July Favorites

Here are the things that I have been enjoying this month.
The last week of June I ordered my first pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia. I was very excited for this pair not only because it was one of the collaborations they had with Chrisspy a popular Youtube Guru, but because it was the sunglasses I was on the hunt for! Chrisspy came out with about three sunglasses with Quay and this pair is in the style called 'Jet Lag'. This one was my favorite of the bunch and had been calling my name ever since she uploaded her video talking all about the sunnies she was releasing. I love absolutely everything about this pair; the style for one, the matte black finish, it is one of the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I've ever worn, it's the perfect size, how reflective the lens is and the rose gold tint of the lens. Honestly I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw the shade of the lens and how reflective the lens were. I love anything rose gold and I had really been wanting a pair of sunglasses that were very reflective to where you can't even see my eyes. I have been wearing these the entire month on July, I just love them! The protective bag the glasses came in is also so cute. I love the color and how its holographic.
Let's talk about another pair of glasses but this time prescription ones. I have mentioned that I order my glasses from Zenni Optical in the past and in the beginning of this month I placed an order from them during their 4th of July sale. I really like the glasses from Zenni, the quality is very good and the prices go from very cheap to a little more pricey. Since I have to wear glasses I like that I can order multiple pairs if I'd like for cheap, plus I enjoy have different styles to choose from day to day. I had really been wanting to purchase a clear frame pair and when I found this pair online I was so excited and I've been obsessed with them since I received it. These clear glasses are so much fun to wear out especially if I dress up a little more. I feel they are also cute to wear out since the frames are clear I don't feel they hide my face or makeup. I don't like to wear my glasses that have a black frame out when I'm all done up because I feel they grab more attention over anything else on my face and these clear ones don't. They also work as a really great accessory. Zenni doesn't only sell prescription glasses but they also sell prescription sunglasses and non prescription glasses. I have tried a different website to order glasses from and it didn't work out. I am going to stick with Zenni since they have never let me down before.
Next I want to talk about a sheet mask. I received this Farmacy sheet mask from Boxycharm last month and face masks is something I love to use. This mask came in a three pack which was made specifically for Boxycharm and it is the hydrating coconut gel mask. This mask is supposed to hydrate and restore the skins natural balance and even skin tone. The way you are meant to use sheet masks is applying it to the face, leaving it for whatever suggested time, then once you remove the sheet you pat the remainder fluids from the mask into the skin and let dry. After using this mask for the first time, the next morning I woke up with my face glowing. My face was so radiant and plump! I went ahead and did my usual morning skin care routine followed by doing my makeup and got ready for the day. My makeup applied and lasted beautifully that day and I'd like to think it was from this mask. I now only have one sheet left and I know it is something I am going to have to order and soon.
Another item I received from a subscription that I have been loving is this intensive blemish serum from Evologie. This guy came to me just in time too, I had ran out of the cream I used for dark spots and post blemish marks and I was in need of repurchasing a new one. This cream serum is meant to get rid of scarring and hyper pigmentation while targeting stubborn blemishes. I had a few breakouts on my chin some just weren't going away and others left a mark. I started using this serum every other day just in case it would have been too harsh on my skin and my chin began to clear up within a week. I'm sure if I used it every day with would have helped speed the process up. As of today my skin is completely clear of any blemish and dark spots thanks to Evologie. The only thing I don't  like about this cream is the smell. It smells so strong it as some kind of chemical scent which is why I chose to only use it every other day to prevent my skin from freaking out. Once I run out of this I may look into ordering a full sized bottle of it since I really like to have a product like this in my night time routine.
Lastly for my favorites I wanted to share the Philosophy Purity one-step facial cleanser. I used to use this cleaner all the time maybe eight months to a year ago but then I started using the Clarisonic cleaner that came free when I purchased it. After that I kind of forgot about this cleanser until recently when I was just about done with the Clarisonic cleanser and decided I didn't want to repurchase it. I remembered I still had a practically brand new bottle of the Purity face wash and began using it once again. I forgot how much I really enjoyed using this cleaner. It really does a great job getting rid of everything on your face. The only thing I wish was that this cleanser would foam up a bit more I like more foamy face washes. I spoke a lot more about this cleaner on my updated night time skin care routine, so if you are interested feel free to check that out.

Have you tried any of these products? I cannot believe July is already over and soon it will be August!



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