Reading: I have started reading again! The end of July J. K. Rowling released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the eight story, nineteen years later. I'm a big Harry Potter fan as I have mentioned here before although I never read any of the prior books. I was very young when they first released and wasn't much of a reader. Now that I'm older I enjoy reading a lot more but the book has to really grasp my interest. Once I heard of this new book I was so excited. It's always very exciting when a book can do that for me since I am super picky with what I read. I was anxious so see what has been going on with Harry and everyone, along with what was going to happen next. This book is a special rehearsal script edition. I have been reading a couple scenes every few days only because I want to really take my time reading this book. I don't want it to end. That is one thing that's happened in the past when I am so into a book I can finish it anywhere from three days to a week. Then once I am done with the book that's it and it makes me kind of sad as silly as that sounds haha. I was so sad when Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows Part 2 came out because after that the magic was over. Now that there is another book I want to prolong the reading "magic" for as long as I can.

Working out: A few weeks ago I began to work out once again. A couple of years ago I was so committed to working out 4-5 times a week and I was loving it. Early spring I began taking morning walks with Juicy (my furbaby) and it was so nice being active once again. I'm not too sure why but I stopped doing that. A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to start up again by lifting weights five days out of the week and I want to start walking again. I feel so productive when I'm doing this especially knowing how good it is for me. More than anything I just want to be healthy. I am very happy with how I have been eating for the past eight months and it's been very easy too. However I did have to take a week off since getting my new tattoo. My arm was very sensitive and got very bruised and swollen a break was necessary. I plan to continue being active even if it's something small like an hour walk around the neighborhood at least its something. I'm even hoping to start going on hikes with Rudy since its something he always enjoyed and I've been a lot more into the outdoors recently.

Drinking: I've never been a coffee drinker I just couldn't stand the taste of it. I loved coffee flavored ice cream but coffee itself nope way too strong for me. A few years ago I even thought the caramel frappé from Starbucks was way too strong when in reality it tastes like pure caramel sugar. As time passed I began to like coffee a little bit more. For some reason one morning I decided I wanted to try something different from Starbucks some sort of iced coffee. Rudy and I usually grab coffee in the morning on weekends while running errands and I'm usually left trying to decide what to get. I randomly ordered an iced white mocha with toffee nut. I'm not a big fan of white mocha so I have no idea why I even wanted to try that drink in the first place, but luckily I did because it was so delicious! I have to admit that at first I did think it had a funky taste yet I couldn't stop drinking it. Now I am obsessed. I know this isn't necessarily a good thing but I am excited that I now have a new drink that I enjoy getting at Starbucks. I'd normally get a frappé and their s'mores drink is seasonal. I want to start making my own coffee at home using syrups from Starbucks that they sell to save money but first Rudy and I will have to invest on a coffee machine!

Loving: I already shared a whole post dedicated to my new tattoo but I just can't get over it. Luna is my favorite character from Harry Potter and the meaning behind this tattoo is very special to me. Even though I chose not to get Luna's exact quote "you're just as sane as I am" I still love how mine turned out and it is still very similar just reworded by choice. "Don't worry you're just the same as I" represents exactly that, everyone is the same no matter who they may be. Everyone is equal and should be treated no different. It basically stands for equality. I got a lot of shade from people who think or thought my tattoo was a mistake "typo," or that I just didn't know the real quote but they're wrong. Clearly I'm a huge fan of Luna and I do know her quotes. If you even look back on my photos from April on IG when I went to Universal you will see I even used her quote as my caption. I chose to change the quote a little and give it a whole lot of extra meaning to it. I absolutely love it and I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out which is all that matters. Plus guess what guys, tattoos can be changed around if you want them to be and its on my body not yours.

Packing: In just a couple days Rudy and I are heading back to Anaheim. I am more excited about this trip because we get to go back to Universal Studios. I've been dying to be back at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the last time we were there was in April and even though we have the season passes it comes with block out dates which was for most of the summer. Nonetheless I am happy to go back and this time we'll have to really take in every moment we are there. As of now I am trying to pack and decide on what outfits to take which is a tough thing for me to do since I always over pack and take tons of extra clothes that I don't even touch while out there along with choosing the perfect outfits. I actually enjoy packing a lot more than unpacking once we get back home. Would you guys be interested in a vacation photos post? I know I didn't share any photos from my last trip to Disney, so just let me know if it something you guys enjoy seeing or would like to see.



  1. You're back!!!!! I have missed your posts

  2. I loved this kind of post! I might have to do one like this :)

    1. Yes! It's a stress free kind of post talking about whatever.


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