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It's extremely rare that I go into Sephora or any beauty selling store, and splurge on a bunch of beauty products. It's quite possible that it's due to not many products grab my interest as they once did and perhaps the fact that I'm so basic and very minimal with myself nowadays. However, every so often I do get an itch of wanting to haul all things beauty related. For a while now there have been a few things I have been lusting over so then I thought what would be more perfect on this wonderful hump-day than daydreaming and share what is currently on my wishlist? It isn't much but I do have a variety of items to share today from skincare to makeup, fragrance and even hair products. Spring is one of my favorite seasons to branch out and try some new to me products. Now let's begin!

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask $44 (Already Have)
Kicking things off with a skincare product. One to two times a week I like to refresh my skin to an exfoliating mask. I was previously using the Pixi Peel & Polish mask. I used that mask for nearly two years now and recently used up the last bit that was left in the tube. I absolutely adored it and found it did wonders for my skin. Instead of repurchasing the same ole mask I began looking into similar ones from different brands. I already had my eye on the Summer Fridays hydration mask and once I noticed they had an exfoliating one in which reminded me so much of my beloved Peel & Polish mask, I was sold! The Overtime Mask is a clarifying mask that contains vitamin-packed pumpkin along with exfoliating apricot seed powder that will polish away dead skin cells leaving a radiant glow. This mask is ideal for those who have dull and congested skin but it is good for all skin types. I love masks like these especially when I feel my skin is lacking radiance. One of my favorite ways of using a mask like this is in the morning before applying my makeup. It's the perfect prep-step for my morning routine. Also, Overtime Mask's formula contains mild exfoliants that won't end up damaging your skin, unlike some others.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam $18 (Already Have)
I've raved about how much I have been loving cream products, mostly cream highlights, and I have never managed to acquire a cream blush in my collection. Can you believe that? There's no secret that I adore Glossier and a few of their products are my ride or dies. With that, I really have been wanting to add one of their cloud paint cream blushers to my collection. They currently have six shades to choose from which makes it so hard to just choose one. The shade beam really stands out since it is one of their peachier shades and you know how much I love my peach blushes! I've always been a bit worried about cream products since ones I have tried in the past would always move my foundation and concealer underneath, however, I have never had any issues with using their cream highlighter.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum $175
You guys should already know by now how devoted I am to Jo Malone colognes, it's no secret. Although, there is another fragrance that I have been wanting to add to my collection for over a year now. I smelled the Byredo Mojave Ghost perfume back while I was still living in Washington and I instantly fell in love with it. This is one of the priciest fragrances I have come across. The first thing about this fragrance that I was drawn to was the bottle itself. It is such an aesthetically pleasing bottle, so clean and very simple you can't help but just want to stare at it. The notes in this scent consist of; magnolia, ambrette, violet, Chantilly musk (boy do I love the scent of musk), cedarwood, Jamaican naseberry, sandalwood, and crisp amber. In a simpler note, it's a woody fragrance that pays tribute to the bewitching Mojave Ghost flower. This would be a definite splurge if it ended up being a treat-yo-self buy. For now, I'll probably leave it up for a very generous birthday or anniversary gift, or at least until I have the courage to buy it myself.

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub $38
About two months ago I started using a travel-sized tube of the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Mirco-Exfoliating Shampoo. I never planned on using it so I left it in the shower for Rudy to use. It sat there for a couple of months before I finally decided to give it a try. I had never used an exfoliating shampoo before and was interested. Let's just say I loved how it made my hair look and feel. It really went in deep and cleansed my hair and now I can't see myself not using some sort of scalp scrub. You guys know how important my hair care is to me. I was planning on just purchasing the full-sized tub of the Briogeo one since I love it so much but then my friend Imelda told me about how she loves the Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub. I love that this product can be used on the hair and body just like their hair and body oil that I own and love. This scrub will give you a deep cleanse that foams, unclogs and nourishes the scalp. It will help support your skin's natural defense and the fact that it smells like roses might be a big reason as to why I want to lather my hair in this.

Kristen Ess Iconic Style Professional Blow Dryer $100 (Already Have)
Finishing off with a hot tool, I never thought I would include a hot tool in a wishlist. I have owned my current blowdryer for nearly six years (Revlon). It's not the greatest but it's been getting the job done. Since becoming very aware of products I put on my hair along with hair care in general I have been really wanting to invest in a much nicer blow dryer. I have been wanting to purchase something that doesn't cost nearly the same as a designer bag, but that would somewhat protect my hair by drying it much fast and eliminate frizz. I have been looking a few up online, reading and watching tons of reviews to see which would best suit me. As of right now, I have narrowed it down to either the Kristen Ess Iconic Style Professional Blow Dryer or the Eva NYC Heat Pro-Lite hairdryer. These two sound quite promising and have really great reviews. I'm leaning a bit more towards Kristen Ess's blowdryer because that one contains an ionic button. This on button is ideal for those with thick, curly and or frizzy hair. It will create a smooth and sleek blowout. The off ionic setting will open up the cuticle of the hair to give it more volume, body and will add texture. I think it's so great having this option to choose from depending on your hair type or for what look you're going for.


  1. So many goodies! I am still loving and using the Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub, I highly recommend it. I need to smell that perfume! You usually pick out really good fragrances.

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I'm so anxious to purchase it and give it a try. The sound of the exfoliation on my scalp sounds so good haha. I was telling Rudy about it and I think he's interested too. Oh goodness, that fragrance is something else. I haven't seen it here but I've also haven't really looked for it. So yummy! I think you'd really like it as well.



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