My First Trimester

I've been filling out a journal since the beginning of my fertility journey and now it's turned into a journal of my pregnancy as well. I love that I have that journal to look back at even though some of the entries are extremely difficult for me to relive. Today I'm sharing entries and events from my first trimester. First off, I still can't believe I'm pregnant! It feels so surreal I even ask Rudy sometimes if it's even true. Since I ended my last post in a cliff hanger, today I'm going to begin by continuing from where I left off, taking a home pregnancy test. Let's find out what happened next!

February 25, 2020
Eight Days Post Transfer - Morning before BETA!
I woke up super early when Rudy got up for work and I couldn't go back to sleep. I was way too anxious because I knew in just a few hours I would be taking the test. After tossing and turning for a while I finally decided to get up. I peed in a cup and decided to take my last cheapy dollar store test before using up my Clearblue ones. I dropped a few drops of my pee on the test waited a couple of minutes for the result and to my surprise a faint second line. It was slightly darker than the test I took on Sunday but since it was still faint I was worried so I grabbed my Clearblue test since those are more sensitive.
I dipped the test in the cup and maybe a minute later it was positive! I cried so much, I couldn't believe I got another positive test. My whole life I was never able to imagine how I would feel or even imagine the day I'd finally get a positive HPT. I've been so used to only getting negative tests. The test was very clear and the line got much darker as time went by. I immediately grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of me holding my very own positive HPT, a super raw and real photo at that moment.

Then I decided that taking two tests was clearly not enough and grabbed my Clearblue digital test. I guess I felt that if this test clearly stated "pregnant" it must be real. A couple minutes later to confirm my disbelief boom pregnant! After three tests, I still can't believe it and I can't wait to tell Rudy once he gets home. The day is going to drag until then. Tomorrow is BETA and I'm praying that my numbers look good, it confirms that I'm actually truly pregnant and the numbers are over one hundred. This feels so surreal. I'm not sure if it's because I'm full of emotions right now but I've been feeling nauseous ever since I woke up.
Rudy got home from work and I had the test(s) and an onesie I had saved for months for this specific moment in a drawer, waiting for him. I waited for him in our room and once he walked in I asked him to grab something for me that was in the drawer. When he opened the drawer it took him a minute to react and once he did he was shocked. He looked at me so happy and surprised it was so sweet seeing his reaction.

February 26, 2020
So, I'm pregnant!! I went into the lab this morning to get my blood drawn and I received a call from my case manager at 11:11am, how lucky. She let me know that my test came back positive! I was so happy to finally hear those words. She told me they want the numbers to be at least 80 and mine came back at 155! On Friday I go back for BETA #2 to make sure my number has doubled. I can't believe this cycle worked. I had such a good feeling from the start, I was completely different this time around compared to our first transfer. I'm in shock. I seriously feel that me having a clear positive mind helped so much. We're having a BABY!

February 28, 2020
I had my second BETA test this morning and my numbers more than double at 348! My case manager was really happy about that and filled me in on a few things that would be happening next. I'd be receiving a second call to schedule my first ultrasound, they want to see me after six weeks of pregnancy so that we'd be able to see a heartbeat. If all looks good I will then be graduating to my  OBGYN, no more fertility doctors which left me feeling pretty emotional. I will continue all my IVF medications until eleven weeks of pregnancy and in my appointment, I will be given instructions on how to taper off them.

I got the call to schedule my ultrasound and it will be on March 18. According to my calculations, I will be 7 weeks pregnant with a due date of November. I'm praying everything goes good.

March 4, 2020
Five weeks pregnant!
I have been feeling really tired and I've been taking two to three naps a day. I'm definitely not used to that and I don't usually take naps. I get nauseous off and on throughout the day but it hasn't been anything crazy. I've been trying to snack often so that my stomach is never empty which is when nausea gets worse. I'm already starting to go to the bathroom frequently at night and that's not fun. Another symptom I've been having is a lot of super weird lucid dreams. Two more weeks until the ultrasound. This still doesn't feel real so maybe after that appointment, it will finally hit me, it's real.

March 9, 2020
Five weeks and five days pregnant!
I've been nauseous a little bit more often and the fatigue is real! I take so many naps through the day and that doesn't seem to be enough. I constantly feel like a zombie and I don't have the energy or motivation for anything. I can't wait until I start feeling more like myself. Something I have been loving is this glow I have going on and I really hope it lasts all of my pregnancy.

March 14, 2020
Six weeks and three days pregnant!
The nausea is starting to get worse. Normally if I snack frequently it subsides but it has been more stubborn. I still haven't thrown up at all which is good and I'm thankful for that, it's just annoying. The constant nausea is really draining.
March 18, 2020
Seven weeks pregnant!
We had our first ultrasound and it was pretty surreal. I actually have something, or should I say someone currently growing and living inside of me. Everything looked great and my Dr was very happy. We saw the baby and even heard its heartbeat which was at 142bpm. A lot of friends say based off of old wives tales it's a girl from its high heartbeat. This was our last appointment at the fertility clinic and I was so emotional. I love my Dr he's been so amazing and because of him, we're finally pregnant. I am forever thankful for him and will really miss seeing him every week haha. I will have a phone appointment tomorrow going over my past medical history and there I will be able to schedule my first prenatal appointment with my OB!

