Welcome back to another Food Series post! It's been a couple of months since I last shared a food post and if you've been missing them along with coffee shop related posts then I have a treat for you today. I never got around in sharing a visit to a lovely little cafe shop in San Francisco called HOME Cafe. I visited this cafe in early March one morning, and well it's just way too cute not to share. I had been on the hunt to visit all the aesthetically pleasing coffee shops around the bay area. At one point I was on a roll and myself and Rudy were at a new one almost every weekend. Home Cafe not only looked adorable but they had so many delicious coffees Rudy and I both wanted to try out like their well known Birthday Cake latte.
Home Cafe has a total of three different locations one located on Norigeo St, another on Clement St, and their newest spot located in Chinatown! The location we visited was beyond cute. The walls were pinks with mint and wood decor pieces.
Most of the time when visiting a new coffee shop I love picking up a pastry to enjoy during our visit. I was so pleased when I realized that Home carries a limited supply of Third Culture Bakery goods. I've wanted to try the mochi donut from Third Culture Bakery for some time but never made time for a visit. I picked up was their mango passion fruit and Rudy ordered a mochi muffin. The donut was so delicious and I really enjoyed the mochi texture in this donut. The flavor of the mango passion fruit was spot on! I definitely wanted to grab more to go but didn't haha.
Rudy ordered their Cookie Monster latte. I was so impressed with the coffee designs the baristas at Home create. Each is more beautiful than the next. The cookie monster latte had an adorable bear design with a couple of chocolate chip cookie cereal on top. Rudy really enjoyed this latte and I didn't think it was overally sweet.
Since I wasn't sure when we'd be back I ordered their Marilyn drink which is an alcohol-free version of a mimosa. I couldn't find this on their menu anymore but from what I remember it contained sparkling water, orange juice with rose petals sprinkled for garnish. I wasn't the biggest fan of this only because I felt it was watered down by the sparkling water. I think I'll stick to my go-to white peach mimosa.
As you may have already guessed by now I ordered the Birthday Cake latte. This was the most colorful drink I have ever ordered and it was so delicious. This latte was more on the sweeter side but still enjoyable, it was just right. Again, I am blown away at the coffee art these baristas design. On my latte, you can see a lovely swan. So magical sprinkled with some rainbow sprinkles.
As I'm writing this post it's making me want to go back here so that I can try more of their drinks. I have my eye on their Nutella latte, Red Velvet latte, Lavender and even Rose latte! These drinks are inspiring me to get more creative with my coffee at home.
Thank you so much for visiting Home Cafe SF with me, I really hope you enjoyed this post. What food, drink, or dessert spot should I visit next? Until next time.


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