love for coffee. It's something I look forward every morning to wake up and make my delicious cup of iced coffee. I have a list of different shops we want to go to and little by little we've been crossing them off. It has become a favorite routine of ours to do come the weekends. I even like to call myself a coffee enthusiast haha! I have a couple pending food series post on some coffee shops we recently been to that I have yet to share. I'm hoping to put in some time to work on at least one of them to share sometime this month. The weather in the Bay Area has been filled with rain and it looks like we'll finally have some nice sunny days ahead which is great. Hopefully, this weekend we get to visit another coffee place that I have really been wanting to check out. I have my eye on quite a few of their lattés!

Revisiting Old Favorites

It has been some time since I have shared a monthly favorites related post, well over a year to be exact. Creating a monthly favorites post used to be a post I look forward all month to do. However, some months I did feel some pressure in having to put the content out even though I didn't have much to share or talk about. I gave up on sharing monthly favorites all together and today I thought it would be fun if we revisit some of my old favorites with you guys. I will share whether I'm still loving some of the products I once raved about and I'll even throw in a product or two that I no longer enjoy. I'm thinking of maybe sharing a few posts like this if it ends up being something my readers enjoy. I'm really excited about this so let's begin.

SPRO Coffee Lab

Welcome back to another Food Series post! For a couple of months now I have been on a coffee shop kick trying to find all these new coffee shops for Rudy and myself to visit. Recently Rudy had come across this coffee shop called SPRO Coffee Lab and I was immediately sold by their unique coffee flavors, not to mention their coffee art! We were determined to visit this "coffee lab" on our next venture to San Francisco, and today I'm taking you along with me on our visit!