July Favorites

My stand out products for the month of July.

This month Rudy and I picked up the Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom vinyl. We already own her first album, Badlands, which I shared on my record collection post a couple months ago. Rudy and I both were obsessing over her single Now or Never, and we both love Halsey I knew we needed to include this album in our collection. This is such a good album, I've been listening to the vinyl as often as I can. If I'm not listening to the disc I'm listening to it on Spotify or in the car with Rudy. He even downloaded this album on his phone. I would love to tell you guys some of my favorite songs but it's so hard to choose. 100 Letters, Now Or Never, Devil In Me, and Hopeless are some singles you need to give a listen to! The entire album is amazing. I've gotten a few questions on this disc already. I purchased this vinyl from Urban Outfitters like most of my records. I like buying records from them because they carry a lot of exclusive vinyl. This vinyl was a UO exclusive because of the disc, it's clear with red splattered. I love colored records instead of the standard black. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my record collection post. If there is a colored disc I try to get that over black and Urban Outfitters usually has records in all sorts of colors depending on the artist.
Another face mask made it into my favorites this month and it's the Pixi Peel & Polish. For a while, I've been wanting to try a mask from Pixi and this one sounded like a winner. I even included this in a previous wish list post of mine. After the first time I used this mask I fell in love immediately. I have been using it twice a week, morning or night it changes. I apply it to my face massage it in for about 30 seconds and then leave it on for 2-3 minutes, max five minutes. This mask contains little tiny beads that act like a great gentle exfoliant. As I am rinsing the mask off my skin I notice how it immediately makes my skin feel very soft. It leaves my skin looking radiant, lifts any dull skin giving me that healthy glow. I really enjoy using this on days that I have more time in the morning before applying any makeup. It leaves my skin extremely soft and my makeup applies beautifully! I can't forget to mention how amazing this stuff smells. I believe it's papaya scented and it's so nice. The scent along with how soft this mask leaves my skin is perfect.

I'm not the biggest fan of lotions, especially hand lotions/creams. I know I've mentioned it before that I really dislike the feeling that most lotions or creams leave behind. If I use them they need to sink into the skin without leaving that sticky greasy feeling. That makes me extremely picky with most hand creams. This month in my Ipsy bag I received this AHAVA mineral hand cream in the scent Deadsea Water. Normally whenever I get a hand cream in my bag I toss it aside to give away for a friend but for some reason this time I was interested in giving it a chance. Let's just say I have been getting a lot of use out of this hand cream that I already purchased a full size of it along with a travel sized one for Rudy. Firstly I love the scent of this, it's such a nice clean refreshing scent. It's not the typical scent I would normally gravitate towards and that's why I love subscription boxes. It gives you the opportunity to try a lot of new and different products you normally wouldn't think twice about. I'm so obsessed with this cream. It leaves my hand feeling so silky smooth and soft. This hand cream is perfect for sensitive skin and helps smooth rough dry skin. I enjoy using this throughout the day as needed, but especially at night time before bed. When I wake up in the morning my hands feel so moisturized and plump! I will need to try some of their other scents soon, and shout of to Ipsy for sending this to me.

I'm not even over exaggerating when I say the brand Glossier has been all over my feed for a couple of months now, maybe even more than a couple. Tons of my friends and bloggers have been raving about them and their products. With every post I'd come across the more and more I was being pulled into placing an order. I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Glossier package! (No lie I stalked the mail man as soon as I hit the confirm order button.) I ordered the Phase 1 set which includes a total of three of their products, but for today I'm only going to talk about one of three. I've been using their Balm Dotcom in the flavor rose since the day it was delivered to me. I had been wanting to purchase a new lip balm, one that is hydrating and has more of a thicker consistency that I can use over night. Like a lip mask/treatment. This lip balm reminds me of Vaseline because of how thick it is and its consistency. I've been using this off and on through out the day. I also love applying it at night before bed. When I wake up in the morning I find that I  still have some lip balm left on my lips. It doesn't budge and I love that because when I wash my face in the morning my lips feel velvety soft. I don't have to worry if my lips are chapped and having to constantly reapply lip balm to hydrate them. One application of this gets the done job. What I also love about this lip balm is its multi purpose and can be used for the lips and skin. On the Glossier website, it states that it nourishes dry chafed skin. I love the rose flavor because I love everything rose scented, but if the rose scent doesn't do it for you, they have five other flavors to choose from. Coconut has been next on my list, and I may have an entire Glossier post coming soon that may also feature some more flavors of their lip balms.

I wanted to save my absolute favorite of the month for last. I was getting pretty fed up with my skin constantly breaking out for one reason or another that I wanted to change up a lot of the products I was using. Most of my skin care products were running out anyway and this was the perfect time to try out some new stuff. I was hearing a lot of great things about the Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying face oil and finally decided to pick it up early June. I wanted to make sure I used this for at least a month before sharing my thoughts. Now, a little over a month later I can honestly say that I love this product so much. I'm amazed at how much it has changed and helped my skin. I spoke about this oil in my skin treats lusting post. There I mentioned my small concern whether this was going to cause my skin to purge. When I first introduced U.F.O. to my skin I began using it every other day, that way my skin could slowly adjust to it. I am certain that by doing this it helped my skin not to purge which I was thrilled about. I have so many good things to say about this, it has truly helped keep my break outs at bay. If I do get a blemish I only get one or two and it doesn't stay on my skin for longer than a day! I also don't get those large blemishes anymore only smaller ones. I only use this at night during my night time routine since it's a very hydrating oil. I wouldn't feel comfortable using this during the day since I already have oily skin I'm sure my make up would slide right off. A little bit of this stuff also goes a long way! I only use 2-3 drops, sometimes four if I put some down my neck and chest. Always use patting motions. U.F.O. can also be used all over the body. If you struggle with acne I highly suggest you splurging on this oil 100%! You definitely won't regret it.

What were some of your favorites for the month?



  1. Woah! That vinyl is so cool! I need to start checking out UO vinyls. I just received that AHAVA lotion and now I'm excited to try it. That Glossier Rose Balm Dotcom is definitely in my favorites too. I can't wait for that Glossier post!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I'm always on UO.com looking at their vinyl selection. I just got my full sized of the AHAVA hand cream its so good. Let me know how you like it!

  2. These are good favorites. That vinyl is just so cute. I wish more people now and days listened to vinyls.


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