Three Months Of Lucy Moon!

Lucy turned three months back on January 12, so this post is going up a little later than it should. I was planning on doing monthly updates on her but I kept forgetting. Then I figured I'd just do check-ins every three months on her growth and what new things she's been doing. One post filled with all sorts of things Lucy has been liking and disliking over the last few months. I want to start off by saying I can't believe my baby is already going on four months of age. It's just so surreal how quickly she is growing and because I feel like I have known her forever. It makes me sad knowing Lucy is no longer a newborn, time is really a thief. Although she isn't that tiny premie I gave birth to anymore it has been such a joy watching her grow! As the months go by Lucy is only becoming more and more fun.

Lucy averages at 8-9 hours of sleep and she recently did a 10-hour stretch! It was pretty awesome.

She has found her hands and absolutely loves to chew on them. She even tries to put her whole fist into her mouth.

Lucy has recently started drooling a bit and is constantly blowing raspberries as she discovers her vocal cords.

She is exclusively breastfed. I feel that by this point we've both gotten so much better at it by now. I feel a lot more confident in breastfeeding. 

Earlier this month I introduced her to vitamin D drops. I only recently learned that exclusively breastfed babies should be taking this.

Lucy loves to smile! (I just like to smile, smilings my favorite.)

She is always kicking around and is extremely active.

Lucy really enjoys bath time. Rudy always hypes her up just before and it's so cute to see how excited she gets.

She currently eats every 3-3 1/2 hours depending on naps.

Now at three months, Lucy is so curious and nosey.

She is just barely starting to outgrow newborn clothes, she's my little petite babe and is fitting into some 0-3. 

Lucy still in newborn size diapers.

She loves taking naps on me especially while I wear her in the Solly wrap.

Lucy started rolling over from her tummy to her back at 2 1/2 months! This still blows my mind, and she's doing it more frequently.

She absolutely loves her Lovevery play gym! We spend a lot of her awake time here since it really tires her out.

Lucy enjoys tummy time, especially while she's looking at herself in the mirror.

Since day one she has been so good at holding her head up and has gotten better control of it even though she still bops it around.

Lucy loves talking to Rudy. They're always saying things like oooooh and goooo.

She loves it when I talk Portuguese to her.

Lucy enjoys Facetiming family and concentrates so hard on the screen when being talked to.

Sometimes she doesn't like being woken up from her naps.

Since the hospital, she can get irritated quickly.

Lucy never liked being over bothered or smothered.

For some unexplainable reason, she always gets upset whenever Rudy puts on her onesie after bathtime.

Lucy is the happiest baby I've ever seen! 

As much as I hate how fast Lucy is growing I'm always more excited to watch her grow. I'm looking forward to seeing the young lady she becomes. I'm excited to see how much she'll change and grow in these posts in the future.


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