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I love mornings with Lucy when it's time to get her all dressed in her outfit of the day. I was told by absolutely everyone not to invest in many newborn pieces, heck not to invest in many small sizes because babies outgrow clothes like crazy. So far, that hasn't been the case for me. Maybe it's because Lucy was a premie and continues to be petite, we have gotten so much use out of all her newborn clothes that I even had to purchase more clothes in newborn size because I didn't have enough. Lucy will be four months in a couple of days and she is now officially in 0-3 month clothing, apart from a few newborn pieces from H&M that run a little larger but I will get into that later. Over the last months we have truly discovered some of our favorite places to shop for Lucy, and today I wanted to share them with you all.

I'm obsessed with matching sets for Lucy, I think we all know that by now haha. I've shared tons of them when I uploaded my baby girl clothing haul on Youtube and since Lucy's been born her collection has only grown. One of the shops I was most excited to dress Lucy in was the matching sets from Plain Jane. While I was pregnant I purchased four sets from them and they are some of my favorite. Their material is extremely soft, buttery, silky, stretchy, you get my drift. I don't know how many times in this post I will say this but I adore putting Lucy in comfy lounge clothes like this. She wears them quite regularly about every week or every other week. I'm really trying to get the most use out of these sets before she outgrows them and with me washing them so much they're still in great condition! I was kinda bummed when they discontinued their infant sizes. Since then I have started purchasing their sets for her in 12-18 months, so for this fall! They have a few mommy and baby matching sets and I'm so excited because I did get one matching set for Lucy and myself to match hopefully for Christmas this year.

The second company that Lucy wears tons of clothes from is Little Miss Dessa. Lucy lives in matching two-piece sets. We have a whole bunch of colors and various sizes for when she gets older. The material from these sets is kind of similar to the ones from Plain Jane, but they are all footed, unlike Plain Jane. The material is very soft and also stretchy which I've realized is a must when it comes to baby clothing. LMD has a variety of pieces to choose from apart from my favorite snuggle sets. They offer matching sets for mom and baby, head bows, crib sheets, sleepers, knotted gowns, and robes for moms. My favorites are their solid color sets, I'm a sucker for that whole monochromatic look. If you follow me on Instagram then I'm sure you've seen Lucy in a whole bunch of their sets! One of my favorites is definitely that citrine honey that Lucy is wearing above to the right.

When I was pregnant I heard of this brand Kyte Baby and how their pajamas were buttery soft. It wasn't until Lucy was born that I finally decided to purchase one to try out since I kind of thought their PJs were a bit pricey. Once I received it in the mail I was so impressed with the material. It is extremely soft and silky, just the material I love having Lucy in. It's is made of Bamboo material. Once Lucy wore it I became even more obsessed and thought Rudy would never go for purchasing more, I was wrong! Rudy was just as obsessed with their zipper long-sleeve rompers as I was, if not more. We now have a huge collection of them in all colors. I'm a little sad because we recently put away the newborn size and Lucy is now wearing their 0-3 month size. We clearly love the stretchy breathable material of these jammies and we like their romper version. They do have a footed option but we prefer the footless romper because it gives the baby room to grow. Besides their pajamas, I ordered one of their sleep bags in 6-18 months for the day we have to unswaddle Lucy. I also purchased a few of the zipper sleeveless romper to try out for the springtime. I definitely see ourselves purchasing from Kyte as Lucy grows up and upgrades to their two-piece pajamas!

Next, there's Solly Baby. I had my eye on their sleeper sets for so long and slowly started investing in them. They start their sizes off with 0-3 months and with Lucy being my premie and petite babe she's barely fitting into these. They have such beautiful colored and patterned sets, one more beautiful than the next. The Solly Baby sets are almost identical to the ones from LMD. There is a slight difference in material, their pants are high-waisted, the 0-3 months set has optional hand covers, and the 0-3 and 3-6 months sets are footed. Not only do we love their sleeper sets, but we are in love with their wraps! I own two different colors and we use them weekly. I love wearing Lucy it's such a special bond when wearing her. We're able to hang out leaving me hands-free and my favorite way to use this is to extend her naps. Lucy is so comfy and cozy inside, Rudy's even used this with her and loved it. Also, Solly baby is Plain Jane's sister company! 

H&M has such a wide variety of baby clothes and I can't get enough of them. I did so much shopping from their online site while I was pregnant and I just continue to go back for more. There is legit so much to choose from and some of my fabric pieces are their ribbed clothing, clearly. They sell a lot of them in sets of two so like a two-set of ribbed tops short or long sleeves and even leggings. I normally buy these and match the tops with the bottoms. I find that most of their clothing is pretty true to size for the most part. Lucy is almost four months and can still fit into some of their newborn clothes which are the pieces that run a little larger. Their clothing options are always in style and it's so affordable for being good quality clothes. I'm really into more plain or simple pieces and H&M definitely has what I'm looking for along with clothes with more designs. 

I don't put Lucy in many accessories, however, there is one specific piece she almost always wears and that's her knot turbans. We have a large collection of these knot turbans all from the brand Knotbaby. every single turban Lucy owns is from this lovely shop. Knotbaby has so many color options to choose from and is always coming out with new shades. They offer so many neutral tones which I'm all there for. Their headwraps are all handmade in the softest material ever. It is also super stretchy so it'll grow a bit with babies head until it's time to size up. Since Lucy was born she was wearing their newborn size and occasionally some of their 3-6 month turbans. The 3-6 month ones were a little bit too big but it's a good example that it's pretty versatile with room to grow. These knot turbans are my favorite thing to put on Lucy and everyone is always telling me how they know Lucy with these turbans haha. Sometimes I ask myself who is she when she isn't wearing them. Love these turbans, love this brand, I 100% recommend! 

I've been having the best time dressing Lucy up even Rudy has been enjoying it himself. I can't wait to continue styling her as she grows, that is while I still can haha. What are some of your favorite kid shops to buy from?


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