Third Trimester Updates

I wasn't sure when I'd be posting this post if it would be at the end of my pregnancy or with my baby in my arms already. Turns out I'm sharing this three weeks after my daughter was born, so I'm a little overdue. I have an excuse, right? Since I shared a post about my first two trimesters I just had to share a post dedicated to the very last one, my third trimester. I hope you enjoy it, and let's jump in!

As I entered my third trimester everything felt pretty much the same and good until one morning. I woke up perfectly fine had breakfast then was sitting on my bed and had such a random dizzy spell. This is something I've never experienced and I thought maybe it was something brief that hit me. As I got up and time passed the dizziness lasted until the afternoon. I was pretty scared since again this wasn't something I ever dealt with in the past so I took lots of naps and in between naps I made sure I was drinking lots of water and snacking on something. Once I spoke to my dr the following day during my twenty-eight week appointment she told me it was normal for that to happen in pregnancy just to monitor it if it were to happen again. Luckily, it never happened again.

Upon entering twenty-eight weeks I began feeling a lot more movements. These movements were more frequent and they felt a lot more like twists and turns. I'm starting to even see these movements too which is so wild. I've been waiting for moments like this for so long and it's finally begun.

I was able to see the baby in another ultrasound at twenty-eight weeks. The technician said everything was looking great. The baby is head down and that she has a lot of hair and it's long for twenty-eight weeks. I was shocked when I heard her say that because I had no idea it was even possible to see how much hair a baby has via ultrasound. Maybe that explains all the heartburn/acid reflux I've been having. Baby girl was also weighing 2.5lbs.

I started getting nauseous randomly. I was never able to pinpoint what was causing this, it would just happen once in a while. Sometimes in the mornings, sometimes at night. Sometimes before eating something and somethings after snacking on something. So weird and not fun.

I tend to crack my knees and back/hips pretty often and now at twenty-nine weeks, I've noticed that baby girl tends to jumps whenever I crack my knees and or back. It's so funny because I totally forget that she does this until I go ahead and crack something then feel her jump, or maybe it's her reflex. Nonetheless, I find it to be super cute.

My OB asked me one time during my appointment if I had felt hiccups and I always wondered if the baby gets hiccups would I know the difference? Well, I know the difference and it's so cool! At thirty weeks pregnant she definitely gets a lot of hiccups. I told my doctor that the baby gets hiccups all the time and she told me hiccups mean she's a happy baby and that warmed my heart so much whether it's true or not.

Since COVID Rudy still isn't allowed in any of my scans so we treated him to another private ultrasound at thirty weeks. For this scan, we went with a 3D/4D ultrasound and I'm so happy we decided to do these. We took home lots of pictures and a video of her. I was shocked at how clear the 3D/4D scans are, we were able to see her features so well! She looks so much like Rudy and she for sure has his nose. We got a photo that captured her dimples! Yes, she has dimples ya'll! I have one on each cheek and Rudy only has one on one side, so maybe she got that from me?

Another thing I always wondered about if I were to get or not. At thirty-one weeks and three days, I started getting Braxton hicks. It was weird and at times I even questioned if it was BH or not because this is my first pregnancy I have nothing to compare it to. It felt like light cramping that would come and go very randomly. Nothing painful, it felt a lot like period cramps, but not fun either I mean who enjoys having cramps?

During my thirty-two week appointment, my OB mentioned that we might be inducing me at around 37-38 weeks due to my high blood pressure. High blood pressure is something I've had even before pregnancy, they call it the white cloak syndrome because my pressure is always high at the doctor's office and normal at home. She was just trying to be safe in case I were to develop preeclampsia even though she did say she believed it was just a chronic thing. This baby might end up being an October baby. I always had a feeling she might come early, on her own that is, now this might kind of confirms it.

At thirty-two weeks and three days, I had my baby shower! Once I got pregnant COVID hit shortly after and we had no idea if I would even have a baby shower, or if I did how it would look like. A drive-by? Virtual? Luckily we invited a very limited amount of family to join us in celebrating the newest member of the family and it was the best shower I could have asked for. Exactly what I wanted.

Since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes my Ob ordered an ultrasound so that we have done a growth scan on baby girl at thirty-four weeks. Again, everything looked great which is literal music to my ears. The technician said she is measuring right on track and weighed just over 4lbs. My sweet little angel, I can't wait to meet her. 

By thirty-five weeks I started getting Braxton hicks more often that sometimes I even questioned if it could possibly be contractions or not. On top of having more BH I'm also starting to get some pelvic pain. I've been doing a lot of walking suggested to me due to my gestational diabetes and I'm bouncing a lot of my yoga ball. Doing those usually helps relieve some discomfort. 

Thirty-six weeks exactly and I'm really feeling the cramping! It's stronger, more frequent, but not very consistent so I have no clue if it's a contraction or Braxton Hicks. I have my 36 weeks appointment tomorrow and I hope my OB checks me and tells me somethings happening down there cause damn, it's starting to become a lot more painful and I can't imagine how full-on labor contractions will be. 

Thirty-six weeks and one day I had my prenatal appointment. I had the Strep B test done, easy. Since I had that test done my OB went ahead and checked me while she was down there. She told me I was already 1cm dilated, woohoo! She also said that baby's head down in station -1 induction. I'm so glad all that cramping/discomfort meant my body is already preparing for labor. During this appointment, we did the nonstress test done and baby girl did great! Lastly, we scheduled an induction date and I'll be getting induced at 38 weeks, October 21st! I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet baby Zambrano. For some reason, I have a feeling we won't be making it until my induction day. I've had a very similar pregnancy to my mom's, and she delivered me four weeks early and my sister three weeks early. I've always had a feeling baby Z would come early because of how similar my pregnancy has been to hers. We shall see.

This is so weird and crazy! At thirty-six weeks and four days, my water broke. I wasn't even sure if my water actually broke or if it was leaking... I knew I didn't pee myself that was for sure. It was a gush of water that soaked through my panty liner, underwear, and leggings sorry if this is TMI. I called labor and delivery and went in to get checked out. Water definitely broke, we got admitted, baby girl is coming!

At thirty-six weeks and five days, at 4:31 pm baby girl Zambrano was born. Weighing 5lbs 10oz 18inches long. Everything about her is perfect. Rudy and I are so in love.

Thank you so much for following me throughout my pregnancy. I hope to get some time so that I can share my labor and delivery story with you all sometime soon. If you haven't already make sure to check out this post right here where I introduce you all to my baby! 


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