Disneyland Vacation Photos

Last week Rudy & I went back to our favorite place on earth, Disneyland. We've made a tradition to go every year for our Birthdays. This year we went the week after our birthday & it was so much fun as it usually is. It was so nice to be back there I swear if I could just live there I would be the happiest girl on earth haha. We ended up getting our annual passes again so I'm very excited for another year filled with visits to Disneyland. I took tons of photos like always & wanted to share them with everyone here that reads my blogs. While we were down there we finally attended Mickey's Halloween Party! It was mine & Rudy's first time going & it was so much fun! We got to see Villains, characters that I've never seen before like Wendy! Watch shows that are specifically for the Halloween party & trick or treat. We got a bag filled with candy. I won't ever say this enough but it was so much fun just being back. I always have the best time there. So enough with the rambling here are tons of photos from our trip & when I say tons I mean a bunch!

Also don't forget to check out the Vlog I made of our trip. I posted it on my last blog post. Hope you all enjoy!



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