Newborn Essentials

Since I have been a mama to Lucy for nearly two months now I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the products I found to be essentials and that has made this fourth trimester be a lot easier. Every single item in this post I one thousand percent recommend for all new parents! If you're a new parent, a parent to be, or just curious about the products my family has been enjoying this post is for you! Keep in mind that just because these products have worked wonders for our family doesn't necessarily mean your family will love it just as much, and that's ok. Let's get right into the products.

One thing I always planned on introducing Lucy too was a pacifier. Not all parents are for this, so this is when you need to make the best decision for your family. I heard some pretty good benefits to introducing a binky to your baby which was why I hoped Lucy would take one. One reason was newborns tend to cluster/comfort feed in the first week of life. I didn't want this to happen and wanted to teach her the difference between the nipple that feeds her and the nipple that soothes her. Second, the binky does a great job at soothing her whenever she's fussy that alone is usually a win. Lastly, I had read an article that using a binky can actually help prevent SIDS. Lucy's favorite binky is the BIBS pacifier. They come in all sorts of different colors and you best believe she has a ton to match with her every outfit!

Way before I was even pregnant I've always heard mama's rave about the Fridababy Nosefrida Snotsucker. Like most people, I thought it was gross and said I would never use it. I added it to my baby registry just in case. It wouldn't hurt to have also so that come if the day came and we'd need it Rudy would be the one to use it and clean Lucy's nose haha. When Lucy was about two weeks old we noticed her nose was kind of congested and she had a few boogers. We were using those bulb syringes that they give you at the hospital but I found it wasn't doing a good job grabbing all of the snot and it took a while to get her nose clean. One day Rudy and I finally decided to use the nose Frida, of course, Rudy was going to be the one doing it. He had such a hard time because he couldn't stop gagging haha, so I finally decided to man up and do it myself. I can't believe I'm typing this down, but I love this thing! It gets just about everything that's in her nose and it makes the entire process so much easier! Lucy doesn't fight me while I'm cleaning her nose, in fact, I think she kind of enjoys it. She prepares herself each time I'm about to begin sucking out her snot out haha that sounds terrible. This product has been amazing, we use it every few days. I recommend it to every parent!

This next item I never thought would be essential for a baby. When buying things for the diaper changing station I went with one of those Gathre mats that is made of vegan leather. They're the perfect size and material for diaper changes because if there's a mess you can wipe it clean. We even have two, one for home diaper changes and one in the diaper bag. I still do enjoy these for changing mats, however, there is another thing we started using way more that has been a lifesaver. When we got discharged from the hospital they sent us home with tons of supplies for postpartum. One item they gave us was those disposable underpads. Whenever Rudy or I would change Lucy's diaper she'd randomly start peeing all over the place and when she'd do this on the Gathre mat it would run down her back soaking her clothes. This started happening at almost every diaper change at one point and it was frustrating constantly having to undress her and then put new clothes on her especially in the middle of the night. One day I can't even remember if it was Rudy or myself that grabbed those potty pads and started changing Lucy on it. This has been such an amazing product that has been so damn handy for us. We never thought girl babies peed like this, only boys, but we were wrong! We're especially thankful to be using this when we're mid diaper change and little miss Lucy decides to poop everywhere. Oh, what joy.

Since the day Lucy was born we immediately started playing a sound machine for her while she sleeps. We purchased the Hatch Rest sound machine for the room, a portable sound machine for her car seat, and we even purchased the Baby Shusher soother machine. The three of us love them all! Do you need all three? Probably not, however, I don't regret purchasing any one of them because we use every single one of those machines. The Hatch Rest is in the room with us and I have it set to play all night and I turn it on whenever Lucy is taking a nap. I have it programmed to turn on at 10 pm and turn off at 7:30 am. I know Lucy loves this machine because every morning at 7:30 am when the machine turns off she starts to fuss and wake up. We use the Shusher every time we set her down in her crib to kind of relax and soothe her until she dozes off into her sleep. Obviously, the portable sound machine is used for outings and it's either attached to her car seat or in the stroller. This usually helps keep her asleep and calm and it was so handy during our hour drive when we took Lucy to meet her Bisavó "great-grandmother". You can't go wrong with any.

