Wanting: to change up my blog layout! I have had this same layout for nearly a year now, and even though it's become a favorite of mine I always feel the need to change things up a bit especially after a while. I love to constantly keep things looking fresh which will end up giving me so much inspiration. I've been looking online at a couple premade layouts (this makes things so much easier for me) and it's been so tough to choose which layout is my favorite since there are so many unique ones on the market. I'm also thinking about a color scheme that I want my blog to have, I don't like too much color going on. Plain and simple is the way I usually like to go and I enjoy things to be quiet minimal. I really want to take my time of this and think things through since I try to keep the same layout on my website for a minimum of a year before refreshing it up. I'm hoping to have a new look before the end of the month. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?

The Bagel Store

It's Fri-Yay, and welcome back to my Food Series post! I'm really happy that I am finally sharing the home of the first original rainbow bagel, The Bagel Store that is located in Brooklyn, New York. This was for sure one of the places I was most excited about visiting due to its colorful food. The Bagel Store is very well known for Scot Rossillo's old fashioned techniques and of course the rainbow bagel that broke the internet. Quickly grab yourself a delicious rainbow and let's start!

Current Favorites

It isn't very often that I dedicate a post to sharing some of my favorite products anymore. Monthly favorites became a post that I completely ditched a couple of years ago but would love to bring it back every so often. I don't tend to try too many new products anymore, as I mentioned in a past post I've become quite the hermit when it comes to well a lot of my products. I think that every few months it would be nice if I were to share some products that might be new to me and that I'm currently loving. This way I won't feel so pressured on having to share products I'm enjoying monthly because it all honestly that rarely happens anymore since I love the majority of the things I use. Now I am here today to share with you the few products that I'm currently loving.

Bathroom Shelfie

Who doesn't love a bathroom shelfie? I'm a sucker for them and find them to be quite interesting. You get to see the lucky items that made the cut and peoples favorite products am I right? Today I wanted to share with you all a bit of what's currently on my bathroom shelves. Although some things may change from time to time depending on if the item is a staple of mine, there's a new product that I am testing out or something that is close to being empty and I probably won't be repurchasing. Regardless of the reasons, here is what is currently living on my bathroom shelf!