Lucy's First Easter Basket

Holidays from now on are going to be so magical with having Lucy in our lives. As a kid, I looked forward to each Holiday as I loved the feeling of getting together with family and celebrate these special occasions. My mom always went all out for my sister and me when we were little and it made Holidays so much more special. Now having Lucy I plan on doing the same for her. Even though she probably won't remember much in her first couple of years of life I still want to celebrate for her even if it means capturing photos to share with her one day. 

In today's post, I wanted to share the Easter basket I put together for Lucy's very first Easter. Some of the items in her basket were things that I had already purchased a while ago and I felt it would be perfect things to include in an Easter basket. Since she's only five months old the items I included are appropriate for her age. It'll be fun to see how the items in her basket will change from year to year. I think it would be fun to even make this a yearly post and share what's in her Easter basket. Next year will be even more fun as she'll be walking by then so I definitely plan on having an egg hunt activity for her. So without further ado, here is Lucy's 2021 Easter basket!

Beginning with the basket we chose. First off, I was on the fence for a while whether or not to even pick up a basket for Lucy this year since she would still be so young and wouldn't be able to carry it herself. I've been seeing so many different baskets all over Instagram and it was so inspiring and it made me want to do one for Lucy even if it was for me. Rudy actually decided on this cute pink basket from Target, super cheap and something we can even use year-round. The stuffing "grass" was also from Target and I chose a cute iridescent one. It was perfect. The grass will also be something we can use in the future as a sensory play for Lucy.

You can't have an Easter basket without a theme book. I have a bookshelf in the room filled with books for Lucy and lately, I've been switching them out accordingly to the holidays and season. At the moment her bookshelf consists of a few Leprechaun books, spring books, and some Easter books. This "A Little Chick" book is so cute and the perfect size that fits into this basket. I also chose a chick book to include rather than a typical bunny book, even though Lucy has a bunch of bunny books on her shelf haha.

As I was filling the basket I spotted some precious socks that I had ordered from Olivia J. I purchased two sets and what I loved about them besides their adorable pattern is that they have a matching mama size too. Of course, I purchased some for myself so that Lucy and I can match. Since the colors were so fun and bright they made such a fun addition to the basket. 

Since spring was approaching I had purchased the cutest swimsuit for Lucy. It was the perfect shade of rose and it had a bow on the top. This was another item that I felt was perfect to include in her basket and then I noticed a swimsuit was an item a lot of parents include in their child's Easter basket. This swimsuit I purchased from H&M. They have a lot of adorable swimsuits online at the moment I was tempted to buy them all.

I purchased this magical wand for Lucy back in January. I had seen a lot of photos of Easter baskets for inspiration and noticed a lot of people include tags with the child's name on them. I'm not necessarily a big fan of that but since I already had this precious wand with Lucy's name on it again, it was perfect to include. I purchased it from a shop on Etsy called By Tiny Moon, what a perfect name. This shop contains tons of natural and safe handmade toys. I'm really into wooden toys and want to enforce Montessori education. We own a couple of items from this shop and they're each so special I can't wait to watch Lucy grow and play with them.

Lucy is at the age that she loves to put anything and everything in her mouth. She is five and a half months and still doesn't have any teeth but we've been preparing for when the day comes. We've purchased a few teether toys for her and we finally picked up a pack of cooler teethers by Itzy Ritzy that you put in the fridge for that cooling effect. It came in a pack of three but I only tossed one into the basket which I just realized has a bit of a theme of colorful rainbows bringing me to the next two items.

I just knew I'd be including the new rainbow collection from Tubby Todd! This collection includes a gift set that comes with their hair + body wash, body lotion, bubble bath, and two rainbow cloud bath bombs. I purchased the set since it was too cute to pass up, but in Lucy's basket, I only had a little room left so I just added the everyday lotion in raspberry grapefruit and the hair + body wash in apricot and passionfruit. If you're interested in placing an order with Tubby Todd use this link to save some money! (This is not a sponsored post.)

Lastly, the number one item that I was going to include in the basket was Easter Lucy the lamb doll from Cuddle and Kind. While I was pregnant I wanted to purchase this doll for Lucy, however, it sold out and they weren't going to be bringing her back so I went ahead and ordered the original Lucy. Back in February, they announced that Easter Lucy now known as pastel Lucy the lamb was coming back in stock and would now be in their permanent line. I was over the moon when I heard the news that we were going to be able to add this beauty into Lucy's collection of Cuddle and Kind dolls. We purchased the small size since she already has the original Lucy doll in the larger size. Adding a Cuddle and Kind doll to Lucy's Easter basket was the icing on top of the cake.

Thank you for joining me on today's post. What were your favorite items to receive in an Easter basket when you were a kid?


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