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Welcome back to another Food Series post! I've been trying to break up my coffee shop visits so I won't bore any of you with back to back lattes in my feed. Could you blame a coffee lover for trying? Before I dive in and begin sharing food posts of the places I visited while I was in New York, I wanted to go back and share with you my visit to B2 Coffee. A very cute, laid back coffee shop located in the heart of San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose!

I visited B2 Coffee back at the beginning of March, and like I said I didn't want to over spam coffee shop content. I'm happy to finally share this shop on my blog. I was very excited to visit B2, and the day we stopped by it was pouring non-stop in the morning. It was nice to get inside, dry off, and warm up to some coffee. Rudy and I both ordered their vanilla latté and it was super delish! The coffee was lightly sweetened and so smooth, my favorite kind of coffee.
This shop was beautiful I absolutely adored the style of it. They have a large area filled with tables and chair for you to lounge or work at. Then towards the back area another lounge area with seats and couches. In the back, they also have a bar which is stunning along with the most remarkable art pieces hanging right behind it! Very vintage. Although it was a bit too early to order some alcoholic beverage, I would love to come back some other time and maybe enjoy a fruity drink and I'm not much of a drinker. I think this area would look great at night time.
As you head towards their bathrooms, there is a wall filled with mirrors and I was all for this! Each mirror was different from another and it kinda gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes? Through the looking glass maybe? I had to snap a quick selfie of myself.
This was definitely one of my quicker posts, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. What did you think of this coffee shop and would you visit it if you're in the Bay Area?


  1. This looks like such a lovely place!

    Danielle xx

  2. Considering I live in downtown I've actually never order from B2 Coffee. It's on my list to try but normally Ricky and just end up buying a drink from the bar. But this is definitely a place we love to visit, its very chill and it's the perfect place to work or study.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Oh nice. I was very impressed with the bar. I'm sure it would be a good place to spend time at during those warm summer days.



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