August Favorites

Here are the items I have been heart eyes for this past month.

Late last month I purchased the Fjällräven Kånken Mini backpack. I 've been using it off and on since I purchased it. I used it as my carry on bag when I went to Washington earlier this month and even featured it in a what's in my carry-on bag post. As I was looking into this bag before purchasing, I was so indecisive on which size to get. I couldn't decide on the mini or the classic size. I figured mini would be ideal especially to wear it as a purse once in a while. I'm a huge purse kind of girl however since owning this bag I've seriously fallen in love with backpacks. The size is seriously perfect, I fit so much stuff inside. Like I mentioned I used it as my carry on bag and I also used it during our drive to Washington. I was able to fit in a lot of my necessities along with stuff for my dogs. This bag comes in a few different sizes so if you think the mini would be too small for you. I believe they have three other sizes to choose from. This backpack is so comfy to use and I never have any issues with the straps hurting my shoulders from any weight. Also, these bags come in such a large variety of shades! It was so hard when it came down to picking a color but I'm pleased with the shade I have. A few weeks after my purchase I picked up another one in a different color and I'm obsessed. It's going to be perfect for fall. I still want to do an entire review on this backpack but with my recent move, it has pushed back a lot of my posts I hope you guys don't mind. I think this Kånken bag is so convenient and I highly recommended it especially if you are one to go on a lot of adventures.

My next monthly favorite is the new Wowder powder by Glossier. I wanted to do an entire post review on this bad boy but once again with my recent move, I had absolutely no time. I have been really into minimal make up the last couple months especially with the heat from summer. I hate the feeling of makeup on my face let alone anything on my face really, especially when it's hot out. Since I have oily skin setting my makeup is a step I can not skip. Early this month Glossier released this Wowder powder that sets your makeup, eliminates shine and blurs the appearance of pores. This powder has been my go-to since I received it, it's so nice. I love how it lays on my skin, it's so light weight and definitely conceals any shine I may have. A lot of powders once you apply it to the face it leaves you looking dull and flat. This isn't the case with the Wowder it manages to give you a radiance glow while keeping you matte. Even though this powder claims to be matte and keep you matte, being very oily especially on hotter days it doesn't keep me matte all day long. It really depends on the weather, and how hot it is. Also if I'm having a busier day than usual, if it's a chill day my skin looks great all day. If I do need to touch up my makeup it does a great job at layering. If you're a fan of Glossier and haven't given this a try, I'd go get my hands on one real quick. They only come in three shades which are a bit of a bummer since I'm pretty fair I was a little worried. I own the shade light/medium and surprisingly it works really well. I'm also not a huge fan of the brush that they sell with this. I dont feel it applies the powder very well on myself and kind of smears any concealer/foundation I may have underneath. I'm still trying to work with it and see what method works. I'm really hoping that they release this in a pressed powder form. That would be fantastic!

For some time now I had been wanting to pick up a new pair of sunglasses specifically the High Key by Desi Perkins in collaborations with Quay Australia. It had been on my wishlist for a while now. It's classic aviator shape is perfect for day to day wear. The end of July I picked up the gold pair and have been using it almost every day since. There are a few different colors in this style on sunnies but I decided to add the gold to my collection. I love Quay Australia, and this aviator pair is surprisingly different from anything I own. I threw out most of my sunglasses and only kept about two may three pairs. I love how large the lens is especially how reflective they are. Depending on the shift sometimes it looks rose gold which I love. This pair is so comfy to wear and goes pairs nicely with just about any outfit. I despise when sunglasses are uncomfortable on my temples and behind the ear. Especially if they leave a noticeable indent mark on my nose messing up any foundation, but these don't do that. Desi recently announced that she created two new shades and one is rose gold with a gunmetal frame. I'm so excited for that pair to be released in a couple of weeks. I love this gold pair so much that I'm definitely planning on picking up the new shade!

It's been too long since a Lush product made it to my monthly favorites. I haven't been buying much from Lush Cosmetics lately and I have been using up whatever I already have. However recently Lush has brought back some seasonal items that are now permanent. I was ecstatic when I saw Sleepy body lotion was returning since this was a body lotion I really wanted to try out. I wanted to pick this up last year but by the time I heard about it and went into Lush they were all sold out. It wouldn't be returning until the next holiday season. You may already remember that I've mentioned how I have been really into lavender scented, well everything. This body lotion smells exactly like the Twilight bath bomb so that means it is perfect to use before bed because of its enriched lavender-tonka. I recently I've been using it with the Twilight shower gel. I shower just before bed using the gel and once I dry off I use Sleepy all over my body. I'm not sure if it's this combination or being exhausted from unpacking and trying to settle in, but I've been falling asleep as soon as the lights go off. I usually have such a hard time falling asleep so this has been amazing. What I love about a lot of lotions by Lush is that they are perfect for sensitive skin and this one is no exception. The oatmeal infusion in this lotion will soothe and cool irritated and or sensitive skin. This is another lotion that I enjoy using on my legs after shaving to prevent irritation.

I hadn't purchased a new perfume is ages. There's been a few that I have had my eye on but never could bring myself to purchasing due to the high price tag. I had received a gift card for Sephora and knew it was the perfect time to pick something new up. I ended up with two Jo Malone London Colognes and let me tell you guys I am obsessed with the fragrances. Earlier in the month, I was hanging out with my friend Imelda and I picked up a sample of the Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne and this was the scent that made me fall in love with Jo Malone. This fragrance is in the fruity floral family and the notes consist of Cassis, Acacia Honey, and Peach. I used up the sample within a week and I knew I was going to need to pick up a bottle of it. During that same hang out session with Imelda, we smelled the Wild Bluebell and we both thought it smelled like watermelon so of course, this was the second cologne I picked up. Wild Bluebell is in the fresh fragrance family and the notes are Bluebell, Persimmon, and White Musk. I've been switching off with these two scents (along with two others they gave me a sample of) all month and I love that they actually last all day on me. Most if not all of my perfumes never tend to last on me all day and will usually fade half way through the day. I also like that Jo Malone fragrances all smell so fresh and airy. I always get questions on what perfume I'm wearing every time I wear any of these fragrances. Next time you spot a Jo Malone section at your mall stop and smell one of these two scents. I'm certain you'll fall in love with them as I did.

Have you tried any of these items before?


  1. These sound like awesome favorites. I just love Lush's products!!

  2. I love that Fjällräven Kånken backpack. I still want one but I always convince myself that I don't need one. Yaaas! The Wowder powder I was going to include it on my monthly favorites too but I decided to hold off I still want to do a proper review. I'm so jealous of those Malone London Colognes, they smell so lovely.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I love the backpack and can't wait to start using my new one. I really wanted to do an entire review on the Wowder but I ran out of time.

  3. I agree! I love the Desi Perkins sunglass collection! I've been itching for a new pair but I been holding off. But I do love your backpack as well!

    1. Her shades are so nice! I purchased her new shade and I'm so excited to wear them. Thank you I can't wait to begin using my other color since it's so fall appropriate ;)


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