A Second Scoop Into The MOIC

Welcome back to my blog! Today I am giving you guys a second dip into the Museum Of Ice Cream! That's right you read it correctly. Rudy and I loved our first visit to this museum so much we just had to re-indulge ourselves in the experience. If you haven't seen the post and pictures I shared of our first visit to the MOIC then I would recommend you check that post out as well! Now if you're ready let's jump into the sprinkles pool and begin with today's post!

If you haven't heard about the Museum Of Ice Cream where have you been? It's a pretty popular pop-up that first began in Los Angeles in 2017. Since then they have moved and opened up in New York, Miami, and now San Francisco. In early October MOIC announced their very first permanent location in SF! This was so exciting news to hear and along with their permanent location they also announced that they will be redoing some of the rooms of this sweet museum in 2019. As thrilled as I was to hear this I couldn't wait until next year to revisit, so last month Rudy and I spent the morning eating all sorts of ice cream while doing the most with the endless photo opportunity rooms.
Some photos may be a bit repetitive compared to our first visit but I just need to share them. During this trip, I noticed Rudy and I were taking everything in a lot more. Since we had already been there once before, we were more at ease and enjoying the little things and things many people wouldn't really notice for example the rainbow lights in the carnival room. Everyone walked right past it until they noticed Rudy snapping a few photos of me before heading into the next room. We also got to see a lot of small details and things we missed on our previous visit.
In this visit, the cast members took us into the rooms a completely different way versus or the first visit. This time we went in reverse which gave us the opportunity to take some photos with this large Sprinkle Pool floatie which I don't even remember seeing during our first scoop visit.
And during this scoop, our time inside the sprinkle pool didn't feel as short as the first time around. It actually felt like we were swimming around for quite some time which I was pleased about since we were actually able to capture way better pictures this time around. 

Another thing I feel we missed out on seeing our last visit was these large gummy bears. I know that a lot of things are moved around from time to time along with before and after everyone's visit. I had seen images of these guys before and was pretty bummed when Rudy and I didn't get to see them for ourselves. The same thing goes with this neon sign of the diving woman!
As simple as this picture of the stairs maybe I love it so much. I think because of all the pink around this room and the pop of the bright yellow really calls to me. Here we took the elevators as we hit our first room of the day, The Mint Room. I was very pleased when we were handed the delicious mint chocolate chip mochi ice cream. Rudy and I are huge fans of mochi ice cream.
I loved that Rudy and I tried taking a lot of photos in different angles from before. I'll be honest that I love a lot of the photos we took this time around over the first, like these two photos of me inside this disco box. The top one came out so cool since you're able to tell that you're looking at me inside of a box form. 

Since the group we were in wasn't as busy or crazy as the first scoop I had the chance to get on the infamous unicorn and take some pics with him! Yeah, I was pretty excited about this. Then once my ride with the unicorn was over once again we were given some popsicles to enjoy.
Every single time one of their cast members ask me which room was my favorite I can never answer that question because, in all honesty, I love them all. However, the room Rudy and I have the most fun in and apparently get the best photos in is the Cherry on Top room! Just check out these photos! I love the photo of myself and the first one of Rudy "holding" the cherry above his head. 

You're not allowed to touch any of the floating clouds or cherries in the room, and Rudy and I weren't touching them even though it looks otherwise in the photos. The trick is to "hold" the objects from behind so that it looks like you're actually holding them! Giving you the end result of a pretty badass picture, without breaking any of their rules!
While inside the Dream Room, one of the walls had a question of 'Where are you from?' and below were answers from previous visitors which I thought was very cute. Rudy made sure to add San Jose to the list since this is our hometown and we are so happy to be back here and living.
Marye's Diner is such a fun room and makes me feel like I'm in a millennial pink version of Pop's from Riverdale, am I right? Also how cute is this photo of Rudy and I down below? Total inspiration was from my friend Imelda of the photo of her and her boyfriend.
Concluding this post in the Vault. I'm just here closing up the museum until next time. You guys can definitely expect to see a post of their remodel sometime next year and I can not wait!


  1. This post reminds me I need to work on my second MOIC post. I loved all these pictures of you, so cute! I can't wait for the remodel!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. Thank you Imelda, we had so much fun. We're also looking forward to their PINKMAS! I'm excited to check out your post from your second visit here too.



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