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October Favorites

Happy Halloween! Here are the magical items that have cast a spell on me this past month.

For my birthday last month, Imelda was extremely sweet to gift me this Sunday Riley Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment mask that I had been wanting to try. I've raved many times about the Sunday Riley UFO oil and for better results, it is recommended to use after the mask. Saturn is an acne treatment mask that contains high levels of sulfur that helps go deep into pores to dry and clear any existing acne. It will prevent new blemishes from forming along with multiple forms of acne like inflammatory acne, hormonal and rosacea acne. I use the mask one to two times a week. I would leave it on my face for 15 mins when I first introduced it to my skin and now I leave it on up to 20 mins. Suggested time is 20-30 mins, just start off slow because suffer and most acne medicated products can dry out the skin. UFO oil works wonders on my skin and now with adding Saturn to my routine, it's been a match made in heaven. My pores have been looking smaller, I hardly ever break out even around that time of the month, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. I haven't experienced any dryness from it either. I love this mask so much that I get excited every time I'm about to use it. If you struggle with acne you have to try the Sunday Riley line acne treatment products.

On my fall wishlist, you may recall me adding a pair of Dr. Martens to the list. As a birthday gift, I treated myself to them. It was the perfect occasion. At first, they were a little difficult to break in and boy did they hurt, but after wearing them at home and for quick trips out they are feeling a lot better on the feet. I think they are so cute and fashionable. There are so many different ways you can dress them like with legging and they even look cute with dress believe it or not. I really wanted some Dr. Marten boots because I wanted a pair of boots that would keep my feet warm during winter in WA. The first time I came to Seattle was last December and my toes were frozen. This boots does an amazing job and keeping my feet warm. I wasn't sure how possible a pair of shoes can keep your feet warm unless you wear thick cozy socks but they really do. I can confidently say my feet will be more than happy come snow weather.

Would you even be surprised if another Glossier product made it to my favorites? I didn't think so.  In August I ordered a few things from Glossier and finally this month I began using their Boy Brow. I had been searching for a cruelty-free tinted brow gel. One of my all-time favorite brow gels sadly wasn't cruelty-free but the boy brow is a dupe! The boy brow wand is tiny which is perfect for the eyebrows. I don't have to worry about it getting all over the place. This brow gel actually sets my brows, unlike many others that I have tried in the past. I own the brown and it's a great color match for my hair. This stuff really fills in the brows while thickening them and also keeps them in place. I always struggle with brow gels not keeping my brows in place. I am able to fluff my brows with this giving it the illusion of thicker brows, which we all know I lack haha.

Oh, look, two Glossier favorites in one month. I'm sorry (not sorry) if you guys are getting sick of all the constant Glossier talk, but the brand is must try! I think I need to share a Glossier top five or something with you guys, what do you think? I've never been into cream products only because I always felt it moved my foundation underneath, no matter what method I would try. Every time I would see photos, swatches, or videos with the Haloscope highlighting stick I fell in love more and more with the shade Quartz. They have three different shades and Quartz is the pinkier shade. I went ahead and purchased it to try out for myself. Surprisingly this highlighter applies so much better compared to other I own. The way I prefer applying it is by swirling my ring finger on the product then dapping onto desired areas. This has been my go-to highlighter all month not only because it gives me a natural glow but because my skin has been feeling a lot dryer the last few weeks due to the cold believe it or not. I never thought I would ever have a slight struggle with dry skin. This cream product sets so beautifully on my skin, and this beauty hydrates the dry spots on my face so perfectly.

Lastly, I wanted to share a new patch I received this month that I'm obsessed with. A few weeks ago I ordered this "My heart belongs to Rudy" patch with our wedding date below from Etsy. I love this patch so much, especially the red. Red is a favorite color of mine and I love how it just pops next to the white. I think this is so cute and probably a little cheesy for some but I adore it. As soon as I received it I added it to my denim jacket and it looks so good! September 17, 2017, will forever be one of my favorite days. I love that I have this cute little patch with that meaningful date on it, that way I can share it with the world that my heart is and was taken on that date.

Did any spooky items catch your eye this month?


  1. All these sound so good. Glossier never fails to have the best products ever!

    1. They never do, they have such good products!

  2. Yes, please do a post of all your fave Glossier products! Love the little patch you ordered. So cute. <3

    Madison http://breakfastatmadisons.com

    1. I will definitely have to do one! It's going to be hard trying to narrow them down haha.

  3. i adore my black docmartens too. best shoes ever and i wish glossier would ship to where i live. i feel like i'm missing out.


    1. They've been expanding places they ship to. Hopefully they ship to your country soon.


  4. I have heard so much about glossier, but haven't made any purcahses myself yet. I think I need to jump onboard and give them a go!!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. It's a must for sure. You'll definitely have to try their balm Dotcom!


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