Enjoying: warm weather, Rudy, weekends, sandals, Juicy and Bowie, flowers, coffee! Clearly, I've been enjoying lots of things. We've finally been having some warmer weather in San Jose! I'm so happy about not having to bundle up or layer on clothes every day. I've been able to wear sandals and t-shirts I'm absolutely loving it. Rudy has been getting off work a little earlier than usual and we've been having a lot of more time together. I've been loving the warm weekends because we've been able to get out of the house and do a lot more adventuring. The rain was really making me tired of staying indoors all the time. I'm also trying to be more of a yes girl and say yes to more things. Especially if Rudy is suggesting or wants to do something new to me. Since the weather has been nice Rudy and I have also been taking the dogs out for walks almost every day after dinner. They've been absolutely loving it and I love being able to do more things with them. Neither one of them enjoy car rides and usually get very anxious and it stresses me out. Every time Rudy and I are leaving the house Juicy wants to tag along even though she hates car rides. However, we recently took her to Rudy's parent's house and she loved it. She didn't cry at all during the car ride, to their house and back home, I was shocked. She had a lot of fun and it just makes me want to continue trying to take them both out more.

Feeling: extremely motivated with my blog! You may have noticed, last few months I wasn't posting as often as I used to. There are a few different reasons for that one being not sure what direction I wanted my blog to go in. I didn't know what kind of content I wanted to put out and I was being really hard on myself about it. I didn't want to post something just to throw out content because I only want to publish something I'm 100% proud of. I was worrying way too much about wanting to keep my blog fun and interesting that I forgot why I started this blog in the first place, for me! I created this blog for me to look back at the things Rudy and I have done together such as trips or a weekend adventure. Things I once loved or still do, my currently posts to remember what was going on in my life or how I was feeling in that day or time. This is all for me to reminisce and also share my life with anyone who's interested in it. I'm trying to tell myself not to care or worry if I want to post two or even three OOTD's in a row or if I want to do a post filled with pictures of my dogs (which I might just do). It's all ok because this is for me, my friends, and or anyone else who may care or have an interest, they will continue to read whatever content I do end up putting out. Although I would still love to also keep things interesting for my readers, but at the end of the day, my blog will be filled with me, my life, Rudy, and family. Now with all that being said, I have a lot of plans for future posts some even ready to be published. I'm so excited to share them with you!

Doing: a crap ton of cleaning! It's really been a crap ton of decluttering, to be honest, and it began last month. I wanted to go through just about everything in my room, entire closet and all the drawers and either sell or donate anything I hadn't touched in a couple months. I did exactly that and ended up with a lot of trash bags filled with clothes and shoes I no longer used or wanted. I sold what I could online then the rest was donated. I decided that when it came down to my closet and clothes I wanted to keep it very minimalist. That way everything I own I know I love and will get use of everything. Clothes weren't the only thing I've been trying to declutter I've done the same with a lot of my makeup and candles. I own so many and I every time I would get a new one I would brush old makeup to the side and eventually forget about it. Since I wasn't getting much use out of my makeup I wanted to make sure someone else did before they expire. I have been on a no-makeup buy for months now and only buy what I need. Same goes with candles. The last time I bought a candle was back in October! I'm really proud of myself and now I've been burning and enjoying the candles I own. I still find myself wanting to clean some more and get rid of even more things which I will with time. Spring cleaning hit me hard haha.

Wanting: more blogs to read and blogger friends! I have a lot of blogs that I currently follow but only a couple of them post often. I'd love to find new blogs to read along with getting to know a lot more bloggers. Slowly I've been finding out that a lot of my friends on Instagram blog and it's always such a great surprise. I'd like to know what are some of your favorite blogs/bloggers to read. Do you have a blog? I want to make more blogger friends since blogging is something I absolutely love to do. It would be so much fun having more friends who have the same interest and passion. Please share some of your favorite blogs with me or even leave me your blog link below so I can check it out.

Looking forward to: mine and Rudy's future! We've been doing a lot of thinking, talking, and planning for our future the last few months. I know that we are both ready for this next step in our life even though it is incredibly scary. We've both have been going through some things but I believe everything happens for a reason. This is probably the push we needed for this next step. I don't want to share too much about this right now but I am still feeling very optimistic for 2017. Things don't  always go as planned but I'm very excited for our future.


  1. I'm so glad you've been extremely motivated, I love reading your blog! I feel you I need to find myself more blogs. A few I use to enjoy reading haven't posted anything in months. ☹

    1. Thank you so much, I love yours too! That's how it's been with some of the bloggers I follow. I'm not sure how to go about finding more blogs to read.


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