Holiday Wishlist

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and I for one can't wait! I typically enjoy creating a wishlist mostly because it's so much fun gathering up the things you've been wanting over the year that you never bought for yourself. With today being Black Friday, I really wanted to get around to sharing a wishlist of mine since I haven't shared a wishlist on my blog in a while let alone a Christmas wishlist. Keeping my list short and sweet, I hope you enjoy it!

Fresh Rose Face Mask $62(Already Have)
I've been wanting to pick up the rose face mask from Fresh for some time now. A couple of years ago I had a deluxe sample size and I absolutely adored it, gimme anything rose-scented am I, right? I've decluttered and used up all my face masks and currently own three different ones that I use religiously. Since I'm almost done with one of them, I think this would be the perfect time to pamper my skin to this lovely rose mask especially with the winter months ahead. This will really do wonders in soothing dry skin and uneven texture along with reviving dull skin.

Canon EF 40mm Lens $129(Already Have)
Ever since purchasing my Canon m6 camera early this year, I've been obsessed with messing around with it and all its settings. Rudy and I have talked a lot about wanting to pick up another lens to play with the camera even further. This 40mm lens sounds wonderful because its small light-weight body would be great to take along while traveling. The lens is quite promising due to the focal length that makes it versatile for capturing clear shots in a number of shooting situations.

Tiny Zodiac Stud in Libra $70
If you didn't already know, I have a collection of piercings going on in both my ears, a "curated ear". I'm always looking for new earrings to add to the gallery I have in my ears. I fell in love with this Libra stud and have been wanting to purchase it for a while. I think it would be such a lovely addition to my whole celestial vibe I currently have going on with the earrings I already own. This lovely guy is also 14k solid yellow gold which keeps my skin happy.

Astrology Coin Necklace in Libra $65(Already Have) 
If it isn't obvious, I can't resist anything with my zodiac sign. I'm a very extremely proud Libra! If you didn't know, Libras are diplomatic, gracious and well balanced. We aim for equality and justice. I've been wanting a coin Libra necklace for so long and I've finally found the perfect one from Gorjana Jewelry. This is such a lovely piece that would go perfectly layered with the necklaces already in my collection.

Polene Paris Numero Un Mini Bag in Camel $350
If you know me then you know that I'm a sucker for designer handbags. I have a decent-sized collection of designer bags that I really don't need any more of them. I've had my eye on this beauty for months now and it would be a great piece to own. I'm obsessed with the color since I don't own anything in this shade, plus it's a nice change from what I'm used to.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask $48(Already Have)
I didn't mean to have two face masks in this wish list but I am obsessed with this Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. I own the mini size of this guy and I use it at least five times a week. This has become my favorite hydrating mask it does magic to my skin. It's one of my holy grail masks and I'll need to replace it soon as you see I can't live without it.

Have you been good this year? What are you going to be asking for this Holiday season?


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