March 28, 2020
Eight weeks pregnant!
I've been experiencing cramping off and on, although it's weird they feel like cramps but different. This comes and goes and at first, I would get really scared but my friend who is also pregnant but three months ahead of me explained that it's normal to feel cramping in the beginning because that's your uterus growing. That makes total sense since apparently, your uterus goes from being the size of an orange to the size of a grapefruit!
March 30, 2020
Eight weeks and five days pregnant.
Today was my prenatal visit with my OBGYN, love her! She was the one who helped me and sent out a referral to the fertility clinic last year. Due to this whole COVID madness, Rudy wasn't allowed inside and had to wait in the car. I'm so thankful that everything is looking great. I got to see baby and boy did it grow since my last scan. Baby's heartbeat was at 171bmp and is measuring right on track. I was on point with the due date. My dr gave me the option to do optional genetic testing since this is an IVF baby and we didn't test the embryo. With it being a non-invasive test I was all for it and I was able to get the test that will include baby's gender! We all think it's a girl. I've had such a strong feeling it's a girl and for as long as I can remember I've always envisioned my first child being a girl. Maybe that's weird? I don't get to do the test for a couple of weeks but I am so excited to find out. Of course, I'd be happy with whatever gender.

April 1, 2020
Nine weeks pregnant!
I've been feeling extremely nauseous since lunchtime. I don't think the baby liked the taco salad I had for lunch. I tried sleeping it off and napped a couple of times nothing was helping. At night time I finally had the urge to throw up so I ran to the bathroom and threw up pretty much everything! I immediately felt way better. This wasn't fun I hope I don't start puking throughout the remainder of the first trimester.

April 14, 2020
Ten weeks and six days pregnant!
Today I had my very last Progesterone in oil injection! I'm all done with all of my IVF medications and I'm so excited to finally start having a normal pregnancy (life) that isn't consumed with endless medications. Although I get kind of scared that with being off these medications that I've been on since January my body won't be able to carry this baby. The things infertility does to a person, I'm constantly worried and paranoid about this sort of thing but I have hope it will all work out.

April 15, 2020
Eleven weeks pregnant!
We have started doing baby shopping here and there. We're trying to order some of the bigger stuff and we've officially purchased baby's car seat and stroller. I'm so excited about all the baby things we've been getting. I've purchased a few gender-neutral clothes and I've even purchased some girl clothes because I really think the baby is a girl! I immediately refer it to her. Imagine I was wrong all along and it's a boy haha.

April 17, 2020
Eleven weeks and two days pregnant!
This morning I went into the laboratory to get my blood drawn for the genetic test. I should receive the results in 8-14 days, I really hope it's before the end of the month. I'm so anxious to find out who's growing inside of me. Ever since Rudy and I found out I was pregnant we've been brainstorming through names. For a while, we've had a few names that we love and it's been a lot of fun trying to decide on a name. Once we know the gender hopefully it'll be easier for us to decide. My nausea has subsided a lot recently and I've been getting a lot more energy. I'm so happy that I don't want to sleep all day anymore and I've been going on daily thirty-minute walks which feels so good. I can't wait to have more energy once I hit my second trimester in a few weeks.

April 22, 2020
Twelve weeks pregnant!
I had my twelve-week appointment today, it was over the phone so nothing exciting happened. My dr said since my nausea is basically gone and I'm feeling a lot better she is having me start on some vitamins. I'm going to start taking calcium with vitamin D, iron, and half of a low dose of aspirin. Something exciting that did happen today was Rudy and I finally announced the pregnancy on all of our social media and for some reason I got kind of nervous. We both got such an incredible amount of love and support I was extremely overwhelmed and overjoyed by everyone's sweet comments. We're so lucky.

April 27, 2020
Twelve weeks and five days pregnant!
This morning I finally got the email with the results of the baby's genetic test. The baby tested less than 1% for everything and I'm so extremely thankful for this. I had been constantly praying that this baby is healthy. This also means we got the results for the gender and I was totally right it's a girl! I was so overjoyed when I read female that I started to cry. I'm getting my baby girl, that little girl I have been dreaming of. I can not wait to meet her.

Thank you for following me on this crazy journey of infertility. I would like to know what would you guys like to see from me next? I have a few ideas but it's always nice to hear what my readers would like to see from me. Something that has to do with infertility such as what I did differently in my second embryo transfer versus the first? Or maybe something baby-related like a haul? A Q&A post answering all of your questions about either subject? Let me know!


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