Stocking Stuffer Ideas For She & Him

Stocking stuffers is one of the easiest gifts to buy. You can be really creative and it doesn't take knowing the person very well to do so. As a kid I loved saving the gifts in my stocking to open last and it was always filled with random surprises. It was so much fun! I made a little stocking stuffer gift guide filled with some great ideas for anyone who may be struggling on what to buy. I included gifts for both she and him. These are some things I know I would love finding in my stocking Christmas morning and same goes with Rudy.
I loved having a planner this past year. It really came in handy with keeping track of any appointments, birthdays, future blog posts along with when to post what. Since the year is close to an end a new planner is ideal for anyone who's a planner like I am. I just pick this one up from Target and my 2016 is from this brand as well which I enjoyed using. 

Who doesn't love candles? A mini candle is not only cute but it will fit perfectly in a stocking. As you know I love Bath and Body Works, and they have a huge variety of scents one for everyone.

You can never go wrong with gifting someone perfume, I for one love collecting perfumes. This new Kate Spade perfume is just heavenly for the Kate Spade lover.

Polaroids are so  much fun! I absolutely love taking pictures with them and they're also such a great keepsake. You get to keep a physical photo filled with memories and I love that Instax has so many different themed films to choose from. This one specifically I was eyeing on eBay for a couple of months now and finally bought them for me. I can't wait to start using them for my future trip. Also, if you buy these films in a bulk (three and up) you usually get a discount per pack!

The holidays are the best time to buy and receive makeup. So many different companies come out with different sets to choose from and this is one of my favorite time to buy makeup. Colour Pop has a wide variety of cosmetics to choose from. The quality is great, products are affordable, and its all cruelty free!

When I was a kid socks was something I never wanted to receive as a gift but now as an adult I love them. Ruffled socks are one of my favorites even ones with cute little designs, those are always fun too.

This adorable unicorn ring holder is the perfect place to set your rings while you're doing some house chores. This is something I would even love to have in my stocking since I usually set my engagement ring on a shelf while I'm cleaning. This would probably be great to set your keys in too when you get home or loose change.

You will rarely find me with bare nails, I love having my nails painted. Nail polish is one of my favorite ways to accessorize especially during the holidays.

DVD's are a favorite of mine to find in my stocking. New Girl is such a funny show that anyone will enjoy watching. This is one of mine and Rudy's favorite shows and Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield are hilarious.
1. Liquid Education: Beer - Book
Nearly every man enjoys drinking beer and this book by Will Hawkes is perfect for the beer lover! There's even one about coffee that I ordered for myself!

2. Mini Candle
You'd be surprised at how many men actually like to have candles in their home. Bath and Body Works has such a wide range of scents including some musky ones that smell like mens colognes. Mahogany Teakwood and Black Tie are two of my favorite of mine. I also know Rudy really enjoys when I have candles burning at home.

3. Bates Motel
I can go on about this show I'm so obsessed. It's such an amazing show, this American horror will have you hooked from the first episode and it only gets better and better.

4. Watch
Guys themselves too like to accessorize. I know with Rudy watches is one of many ways he likes to accessorize. These wooden ones I found is cool and different. This is ideal for any men that collects watches and that loves wearing them.

5. Cozy Socks
Like I mentioned for girls who doesn't like cozy socks? They are perfect for everyone and you can find so many different designs to choose from, even for men as well!

6 & 7. The Art Of Shaving Cream & After Shave Balm
The Art of Shaving products are perfect for the man who's constantly shaving their faces. Last year I purchased these for Rudy and he loved it so much. He said it left his face feeling super soft once he was all finished and its even lasted him till this day.

8. Razors
To accompany the shaving cream, razors is exactly what you'll need to complete the perfect shaving kit gift.

9. The Art Of Shaving Beard Wash
Beards have become trendy more and more lately and this new beard wash from The Art of Shaving is a great stocking stuffer for the men who grooms their growing beard.


  1. This really came in handy as I am about to run out the door to do last minute stocking shopping. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is such a good idea and perfect gifts. I think next year I'll have to buy stocking for Ricky and I.


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