I did so much research and had a list of things I wanted to do with Lucy once she was born. It was planned from day one that she would be wrapped while she sleeps. I had purchased the Ollie World swaddle. I heard many women say how much they and their babies loved this velcro swaddle. Once Lucy came home we started putting her in it for nighttime use and she seemed to really enjoy it. I'm not exactly sure when it started but I began noticing when I would set her down in her crib and swaddle her up in the wrap she would immediately begin to squirm around and fuss until she'd get angry. Once I would release her arms she would instantly calm down. My plans were to swaddle her with her hands down when she sleeps, luckily I had purchased the Love To Dream Swaddle Up swaddle that allows the babies to have their arms up as a backup. Apparently the arms up is the more natural position for babies which allows them to self-soothe, something I want Lucy to learn. Once we started putting her in this she was a happy camper! I knew I needed to purchase a second swaddle for days when she spits up and dirty it. When I had gone to BuyBuyBaby to purchase that back up I came across the Nested Bean Zen One convertible swaddle. I had seen this swaddle on Instagram and had been eyeing it. This swaddle is lightly weighted that mimics the pressure of your touch and is proven to soothe the baby. What pretty much sold me to want to get this swaddle was that it claims your baby will have a better night's sleep within 3 nights! I ended up picking this guy up and now the Love To Dream swaddle acts as our backup. The nested swaddle is so great we have seen great results since using it. Lucy has always been a very good sleeper, but since using this she's been consistently sleeping at least three in a half hours to sometimes four. There's been a couple of nights she's slept five hours and even one night that she slept a full six hours! Hallelujah! 

Newborns have such sensitive skin! I've always known this but I didn't know how sensitive their skin really was until I had my own baby. Within a week of Lucy's life, she got a little heat rash around the back of her neck and I totally freaked out but luckily it didn't even last 24 hours. Almost three weeks ago I started noticing that she kept getting bumps around the back of her neck, behind her ears, and in front of her neck. I'm still not sure if this was another rash, eczema, or baby acne. After constantly wondering what was causing it I finally figured out that it had to be from when Rudy and myself would hold Lucy to burp her. Even though we're constantly washing our hands and disinfecting them with baby hand sanitizer, her skin is extremely sensitive. Before Lucy was born, I bought a whole bunch of products from Tubby Todd that ranged from bath time products, lotions, diaper cream, nipple balm, and more. They had such great reviews and because of its clean ingredients, I knew this was the only brand I wanted to touch my baby's skin. Every night during bathtime we use their hair + body wash in the lavender and rosemary scent. After drying Lucy off I always pamper her with a massage, this is her favorite part of her nighttime routine. I start off by using the dream cream that contains shea butter and mint, then  I slather a nice layer of the all-over ointment. This goes mainly on the areas that she had her little rash and her face. I noticed a difference in her skin by the next morning and today her skin is completely clear and hasn't broken out. I still continue to use both creams on her, the all-over ointment specifically on areas that are more prone to breaking out like her face and neck. I'm obsessed with all of the products we've used from Tubby Todd their butt cream is another product we use religiously. I'm so happy I decided to go with their brand to use for Lucy especially since it's done wonders on her skin. I really didn't want to have to resort to getting a prescription cream for her from her pediatrician. I feel a lot better with these clean ingredients. If you're interested in trying out some of their products click this link and you can save 10% one time only.

Lastly, I have to give a shoutout to our Boppy pillow. I purchased this months ago because I always heard new moms and moms-to-be talk about how it's a necessity, especially for breastfeeding. Once we came home from the hospital after Lucy was born I started using it I absolutely hated it. I remember finding it so hard to control because it moved around so easily and it was just so hard to nurse Lucy with this maybe because it was still new to me. I just wasn't used to it. Rudy, however, loved this pillow since day one and to this day uses it every single time he feeds her. From birth, Lucy only enjoyed nursing in the football position which was fine, however, once in a while I wanted to switch things up because I felt like both my hands were tied up with her as I fed her. This was especially difficult because she was borderline premie so she too was adjusting to things at her own pace. Now nearly two months in we've both gotten so much better with nursing and she even allows me to put her in different positions which is why I now love to use the Boppy pillow. I found ways to adjust it to my body and keep it that way throughout feedings. I lay, Lucy, overtop, and it's made feedings feel so much better since she lays so much more comfortably and I'm hands-free. She'll fall asleep during feedings and sometimes I'll just leave her resting there for a few minutes. As she's getting older Rudy and I have even tried laying her on it for tummy time so she can exercise holding her head up and she loves this! Sometimes we'll also have her sit in it while we supervise her of course and it's nice having this because there are so many different ways we can use it.

There were definitely a few more things I could have included in this post that we've been enjoying such as our mamaRoo, Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger, and Solly Baby infant wrap, but I wanted to talk about products that we love and use just about every day. We get a lot of use of other products but they also depend on Lucy's mood that day. Some days she doesn't want to be in the mamaRoo or doesn't want to be worn in the Solly wrap. That's just how it is with a newborn. Now the products above have really been lifesavers for us. 

I've gotten a lot of comments about the clothing and turbans I constantly dress Lucy in and I want to share a post dedicated to shops that I'm obsessed with fand shop at. Thanks so much for joining me on this post, and if you're a parent let me know what are/were some of your essentials during those newborn months.


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