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I love dressing simple, cute, and very easy. The past few months to a year I have gotten rid of a ton of clothes and only kept a few rather classic pieces. I've been trying to only own pieces that I can get multiple uses out of with being able to mix and match with other items in my closet. Recently, I feel that I have accumulated a few clothing pieces that have become a staple in my wardrobe, some that are even current favorites of mine. Today I am going to share some new and old pieces that are current staples in my wardrobe. You can call this a small bit of my curated closet. Here we go!

I love to wear dresses, especially during those hot summer days. This season I have found myself obsessing over wrapped dresses! I own the blue dress over on the right side (H&M!) and I have been using it a bunch! I even wore it two days in a row. Something about it I find to be so flattering on my body shape and I love that it's a lot different compared to the dresses I owned. It's so fresh, airy, and so comfortable.

The peach dress (Forever 21!) has become the second favorite of mine. While I was hanging out with Imelda she pulled this dress out from the rack and I immediately fell in love with it. I mean, look at that gorgeous tropical floral pattern! Also, the fact that it's a peach dress instantly called my name. Believe it or not, this is the first and only peach dress I own. The dress is also in a style that is completely different than anything I owned. It has a very subtle collar and button front. And, lastly, it's very comfortable to wear.

Peplum tops are for sure a favorite of mine because you can dress them up or down. This stylish stripped one (Forever 21!) has very quickly become a favorite of mine. It's nicely loose fitted which I adore even more on warm days and it's another piece that is extremely flattering. My favorite way to style this top has been with distressed black jeans and my pair or rose gold loafers, which leads me to my next piece.

Another piece that I have been getting really good use out of is this pair of rose gold loafers (Nasty Gal!). I purchased them last year right in between spring and summer and I have been wearing it a ton lately because of the warm days we've been having. They're so cute and I pair them with just about everything. Jeans and a cute blouse or t-shirt sometimes even a dress. I find them to be very casual plus they're really comfy. They're just the best.

Denim jackets have made a huge come back over the last few years. My love for them has grown so much as they are my number one go-to when it's cold out. I'm not sure how many times I'll say this in today's post but this is another great example of a piece that can dress your outfit up or down. I always pair it with any outfit I'm wearing; leggings and a t-shirt, black jeans and a blouse, and dresses! Denim jackets and dresses go so well together!

I've never been a fan of jeans because they can feel so restricting. However, this has to be one of my favorite jeans (Old Navy!) to wear. I own multiple pairs of these jeans because I find them to have such a great fit. They're stretchy and hug my curves in all the right places. I have really been enjoying wearing them with a more "nicer" top such as the striped peplum top along with the loafers, and I immediately have what some people may think a well thought out outfit that actually came together in only a few minutes.

T-shirts, oh how I love to throw on a very simple or plain t-shirt. I consider myself on most days to be a very lazy dresser. Most days I don't like to think of what I'm going to wear. This is when plain t-shirts (Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, & Target!) come in handy. I own multiple ranging in different colors and the ideal tee has got to be a loose boyfriend style! They're just the comfiest to wear and feel almost as good as stealing your husband's shirts. I can literally throw on my go-to leggings, grab any plain t-shirt, my favorite pair of slip-on vans and I'll be good to go!

I love sneakers, specifically Vans sneakers! Throughout my life, I've owned over a million pairs of Vans shoes, alright that's a little dramatic. My number one favorite pair by far has got to be the classic checkered slip-on Vans shoes. I owned these back when I was in High School. They were my ride or die and I've been wearing these so much lately. I love wearing them with my distressed jeans. They even look so good paired with a dress. These shoes are so fun and I find them to be very comfortable.

For the last couple of months, I have been seeing straw circle bags (Urban Outfitters!) all over social media. Like many, I'm guilty of being obsessed with them. They are the perfect handbag for summer especially when matched with a casual outfit. I get so many compliments on it everytime I wear it out. It seriously looks so cute with all kinds of summer dresses from floral patterned ones even plain dresses since this bag itself is such a statement piece. It's on the smaller size but it still allows you to carry your main essentials.

Another handbag that's been turning a lot of peoples head every time I wear it out is this blush bucket bag (Mansur Gavriel!). I had been eyeing this bucket bag for over a year now and never did I think I'd be lucky enough to own it thanks to my husband. Bucket bags are again, another piece that I had been seeing all over social media the last year or so. The shape of the bag is so beautiful and unique. Typically black bags are my go-to since they go with everything, but I feel that this blush color will work with just about anything as well. I have been using it a ton and have even forced myself to put it away so I can also get good use out of my straw bag. It's seriously a stunning bag that I can't help but want to wear it everywhere plus it looks so nice with multiple outfits. I have styled it while wearing dresses and jeans. I also absolutely love how comfortable it is to wear.

What are some of your staple pieces in your closet? I'd love to know.


  1. So many cute pieces! Also bought this circle straw bag. I was going to get the one from Anthropologie, I loved the white lining but realistically I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it clean.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. The straw bag is so cute. You're really going to enjoy using it!


  2. I totally agree about the denim jacket. It's so perfect to throw on with any outfit!

    1. Yes! It's my most used jacket since I can toss it on majority of the year, even on a late summer evening.



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