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It's finally here, the long-awaited post. Today I am finally sharing and talking about my visit to the Color Factory during mine and Rudy's trip to New York. What is the Color Factory? Well, it's a collaborative interactive exhibit with the most amazing color pallet, and filled with lots of fun projects inside. The Color Factory had its first debut in the August 2017 in San Francisco in which lasted for eight sold-out months. You can definitely say it was a success! In August 2018 the Color Factory found its new home in New York City. The new pallet consisted of brand new installments teamed up with some of their favorites designers and artists. If you're ready, welcome to the Color Factory.

I'm not exactly sure as to why it's taken me so long to complete and share this post. Up front, I would like to say that it was such a fun experience to visit especially after wanting to have been able to check out the San Francisco installment. My expectations were really high for this pop-up especially with it being in New York. Not to say I was unhappy with it, but I definitely expected a lot more than what I experienced. I felt it was actually kind of small. Anywho, what I did enjoy immediately was how amazingly colorful everything was. One of my favorite photos is of these hanging colored papers. There are 100 different colors of papers here, how insane is that?!
Before our experience began, they had a courtesy bag and coat drop off and they were also offering free mochi ice cream yum yum! We had a few minutes to hang out, while people were enjoying the treats and socializing before being greeted and escorted into the introduction room. The first room we entered was filled with chairs for us to sit while we watched a small clip explaining their rules and instructions during our visit. It was really quick and then we were off onto the next room where we were immediately instructed to sign ourselves up on an iPad to get a card that we can use with their photobooths throughout the exhibition. Once you leave, the photos will immediately be sent over to your email.
Once you are done getting your photocard there is a custom conveyor belt with macarons of all colors to choose from! This was a macaron lovers dream come true. I picked up a raspberry macaron, one of my favorites, and Rudy got a chocolate one.
This was probably one of the only photos we had taken with the photocard that turned out nice. They either came out blurry and you can't really tell on their monitor, or the camera was out of service which I was really bummed about. At least I got this one cute picture of myself and Rudy.
Down this hall was the rainbow hallway! It is filled with buttons in tons of different colors and you get to choose one to take home with you. It was pretty trippy, we were all waiting in a line in this hallway to get into the next room that was an activity, which is why there was a long line. As we managed to get deeper down the hallway the colors of the buttons no longer looked the color we once thought they were. The shades had slightly differed. Can you guess which button I took home? The light peachy-pink of course!
The next room was an activity room. You and a partner each enter into the room from different doors. You are then seated in front of each other with a glass window separating you. You're instructed to put on the headphones and a voice tells you what you will be doing. Long story short you are to draw the person sitting in front of you, draw your partner by using one single line, not lifting your pencil and without looking down. You're to use your eyes to guide the pencil in your hand, it was pretty fun and reminded me of a project I once did in middle school in art class. Not to brag, but I think I did a great job at drawing Rudy, and he didn't quite understand the rules of this activity haha.
Immediately after you head straight into the next room. This wasn't one of my favorites. You are each given two pieces of candy that pairs with the colors you were assigned to in the previous room. These two pieces of candies are meant to complement each other's flavor. I'm picky when it comes to candy, I'm a chocolate lover all the way, and was very hesitant in giving these a try. I took a baby bite of the banana candy and it tasted of sour banana which was completely gross. I didn't even bother tasting the purple one because Rudy said it tasted like black licorice, so gross!
The following room was set up with a bunch of different chimes. You are encouraged to play the chimes on the pedestals to create music along with the other people that are experiencing the exhibit with you. Color Factory is all about making new friends.
I had a lot of fun in this life-sized flowchart room! You are asked a variety of questions and are given between 2-3 answers to choose from that best describes yourself. You then end at a door and inside is the color that best describes you. I got green! Once you enter the room, its completely private, you get to do a fun little photo shoot! When you're all done you get to choose a card from the wall of your color.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a couple of photos on this wall. It was so pretty and pairs so well with the following room. Each of the colors comes from the SuperStay Matte lipstick by Maybelline Cosmetics, one of the main inspiration for this room. This room along with the floor was designed in collaboration with Maybelline, and it was inspired by the New York City clubs from the '70s.
Also in this room, they have a bar! No, they're not serving alcohol but they do offer a raspberry flavored soda by Stanly's Pharmacy. You can take a small break from all your dancing to hydrate with this fresh drink.
In the following room, it contains nine collections from the Mmuseumm. This museum is best known for its style of storytelling about exploring the modern world. They share current events through objects. The perfume bottles below are meant to show us what is going on, along with who we are, and how we feel.
From Absinthe to Zephyr, this room is an "Alternative Alphabet room of Unusual Colors". Here you will discover some fun facts about all twenty-six colors. Each drawer in this room tells you stories about all kinds of colors.
My favorite room was by far the Ball Pit. The San Francisco ball pit consisted of yellow balls, so it was a lovely surprise to see that this one was different. It made me feel like I was in a pool because of its color. I also enjoyed how large this pit was Rudy and I stayed inside taking pictures for a while. I'm really pleased with the photos we ended up with.
Right in front of the ball pit, they were serving custom scoops of gelato. The color of this ice cream comes from dried butterfly pea flowers that are grown to a very fine powder. How cool is that?
After you walk through this rainbow hall you enter the Color Factory gift shop which means we have reached the end of the exhibit.
Thank you so much for joining me in this post. What was your favorite part of the Color Factory? If you're in NYC I highly suggest checking out this installment before it's gone for good.


  1. Ohhh, everything is so pretty!!! The macarons look so yummy. You two are just the cutest couple. <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

    1. Awe thank you Madison you're the sweetest!


  2. After looking at your pictures the SF did seem a lot bigger but nonetheless this one was very cute. The Ball pit pictures are my favorite, the lighting is perfect!

    Pepper | Peppermintheart

    1. I think so too compared to yours and everyone else's photos I've seen from SF. There was a room or two that was more of a walk-through room and I skipped taking pictures of but it's not like it would have made a huge difference if I included it this post or not. It still felt small, but it was still pretty enjoyable.

      Thank you they're my favorite too. I usually hate these kinds of 'pools' because I get very hot since it's a struggle to move in but I ended up really enjoying this one.


  3. Seeing your post, I wish I would've gone to the on SF. However, you have amazing photos! I love the 100 pastel colors, where you and Rudy are drawing each other and the ball pit! Nice post and I'm glad you enjoyed New York.


    1. I would have also loved to visit the one in SF! There were sometimes from there that I seen that looked so cool. Awe and thank you so much!



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