Half Way There! 20 Week Update!

As of today, I'm officially halfway through my pregnancy... Wow, how the heck did that happen?! I've been dreaming about the day that I'd finally hit the halfway point and I can't express this enough, this pregnancy is flying by. It is so exciting but also kind of scary. I'm currently in my fifth month of pregnancy and that means baby girl Zambrano has about four more months to cook! According to my Pregnancy+ app, she is around the size of a cantaloupe, that is so crazy to think. I have a feeling she's probably a bit smaller than that haha. Today I wanted to do a small update on all things pregnancy and baby related. I didn't go too into detail about feelings because I plan on sharing an entire second-trimester update in the next couple of months. If you're interested in reading what's been going on thus far, just keep reading.

I've been feeling great! I feel so much like myself now that nausea is nonexistent and my energy is completely back. I notice that on most days I'm constantly looking for something to do, organize, or clean. This may just be a pregnant woman doing some nesting... I have just been wanting to do something, anything to keep me busy! I'm trying to tackle a new section of the house little by little. It just feels so good decluttering everything that was once taking up space. I'm also always trying to plan ahead. I know right now is way too soon to start washing the baby's clothes but I wanted to find the best detergent for her. I asked some of my mom friends on Instagram for their best recommending baby detergent, did some research, and then narrowed it down a few. I ended up purchasing one from Costco that is clean, free, and clear of perfumes and dyes. You never know how sensitive your baby's skin will be. I also figured once I run out of our current bottle of detergent I'll just start using this one for mine and Rudy's clothing as well. Then by the time I begin washing baby girl's clothes, we'll all be under the same detergent.

I haven't been doing too much lately, we've slowed down a lot on the baby shopping. I think this girl is all set when it comes to clothes haha. Every weekend when we go to Target we try to buy a box of diapers and wipes to stock up, along with other things. We've been focusing on purchasing more of the bigger "pricier" stuff little by little. Rudy and I feel a lot more comfortable knowing we've purchased those kinds of things ourselves and we feel even better knowing it's already been purchased. A little over two weeks ago we finally purchased her crib and I'm so excited for that to arrive and get it set up. We still need to get the mattress for it but one thing at a time, especially since I can't decide on what mattress to choose for her. I've been trying to think of some idea of how I want to decorate the wall her crib will be at. As I mentioned in a video on Youtube, baby Z will remain in the room with Rudy and me. It's the most practical thing for us right now. I would love to have an entire room to decorate for her but I didn't want to spend extra money on a room she wouldn't be in until maybe six months old. I also didn't want to purchase a crib and have a bassinet in the room with us. It just seemed way too much for this minimalist gal. For now, I'm trying to get inspiration for a few decor pieces to have on "her" wall haha.

I have really been looking forward to my baby shower. I'm so excited about this because it's my first baby shower and I never knew if I would ever even get this. First, I wasn't sure if I'd ever get pregnant, then with COVID spiraling and the stay in place order, having a large group gathering to celebrate was very uncertain. Things are definitely looking like they're getting better and with caution, my family and I have decided to proceed with baby shower planning. I've been filling out a journal with all the plans from the theme, decor, food, drinks, games, and the cake! I'm so excited about the cake, I'm such a cake person. Even though my shower isn't for another couple of months we want to get a head start on planning and not have to worry about a thing last minute. It's still scary knowing that COVID cases are still going on I would totally understand if some people aren't comfortable to attend a party yet. Those who feel comfortable are welcome, and to make things a little more "safe" we've been picking up bottles of hand sanitizers to have throughout the place for those who would like to use some along with keeping Clorox wipes at every table. I think everything will work out.

Towards the end of week fifteen, I started feeling the baby move. As time has passed I have been feeling her more and more and it has been a dream. I started only feeling her maybe one or two times a day and sometimes a day or two would pass before I would feel her again. Now I'm definitely feeling her daily but not all day quite yet. The movements come and go, and sometimes I still question if it was her that I had just felt haha. I notice her movements the most while I'm laying down relaxing. The last few days I'm usually laying in bed trying to go back to sleep when Rudy heads out for work, and I swear the last two mornings I felt her moving more consistent back to back. Every time I do feel her I immediately put my hand on my belly to see if I'm able to feel her. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to feel her over the belly yet but I'm certain that will happen really soon! Rudy can't wait until he gets to feel her himself since it's only been me so far. He's constantly touching my belly and puts his ear on my belly to see if he's able to hear her heartbeat haha, it's so cute. I can't wait until I get to see her moving around I can't believe how exciting and fun all of this has been.

Next week I have my anatomy scan appointment and I'm very excited about it. This is the really long ultrasound appointment where they completely check out the baby from head to toe to make sure everything is growing properly. Since COVID started, Rudy hasn't been allowed to any appointments with me. I'm still so thankful he was able to be there when we had our very first ultrasound and saw the baby and heard her heartbeat together for the first time. I knew Rudy wasn't going to be allowed into the anatomy scan so I made us an appointment at a private clinic so that he can see her. She definitely grew a lot since my last ultrasound at almost nine weeks but this little girl was being very shy. The technician was having a really hard time almost the entire time getting a good look at her. She had her back facing us, then her legs were covering her face, and then her arms were over her face. Even though we weren't able to get the greatest pictures, it was nice to have Rudy finally be able to see his daughter on the big scream. Oh, and I can't forget how much she was moving around! This was the first time we saw her moving and it was so amazing. We saw her legs, her little toes, and it was confirmed she is indeed a girl. This makes me so excited for my anatomy scan and here's to hoping she cooperates during this scan.

One thought that has been on my mind lately is how amazed I am with my body. I have heard a lot of women express how much pregnancy completely changes your body. Although at this point when I stare at myself in the mirror I still recognize myself I just see a growing belly that I'm obsessed with. I don't want to always talk about how I never thought I would get the chance to experience pregnancy, however, that is true but I'm also so proud of what my body is doing. It is capable of growing and carry a human. As nervous as I am about gaining too much weight I'm looking forward to seeing what else this body of mine can do especially once I have this baby. I have been so lucky that my pregnancy has been so easy so far.
I'm so thankful for the people that have been in my life during this pregnancy. I have gotten really close to a lot of family and friends. I've even made so many new friends too. It feels so great how caring people are and that they are always reaching out to me asking me how I'm doing, how I'm feeling, and how the baby is doing. It's absolutely wonderful. Baby Zambrano is already so loved it makes me so happy and a bit overwhelmed at times. I can't wait to get to share her with everyone that is also so excited for her to arrive.

Thank you for joining me on this milestone of mine. I can't wait to share lots more pregnancy posts with you guys in the future. Which do you guys prefer more, reading a blog post or watching a video on Youtube? Until next time!


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