Loving: all the new coffee shops I've been visiting! If you guys haven't been following me lately, Rudy and I have really been on a roll with visiting tons of different coffee shops around the Bay Area and I am absolutely loving it! I never thought that I would become that person who enjoys venturing off and trying different "café" shops. I used to hate coffee when I was younger and it wasn't until a little over a couple of years ago that I truly found a love for coffee. It's something I look forward every morning to wake up and make my delicious cup of iced coffee. I have a list of different shops we want to go to and little by little we've been crossing them off. It has become a favorite routine of ours to do come the weekends. I even like to call myself a coffee enthusiast haha! I have a couple pending food series post on some coffee shops we recently been to that I have yet to share. I'm hoping to put in some time to work on at least one of them to share sometime this month. The weather in the Bay Area has been filled with rain and it looks like we'll finally have some nice sunny days ahead which is great. Hopefully, this weekend we get to visit another coffee place that I have really been wanting to check out. I have my eye on quite a few of their lattés!

Excited: for Spring! Can you believe Spring is less than a week away?! Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of all the blooming flowers and the sounds of birds chirping. I know I'm not alone when I say I'm really looking forward to warmer days. I've been wanting to enjoy being out a lot more and it's pretty difficult to do that when it's so cold and raining out. I want to explore a lot more of the Bay Area and go on so many more trips to San Francisco, it has definitely become one of my favorite cities! I want to do a lot of exploring this season while discovering more fun places. I really want to find a place that has lots of wildflowers so that we can get tons of fun pictures of. Maybe going to LA and check out some poppy fields! That's one thing I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now. Lastly, I just can't wait to start dressing in Spring clothes! I miss wearing dresses and loose tops without needing to be bundled up in coats. I have been purchasing so many cute clothing that I can't wait to incorporate into the season.

Watching: a lot of Shameless! Last month one of my cousins mentioned to me how one of the shows she had been hooked on was Shameless. I had never heard of it but had seen it floating around Netflix. Never did I ever think of looking into it and giving it a shot. One Sunday afternoon, Rudy randomly began playing season one and let's just say he's been hooked since. I'll admit it definitely did catch my interest. Rudy was so hooked that he even continued watching a few episodes without me while I was at work which would leave me feeling so lost. Now he's promised to only watch the show while I'm home. We are currently near the end of season four. I don't even know where to begin with this show. The whole family is so dysfunctional it's insane. All of the characters have their own struggles to deal with you're never left bored. There is a lot of boobies and sex in the show along with drug usage which some times makes me want to take a bit of a break from it. If you can get past all of that I do recommend giving it a watch. It's crazy how much crap these kids deal with on the daily!

Anxious: for Game Of Thrones final season! I started watching GOT early Summer of 2017 and finished watching all six seasons just in time for season seven to premier. When Rudy and I first started dating in 2012 he would always talk about it with his youngest sibling. For some reason, I never had the urge to watch it and the fact that I didn't have HBO might have had a little to do with it. Once I started watching the series I was hooked! All I wanted to do was watch the next episode. When you hear people saying how good this show is, they're not kidding. I'm really bummed that the series is coming to an end next month but I'm so excited for it to finally come back. I was rewatching the series a couple of months ago and I need to finish it up before season eight begins. I know I've talked about this show on my blog before so I won't let myself get too carried away. I'll just end things with saying, I really hope John and Daenerys end up together, somehow, even though she technically is his aunt... yup! Who else can't wait for the new season?

Prepping: for our trip! Rudy and I will finally be going on a long-awaited Honeymoon! For some reason taking a honeymoon wasn't something Rudy and I ever discussed after getting married. In January we were briefly talking about places we would like to visit next, then quickly decided on a place but never talked much about it since. This month the conversation about the trip came up once more and the planning became really serious once we officially booked our flights and hotel! Later, we decided that this would be our extremely late (a little over a year and a half late) honeymoon and it couldn't be any more perfect. I'm so so excited for this trip. I have been trying to plan out things for us to do and even purchased a couple of tickets for places that we would like to visit, one being an incredible pop-up museum that I wished I had the chance of going to while it was in SF, and the other a national monument. We will be going someplace neither one of us have ever been to before, but I will definitely touch a lot more on that next month!


  1. Coffee dates has always been one of my favorite dates.
    I've been enjoying your food series, keep it up!

    I can't wait to see all of the adventures you and Rudy have during your trip!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

  2. I am so excited for spring too, not long left to wait now!

    Danielle xx