Baby's OOTW!

Lately, I don't really know what to post on my blog. Now that I have a baby I didn't want it to only consist of posts about mom-hood or baby life since I'm sure that can get kind of boring to some people. A couple of weeks ago I asked over on my Instagram what people would like to see more on my blog/Ig and so many of you requested more about my life and more of Lucy, go figure haha. I'm always more than happy to give the people more of Lucy since I find it kind of hard not to share about this perfect baby of mine. I also decided this is my blog and if I only want to share things about being a mom and about my daughter then I will since this is all I ever wanted to have in my life. I'm trying to keep things interesting on my blog and not repetitive so for today's post since I've never done this before, I'll be sharing a whole week's work of Lucy's outfits!

I mentioned in my favorite baby shops post how much I love mornings with Lucy because I get to pick out her outfit for the day. I have so much fun getting to dress Lucy up in all of the cutest clothes even Rudy enjoys picking out her outfits from time to time. I'm looking forward to when she gets a little older and we can start matching since we definitely already have a good handful of matching outfits. I can't wait to share those in the future. Lucy has a ton of clothing, I just can't stop shopping for her. She is the most stylish baby I know. With that, let's get right into today's post starting with outfit one!

Outfit #1

Bow: Mae & Rae
Sweater: Nora Madison Designs
Leggings: Target
Binky & clip: Mushi

Outfit #2

Turban: Knot Baby
Onesie: Carters
Leggings: Target
Socks: Little Stocking Co.

Outfit #3

Turban: Knot Baby

Snuggle set: Little Miss Dessa

Outfit #4

Bow: Quincy Mae

Cardigan: H&M

T-shirt: Cotton On Kids

Bottoms: Old Navy

Outfit #5

Turban: Knot Baby

Binky: Bibs

Onesie: Target

Socks: Little Stocking Co.

Outfit #6

Bow: Quincy Mae

Onesie: Charlotte + Ezra

Socks: Olivia J

Outfit #7

Turban: Knot Baby

Outfit: Old Navy

Do you guys like posts like this? What are some posts that you would like to see from me?


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